Deep Kiss


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At the dinner party, He Shuyu’s Haute Couture evening dress was spilled with red wine. The culprit was a part-time student from Jiang University. He had pale cool-toned skin, a red mole at the end of his eye, and a tie tied around his shirt, both cold and desirable. He bent over with his head down and was scolded by the manager, telling him to apologize, but his fingers were taut and straight as he clasped his tray.

He Shuyu stroked her ring slowly and thought to herself – young people nowadays are quite stubborn. He Shuyu helped him up by putting her hands on his shoulders, pushing a business card into his suit pocket and whispered into his ear in full view of everyone.

“Here’s my contact information.”

As she hoped, she saw his lips tighten. He Shuyu smiled lightly and tapped the mole at the end of his eye, whispering, “I’ll wait for you.”

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chande rated it
May 25, 2022
Status: Completed
Male domineering CEO x meek FL? It's so common. Female domineering CEO x shy and innocent ML? Count me in because it's a bit rare for me to see female domineering CEO as MC.

From the description, the first thing I thought about MC was: she was lustful and a playgirl but after reading the story, I knew I was wrong about her:

... more>>

She actually gave ML her card because she knew he was being targeted by a pe*verted old woman. By indirectly telling everyone that she was interested in ML, anyone who had any other thought about him would back out because they didn't want to offend MC, including that old woman. In the other word, she just wanted to protect him out of pity.

After that fateful first meeting, MC didn't even bother about ML again but they accidentally met each other again several times after that. Initially, she just wanted to tease him a bit because he was so tense everytime they met but over time, she began to fall in love with him and vice versa.


What I love about MC: she wasn't forceful with her courtship to ML although she had a power and reason to do so. When she saw ML went back to his shell, she didn't mind to take a step back before starting to court him again. I also love MC's circle of friends because they were so supportive of MC.

What I love about ML: he didn't have severe inferiority complex that would threaten the harmony of his relationship with MC. He didn't mind MC being far richer than him and also him being talked as a kept man. Instead, he silently tried to improve himself by making many achievements. The result was: their relationship was almost free of drama.

The ending was also quite satisfying although it didn't exactly the same as the description.


The story ended after ML proposed to MC so we didn't get to see their wedding.

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MissaDavid rated it
January 11, 2022
Status: Completed
Translator here. Thank you guys for reading it! I enjoy these types of tropes because they are unusual. It's a really adorable book. I only wish they had delved a bit more into certain things, but otherwise, it's pretty fluffy.

In regards to the family situation


I'm not sure why people are giving it one star when there's only a single chapter out.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nikhil123 rated it
February 21, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a short and sweet story. My only problem is it ended too soon and abruptly. The last chapter is almost like I don't want to continue this story so let's end this.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shouahang58 rated it
January 27, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a very short but sweet novel.

I love the FL, she is very shameless in pursuing the ML 🤣 Also love that the FL is older and richer then the ML.

Wish the novel was long cause would had been a very good novel to read.
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earlgreyt rated it
May 24, 2022
Status: Completed
A role reversal story with the MC being richer, less shy, older than the ML, and also able to defend herself (physically).

She also does a lot of the chasing and takes a lot of initiative to being the romance with the ML.

That part was actually written very well, and overall, it was very enjoyable to see many tropes reversed.

The ML is pretty cute, a pure college boy type, with his own pride.

Maybe I'm cynical but

... more>>

I keep thinking of that scene in Crazy Rich Asians where the married couple ends up splitting because the man is unable to deal with the pride of not being the breadwinner of the family, or basically even if he worked his whole life, he would be unable to make more money than his wife.


Anyway, crossing fingers that they can walk all the way to the end.

Translation was really great. Thanks for your hard work! <<less
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SweetLove rated it
September 8, 2023
Status: Completed
Great story!

Th MC and ML were both open-minded people and do not feel restricted by what other people say.

It's a love story of 2 lonely people with a hard, cold exterior. But the story shows just how warm and sweet they could be with the right partner.

The pacing was just right at first then it went so fast in the last couple of chapter specially the extra. Would've loved to read more about their wedding and/or married life.

Kudos at secondlifetranslations for their awesome tl work!
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Babytree rated it
May 22, 2022
Status: Completed
This story itself is fairly light hearted and sweet. I would've given it a 3.5 stars but since I can't I decided to round to to 4 since 3 feels like it would give it injustice.

There were some cliche parts but the author changed it up a little so it gave a different vibe compared to other typically plotted Chinese novels.

like the main lead being a CEO that everyone in the city and potentially the whole country is scared to offend. Said CEO tricking their love interest into a relationship with them. Even though they were very cliche in Chinese novels, the author had the female lead be the CEO which made it stand out.


While the story did have a happy ending, it feels very unexpected to end there. The last few chapters gave so much potential for the story to extend but it didn't. Not to mention half of the summary didn't even happen.

The first part of the summary happened in the first chapter or two. The second half, didn't happens. The friends are welcoming to ML, because of how they see the FL treat him. Only thing is at the beginning they did joke around a bit, but that was more about her finally having an interest in someone and should quickly get laid. The spoiled brats don't even have an opinion the second they see her. Those were the only rich people mentioned. There is also no scenes of anyone thinking ML would be dumped like in the summary.

Her fiancé appears in like the last chapter or two. All he did in the whole novel is have dinner with all the FL leads friends and the FL and ML themselves. If the first few chapters didn't include the FL and her friends talking about her having a fiancé, I would've never known. From beginning to end, the ML never knew she had a fiancé.

Dont even mention the wedding. Nothing of that sorts was even mentioned. At the time they started the relationship, she was 25 and he was 18. Which in China would make him not able to get married for another 3 years. So dont expect a wedding, the story ended about 2 weeks after they first got together.

There was still so much plot to be used. About 10 chapters to the end MLs family was fully introduced. His grandma who we know was in the hospital and had surgery but never really knew what happened to her, she was more like a reason to improve their relationship and once the author finished using her, she was forgotten. MLs mother, besides her still being alive but in a coma nothing is really mentioned. Was only added so the author can have the ML be in debt and be an un-ideal, husband. Like his grandma and mother suffered so much to help him but not even one call after the surgery. Then comes his dad and half/step brother (never clarified if he was from the stepmums first or second marriage, but I sorta assume it's MLs half brother). Like the brothers beat each other up, go to the police and supposedly the FL calls lawyer to sue the half brother. When a girl poured a glass of wine on the ML she immediately poured a whole bottle over the girl. This half brother insulted and beat him up and she just tells a lawyer to sue, there isn't even any known consequences that the half brother. But that part of the plot did help the author show that the ML had a difficult life growing up as well as family problems. Once again family never end mentioned again except their individual scenes.

The FLs family. Grandfather died but left her a lot of $$$. Dad He is useless, only cares about money and his biological daughter. Dad He appeared twice, once to make a scene for a project which showed unlike most rich family the He family's power is in the young generation, in this case FL. The second appearance was to get (can't remember) but a hospital, or money, or research project. Something along those lines for his biological daughter since she studies med. But that appearance was to introduce this sister. Dad Ji, FL bio dad (who kept Annoying Ji and didn't return her to her bio family because rich family are complicated and didn't want her to deal with it, without a care for his own biological daughter) and Annoying Ji (not her real name, she's just the white lotus annoying type), the switched at birth baby. Literally last chapter ended up with Dad Ji finding out that annoying Ji is not as innocent as she seems, her trying to create trouble for FL and ML relationship, being ungrateful to Dad Ji and her downto earth personality were fake. Mum Ji was not mentioned while Mum He was only mentioned as someone only with Dad He due to business.


In summary, I changed my mind I've give it 3 star. It's a nice quick relaxing short story. Defenietly not one you would be emotionally attached to. The story was fine when I read it, but after writing the review I realised the problems. It feels like the author wrote done a timeline of events, then wrote the scenes for the events and put it together. Each scene has a purpose, each new character will only appear for said purpose befor they never get mentioned again. I get that it's a short story, but like key things don't make sense.
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ntww12 rated it
July 27, 2023
Status: Completed
OOOF. I love this story of an older, strong CEO FL pursuing the ML.

ML is a cold-faced, quiet introvert young man who's hot as heck. He's juggling a few jobs to cope with an issue and meets the FL at one of his jobs. She saves him, and keeps saving him.

FL has a very strong domineering demeanor. However, the way she does things doesn't really feel too overbearing. She just feels kind. She helps solves ML's problems without asking for much. Okay, well, she asks to touch his abs. But... more>> she doesn't give the feel of "I'm doing this only to sleep with you." Her intention can be seen as wanting to pursue the ML.

She is smitten with the ML. Her own insecurities and issues makes the FL very real. She's so soft inside despite her tough cookie exterior that I just want to pamper her and I'm glad she has ML on her side.

A great short story. <<less
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Caroline13 rated it
July 1, 2023
Status: Completed
after reading a bunch of op MLs and added the fact that it's first time reading with this kind of ML x FL combination, I find this one very refreshingly cute. I recommend this for those who want a cute read with no heavy drama.

thanks to the author and translator♡
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Skra rated it
April 15, 2023
Status: c27
Perfect length romance novel. I had a great reading their love story. It was nice to see a woman in power and no drama for no reason.
Many thanks to the translator !
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sansukini0923 rated it
January 23, 2023
Status: Completed
This book is so much fun. There's a cold CEO gender reversal and there's so much fluff. The FL is cold on the outside but very playful with the ml, especially when she teases him because of his shyness.

I don't think their relationship will end up with the guy getting inferiority complex later on, because usually that happens when the other person has so much ego, but the ML here is level-headed, knows he can't get as rich as her but instead works hard to become successful on his own... more>> profession. I like how straightforward the novel is.

My only complaint is that it's so short. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YanZhan rated it
October 29, 2022
Status: Completed
finally, a story of domineering CEO with poor lover without those unnecessary conflicts becoz of the so-called pride and dignity
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KichiX rated it
September 18, 2022
Status: c27
Tbh it's useful to read to see how we let so much go under the radar in typical FL-ML romances. When the roles are reversed, it really highlights the stereotypes, sexism and casual "it's okay because..." excuses that are common place in typical romances.

Not to say that there was anything particularly problematic in this (though the fact that he was only 18 and only in his first year of university wasn't something I particularly enjoyed - the author really drills home that he's 18. Although he's been through a lot,... more>> I still felt like the FL used the unfair power dynamic to influence his feelings though let's not pretend that that doesn't happen in every other romance.)

All in all, I thought it was okay, though I didn't particularly buy into their romance. Oh, and as someone else said, the synopsis is inaccurate. Her friends are completely supportive, her "finance" is like an older brother to her and not at all an antagonist, and we don't get to see their wedding. <<less
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