Chaotic Lightning Cultivation


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Song Zhong’s parents were the geniuses of the sect. But they were apparently killed while on a mission when he was barely 6. As he apparently did not excel in any of the 5 elements, in fact, all 5 elements are in balance in his body. Thus, our fatty is deemed to be tr*sh and does not deserve the respect his parents had.

He is allowed to have one task, to collect garbage of the sect until he reaches the initial test-age where he has to prove that he is worthy to stay in the sect.

Our fatty has no choice but to cultivate the only heritage his parents gave him. A mysterious black pearl.

Unfortunately for him, this pearl seems to be only useful for… collecting garbage…

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Hun Dun Lei Xiu
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Anown rated it
May 24, 2016
Status: c24
-A well paced and good novel. Cons for me
-the MC should be much more cautious
-MC need workout. Imagining him having se* with the girl with those fat.. Ugh

Don't trust much at my review since I haven't read much. My review stand until the 'status chapter' changed.
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athlonkmf rated it
May 10, 2016
Status: --
I was the one who recommended this novel to be translated, so I'll just write what I've written in the recommendation

Awesome epicness. It's a xianxia story comparable to ISSTH, only more ruthless and fun. We get to see the obvious weak to strong plot, but also large scale interstellar battle strategy. Spanning several "generations".

I find it very entertaining and detailed. The "there are even stronger beings"-plot is explained and used in the smoothest way I've ever seen in a XianXia-story. You KNOW there are stronger ones, and you'll accept it... more>> much easier. This is what you get when you merge ISSTH, ATG and Mushokou Tensei together. This novel is one of my favorites which I've reread a couple of times. This novel is one of my favorites which I've reread a couple of times. I guess it's because the MC is just relatable. The MC is not naturally arrogant and ruthless, but his life forces him to become one. He is not saintly nice, he can't even be considered a good person. Just your average but smart dude who just happens to come across some life changing events.

Some extra content:
His cheat artefact (s) are indeed a black pearl/bead which resides in his body. This is a dimensional artefact with a special black soil which can break down magical artefacts into their raw materials, while releasing their energy. But the dimensional area size can be increased and in turn become a whole "world".

The other artefact is a large copper bell which the MC can use for defense and offence. Besides being a great, powerful weapon, this bell holds a lot of secrets. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
July 17, 2016
Status: --
The comparison to ISSTH is false. This story is not equal to ISSTH in anyway. The main character has a non existent personality. The main character earns nothing by his own work or cunning, its the work of his cheat. His cultivation is not his own work either, he pours pills and elixirs down his throat using money given by his cheat...

One more point I do not like about this novel is that he r*pes a women, then they become dual practitioners because his cheat actually helps people cultivate when... more>> they have s*x. The MC ignores the fact the women was a bit*h and she proceeds to fall in love with him. <<less
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PustardPie rated it
May 26, 2016
Status: c14
I hope you enjoy endless exposition because the author is more than happy to sh*t himself in nearly every chapter blathering on about things that are self-evident or common in xianxia. This isn't worldbuilding it's ban*l padding.
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Stark3 rated it
May 26, 2016
Status: c428
Downgrading my review to 3 stars. Reason below

I was put off by some situations at the start
... more>>

The MC gets attacked by 3 fellow outer door disciples because of greed. He manages to stun / incapacitate all 3, but then feeds the female a drug that strips her of power temporarily and then proceeds to r*pe her. Later on, they both figure out that the interc**rse was actually mutually beneficial for their cultivation, after which they set up a monthly booty call.


but once I put it behind me and the story progressed, I enjoyed the story more and more. What's refreshing is there's none of the endless repetition that plagues a lot of the xianxia novels that I read. The story flows naturally, the MC isn't too OP, and you're just kept forever reading the next chapter.


EDIT : Am now up to c213. I'm not sure if the translators just skipped over the details or if the author upped his H level, but the ero scenes later on are a bit more explicit than the ones I read from the English translation of the early chapters. Personally, I didn't think that the r*pe scene had to be there, and I was put off again for a couple of chapters.

EDIT : Now up to c318. I'm a bit disgusted with the MC now. He's a bit TOO ruthless IMO after he's accumulated power. Hope the story doesn't continue that trend.

EDIT : At ch362. At this point, the story has become repetitive, with quite a bit of s*upid dialog / behaviour. I mean, if you're part of a school that has sent a large group to hunt down a dangerous person, if that large group practically disappears you don't go walking to the person you're trying to hunt down and ask him casually where they went without precautions right? There's now a lot of dialog like 'You killed them? I don't believe you'. If one of the people sent out (that disappeared) is stronger than you by a level, and the person you're hunting says that it's him that did it, you don't quibble with words, you need to start taking precautions right? But noooo....

EDIT : At 428. Fortunately, the repetitiveness stopped after the previous arc. The writer seems to have gotten his creative juices back :). One thing I don't like tho :



He's amassed a small army because of various reasons and keeps them in his life space. A lot of problems he now just solves by bringing out various minions. OP as heck. As if it wasn't enough that he has an almost indestructible shield in the form of his bell. I wish the author would put his mortal body intensity to good use, have him learn close combat arts or something. Well, anything so that it's actually him that's battling, and not the minions he keeps on accumulating. It's not summoner wars or something

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bkwusa rated it
September 23, 2016
Status: c23
The story gets some facts wrong from the very start. It states that the MC is very hard working in his cultivation, he even cultivates 20 hours a day. The very next chapter we find out he takes most of the day doing his menial job at the sect picking up tr*sh. It takes him hours and hours to go back and forth. To the point that he is almost always late for dinner. So which is it? If he is working all day then he can't be sitting down... more>> all day meditating. Even given that he meditates all night instead of sleeping he still shows to be working more than 4 hours a day. After that he pretty much hits the jackpot and gets a treasure that gives him a infinite money cheat. It then becomes a story on how a rich cultivator spends his money to fight and kill/r*pe his opponents. Then, to top off inconsistent facts and bad story, half of a chapter is filler. It feels like the author wrote a few paragraphs of what the chapter should be and then went back and added as much details about random crap as he could to make sure he gets his word count up. <<less
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Eccentric lezmier
Eccentric lezmier rated it
July 8, 2016
Status: c25
I will just say it, this is nothing like ISSH, there is truly a great chasm between the two its not even funny, it's more like that naive novel mentioned called Mushokou Tensei (which I would never recommend to anyone (I like)).

The plot is just too shallow for anyone a bit mature and the MC doesn't have any qualities that would make you think if he worked hard he would still make it. I bet hes gonna be pill popin to the end of this sad novel.
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acoleman2 rated it
March 28, 2017
Status: --
I liked it at first, the concept was interesting and I like that he had his own spatial treasure he could cultivate in, like he was building his own world. However, the MC became a rapist. I don't know what sort of twisted mind the author has, but r*pe is never okay. A r*pe victim wouldn't stick with his or her rapist just for cultivation benefits any more than they would stick with his or her rapist for money in real life. It certainly wouldn't be ignored after a day.... more>> R*pe is r*pe. It's a terrible crime, one of the worst you can do. Having such a despicable MC ruined this story for me. <<less
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Bubbletehh rated it
July 17, 2016
Status: Completed

Honestly the ending was meh in my opinion but at least it was slightly different from the normal endings we get from these novels. By the way the blurb and title of this story is so off - topic it gets to the point where it doesn't even have any relationship anymore. Honestly it was relevant to the "lightning cultivation" theme for like the first 100 maybe 200 chapters then it becomes irrelevant. So If you want to pick this up because you like an MC with cool lightning powers this is not the right book.

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Rreelentless rated it
May 5, 2016
Status: --
Review as of chapter 18:

I am quite enjoying this series. Its very good to read for me due to how well written it is, the author spends just the right amount of time describing things and events have flowed in a pretty standard direction that while nothing new is nice to read this author do.

The cheat artefact in this case is a bead, in this series everyone at the first stage they fuse with an artefact and the MC fused with the pearl left for him, its a very good... more>> artefact that breaks down items down to their raw materials without any impurities using some soil and releases the energy making the space contain more energy making it better to train in, it can also be increased in size slowly through absorbing other storage devices.

All in all a nice read that is good and something I'm eagerly waiting for the next chapter <<less
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Autumnides rated it
January 11, 2017
Status: c380
Interesting at first but you can already notice some issues the story had in the beginning that will become increasingly worse later on in the story.

The world building is truly lacking in this story, not much details on the world and the places around.

Action is also very plain, the mc's main offensive skill is producing one time use lightning balls to throw at the enemies. Aside from that he doesn't really have any other attack skills. Later on he mostly just use his boat to attack enemies.

Also it seems like... more>> the author made the IQ of the MC drop down significantly later just to make him escalate in s*upid bad situations.

And it looks like the author got scared off being pulled off because into around chapter 300 or so suddenly there were no more s*x stuff described. <<less
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Fathom rated it
October 19, 2016
Status: c66
A bit slow to build up, but quite interesting. The one thing that sets this story different from the typical xianxia story where the MC finds some OP item, is that this is the first time I've ever seen an OP item that is basically a garbage recycling plant. It's basically a recycling fertilizing refuse dimension that can recycle any immortal item from tr*sh and half used talismans, storage items, and weapons. Reminds me of people who keep a box of fertilizing soil with worms under their desk. Throwing... more>> tr*sh to break down and become fertilizer in the soil. His dimension is basically fertilizing soil that can decompose anything. Very unique.

The MC is interesting in that he's originally chubby and a bit vengeful, however, he's honest to his ideals and manipulative in a comedic way. As for him being fat, he's originally chubby. However, his physique later becomes ultra buff, to such a degree that when he wear's his robes. But because of the shapeless clothes, he still looks really fat. I do like the comedy in the story especially when he becomes a walking calamity in the mortal world. Very amusing. <<less
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BlackHat88 rated it
June 25, 2016
Status: c35
It's good to pass time while waiting for the good stuff to come out, nothing more nothing less. It makes me laugh when some people compare that cheap story to ISSTH lol. I enjoy reading it for now but it's the kind of story with a ticking bomb sticking on it and you'll probably quickly drop it. MC has an interesting and novative power but basically he's a c*cky jerk. Story wise, it's the basic stuff, you'd read in most cheap wuxia nowadays. So, when the interesting power won't interest... more>> me enough to compensate for the MC's behavior, I'll drop this. <<less
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kurokuma rated it
January 16, 2018
Status: c289
Ok there are a lot of people bad mouthing this story. I can understand why. The MC is a lazy, lecherous, petty, cowardly, greedy and c*cky little sh*t who should just be stepped on by a real MC.

And that's exactly who he is supposed to be!

CLC is basically a xianxia story with a average MC who gets a quick and easy way to power and completely lets it go to his head. Fortunately or unfortunately he is just cunning enough to listen to the smarter/more experienced people around him... more>> and use his cheats to get himself out of the bad situations he gets himself into.

In other words this is a story about a petty villain protagonist set in a world full of petty villains. <<less
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Vudoodude rated it
July 23, 2016
Status: c40
It's a decent series that doesn't go into the nitty-gritty details of training, nor is the battle anything glamorous or overly complicated (no DBZing), but it doesn't stand out with anything overly epic either. I'd say it's a good casual series to read when one remembers about it, not a series that one would follow day-by-day, or hour-by-hour for a new chapter to come out.
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ptbptb rated it
September 23, 2017
Status: v1c17
This started off as an OK story, if pretty typical. But it became increasingly clear that the protagonist is just as much scum as any of the people who had been bullying him. If his enemy is a woman, he will cheerfully beat up, drug and r*pe her. Also, as pointed out by other reviewers, his source of success is solely his overpowered cheat item and the huge amounts of money it creates.
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
May 16, 2019
Status: c289
The novel is dropped at chapter 289!

Now, for the actual review. First of all, it's important to know that Chaotic Lightning Cultivation is an adult novel. This includes, but isn't limited to NSFW content.

On to more important points. The protagonist in this is indeed ruthless... but unlike what the cast says he's not crafty or sly at all. In fact, he's naive, and extremely easy to manipulate. Especially if you're a women - in which case he's likely to revere everything the 'girl' says as a gospel, and then... more>> go onto do something s*upid. As this novel is also a harem many of the relationships are also extremely awkward and forced. Few examples are the the harem members I call 'Oracle girl', 'sect-master daughter girl'. Their names are unimportant, as they exist to demean, and take advantage of the protagonist. Since yes. he's indeed an idiot.

Would I recommend the novel? It's...a new experience let's just call it that, way different from the rest of the genre. I liked it for that reason... but it's so cringe-inducing at times at how pathetic it all is.

It's amusing story, read it if you don't have anything else to read. <<less
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mastertbanks rated it
September 12, 2017
Status: c266
Before when I frist picked this book up I critisied it a bit, say the MC is weak guy that just got lucky with no strong personality but as the book grows so does this MC, I think that what makes him special his not just a person that got a overpower and think he can rule the world with no sense of coution and no network of strong support the book did not make another super strong super hero but a super strong human with alot of weakness but... more>> knows his strenght and takes full advantages of it not too wise it becomes unreal it simply a lovely master piece <<less
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Tarlos rated it
December 18, 2017
Status: --
Very unenjoyable read:

    • writing style is dull
    • fights and faceslapping scenes are unsatisfying. Author has no idea how to write a good buildup
    • harem girls are boring and relationship progression just happens out of the blue
    • MC gets repeated screwed by a unreasonable girl who tries to kill him and harm his close friends
    • some fan disservice: some dudes see his harem girls naked, and another scene where a harem girl gets stripped. The harem girl I mentioned earlier hates the MC and keeps on trying to make him wear the green hat

Reading this novel is like having an itch that never gets scratched. Would not recommend. Man I rather read PMG than this

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Renjisea rated it
June 2, 2017
Status: c226
A very young and lucky MC with lots of treasures. He is doing whatever he wants.

Has bad clichés. But Story flow is interesting and enjoyable.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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