Dead-End Villainess Who Makes Medicine


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“A year at most.”

For the sake of revenge, I lived for over ten years wearing the mask of a villainess.

I’ve completed all preparations for my final step and ready to go into exile, but my time is running out!

‘I can’t die unjustly like this.’

There was only one way to cure myself. Consuming a small amount of a rare flower found in the imperial palace every day.

“Please propose to me, Your Highness.”

“What will I gain by marrying the princess?”

“I will place everything in Cassian under Your Highness’s control.”

And so, I succeeded in a contract marriage with Crown Prince Julion, allowing me to cure my illness…

However, wait, why are there so many sick people in the palace?

As a physician and a pharmacist, I can’t simply ignore the sick, so I decided to help a little.

Yes, I was certainly planning to help just a little.

“Princess Consort, tell me whatever you want.”

“I dedicate this very body to protecting you, my Vizier!”

“I shall name you Princess Consort, the Light of the Empire.”

… When I came to my senses, I had become the Light of the Empire.

Hold on a moment, I was supposed to cure my illness and then go into exile

* * * * *

Eventually, Julion found me.

His golden eyes shimmered like a candle in the breeze as he looked down at me.

“Did you mean to sacrifice everything, to live for others, and then… hide away where no one knows and face death alone?”

Clear drops of water welled up in Julion’s eyes.

Too stunned to say anything, he whispered through his tears.

“Please stay alive, Rohiriel.”

So, how many times do I have to tell you that I’m cured before you believe me……?

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Time-Limited Villainess Who Makes Medicine
약 만드는 시한부 악녀니
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New awramaria rated it
May 3, 2024
Status: --
I want to make my review short since there are already detailed review on how good this story is. I admit it’s really entertaining until ... more>>

FL became intolerable. After 60+ chapters, she keeps on saying she is fine but she always ended up passed out, sick, vomiting blood and she keeps on thinking why is the ML getting angry when she already said she is fine. She wanted to get better but she always ended up straining herself. I couldn’t take it anymore I just dropped it. 60+ chapters and there is still no romance. I will say it’s a good slow burn romance since medicine is interesting. Again, until the FL became intolerable.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
maymthu rated it
August 30, 2023
Status: c164
MTLed to end

FL is a strong and smart character, she is a competent doctor/pharmacist. Throughout the story, she actually needed very little saving from ML (unlike most helpless FLs). She was capable and shrewed enough to bring all her siblings down with her schemes. That doesn't mean everything goes her way all the time (some challenges here and there, but I admit she comes off a bit Mary Sue sometimes).

She, like every other FLs who are "terminally ill", keeps spewing sentences which are terribly misunderstood by people around her. It... more>> is hilarious tbf, and it never gets overplayed to the point it gets annoying.

ML's capability actually gets overshadowed by FL. Other than being a prince and slowly finding himself in love with her, he is reduced to an errand boy who will fetch medicines for FL whenever an emergency breaks out and she needs to save the day. And the story remembers every now and then that he's actually a very powerful swordsman to protect FL in a pinch.

I like his character tho, cuz he's not an over-aggressive cold broody guy with family trauma blah blah, he actually was raised in a loving family and has a normal personality. (We say NO to toxicity and red flags 🚩🚩)

Anyway, the fact that I made it up to over 100 chapters meant the story was intriguing enough to keep me reading even with the MTL actively destroying all the grammar and my English comprehension. Would I recommend? Yeah!

I started reading this bc of the chappies translated by Moonlight Novels - they're good quality, and updating regularly. So I'm looking forward to reading this novel all over again when more chapters are translated. Thanks for picking up the translation 🙏 <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
straystar rated it
October 6, 2023
Status: c49
So far so good! Normally I don't do reviews until I've read at least 70-ish chapters, but I decided to make an exception for this one. Honestly I am really into the whole "terminally-ill" thing, so this was a good read either ways, but the whole medicine thing also kept me interested. What I am curious about though, is that if the plants and stuff she said/did were actual real things used in medicine---probably not seeing the fancy names, but I'm still curious.

Honestly, MC is such a mary-sue, but in... more>> a healthy-dose, if that makes sense. I LOVE the empress with a capital L. I hope there are more cute moments between MC and her---seeing the empress scared of a needle was so hilarious.


The empress's reaction to finally being able to see again was such a beautiful and sweet moment.

OH YA, her getting married at sixteen??? and giving birth at seventeen???? hello can we talk more about that???? why was it brushed off so easily😦??? I know it was normal for the time-period, but still, , , , , , , , like umm.

Actually, I'd love to have seen some kind of involvement of a patient who was gonna give birth or was pregnant and how that would affected medicine for MC, especially considering how the horrific ways it was handled in that time-period.


And I'm kind of curious about the emperor as well, so I can't wait to see what happens next.


The small touch of the emperor and MC's mother having the same illness was just the cherry on top, I can't begin to imagine how MC will react and how she felt. If she can heal the emperor, she'll probably feel guilty for not being able to heal her mum. But if she can't, then she'll feel even more horrified, because she let a patient die---moreover, to the same disease that seized her mother.


Oh, yea, I can't help but notice--MC's family sorta reminds me of the Agriche family from 'The Way to Protect the Female Lead’s Older Brother', no??? Maybe just a little, but I can't get it out my head, , ,

Overall, this is a pretty good story. It keeps your interest, has plot and a good ML who doesn't overshadow the MC, or is a red flag. [Best green flag: not being a red flag] But I need more romance, I swear ML better come forward and become more bold. Though I can't wait to see more of their misunderstandings about MC's sickness.

"Have you had your medicine today?"
"Yes, sure."
(He doesn't believe her💀) <<less
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