Advent of the Archmage


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Link was the top Archmage in the entire server. He had just defeated the strongest boss, the Lord of The Deep, Nozama with his party. However, instead of going back to town, he was transported to a secret location with pixelated CG.

It sort of felt like a vacuum, and within it came a glorious and commanding voice that calls himself the God of Light.

“Link, would you be willing to be the saviour who will pull the World of Firuman out from the churning abyss?”

What a huge mission! If it was in the real world, Link would have rejected it immediately. However, he was bent on being the hero in game.

“Bring it on!” Link answered confidently.

“Then, best of luck.”

And so begin Link’s journey of magic, friendship, betrayal, love and despair in the ever changing World of Firuman.

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Descent of the God of Magic
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Gralorn rated it
March 23, 2019
Status: Completed
The novel starts out very good. It is interesting with a lot of interesting characters who have different personalities. But as it goes on, the quality of the novel continuously declines. Characters are forgotten or never mentioned later on. The last part of novel is very rushed and there are a lot of characters that don't have any ending. Their personal story is just up in the void. It just reeks of that the author was tired of this novel or was out of ideas. Avoid this novel if you... more>> can because sadly it will only be a great disappointment in the end. <<less
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December 7, 2018
Status: c430
TLDR: 3.5 Stars: Slighly better than normal novels, but then ruins it by introducing a silly amount of genre to try and spice sh*t up a bit, but it actually waters down what was a really good plotline. RIP.

1-100 Chapters: Great. Loved the characters and loved plot. That is all.

101-200 Chapters: Still going strong, but character development started to become a real flaw and it's making the side characters become soulless extras that make random and weak impressons that are soon forgotten.

201-275 Chapters: Okay, so the plot is slipping now... more>> and theres litterly a plethora of useless extra characters that have actually no purpose other than being there, and the other main side characters have pretty much vanished. RIP.

276-430-ish Chapters: Plot has totally gone off the rails now and not in a good way. I feel like I'm witnessing a train accident, and I know it's going to be horrible, but I can't look away... <<less
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lolerdog rated it
July 30, 2018
Status: c285
Started off quite strong, but as of chapter 285 things are really starting to go downhill...

Author makes every human other than MC utterly retarded. Doesn't make sense how the humans are still alive and have a large territory when without Link they're useless. Also Link isn't too smart either tbh

... more>>

Whenever Link captures important villains and gives them to the guards to send back to the city, they ALWAYS escape, it's so predictable and Link doesn't seem to learn, he should just kill them or escort the guards, but instead he decides to just let them get rescued so that he has more time to study.


Another big problem is that the author is so bad with power levels


Nana is a magic puppet who was semi-legendary, defeating people with divine arms and level-8 characters with total ease, and then Link upgrades Nana with some space time powers and epic equipment, and then somehow she can't even kill a random level-7 demon?? Even though she shat on Wavier who could take hits from Level-9 spells??


However the world is cool, MC pretty badass, and abilities are fairly interesting

It's been 300 chapters and only the recent 20 chapters or so have been painful to read, the rest is pretty cool, there's still time for the story to get back on track

Overall 4/5 <<less
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Emmeth rated it
February 2, 2019
Status: c726
Just finished Advent of the Archmage; I found it to be reasonably enjoyable. Though not the greatest book (see: Brandon Sanderson's Way of Kings), it's good enough that I don't mind a 5-star for sake of the "Should I read it or not?" factor. Please note, this rating is only relevant if you're looking for something that fits the tags the book comes with. Namely things like a game system, crossing over into another world, and a rather powerful main character.

Worth noting - Side characters are developed. Even if they... more>> start weakly introduced or oddly inserted into the story (ie. Love interests), they for the most part develop into individual characters with their own interests, motives, specialties, and so on. There are defining interactions with his best friends, of both genders. Many of them separate from Link, the main character, for the purpose of seeking their own path.

Won't say too much, but if you're looking for a decently lengthy read to keep you busy for a week or two, this is a fair one. Isn't perfect compared to great books like the Chronicles of Narnia, but then again, it's plenty good for a webnovel. <<less
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Occulus rated it
February 1, 2019
Status: Completed
A "reincarnate into the past of a game world" story with a great start but jumps the shark later on and then takes a plunging nosedive into an abrupt ending.

The start of the novel is great: lots of worldbuilding with plot lines laid down that come into play dozens if not hundreds of chapters later. The characters are decently realistic too and things are surprisingly unpredictable which makes it a very interesting and fun read. This would actually be one of the top "reincarnate to game world" books... more>> that I have read. However, after a certain point in the middle/late parts of the novel, there is massive power inflation. He probably leveled up more in the last 10% of the novel than he did the beginning 90% of the novel. The later parts of the novel lack the worldbuilding of the initial part and random characters and concepts are just crammed it. It felt like the author was rushing to finish the story and wanted to cram a huge portion of the plot into the last section of the novel. Conclusion: Worth the read but be prepared for a very rushed closing. <<less
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AskPlays rated it
December 23, 2018
Status: c769
I loved this novel, Read the whole thing, it was great. It's about a guy who is the best mage (archmage) in a game. He finishes the game and is then transported to a world which the game is based upon. He gets introduced to the world with a intergration called the game system (His cheat). It also gives him most of his quests (Tiny bit of hand holding). Here he learns how to be a proper mage.

About the charcter: His motivation is about learning magic and the truth of... more>> the world. He isn't a hero of justice (ret*rd hero) or a muscle brain (Doesn't pick fights for no reason). He doesn't care about morality if its for the greater good of magic research. He is loyal to his partner (+-SMOL HAREM). He has a big soul/brain (Cheat). It gives him perfect memory and fast thinking.

Now some pros and cons:

+Great MC (Smart, morals, choices).

+Nice world, quite in depth. (Reminds me of WMW)

+Great fight scene descriptions.

+Great power system. (Reminds me of WMW)

-Rushed ending.

-fights get worse over time mechanicaly.

-Plot armor to drive the story forward 2 or 3 times (story arcs).

Overall second favorite novel I have read. (WMW #1) <<less
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September 5, 2018
Status: c430
It's a pretty good story with decent world building up to the mid 300s chapters. The story sets up how the laws of the world world and all the legends/timelines of how the world exists. But then the party goes to another section of the world where the power scale is completely different and the gods/divine tools of the world up to that point are weak in comparison. It breaks all continuity and seems like the author didn't want the story to end at 400 so he had to adjust... more>> for power creep to scale the characters back. Up to that point I think the story was really strong. <<less
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Gsichtselfmeter rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: c2
Couldnt bring myself to read past chapter 2... Its written very poorly, the MC feels like a robot and the author tries to justify his actions with "bullied in the past", which doesnt help improve the first impression of the MC in any way. Also there is a possible "harem development" in the 2nd chapter, which doesnt give me any hope that the novel will get better. (Note; I dont know if its really harem, because I stopped)
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Sceer rated it
August 5, 2018
Status: c258
The first few arcs were interesting. Link uses his wits with his rapid spellcasting to defeat enemies. But later on it starts getting ridiculous, high level spells cast rapidly and many enemies die in just 1 second but it already comprises many paragraphs. And other elements in the story are being added such as an OP robot, a girl who can predict the a few seconds into the future, etc.

I recommend reading it up to chapter 242 only :)
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ShinUon rated it
June 17, 2018
Status: c196
There are two big things that make this novel interesting. The first is the main character. The second is the plot structure.

The MC in this story is very different from those in other stories. While he does have the fortune of having talent/gifts/blessings, the primary driver for his successes and rapid growth is his laser-focused concentration and dedicated effort. As a mage, he lives and breathes magical studies. If he's not sleeping, he's probably spending 95% of his time thinking of ways to improve his survivability, develop new spells, practicing... more>> to speed up his casting times, or some other activity for improving himself. This single-minded pursuit of magic and self-improvement has to be respected, and he doesn't let himself get distracted even by the beautiful women around him.

The second thing is the plot keeps plenty of crises for the MC. In fact, the story starts off with a major crisis. Admittedly, I think the first one does go on for a bit too many chapters considering it's the beginning of the novel, but it's still interesting enough. Underlying all the crises the MC has to get through is a major conspiracy/strategic plotting by the enemy forces in the war, with the MC trying to stay ahead. Therefore there isn't much fluff in the plot as everything ties together and the MC's motivations for getting involved in the mini-plots make sense.

Overall, a good read. <<less
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frostcrystal rated it
May 17, 2018
Status: --
It's quite entertaining, but the game world's extremely simple setup at first is detrimental to the story. It's too simple - the protagonist just earns points and buys spells, and it feels a bit unsatisfactory in that sense. Luckily, the protagonist eventually "outgrows" the game system altogether; something to look forward to!
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auroraRMC rated it
December 3, 2018
Status: c131
3rd dropped Qidian novel of the day. For the second one I didn't even stop to write a review. This story... was probably better than the previous two (Shadow Hack and Super Gene) bc the MC should have been an expert in the game and thus should have a lot more knowledge. And in the beginning, this was quite true. He combined his knowledge of the plot and key characters and his new soul+brain to become quite strong and aware. He also seemed like his IQ was not nonzero, so... more>> he took quite reasonable actions and made strategies, and I was like wow this MC might be a little smart! And then I think as time went on so did his IQ. I find it quite unreasonable that the MC, literally starting from zero, is forced to basically attempt to destroy literally an entire immensely strong organization by himself. As time went on, I found that the people around him were getting more and more useless. That one Angel of Light sent down to help him is already basically weaker than their enemies and she also doesn't seem to know very much. All of the humans seem to be arrogant and dumb and very vulnerable to infiltration and just being killed. Humans betray left and right, elves are cooking up sinister schemes and basically everyone is helpless. And the only dude who seems to be smart, the MC, is getting dumber and less aware of what's happening, and even though he is getting stronger he's still very easily going to get killed. There's potential harem members left and right but apparently they're all going to get swerved by the MC, and his one true love apparently is never going to show up in the near future. Not even romance to come distract me from the stupidity and ineptness of this society. Dropped. <<less
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ThirdTwin rated it
August 23, 2018
Status: --
I thought this would be something good like Amber Sword but it's just went down hill. He's a level zero mage and can kill elite assasins while level 4 mages die? Lol, atleast make some sense when you write novel.
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kublikhan rated it
July 1, 2018
Status: c217
This novel has a nice balance between combat and non-combat. Some novels have the character go from one battle to the next ad infinitum. I would find myself getting bored with the same crap over and over and start to skim over the battles. While other novels would end up as a boring slice of life. That is not the case here. The combat scenes are riveting and unique. And the MC often is faced with enemies he cannot defeat himself. So at some times you will find the MC... more>> stealthing his way through an enemy army trying to escape. Other times he is buying time for allies to arrive. Other times his allies are dying while they buy time for him to take take out some tough SOB. The first arc is a combat arc and is particularly well done. Although I feel some of the fights in later arcs were more meh.

Things slow down in the academy arc. I was ok with this as the first arc was almost nonstop action and I could use a break. I'm all caught up with the translation and there hasn't been any romance as of yet. I guess that comes later. Another part of this story I liked was where the MC is building up his territory after the academy arc. The MC puts in some serious cash and elbow grease to improve his lands. <<less
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Deathrose rated it
June 30, 2018
Status: c215
Okay so far I've been impressed and that's rare as of currently it's led me experience a interesting adventure and I've yet to be dissapointed and by ch9 I was like oh yeah he's got skill and by ch100 I was amazed because the author knows how to build up the characters strength gradually and that takes effort and when the author started to establish the characters territory I was surprised because some times the best way to improve a characters strength is through their living conditions so as of... more>> yet I'll wait and see what comes but I hope it's good <<less
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booitsjwu rated it
May 16, 2018
Status: c149
One of the best magical system novels out there. The filler is kept to a minimum and the MC isn't an idiot or a psychopath.
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EricBannen rated it
February 11, 2018
Status: c514
Latest UPDATE: The novel became TRASH after Link progresses...💀💀💀💀💀💀

Another novel where Good MC becomes an Evil mofo... 2/5☣☣☣☣☣


... more>> __________________________________________________________________

I love novels with elements where past mistakes could be rectified...✨✨✨✨

I am happy to have started a good novel... ✨✨✨✨

MC not an amoral bastard, he has a kind and benevolent persona who does not hesitate to act when required....✨✨✨✨🎉🎉🎉🎉

This attitude of the character is brilliant...✨✨✨✨

He is hard working and his growth is very well defined 🎑🎑🎑🎑

DOWNSIDE: he is dull to romance, a bit similar to Theodore of 'Book Eating Magician'🎃🎃🎃🎃

EDIT: the story has very small bit of harem elements and also some trash talk... But overall the quality and pace is quite good throughout ^^

He is not like MCs who kill just because they feel upset... It has elements from Amber Sword, Night Ranger and is well thought out in its uniqueness.... I would definitely suggest this novel... 😊✨✨✨✨

I give it 4.7/5 (my highest rating till now) 🏆🏆🏆🏆 <<less
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July 17, 2019
Status: Completed
I would truly suggest reading this Novel. It is not perfect by far, a lot of details is either left or forgotten along the way, but the action is very well written and the ending is satisfying albeit rushed.

The story starts with a solid arc that gives us a reason to cheer for the MC, and tells us in what way the characters is going to surpass his peers. It is followed by another very good arc, but the one after that is a bit disappointing. And that's what I... more>> felt like while reading this novel, it has very good highs, and somewhat annoying and boring lows.

The biggest issue with this series is, however, the progression system of the MC. Multiple times throughout the novel the Protagonist encounters a setback that either slows down or sets back his power progression, and while this is fine, it becomes problematic near the end where the Author decides to power-creep his character to the point that he advances more in the last 100 chapters than he did in the previous 600+. It does not feel extremely cheap and the reason given for it are somewhat satisfying, but it devalues the previous "set-backs" the Protagonist encountered, as it makes it feel like they are useless and without them the progression would've felt much more natural.

Overall I really enoyed reading this, even though it is locked behind a pay-wall as of now, and I truly feel like the pros outweigh the cons in the long run, and almost everyone will get a good read out of this. <<less
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Eldernut rated it
February 11, 2019
Status: Completed
The Advent of the Archmage had a good start and a solid middle but the ending was weaker. The ending felt like the author just wanted to end the novel and so decided to rush through what, in the middle of the story, would have been whole arcs in just a hundred or so chapters. Despite this the ending was still an ending unlike what is often the case when an ending is rushed, although it failed to live up to the standard of the rest of the novel but... more>> did give closure. <<less
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lophis rated it
January 24, 2019
Status: c500
Went down the rabbit hole with this one, read more than 500+ plus chapters. What does series does well is its combat, none of that bs Wuxia dragonball bs typical in Chinese novels or at least he did in the earlier chapters. The first fight with the dark elves was great. However as the MC Link becomes more powerful, the fights and techniques become more and more nonsensical. Unfortunately the other aspect of the series can't carry the novel. The MC stays the typical immoral hero and in fact gets... more>> worse in many ways as the series progresses and the side character beside the hilarious Lich (who become boring later on) are cutouts. <<less
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