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Ye Fan suddenly became the villain’s mother after transmigrating into a novel. She fell into a scheme and gave birth to the villain, the son of ‘Film Emperor’ He Han who had no knowledge of having a child.

Ye Fan was a stand-in for a famous young actress, and the person she had to film an intimate scene with actually happened to be that ‘Film Emperor’.

The original Ye Fan abandoned her son, and when the matter was revealed to the public, she was completely drowned in hate by the netizens. Fortunately, the villain son had yet to grow up, and the ‘Film Emperor’ knew nothing about it.

So all Ye Fan needed to do was raise her child with the mentality of a buddha.

However, on the film debut right after an award ceremony, the matter of Ye Fan’s illegitimate child was exposed, shocking the entire net.

It was something completely unexpected.

He Han, the prince of silver screen, who had always kept a clean and self-conscious image had a press conference that very day.

“There is something I’ve been hiding from everyone. I have a three-year-old child.”

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69 Reviews

Mar 27, 2020
Status: c36
May be I am too jaded by all the show-biz novels I have read that this story doesn't seem to offer anything unique. FL, having a music background, can play piano, violin and many other instruments - OK, no problem! But having no acting background, but still acting so well that she barely NGs and gathers tons of praises and gets to endorse famous brands as a newbie! - a bit too much!!!

ML seems to be around the FL ALL THE TIME!!! For a super star, he surely has a... more>> lot of time, to hover around FL in the agency, on the sets, during shooting etc... And time to hover around the kid - in market, in amusement park, at home! One minute he's with FL, another with the child, probably got the teleportation skill!

The child is way too precocious!! (other 2-3yr old I have interacted with seem a lot s*upider than this little fellow...) His behavior seems too forced, too mature and not cute at all... Oh well, seems like a common theme in CN...

The netizens have negative IQ and are too quick to anger and throw stones at people, barely any sane people around... And the chapters are full of comments like these! <<less
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Aug 22, 2020
Status: --
It's a super duper cliche novel. Full of everys trope that you can think of. Mildly entertaining plot with really predictable characters. The MC is okayish (really way too much focus put on her beauty, does she even have any other defining characteristics?) . Atleast the mother and son interactions are pretty cute.

My one gripe with the novel, I've seen all types of cliche MLs everywhere but this one takes the cake. He is so so so so so deep, his voice is deep, his sighs are deep, his... more>> eyes are fanthomless, his looks are cool, his actions are deep, , , , he is basically an ice cube who got melted by the MC. The cliche of all cliche which honestly made me drop the novel. <<less
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Oct 28, 2020
Status: Completed
Boring, cliche, the epitome of Mary Sue. I honestly just wanted to complete it because I've invested so much time that I would be mad at myself if I didn't get to the end.

The logic within the novel was also too illogical. And many characters were just there to be a stepping stone for her. To be honest with you all, this novel sucks hard. No comedy, the romance couldn't even be considered a romance for me because I legit did not feel emotionally invested in the couple, no character... more>> depth and improvement. Overall, I wouldn't want to waste my time with this if I were you. But sadly, I already did waste my time. <<less
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Aug 09, 2020
Status: c125
I rarely rate low but listen to what I have

1) MC transmigrates into an actress body. Okay common trope. MC was a musician no acting or singing experience. But hey as soon as she is in her new body, after a few takes she becomes a godly actor.

See im not saying people cant cant natural talents, but no.. its luke that from day 2 or 3. Also if she has trouble acting a scene, ML comes and guides her. How you ask? By telling "YOU NEED TO GET INTO MOOD".... more>> "DONT BE NERVOUS". LMAO okay.

She somehow surpasses all the actors with years of experience, without prior training. Mind ya, the way the author portrayed her level, no matter how natural born she is, she needs to get professional trained. I wont buy it no matter what.

2) Our ML, to me he has absolutely no charm. Portrays no emotions. You will have no idea if he is sad or angry or happy. Author always says, "he has a light smile".." his lips hooked". JFC.!

All these reactions while he was chasing MC and he got rejected. Like how is that a reaction? To a serious chase?

3) I dont even want to talk about the so called villians, but I want to talk abt neitezens. How they are so entitiled to know a celebrities personal life. and how they act is totally puke worthy.

4) Worst part is MC and ML actually apologize for having a baby. MC goes out and says "plz trust me again"... For what exactly? So that u wont get intimate and pop out another baby. How is that related to her work and why is she bending so low and acting all humble. I dont get it!!!

5) this is Lmao, after MC baby news is out, her box office of new movie goes down. While sheit hits the fans and she is drowning in lame ass neitezens spit, no one says anything. Now as soon as few reviews crying thier heart out after movie comes out, suddenly EVERYONE and their mama are sympathetic. The movie director comes and says "MC is great bla bla bla, and if you doubt her, you are DOUBTING ME". BWAHAJAJJA

Wow, he says that with such strong conviction as if he is god. Lol dude chill.

6) I also understood this is a C-novel, but the way author tries to portray their ppl are above ALL while I simultaneously read idiotic neitezens dailogues is. In one part, author wrote something along "everyone knows chinese actresses are great." as if saying "everyone knows sun rising in the east". Sooo hUMbleee.

Anyways I can go on, but the fact that I read as many chaps was because of the baby, but now im even tired of his parts. Its simply boring. Dont waste your time people! <<less
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Feb 17, 2020
Status: Completed
I don't make reviews, since most works I've read even when mtl-ed already have reviews on their respective NU page.

But I'll take a moment to say I did enjoy this novel. Reading about children and heartwarming stuff is enjoyable for me, since life can get pretty hard on us sometimes.

I admit I was losing interest by the 100-ish chapters. Because it was predictable and I guess between skimming through or reading spoilers, I'd choose the latter. But this novel is only recently translated, thus I can't read the ending. :'... more>> (Haha. So I practically breezed through the remaining 40-50 chapters

Like I said, there's nothing surprising about the story. I just came for the baby bun. Lol. The plot contained the usual cliche elements of a childcare CN. But the child scenes are enjoyable to read even though you see it coming. XD

Here are some spoilers and my thoughts:

The not-so-impressive:


The premise is about this child borne out of a one-night stand from orig!MC who was about to be r*ped thankfully got to a wrong room where our coincidentally drugged ML was in. Honestly, this matter wasn't even explored into detail, as if these series of events are made to proceed the plot.

Even the thing about being in love with each other without being able to say it or even meet in person until both died at different periods before transmigration is kinda like plot device just so both of them can fall in love with each other within the chapter constraints. It's kinda a way to say they already love each other before the story even started, so you can't say how they fell is "unrealistic".

With the way the MC is written (where she's not looking for a relationship), I guess the author needed something so the love can start.

And that baby switch between FL and MC? I don't even know what to say. Haha. Simply put, it feels like the author just dumped several tropes into one novel and resolved it one by one. Typing this now, it shows how lacking it is. XD But honestly, I guess it's better than most in how it handled itself, but it still wasn't that memorable save for a few parts.


In a single sentence, I think the novel is too... Smooth sailing. With the use of common tropes and solving them so easily using the tried and tested ways from other novels, the story just simply lacked tension even with all the "conflicts" it provided.

The good:


The thing I love about this novel though is Dudu! He actually behaves like a kid. I mean, he's still sensible most of the time but it's within the realm of reality. I especially liked the conversation between Dudu and his dad when he cried about why he doesn't have a dad, and if he doesn't want him anymore so he left. And he couldn't understand when the MC explained "he went far away". I mtl-ed it, but it was a nice touch that Dudu didn't affiliate her words with "death", which I think MC wanted to insinuate, rather just thought his dad didn't like him so he never "visits" him. I like that scene where he saw families and how there's a dad putting his kid up his shoulders, and he wondered why he never saw his dad. When Dudu told ML, which is his actual father, "I wish you're Dudu's dad. Why can't you be my daddy?"

I felt that. :' (


With all the negatives, it was still a good lighthearted read. As I said, it's predictable, but you can give it a try and read. If it's a bit too long-winded, you can always skip ahead or read spoilers on the forum. ^_^ Maybe I could type in some spoilers to anyone who's interested. Hahaha. Probably not. XD

I only wished it created more emotional conflict, tension and also had the story more compact. It just.. Needs something more.

Readers who like this might also enjoy Transmigration: Raising the Child of the Male Lead Boss. That one though, created humor and well, funny sexual jokes ladies would laugh out loud for (even until this date, I haven't forgotten her gift to hubby while they were filming a variety show showing their daily life. To anyone who read it, I'm looking at you! *wink**wink*). Both are childcare novels with an entertainment setting so I'm sure you'll enjoy both. But yes, that novel had humor that this one lacks, but I enjoyed interactions with Dudu juuust a little more than Ruirui. Hahaha.

Anyway, my final rating for this is 3.5. :) But 70% of the novels I read are either dropped or on hold, so that remaining 30% had something to make me read it to its entirety, even if, like this one, I scanned past the remaining chapters. <<less
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May 24, 2020
Status: Completed
Idk why people say the baby is gross but for me, Dudu is totally adorable. They say he acts like a grown up? But he does not. Idk maybe its the translation but he has lots of baby talk and he's super cute too - the clingy kind of cute. He's more obedient than normal kids though but thats definitely a good thing. Anyway, this is a good read if you want to pass time.

MTL is easy to understand.
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Sep 26, 2020
Status: Completed
I read the untranslated Ver without mtl, so no comments on the translation. Writing is overall smooth.

Things I like:

There are some moments that feel real, like the baby questioning about why he doesn't have a father or the MC protecting her child from the paparazzi because the child is scared of the big and loud crowd.

... more>> Its pretty heartwarming, might even make you tear up a bit if you're sensitive (didn't happen to me though)

The romance... Isn't the best but there are some moments that make you feel like you're being stuffed with dog food.

Things I hate:

I want to question how the MC has a "natural talent" and get famous so quickly. Even her husband, the film emperor had to work a long time to get to that title. Its just not that easy making it in the entertainment industry. The author talks about how she does improve very quickly, but it just brushes over it.

And for gosh sake she was a musician before, not an actor. Why couldn't the author make her a musician instead of a actor? "And she knew all kinds of instruments" bit*h please, even if she knew all kinds of instruments, you can only "excel" excel (you know, be a pro, ling ling level) at the most, a few of them, and apparently the MC is a master at most instruments??? Moreover, the author acts like the only musical instruments that she should play to look elegant is the piano, the violin, and maybe add a bit of a vocal talent to the mix. Don't get me wrong, I play the violin myself. It's a good instrument, but it's just annoying that the author thinks it's the only instrument that can portray the MC being good at instruments besides the piano.

Cliche scenes are not a problem. The only problem is how those cliche scenes are being used over and over again. Anyways everything was a breeze for the MC, even she recovered quickly from the child scandels.

The only reason I got through this entirely was because I wanted to know the ending, and at the time I didn't know better novels to read on the way to school. Would recommend this only if you're a sucker for sappy romances with kids in it, but lots of annoying parts in it that is just unnecessary or needs to go into more detail. Sorry for writing this long review. <<less
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Jul 13, 2020
Status: c59
Decided to drop it. It's not that bad however, despite the fact that I enjoy a good slow romance, this just isn't one of them. Nearly 60 chapters in and they barely converse but the ML has a likable impression of her. I find that this is my complaint with a lot of CN novels - they're either too long or too short and there is no in-between. Granted, the chapters are pretty short, but meh.

Also, the antagonists are very one-dimensional which makes me realize the main characters are actually... more>> just good-looking and flat characters. They don't have real motivation behind their actions; we're supposed to believe that the antagonists are just biologically* evil.


*Like, the idea is it's because the villainess in the story was swapped with the MC at birth and the MC's mother (villainess' real mother) is a downright scheming b*tch because she did it on purpose. (I agree, this is indeed a b*tch move.) The villainess is entitled and narcissistic so apparently when the villainess' parents (MCs real parents) see the MC, who is the exact opposite, they can sense that the MC is theirs?? (Which is very convenient but a plothole I could've ignored.) Idk man, in reality if MCs parents were nice people they would've raised the villainess a little better. At the very least, she wouldn't be threathened over the MC who is just an extra in the drama they're filiming. But nope, she is very threathened and she'd lie if only to make herself look better because why? Nothing, she's just a spoiled brat. It's just really odd how it lowkey suggests that one can be born good or bad without taking into account environmental factors (it's nature AND nuture not nature vs. Nurture) because it's not centered on how she maybe grew egotistical because of fame, but instead the fact she's the child of a b*tch.


If you can ignore that, you'd still enjoy it I guess. Translation's great. The MC is nice and she isn't a complete pushover. She is very sweet with her baby. The baby is adorbs. The ML (so far) isn't sadistic and unfeeling. So yeah, three stars for me. <<less
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Oct 12, 2020
Status: c107
An ensemble of clichés from novels and tv dramas, it's so trope my mom could predict the next scene even if it was back in 2000.
Typical blood dog drama and a smooth flower road for mains with flat background characters and stereotypical mascot and ML- ofc, main characters being as equally flat to the rest.
2/3 year old surpasses even the children from more ridiculous web novels in terms of EQ.
Author has no ounce of a clue of how withdrawn and neglected children act and behave (quite typical... more>> for novels of the same caliber). The plot is hardly what you can call plot when everything is just there to highlight the beauty and everything superficial about MC.
There are hardly any details that one would consider as essential for the story, for example how the bad evil adoptive mother managed to swap out two babies, one from being a seemingly prestigious rich family (if you'd consider the level of security they should have and probably would've gone to a esteemed hospital to give birth in some VIP ward). Or the crucial emotional scene of MC transmigrating but instead it's talked about like she was recounting a shower she took yesterday. (Feels like the author knows it's so frigging trope, nobody would be interested in something like truck-kun)

*The glaring issue now after reading close to 100 chapters is

that how author pours all the elaborate detailed narration into the description of the MC which over the span of 100 lines will repeat about 4x/5x times not ever changing from it's original first notes of her; pale like snow, raven black hair like ink, cold aura and if you'd twist that back around, she could be as well as naming the characteristics of a horror entity from The Grudge or The Ring.
Also note, with time, more evident flaws of authors no-research writing and ridiculous favoritism of the MC in contrast to the blackening the cannon fodders will leak out like from a busted pipe. Ludicrous as it is, the author make the cannon fodders employ the most ridiculous heap of backfire-able schemes that MC can just counter like popping a balloon with a needle. Equipped with all the empty air of confidence that equals to arrogance of the MC, it killed, of what little was there to begin with, all the anticipation and encouragement I had for her and the story.

Example being, she knew for no apparent reason she'd win the task of earning money on the street while knowing her opposition is cheating. No idea who gave her the courage to believe that the crew who was in the same dumb scheme wouldn't just top a little more off than what she had earned (since the camera man will always follow her around, and they could always contact the crew about an estimated earning).


It's passable to waste time with but seriously hold no expectations towards it, if you've grown up watching asian dramas, there'll be hardly any scene that'll captivate or surprise you. To call it enjoyable is a far cry as well, just fillers until you come across a new favorite series or wait for your reading list to update.
If you want to read more of an elevated version with basically the same concept I recommend "The CEO's Villainess Childhood Friend". <<less
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Feb 22, 2020
Status: Completed
the only thing that kept me reading was the cute little baby! Unlike most novel where the kid has a high IQ and is unrealistically mature we have a little cute bun that stays true to his age!

However one star off cause I wish the author had went more into detail with MC's relationship with her real family. I feel that A LOT of things were kinda skimmed through like MC and ML's dad, could had wrote more about them and let them have more appearance in the novel.
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Jan 18, 2021
Status: --
Incredibly boring, cliché and predictable, especially the romance.

If you're not new to the genre you can pretty much predict 80% of the plot by chapter 2.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 16, 2020
Status: c110
Good premise but too many tropes and FL is a Mary Sue so I'm dropping this..

I rated it a 3 because it's still readable. The little dumpling is adorable! But is too unrealistic as a "genius" kid

Got tired of reading the ML always serious and brooding giving off an intense aura while the FL is pure, kind and has agenius talent.. ML is also your usual stalker...

Frustrated with:


Summary is quite misleading. I was intrigued because of it but nope, not yet happening. Also, didn't really like where the FL is always, always paired up with the ML. I mean she's supposed to be a newbie. It's too unrealistic to be paired off with the Film Emperor lol


CN is readable..
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Too slow burn for my taste. CH 235 of the translation is ch 60 of the raw or about 40% of the novel, and they still haven't touched on the big plot points on the first page. Teasing the reader us expected but have a little moderation.

The writing is good, the translation isn't bad but desperately needs to be proof read.

If you're looking for a Mary Sue in the entertainment world with a little cute kid, this might be for you.

... more>>

The two big things they have avoided are the kid's dad and the MC's family.


Update after finishing this novel, I find myself sorry I read it. The author introduced major plot points in the first chapter and then resolved them with a wave of a magic wand near the end. The only reason to read this is the cute kid and it's asking a lot of the little guy to carry this load. <<less
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May 30, 2021
Status: c130
Epitome of cringyness. I first started this novel because of reviews saying sh*t about it but I thought it couldn't be that bad... pfftt.. So here I'm, after dumping the novel at halfway after mtling it, cause I couldn't take that "shit" anymore you know?! At first I liked the MC's character despise her being a mary sue, she was a great mother and her communication with the kid despite not being the original mother. However, as the story progressed I started to become anxious as I really wanted to... more>> sh*t punch the MC and the rest of the other characters. And yes, I'm also involving that kid too. I'm not a child abuser or something but this story brings out that hidden character within me. Nonetheless, my most violence nature becomes more aggressive towards the so called internet netizens apparently who have too much time and lack real life that's why they're so involved in others. I mean I'm a die hard one directioner, even still despite not them being together I support and respect their choice as a fan "supposed" to, like since the beginning of their career to now. But however in these CN novels these netizens don't have any bottom lines, as a fan you're supposed to like them for who they're and what they do in terms of talents, which in simple words mean you're not to judge or indulge yourself with their personal matters until or unless it's related to murdering or drugs. Well, , , I really hope to stumble upon a novel where an author is portraying fans in a good way because I feel insulted as a fan myself. <<less
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May 19, 2021
Status: c190
Honestly? Starts OK but then it drags. Fluffy drag but still a drag.

After 190 chapters I still find the 'adorable bun' irritating. He's a Baby Sue.

Could be a relaxing read, if the plot intrigues you, but do not expect any depth or out of the box developments.
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Sep 08, 2020
Status: c94
Ok, we are 94 chapters in and the ML and MC are at most acquaintances I usually don't complain that much about slow romances because it seems more realistic but like this is too much and the story is getting lowkey boring, the only thing that is keeping me from dropping this novel is the baby.

Although I am a sucker for cliches this is just too unrealistic

This is kinda a spoiler but not really

... more>>

The FL that was a musician I repeat MUSICIAN in her past life with ZERO acting experience suddenly becomes a great actor that get people mesmorised and emotionally when acting with no special effect, no music and is on an empty stage. WITH NO ACTING EXPERIENCE I mean I would have believed if she studied her scripts really hard or took inspiration from other films or used experiences from her past life or even went to an acting school but no she does none of that which is really frustrating and just make me want to roll my eyes to the back of my head, and something that never fails to push my buttons is how we get 1 to 3 paragraphs of how beautiful she is for example: how white and soft her skins looks like a peeled egg or how petites and straight her nose is or even how lushious and red her lips her you get the gist.


Okay and now for the ml


He is lowkey creepy. I mean he is basically the only reasons she gets all this acting opporturnities

And he is really cilches like the cold overbearing ceo who is only nice to warm to our mc

So if you a sucker for cliches like me and can ignore all of the things I mentioned good luck (。^‿^。) <<less
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Apr 13, 2021
Status: c190
(Update at the end, I've read up to chapter 136 of the MTL but I dropped it)

Hm, I'm not sure on how much I should give this LN. I've been reading the 4 works of this author, this one is pretty similar to "I Help the Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters", the FLs are pretty much the same, the ML is also similar. I like the situation here better though. The FL has a better reputation since the beginning and is instantly shipped by netizens with... more>> the ML. I like it when they are shipped instead of his fans being jealous, I'm all for fans supporting their idols' relationships.

I don't really agree with the ML's way of doing things though, it's like the typical k-drama. He just won't give up! Honestly I don't want him to give up either and I'm like pls don't give up, bond with Dudu. But honestly if I were in her situation and I truly disliked him I'd be super annoyed. Based on some hints given through the story

they were probably lovers in their past life or something, plus that's not new to this author. I'm guessing that's why her music feels nostalgic to him.


So that just makes this more heartwarming. But if the situation were different... if he weren't the ML, if he weren't her baby daddy, it'd just be super annoying, he doesn't know he's the dad anyway so why is he chasing her so confidently? I know he's a great catch but I don't like entitled men that can't face rejection. It's too contradictory and she doesn't behave according to common sense tho which gives him a slight glimmer of hope. Ignoring this it's not too bad, I'm just gonna chuck this complaint to the back of my mind, it's a fairly relaxing read and I still want to see them become a cute family. But really, men, don't imitate his behavior, you aren't an ML.

UPDATE: For some reason I MTLed most of it, I don't think it was worth it. As for the romance I guess it eventually made sense why he chased her like that and she accepted him consciously so I have nothing against it. My previous guess was correct so when she found out she accepted him and it turned into a touching cute true love story. Anyway imo this story is good as small doses of dopamine idk haha, it was more enjoyable reading the updates than binge reading it. It's not a super memorable story, by the time I MTLed this (which wasn't even a month after I had started this) I had already forgotten about a lot of the novel. The thing is that this author's works are way too similar!! They recycle stuff (even the plot of one of the films she worked on, or 2 actually were super similar), so are their family relationships, even the love story, etc.

Anyway that's not the biggest issue, the thing is that this story lives off the face slapping, the love story and Dudu, when I dropped it most stuff had been solved so I struggled to finish it, although there were only about 10 chapters left but I am not even curious of what could happen, these past chapters have been boring anyway and it just turned into bragging about her accomplishment.

Another issue is the lack of accuracy with how showbiz actually works, or acting, but whatever, this is just the author's style, and I've read enough of their works to know the style but still I find it annoying. Especially how they show that someone acts well, if you "suppress" the other actor you are automatically the best, that is not even being a good actor, a good actor could also act as the weak character. She often ends up changing the plot after a roach tries to slap her or changes the lines and she turns her character into the winner. Plus in this particular work the MC wasn't even an actress in her past life, she was excused as being hard working but her accomplishments aren't something someone would get after being hardworking for a year. Might as well have given her a golden finger that excused her talent. Eh, anyway my biggest issue is that eventually it turned boring. This is good tr*sh if that's what you are looking for and I enjoyed each update, I never took this seriously anyway, but when I was reaching the end and this turned boring all of my complaints came out. I will drop IHTRMSMTPD too... it's basically the same, but FW seems way better done so I guess I'll keep up with it for the time being. <<less
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Apr 10, 2020
Status: c102
Starts good but gets progressively more boring. I normally enjoy these type of light stories with a bit of drama, face slapping, and a cute bun to keep things light but... the scenes with the bun start to overtake the story. Not unusual to go a couple chapters of nothing but the bun broken up with only a few paragraphs of plot. Honestly I've started skimming the parts with the bun because they feel like filler and they waterdown the actual plot. The bun also is a little too idealistic,... more>> doesn't feel like a real child.

I agree with a lot of Stillgryffinpuff points but it just makes for easy light read when you don't want to think to hard. I will keep reading because I'm a sucker for these type of light dramas but I'll continue to skim the bun parts. <<less
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Aug 23, 2020
Status: --
Seriously what villain.... I really wish they would show growing up... or atleast when he grew up what he became because of the MC involvement

But nothing... it just said he was the villain but aside from that nothing... what kinda villain of villain was he? No one knows...

And the MC is really a disappointment... umm really selfish... attached to her son but too possessive doesn't want the ML to know about him... why? Whenever the ML got close to the kid she would get jealous... her excuse of preventing the... more>> ML to know about the kid is because he is famous and that may disturb the kids life... fun fact is that she too is an actress at that and really famous ?

She doesn't make sense at all...

Its readable though... <<less
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Apr 13, 2020
Status: c113
Wanted to read more, so went to a MTL site and finished it.
All in all, typical transmigration romance novel about a strong and determined woman who finds out she has an instant child.

strong points:

1) unexpected character info regarding ML ... more>>

turns out he was a daddy long legs in their original world before he died and came into this one too


2) romance without the steam. This one is rather pure and the sexiness is more back burner, which I liked because it fit with the characters.

3) the bun, I love smart and obedient buns. Their too cute for word

weak points:

1) final confrontation with rival is weak.

2) no real character development

3) gets kinda boring and rushed after C110, like the writer just wants to get this over with.

Final Verdict:

Great light reading, fun and cute, but follows the format a bit too closely. <<less
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