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Ji Xiangkong, a well-known “battlefield fraudster.” His face value made him good at picking up girls, causing many girls outside the esports circle to become his fans.

At an international esports competition, Qiu Ying, who was misunderstood as “the number one green tea b*tch of game streaming,” met him.

She originally thought she had caught a trump card who could save the popularity of her stream, but she was completely unaware that his reputation inside the esports circle was strangely terrible. When they were together, her popularity fell, instead of rising.

That farce connected her to him by fate. Through misfortune, she realized the goal that she wanted to fight for. And by accident, she found out that he was actually a misunderstood genius…

Their fates intertwined due to a misunderstanding, and developed into a sweet love. Even if they are misunderstood, why not bear a bad name? They would fight back to win the supreme glory that was for them alone.

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Esports Lovers
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3 Reviews

Nov 27, 2020
Status: Completed

Though I admit at first, I really dislike both FL & ML, but gradually it is acceptable. Because it's real. They're feelings, emotions, characters are REAL.

... more>>

FL is quick to fall in love and she's those type of desperate girls in love which often portrayed in shoujo mangas. Those who can't 'live' without love. BUT, she has her own reasons!

As for ML... Boy I really hate him at first... He embarrassed her in front of many people during livestream, tricked her BUT once he realized his mistake, he apologize. Good job ML, I cant hate you anymore since you already admitted your mistake... And after that, he helps FL realize what she wanted to do.


It feels quite refreshing because all I ever encounter is a smart/sensible types of leads, so a desperate lead such as Qiu Ying (FL) is pretty new to me.

The story is good for people who enjoy real life type of story. Though I find it to be a bit... Idk because all of them seems to have tragic pasts or whatever. It feels quite abnormal (just my opinion) but hey THE STORY IS NICE (how many times should I mention that...)

It also has less than 20 chapters, though each chapter is quite long. MTL is easy but translation is okay too! If you're patient enough, just wait for the translation to finish since it only has few more chaps to go. <<less
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Sep 07, 2020
Status: Completed
This story gravitates to the e-Sports community, in which ML is a pro-gamer and FL is live-streamer (later game commentator). Their first intersection happens when they both are at bottom point of their life, which naturally leads to a disastrous beginning. This is perhaps the most difficult part to read, but it doesn't last long. They become supportive of each other and, along the way, falling in love.

Personality wise, I find ML the most interesting of all characters. Coming across as c*cky at first, his real self is actually quite... more>> the opposite. He is in fact humble and strong team player. As long as his team wins, he doesn't mind to give spotlight to others and never takes credit of his contributions to the team. This often causes people in the circle to misunderstand him as being useless. It also doesn't help that his strategy-making is so inventive that none can comprehend. That's how despite his achievements, he is underrated.

Meanwhile, FL starts off as hopeless damsel. As poor college student, she can only do livestreaming to support herself. She has little knowledge of e-Sports, hence she is oblivious to ML's bad reputation and originally wants to borrow his fame to increase her traffic. Too bad, it ends up decreasing instead. After hitting rock bottom, she gets grip of herself and work hard to establish her own career with ML's help. Her character growth is satisfying and she becomes one of rare people who understands ML's strategies.

Second ML is fun character too. I won't spoil him much, all I can say is he is also misunderstood person lol. <<less
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Jun 23, 2021
Status: Completed
A short story and there’s a drama adaptation.
Those who like it will really like it and those who hate it will really hate it, It’s this kind of novel.

The story is about naive poor girl who innocent (to the point of s*upid) in living in harsh world vs The brave, smart and good-hearted but has always been misunderstood e-sport player.

If you like novel that MC is always lucky and easy to success, this is not a thing for you. FL is so desperate like she never knew anything... more>> and just live her life even if it’s very hard. She just hope that she can tolerate it till the day everyone understood the truth (sounds naive right?). Everything change bc of ML, at first he also misunderstood her bc the way she behave. Then he understood her situation and try to guide her to the better way and help her out. Finally they reach the success together due to their dedication and hard-work.

Actually I think It’s like the exaggerate version of showbiz reality. FL ended up as scape goat every single time and she always be doomed. It’s not easy for her as female in gaming industry.

Tbh, I got irritated by their relationship and FL at first but who never has been inexperienced? Everything in this world is all about trial and error. <<less
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