Counterfeit Hero


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What can a machinery maintenance soldier do? Research, modifications, creative thinking? What can a mecha warrior do? Fighting, sensitive operations, peculiar moves? What can an elite scout do? After sneaking behind enemy lines, bare-hand techniques, immediate suppression, camouflage, stealthing, sniping? What can a military officer do? War simulation, planning, reign victorious by outsmarting?

The genius who combined three professions into one, and is even skillful in psychological science, deceit, assassin disguises, is a spineless, disgusting, despicable fatty.

When such a queer person is dragged into a war, what will he do? Will he become a hero, or a coward?

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Mạo Bài Đại Anh Hùng
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NMHermit rated it
April 11, 2017
Status: c11
Imagine Bai Xiaochun from A Will Eternal, in a Sci-Fi setting with Mecha and space battles. 11 chapters in and the setting has just been established, thus far it is pure comedy gold with excellent plot and writing. It instantly made it to my must read list.
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Woho0 rated it
May 5, 2017
Status: c28
The main character is a shameless fatty that is extreamly talented in every aspect (except for hiding his shameless character) and he values his life above everything else. He mol*st woman if he thinks he can get away with it, but he turned them down when his v**ginity is in danger.
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kozinc rated it
April 9, 2017
Status: c10
A funny story about a bumbling, but talented coward - that is forced by (bad) luck into becoming the empire's hero. Now if only if there was a straight guy to play the joke... But this is only the tenth chapter, so who knows what will happen :)
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Storyhunter rated it
June 29, 2017
Status: c81
If you want to read a story about a guy who just wants to shamelessly survive a war he has nothing to do with but get's dragged about in it anyway for various reasons. This is the story for you.

He likes dirty tactics. If by dirty you mean practical war tactics of using every means at your disposal to take out your opponents. He is a bit smarter then your average joe with a good bit of added imagination and ability to make connections. Along with a small smattering of... more>> plot amore and women falling for his shameless charm. That is what make this hero tic.

The awesome thing about this novel though is that almost all of the long running characters in the story so far and even some military units adapt and change depending on there environment. Also the main character is a little less unsure of himself like he is in the beginning by this point in the novel. He does get less self degrading but he still has a touch of it swirling around in his head.

In conclusion by this point good if skewed character development of even sometimes minor character. A vision of a fairly complicated plot structure. Good updates and enough humor make this a excellent read if you like a guy playing around in a real war zone. He is just a trooper so being sent on s*upid missions happens every so often. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
evil lnfant
evil lnfant rated it
March 14, 2021
Status: --
Thousands of years into the future and humanity still haven't figured out that obesity is disgusting.
The MC is 300 Big Macs overweight in the freedom scale and has the gall to be shameless.
Think: A pe*verted pig MC Gary Sue from Accel World whose only flaw is not having the ability to see his toes.
That's what you're going to deal with reading this junk.
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bloggbigg rated it
December 4, 2017
Status: c97
I wanted to rate this higher, but in fairness, it drops off after around chapter 90- and that's not to say at all that most of what came before that isn't worth reading even if it does get 'meh' after that.

Pretty good plotting, situations, action. It's got some comedy, and a few interesting-ish (but still cliche) characters.

The BAD:
The Protag is billed as clever, though it's really more accurate that everyone else is not so smart. Everything else is pretty much bog standard for an 'underestimated' OP protag.... more>> Gets lucky 'fall in lap' superior equipment, learns to actually fight/be excellent in fighting, etc., starts getting women crawling out of the woodwork for him for magic reasons. Somehow still can't handle making a simple relationship choice despite acting near desperate near constantly-
You know the drill...

I won't even get into how the author seems undecided on whether he wants to redeem 'fatties' or make fun of them (mostly that one).

The Different:
As a Mecha, sci-fi action comedy- I won't say it's rare, but there aren't a lot I know of that are good. A good portion of trhe humor works well enough, so that's a good thing- other than those points, making him NOT the sole developer of his improved tech (though still a key designer) is a step toward logic- but still not there. Everything else has pretty much been seen before- and the 'fatty' angle isn't exactly relevant since he makes him a Sammo Hung level of excellent, that he is cut apart from the rest.

Overall, I'd recommend reading to about 90 (or so? I'll check later) - after that it gets pretty mediocre.

It's not just me- QI (the translating group) is happy to 'steal' popular ongoing translations from other translators- and even they stopped translating this (for whatever reason) back in August... <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MangoGuy rated it
June 18, 2017
Status: c70
This is one of the few series out there on QI, that I am conflicted about. It tries to be an intelligent series containing strategies and battles and what not, all with a fatty MC who is pe*verted and jovial. That is a brilliant premise.. Until it gets into space.

For me, I would say that this series has got a lot of brilliant moments. However, the mumbo jumbo in the middle, regarding battles.... is good only for a single chapter. But this often gets draaaged out. However, it has got... more>> only 897 chapters in the raws so... The story should be going at light speed later on!

I love the characters... Everyone has another side to them. And the setting of the society.. One of the best among all the CN.

The harem in this pretty lame. Like very lame. But I will suggest this is more a series for the military action and strategies.

For c70, this is not mango approved, but on the waiting list!! However, among the QI novels, this is highly recommended. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Novelupdatesaccount1 rated it
July 27, 2020
Status: --
Complete POS novel. It's a comedy novel where the gag is s*xual harassment.

The MC sexually harasses everyone and any anger anyone expressed at his actions is portrayed as entirely unjustified.

In a way this might be worse than "r*pe is a tactic" novels like martial god asura because the harassment portrayed and normalised as something "quirky" or "funny" here is a lot more realistic.
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