Daydreaming About Me


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The battle for the scholarship was like wildfire. In the entrance of the school director’s office, Lin Yujing and Shen Juan came face to face.

Lin Yujing wore a pitiful look, tears threatening to fall. “Classmate Shen, to tell you the truth, I came from the countryside. My family’s poor and I was originally called Lin Cuihua. I was the only one in our Lotus Flower Village to have been able to make it to university. If I don’t get the scholarship this time, I won’t be able to pay off the school fees. If I can’t pay off the school fees, I can only go back to my village and feed the pigs….”

Shen Juan wore a look of indifference and responded, “What a coincidence. I come from the neighboring Lotus Leaf Village. My original name’s Shen Tiezhu. I don’t only have to feed the pigs; I even have to farm.”

Lin Yujing: “…..”

The two people stared at each other for three seconds before turning around in unison and leaving.

Shen Juan got onto his private helicopter while Lin Yujing climbed into her Rolls-Royce.

–This is a story of two rich people trying their best to look poor in front of the other.

Associated Names
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Bai Ri Meng Wo
You Are Desire (Drama)
You Are My Desire (Manhua)
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XiaoFanTuan rated it
May 10, 2022
Status: Completed
Well first off, contrary to what the summary says, the story rarely mentions about their wealth and I even think that their so called wealth is not much of a factor in the story. They weren't also hiding it on purpose but due to a white lie which lead to some circumstance but isn't really a big deal. Later on, they just had a bit of a misunderstanding where the FL went brat mode just to let the guy confess the real deal. LOL.

If you don't like characters showing off,... more>> intentionally or not, their wealth in a story, then this is for you. You wouldn't even think of them as rich kids coz they mainly live off pretty much ordinarily throughout the story.

The story is mainly about two broken souls finding each other and helping each other along the way. The FL feels so pitiful in that she doesn't know how to respond to kindness at first which made my heart cry a lil bit for her. As for the ML, something happened in his past which made him unable to move forward but at least he has a supportive and loving family.

Overall, I love that the romance in this story was not forced and the way they got together was cute. There is also a lil bit of angst but not dog blood drama so I guess that's that. <<less
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Rubyspecs rated it
June 19, 2022
Status: c56
The synopsis is so very misleading. Neither it depicts any important part of plot or scenario you will imagine of two rich students hiding their identity from eachothe and act like poor kids.

But you will come across these words in novel.

Campus romance with badass hot tempered FL and pseudo school bully cold and composed caring ml
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czeihne rated it
December 14, 2022
Status: Completed
1v1, Both leads are passionate, no 3rd party as setbacks.

ML had a burden related. To his Uncle, him rejecting the Sports club and just living his School-Tattoo daily routine until she came.

MC had the family problem, neglected child, divirced parents, controlling mother and met him

... more>> Their paths crossed as desk mates till they fall in love.

Eventually, her mother forced her to leave, no explanation just ask him to wait for her, without her knowing that he was also depressed due to his uncle's condition.

It was a happy ending, FL fought her battle well and her willingness to improve, learn to trust and love boldly was impressive. <<less
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Sofizam rated it
November 27, 2022
Status: Completed
I think this relationship is the most realistic but at the same time the most unrealistic

I love their journey and how it’s not perfect from the beginning also how the problems they have aren’t forgotten and are well developed

i absolutely recommend this
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nasdhadg rated it
November 21, 2022
Status: Completed
i agree with previous comments, the synopsis is totally unrelated. Even FL always assumes that ML doesnt have a good background lol, I think she only figured it out the last 15 chapters?

anyway, this story is indeed a journey of healing between FL and ML. Both met each other during their lowest time and is able to get better because they found each other

they are started off from strangers, deskmate, and then lover. And throughout, it is quite fluffy, ML always pampered FL

... more>>

i think ML falls in love first, and he falls because they are always together (deskmate) and FL's behavior and ways of thinking is quite funny and novel. Then slowly FL falls in love, but because of her parent's history, she's not willing to open up to ML and had to move school. But no worries, they are not break up, tho they have no communication during those 1 and a half year


i personally think that FL hates the idea of being dependent to others and she also believes that no one can loves her because of her parent's behavior towards her. And when she met ML she slowly being dependent to him yet she herself not sure if they are together right now, will they still be together in the future? It's like she has no expectation for the future and for the love, but she has expectation for ML. So FL and ML indeed help each other to get out from their own shadow

and what her therapist says really true 'you need to get out from your shadow by yourselves. You need to push yourself out. If he's the only who pulls you while you have no intention to get out, he will be tired. You need to be equal in love'. It resonates clearly that if there's no equal position between man and woman in the relationship, one of them will get tired first <<less
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solivagantsoul rated it
April 17, 2023
Status: c1

There's just something about this couple coming together that make this novel so much more exciting and entertaining. The writing, translation even mtl is all good. I love some complex relationships, but I also wished that all of them were explored more in the extras.

Although it was set in HS and then uni as well, the novel doesn't take the background settings too seriously eg study competitions, emphasis on classes and math/physics Olympiads and national competitions and whatnot... NOPE. Everything revolves around the couple completely and I... more>> love that MC gets professional help when she realizes shes depressed. <<less
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