Descent of the God of Magic


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The number one magician in the game, Link, led his group to defeat the final boss: Ruler of the Abyss, Nosamax. Then, a cinematic appeared.

It was a very simple one. There was an endless void, and within the emptiness there was a self-proclaimed Ruler of Light — a dim globe of light.

“Link, are you willing to save the continent of Feiloma from the envelopment of darkness?” asked the Ruler of Light.

Of course, in reality, he wouldn’t dream of agreeing to such a laden mission. However, couldn’t he give it a shot in the game?

“I am willing!” Link replied in deadly earnest.

“Then go ahead.”

And thus, Link was thrown into the miserable continent of Feiloma.

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New ChickenBakuba rated it
February 13, 2018
Status: c40
Well, as the translator for this novel, I think it'd be more weird if I didn't promote my novel.

DGM (Descent of the God of Magic) is an action novel. Our MC, the best magician of a popular MMORPG, is transported onto Feloma continent, a world of fantasy with swords and magic. He is equipped with nothing but his former experience in the previous game as the best magician and a game system. And his mission is to save Feloma continent from the dark forces threatening to destroy it.

Every chapter is... more>> more than twice the usual fyi, (hits 2.5 words sometimes until I condense my translations) and so you can more or less see it as 70 chapters in. (As of 13/2/18)

While DGM follows the generic template of an OP MC, the enemies are rational and don't act on their emotions, unlike typical Xianxia characters. Enemies are also quick-witted and not brain dead, even outsmarting the MC sometimes. The plot is very good and especially original. The first arc (~27 chapters) only describes one night.

The MC is also levelheaded and quick on his feet, and every character has their own unique quirks and you actually remember their names. They are also introduced at a good pace, not 5 different characters with different backstories squeezed into a huge wall of text. Most characters are also more than what they let on initially, some with tragic backstories that actually impact you. Not the typical 'entire family slain and he has to avenge his parents and 1, 000 siblings' sort of overused cliche. And they're actually integral in fights and plots, not some useless potato like in The Magus Era. World building is also a tiny part of this novel, it describes the various regions and alliances, and introduces the magic system and theory to the readers later on.

Now, our MC.

MC doesn't grow at an insane speed either. Instead, he is constantly handicapped by his low comprehension and level of spells, and has to think fast in situations. And he isn't all-powerful and whatever bullsh*t, he actually gets surprised at times. His growth in power is gradual and progressive, just right. The fight scenes are also brilliantly crafted, some are epic while others are sheer intense standoffs with both sides hatching ideas in split seconds to crush the other opponent. If there's anything about this novel, it's the fight scenes. The most of the best fight scenes I've seen come from this novel, hands down.

Well, personally, this is a solid 4/5 as far as I can see. The quality thus far beats any Xianxia novel I've seen before (including Coiling Dragon, ISSTH, Stellar Transformations and whatnot) except for WMW maybe. They're both uniques in their genres.

However, the novel is getting more and more cliche, and even repetitive. You know what's going to happen before it does, and it's simply not fun anymore. Wrote more about this in a comment on chapter 38 I think. But still, this is a really good read, still above average. Unless you detest the magic genre in general, then this is the perfect novel for you.

I heard the MC picks up a sword later on, but that's like 400 chapters in I think. Considering that every arc is like 100 chapters+ <<less
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New Boon rated it
February 12, 2018
Status: c33
3.5/5, tentative early review.

Not poorly done. Nothing done really well either.

The characters and relationships are pretty shallow and forced. He forms lifelong bonds and budding hopeful romances within minutes or hours. As this is clearly going to be a harem, the romances will certainly be shallow. None of the secondary characters stand out and their roles seem forced.

The storyline is very cliche and has been done many times already. Gamer takes over the body of a game character in a game turned real with an OP cheat ability. At chapter... more>> 33 the first arc is already over after saving the day and being a hero, and now the second arc and the next legendary quest has started. Like the relationships the plot feels forced and rushed.

While it has its lacking points, it's not a terrible filler read. It's a bit above average with little filler at this early point. <<less
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OneNightRain rated it
July 20, 2017
Status: c769
Finished the entire thing a month ago and I decided to leave my review for future readers.

The story begins with the MC being transported to a VRMMO game world in another person's body along with said person's memories and a game system bestowed by a God to facilitate MC power ups and plot progression. Pretty cliche start but what captured my interest was the amount of work author put in for the battles (albeit only the first few arc). It is a first for me to read a mage casting... more>> spells in the right places using their brain (as a mage is supposed to be intellectual) instead of spamming damage spells like usual.

That said, the rest of the story felt bland because the MC himself has no purpose he sets for himself other than following the mission God gave him to defeat a certain enemy. While every arc already has its general progression and conclusion placed in front of the readers since it's written in the typical game quest form with rewards. An example of what I mean would be something like "Find the ring to stop the marriage from happening (reward 10 points) " thus we know he will find the ring no matter what the twist and the marriage will definitely not happen, causing whatever is written to reach the end of the quest mostly a text wall.

Another problem would be inconsistencies in the story. There is a lot of them which includes plot, characters, skills, etc. An example would be the amount of needed skill points to learn magics in the beginning and middle part of the story. The rest I cant remember in detail since it's been a month or so.

A problem I have with the author is that he took my greatest joy in reading this because after the first few arcs, MC conveniently learns how to use a sword and in the later chapters, MC majors in being a swordsman while magic is mostly there to assist in his swordsmanship (so much for the title being Descent of the God of Magic). Oh, the ending is also very rushed.

3/5 stars <<less
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Yoburi rated it
June 22, 2017
Status: --
I read the raws and this is a pretty good novel MC is a player in the a popular MMORPG that got transported to a world just like that game much like the Breakers.

The story start with him take over the body of a poor magic student in the middle of a massacre made by Dark elfs planing to kill the whole town and is up to our MC to try to stop this or just gain farm them.

The good part is the magic system and the battles Link is... more>> a master player so he can kill elites using only level 0 magic spells, can't say much about the side characters because so far only the girl the guy that own the body the MC took over loved but she look ok. But the whole point of the novel is the MC trying to reach the peak of magic and kill the bad guys on the side since the MC loved the game he doen't have a problem in being stuck in this game world. <<less
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Loosergirl rated it
February 5, 2018
Status: c28
Plot: A pro gamer transmigrates into the body of a magician apprentice in the RPG game world. Realizing the time of the game is about to start, he is able to predict what will happen. There is also a skill system.

Characters: Main character is a planner and uses magic cleverly. By chapter 28, two potential harem members have been introduced. Those two do not have much personality but do have background stories.

World: RPG-like western fantasy, but written from a Chinese perspective.

Read this for lighthearted action where the enemies die without... more>> blood. Though the MC is leaning toward being overpowered, it isn't to the degree of one-hitting everyone; actual battle happens. <<less
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