Cataclysmic Transformation


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One hundred thousand years ago, the once influential Church of Calamity was destroyed. Since then, necromancy had been lost to the ages.

One hundred thousand years later, a poor street urchin living in a mountain village, Roan, who dreams of becoming a great wizard, by some twist of fate, finds a seemingly ordinary ring. Coincidentally, this ring happened to hold a spirit that was one hundred thousand years old.

In a continent where magical combat runs wild, the mysterious, terrifying and powerful magic of necromancy returns. What kind of waves will it cause?

Now a necromancer, Roan chases the truth behind necromancy’s disappearance one hundred thousand years ago.

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05/07/17 Read Me Translations c2
05/06/17 Read Me Translations c1
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Yoburi rated it
August 18, 2017
Status: --
This is very good a pity nobody is translating because we got a world of magic and sword, our MC is just a poor begear that dreams to learn magic unfortunatley when his dream becauses true the person he cares the most die and he is being hunted like a animal by the same people that took everything from him.

This novel feels a little like Colling Dragon and nvm the picture on the cover it turn me off a little at the start but it have nothing to do with... more>> the novel. <<less
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Horoscope rated it
June 21, 2017
Status: c2
The setup so far is astronomically good. Normally you would think that stories where main character relies on finding an 'Excalibur' that they get their 'unique edge' from are cut and paste, and have no room for true character development. How does this author solve this problem? Heaps and HEAPS of character development. The world building was smooth, fluid, and detailed. The story starts off with an alternate universe Noah and the Ark story that gives some background on the world they currently live in, which is well crafted. The... more>> author then gives the main character the chance to learn magic like he desires and sets him of on his journey, NOT. Its straight up a dream. This tells me that the author has his own way of setting off the story that is so wild and unforeseen that it blows the standard cliche of suddenly getting magic out of the water. I want to see it so badly. I really hope this gets translated.

Edit chapter 3

While I am hyped that the story is being translated, there are so many errors in it I cant even read it (June 12th). I refuse to read this story until it gets sorted out (seriously translation goes from a 5 to a 1). <<less
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cyndor rated it
June 29, 2018
Status: --
Definitely overrated.

I don't even need to make this a long review, the best way to describe this WN is as common. Oh, and apparently the author really liked the "arrow to the knee" meme.
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ASAP rated it
April 24, 2019
Status: c917
Finally finished the novel. Yes, I read the Chinese version.

The novel has a weird theme of overpowered antihero. The protagonist studies magic from the evil side and he fights against the supposedly good guys, but he has good moral standards. He is op, but not over the top. The author constantly tries to balance out his power spike, by introducing stronger enemies, but the protagonist just keeps getting stronger. Also, there are too many coincidences, and luck plays a huge role in the plot.

The only thing that really frustrates me... more>> is how the novel ends. There is supposed to be a huge battle between the good and evil alliances, but you don't even get to see the end of the battle. All it has is a nightmare where a really strong opponent pops up and scares the protagonist. It is just rushed. <<less
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