Countess Maid


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The Count, who he thought had only died in war, has returned.

To the castle where the Countess commits her affair and betrayed by her men,

pretending not to know and keeping their mouth shut.

“Will the traitor pay the price?”

The Countess’ exclusive maid, I was eventually touched by a bloody hand.

in a slightly different way than others.

“This is the price you pay for your sins, Reine.”


“Hey, huh!”

“Are you so wet already? You are more sensitive than Pavoli.”

Watching her witty and sassy reaction leisurely, Azer continued to warm her up.

“The Count, there… … Ouch, ah, ah, stop it!”

“Stop? Are you trying to give me orders?”

“Ah, it’s not like that, huh!”

“To say the following is such a presumptuous statement, it is absurd.”

Azer blinked his relaxed, sinister gaze.

“Look. Stop drenching my hands with your honey already? The truth is, I don’t want you to continue.”

“ Count! Now no, no! Ouch!”

A wave of pleasure came so strong that her mind was terrified.

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하녀는 백작의 개입니다 (새턴나잇 NO.16)
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