When The Villainess Loves


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I got to possess the body of a villainess, whose life was limited to end soon.

That’s okay, because I can cure the disease!

The goal is a life, where I can do whatever I want to!

First, I decided to educate the characters of my favorite novel. However, the reaction of the people around me, who called me a villainess, were strange.

“How can you laugh like that even though you’re dying soon?”

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When the Villainess is in Love (Official Manhwa)
악녀가 사랑할 때
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10 Reviews

New Qi-notqi
May 25, 2024
Status: Completed
So I just finished reading the manhwa, So this is my review for the manhwa, I haven't had time to read the novel but as for the manhwa itself, I really like it, The story focuses on the MC who enters the novel, and the body he enters has a disease that is difficult to cure, but actually the MC knows he can recover, so the MC is still happy, What's funny is when everyone sympathizes with MC and thinks MC is pretending to be strong about his illness while... more>> MC dosen even care about her illnes, What's unfortunate about this novel is, THE MC IS LIKE CREATING A HAREM, and I don't like that, when all the handsome men revolve around the MC, and the MC only falls in love with ml, And in the end the remaining handsome men stayed with MC until MC had children, and they were all single!!! T^T, At least give them a partner, I feel sorry for them being babysitters for MC and ML kids lmao, But overall this is a good read, the story is clear, although I feel the author wants to finish this manhwa quickly at the end of the story, maybe because What I read is the manhwa so the plot is faster, but I don't know how the novel ends the story. <<less
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Oct 31, 2020
Status: --
The MC is absolutely lovely, and all the men (not you crown prince, you're a speck of dust) are absolute eye candy. It's magnificent.

It's sort of sad that I wish it was tragedy than HE, but she deserves happiness.
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Mar 27, 2021
Status: --
I absolutely hate everything and everyone in this story, please bring the original owner back.

Really not worth a read.

(Tho I've read the manhwa only)

She pities the characters that died and decided to help them not to, but all of them just straight out fall in love at a smile and some random words. Then they discover she has an illness and feel she's just so strong, pitiful and awesome, when that's not the case. She shoots everywhere as they're just characters of a book and says how they... more>> are so handsome and pitiful for falling for the original FL, sure, she's a b*tch, but isn't our FL the same?

I'm really bad at expressing myself, sorry.

But this one just pisses me off. One has a prejudice towards her when he never actually had a chat with the original owner and already assumed she was the icy bit*h princess of the rumors, the others fell in love with her as she masturbatxs their ego or some bullsh*t like that. The FL is also s*upid, and it irritates me how she's so like the original FL that she despise. Really annoying. <<less
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Nov 25, 2020
Status: c45
I really like this novel until now, I like how the FL is a hard-working and still, she is a bit clueless xD a lot of misunderstandings because she can't say all she's thinking. I recommend it
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Dec 09, 2021
Status: --
Really cute and wholesome at the start, but it gets messed up after 40+ chapters. All the other MLs just dissappear after that. The story also becomes rushed later on, and its just not fun to read anymore.

The ML barely knows the MC. He also seems to be very manipulative and I dont think he actually likes the MC. The other MLs are so much better and really do love the MC. They're always by her side and always worry about her.

The MC is actually pretty good at the start,... more>> but at some point, she becomes very naive and proceeds to ignore all the other MLs after a while. She talked with the ML for like 5 days, and they're suddenly dating, like gurl what?? Her spirit also warns her abt the ML, and told her that he's dangerous, but she just says "Oh, its ok, he wont hurt me, I know he wont. Dont worry hun :)) "

Also 50% of the first 40 chapters is just her coughing up blood and fainting, and everyone worrying about her, while 45% is the romance, and 5% plot. <<less
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Golden lotus
Aug 08, 2021
Status: Completed
I have mtl and read till the end of novel and it was worth it.

You will find the relationship between characters beautiful if you read till the end.

About why MC transmigrate into the novel and the truth about the villainess, every was revealed in the end.

And about the misunderstandings, I think the author just in a way to seem like misunderstandings but if you think carefully there is no misunderstandings at all.I mean there was a little at first as others characters though MC was going to die as MC... more>> said she will be leaving. But in the later period MC said she was ready to disappear and save the villainess (who she call sister). She think she can't just take the place of someone else so she was planning a better future for others and leaving (leaving means disappear so the same as dying OK). She even find a way to help the villainess. So she cherish every moment and can be happy with little thing. She like other characters very much and wish for them happy. At the same time she know that they had no obligations to follow her and like her. Maybe that's why she didn't realized they also like her very much.

And one the reasons why the ML attract to her. (ML is Dinial and I like him the best)

Anyway I will give a little spoiler


The MC was originally a person of this world (the world in the novel) and her name was Alicia.

She was the twin sister of the villainess Libertia.😘😘😍😍Surprise Right🤗🤗🤗She has black hair and purple eyes and cheerful personality as you can see in the manga.

(I will refer princess Libertia as villainess as you are all familiar with this)

The villainess sent her twin sister tons different world to protect her and call her back because she was in danger in modern world and that how the novel began.


Anyway I will stop the spoiler at this.

I love the relationship between between the two sister very much.I also love the relationship of Lisha (MC) and Dinial (ML). Their was warm and cozy and touch you at the sweetest spot.I hope you give this novel a chance.

PS😉😉:prepare a lot of tissue as there are many moment you will want to cry. <<less
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Rena Rain
Rena Rain
Apr 07, 2021
Status: --
I can't remember where I stopped last, but I do remember I dropped this because of the MC.

At first it was all "aww, " "HAHA, " "So cuuuute~, " "... Hot" but I got tired of it eventually.

She's nice and all. However, she's pretty much collecting men and other people who admire her and one day leave them. Like, this is the plot of the story, yes, I know, but there are just things that I can't tolerate any longer. She's dense, yeah. Not as dense as the legendary Bakarina.... more>> But dense as someone who approaches/attract people unknowingly. Just the regular dense. Anyways, what's upsetting is that she doesn't like the OG FL because she makes the men fall for her then just leave them when their scene together is over. Like it's all nothing but just a passing breeze. But she's gonna do just that, won't she? They're not gonna die like in the OG story, although they will be crestfallen when she leaves. And those nice men are doing a lot for her because she's sick and ya know, it's her (love sickness, a bad disease, it makes you do a lot of things when you're in love).

She can't just outright say that she'll be cured soon because there was no known cure and it'll be downright unbelievable that she's suddenly okay, I know, but still! It doesn't mean you have to form a pity party.

Anyways, good points of this story would be (yes, if you're thinking the same) the eye candy and other attractive characters, the misunderstandings, the MC's inner monologue, and the heartwarming scenes.

I tried to rate it to 4 to support this since I may not know if others like it or not but the I already pressed 3 😅 It may not be for me, but it might be for others.

Thank you the translators btw 💕

Your work is much appreciated. <<less
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here for the
Jan 27, 2021
Status: c36
I got impatient and found out there's a manhwa and as of now, I'm at chapter 36. Anyways, I love love love thisss. I was half aww-ing the original body and the male leads' stories and half cackling with giggles.

It starts off with MC being (rightfully) indignant at how the tragic and sickly villainess in a novel she's reading ends ups. She then has a vision where she meets original Litia (she fangirls so hard) who explains that the way to cure her illness was to switch souls and that... more>> Litia's memories would transfer to her in bits every three days for a year. So throughout the course of the story, we get to see how the original Litia grew up through these memory bits (FREAKIN PRECIOUS MAN.) Since there's really no danger to her life, MC makes it her goal to not only save herself but also kinda help out the pitiful secondary MLs. In the original novel, the FL and main ML had a happy ending, but at the expense of literally everyone else. Every other male lead dies to protect dear FL and all her friends die for her too. AND IT'S HILARIOUS BECAUSE SHE'S JUST A FANGIRL WHO RANDOMLY TRANSMIGRATES AND KNOWS HER BODY IS GONNA GET BETTER SO SHE DOESN'T REALLY CARE WHICH WORRIES EVERYONE BECAUSE THEY THINK IT'S HER BEING APATHETIC TO PAIN AND DEATH AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. She knows that she'd get better after a year so she made a deal with her dad (hot king who's also uwu) to give her freedom after a year so nobody would be suspicious about her miraculous healing whichhh then causes misunderstandings cuz everyone gets so shocked/worried/pained when she speaks like she's leaving soon/after a year. It's so freaking funny watching their hearts ache, like her maids would overhear her being sentimental (and fangirling about the male leads' faces duh) and they'd get teary and the comment section would be like LIBERTIA ANGST STRIKES AGAIN.

What makes this work unique is that unlike other transmigration stories where MC transmigrates into a body and just lives her life without ever really giving a second thought to the original body, this one actually makes your heart move for her to the point where the readers are pretty much more protective of the original Litia than the MLs (they're also total sweethearts <3). THE SIDE CHARACTERS ARE FRICKIN AWESOME except the redhead AND MC IS ALSO A MOOD HAHAHAHHAHA. It touches me when the other people worry and care about her and realize how much she must be bottling in because the one that made them realize this isn't the person who went through everything they pity her for. Words don't do it justice, only reading will make you fall in love with our hilarious and lovely MC, LITIAAAA, and the male leads (not you princey prick).

All in all, you'll probably be laughing throughout since even the sad parts with the other characters are kinda misunderstandings (that'll touch you anyway) EXCEPT for the original memory flashbacks. Those'll make you want to make an account to write a review in a novel website on why Litia deserved so much more. <<less
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Aug 13, 2022
Status: c30
I decided to check out this translation of the novel after enjoying mush of the webnovel. Whilst there is the occasional typo, the translation is otherwise easy to follow and enjoy.
FTI, I will point out there is the entertaining use of pattern recognition for the side characters surrounding the woman possessing the princess. This makes for some really delightful and funny moments where they read into her body language and derive meaning from inane/mundane statements.
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Jun 18, 2021
Status: --
I've only read the manhwa, but I can say that it's definitely worth it. The FL is really sweet and dense, and there's a bunch of misunderstandings where the male leads, maids and doctors think she means something else when in reality it's something totally different, and they get really sad (they think that shes dying) 10/10 definitely, my favorite villainess story
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