Can I Not Marry


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In the past when someone mentioned getting married, Du Lei Si (Durex) would feel fearful enough to flee.

What is so good about getting married? Organizing a wedding ceremony is akin to spending money like running water. After giving birth, you must also raise the child. If you don’t maintain yourself well, you will get out of shape.

As a result, maybe a vixen will grab your husband and take your baby away.

Not getting married! Definitely not getting married!

However, fate is like this. Whatever you are afraid of, unfortunately, it will be given to you.

I was walking on the street, minding my own business, yet, impossibly, I encountered a stranger proposing marriage. He placed a dazzling diamond ring right in front of me. This handsome guy knelt down on one leg and looked at me with such a sincere expression: “Miss, would you please marry me?”

This, isn’t this like some drama?

After pondering over it, I decided that this surely must be a stunt from some television station’s new program. Invite a celebrity to pretend to be a passer-by who proposes marriage. This year, with the economic crisis, being a producer is not easy.

Thus, out of kindness, I accepted the diamond ring. Only to find out that all of this was actually real! The diamond ring is really and truly a genuine diamond from South Africa. Moreover, the groom is also a genuine rich man!

Actually, wasn’t this just like the legend of marrying into a rich and powerful family? I always feel that in front there is the belly black President who is like a ruthless wolf watching me attentively, and if I am not careful, he will tear me apart and swallow me into his belly. Whereas behind there is the crowd who do not know the truth, standing in a circle and watching as the drama unfolds. I still have not explained clearly but Mrs. President’s fame has already spread quickly from mouth to mouth.

This time, Du Lei Si really feels regret.

Who can tell me, can I not marry ah?

Associated Names
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Days of Cohabitation with the President
Ke Bu Ke Yi Bu Jia Ren
可不可以不嫁人 (和总裁同居的日子)
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New hanma9068 rated it
February 20, 2020
Status: Completed
Originally, I'm going for 3-4 star, but gonna rate 5 star instead since the total rating are just too low lol

The story is not the best but also not the worst. The plot is cliche, low IQ MC ft overbearing CEO. There are also many points in the story that should be elaborate such as

... more>>

Why did ML choose MC? Is it really pure coincidence? The thing with Xiao Yin also ended abruptly. Also the thing with the father-in-law. I wonder how it really ends.


But as someone mention before, if you just read the story leisurely, these points aren't that important.

But I must say, the most exciting chapters are the few last chapters including the side stories/epilogue. It shows the maturity of the couple, their struggles & misunderstanding and its conclusion. It is heartwarming. Tbh that's the actual gem for this story imo 😂

The translations are sometimes confusing but overall good. <<less
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fltstrt rated it
March 6, 2019
Status: c44
Story: 4/5

The premise isn't anything new but the stand out thing about this story is the dry humour. This story doesn't take itself seriously so you shouldn't too!

This brand of humour may not be for everyone, but I love it. I feel that the author and I can get along well if we know each other irl hah. To get the premise out of the way, gullible naive FL was tricked by ML and wedded to him in lightning speed fashion within the first few chapters.

Now on to the fun... more>> part, with her name being Du Lei Si (Durex), it's obvious the FL is about as classy as her name is. Whereas the ML being the more 'outstanding' species of the two always gets the upper hand. The nature of their relationship is akin to a lamb being served up to the wolf. The story is largely presented through the eyes of the FL as she hilariously tries to adapt to high society and her marriage life, frequently seeking advice from Baidu (China's Google).

Some might feel that the couple's relationship went from 0 to 100 abruptly. That may be so for a marriage of convenience like theirs, however do bear in mind we are reading from FL's POV and she is pretty ditzy and very slow to pick up on ML's infatuation for her. The last 1/3 of the story is exceptionally sweet! The ML dotes on the FL a lot!

Trans: 3/5

Quite a number of Chinese idoms and phrases were translated in a very literal manner without explanations. I'm Chinese so I am able to understand them. However non-mandarin speaking friends may be slightly confused, though it won't affect the overall comprehension of the story.


一肚子气 was tl as 'belly of gas' (c30)

haha, it actually indicates anger. Unfortunately the original trans were taken down by the translator. I read the story hosted on another site. <<less
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dysry rated it
April 18, 2016
Status: --
This story doesn’t exactly have the best start, since the whole marriage contract scenario was very forced, however it improves a few chapters in. The setup is very typical – naive and somewhat slow female lead forced to interact with a high spec male lead due to various circumstances as they fall for each other. Neither of the characters are particularly outstanding or distinctive (the most interesting thing about the female lead is her name... but that gets old fast and that she’s at the receiving end of the male... more>> lead’s jokes and snarks), while their relationship progress is standard.

However the story is quite good at balancing sweet and funny moments, which is really all that’s expected. While there is nothing too bad nor does it contain any glaring weaknesses (aside from the very start) and the overall feeling is quite light and cute. It’s good for a casual read and a few laughs, without too much drama. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Caier rated it
December 19, 2019
Status: c20
Had to drop it. This is the 3rd novel that I pick up just this week that has the same type of FL and I'm sorry but I can't really like them, did finish the first 2 but a 3rd is just too much for me. Some people call the FLs gullible, naive, pure, simple... but let's all agree, they are just idiots, really really dumb, most of the time it's like they were born without brains, at least in anything to do with the interactions with the MLs.

Hope everyone... more>> that has an interest can have a good read, really enjoy it, it does have fluff and pampering, it's just not for me, cause one thing is being naive, that's cute, but it has limits, even more so for dumbness. <<less
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tiffyisland rated it
December 16, 2015
Status: --
It's a fun and light read. I finished the novel so I know it's definitely worth reading. Recommend ^^
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nelhiro rated it
December 21, 2017
Status: side story 3
If I could describe the novel in one word that is: fun. From beginning to end everything is fun, I love the novel although it has a few plot holes, they are passable, nothing changes leaving them aside
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sae rated it
October 20, 2016
Status: Completed
After reading several Chinese novels that have romance in them, I understand that perfect, domineering male lead who is occasionally doting + female lead who is easily short-circuited by whatever the male lead does to them (a smile, a whisper, a blow to the ear, and in our MC's case, a simple stare or a kiss), is one of the trends. However, seeing MC who has a strong, interesting personality, being led around by the nose (with the exception of few rare moments) and slowly submits herself to 'capitalism' is... more>> simply unpleasant. Even she herself is aware of it. Also, the ambiguous feeling that hangs between the two leads drags on the romance. It can be very vexing if you hate seeing the lead characters dancing around the bush and don't know what they want or how to express their feelings straight out, especially MC. For me it's a rather unbelievable for a 26-year-old woman with romantic experience to act the way she does.

There are also a few loose ends and forced development. Nonetheless, there is this humor in both the story and in the female lead's personality that can even make a joke out of serious things, giving the story a funny, light-hearted vibe. She is also unique in thoughts and actions, it's hard not to like how she reacts to situations. It's overall an okay read. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tully rated it
August 7, 2016
Status: --
I'm the kind of person who drops a novel even if a small element feels wrong. I have rated this novel 5 because no matter how many times I've put it back because I got bored and almost dropped it, it revived my interest once again which is a very rare occurrence. For one I like the consistency of this novel, the personality of the characters are consistent till the end--yes even the male lead. I knew from the very beginning that he had a fishy personality. The female lead... more>> is a simpleton but amazingly I actually like her. Her airheadedness is likeable and not annoying like other characters (maybe because this is a Chinese novel (??)). I really found her funny and the male lead is not an arrogant prick that you would wonder why the girl falls for him. Not to mention the romantic and 'teasing' scenes really came across well---I felt the romantic tingles. I suffered from a lot of second-hand embarrassment from this novel. Ah Dudu really.

Somehow they are like a jig saw puzzle that fits perfectly together. I commend the author and translator for this novel. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
xuexin rated it
November 16, 2019
Status: Completed
I honestly thought this novel had the same author as "Wipe Clean After Eating" because it has an almost exact theme, almost the same characters [how they act, how they are treated, etc] and almost the same plot and sequence of events. However, between the two, this is a better story. I still don't like the ML in both. I still think in both stories the ML is a pos, except in this novel, he was... until literally the last chapter. Tbh not going to lie, was hoping for an... more>> ending where they didn't end up together. Would have been a better plot.

Although tbh both novels are not something I'd recommend. ML is WAY too overbearing and controlling. It's the reason why there's no character development until the last 5 chapters. I'm baffled how some people call it "cute" when it's... really not cute in real life. It's abusive. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Suranchan rated it
October 7, 2019
Status: c43
So sweet and fluffy.

The girl's a bit too insecure and naive though but it's fine...

Also, I just wish the girl would stop saying "No... no..." During XXOO

(goes for most C-novel).

Still a 5/5 because of the comedy, LOL moments.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LW5577 rated it
October 4, 2019
Status: Completed
Nice to read but I really cannot stand MC. Already have husband but let other guy hug and kiss and made herself look so cheap. Ending when at disco one guy want to invite her to dance she so desperately want to accept made me totally fed up with this MC.

Honestly she don’t deserve ML devotion. Sometimes I wonder what inside her brain because she can act to brainless until I confuse this type of people really existed.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nia_K rated it
April 18, 2018
Status: side story 3
I will rate this a 3 mostly because it has made me laugh out loud a couple of times and their relationship gets sweet, but I think the MC was too... childish the whole time for 65+ chapters it seems like she couldn't learn from experiences or from others. I get it that it's for comedy so that's why I just let it be, but there really isn't any growth in the characters...
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Arnissan rated it
July 11, 2016
Status: side story 3
Many of the themes aren't concluded at all and are left hanging in the air. But it was a pleasant read nonetheless because I was in the mood for something lighthearted.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dream Seeker rated it
May 20, 2016
Status: c20
I can't say that personally like the series enough to continue, but it's well written story that capture some of aspects of falling in love while being married. Unfortunately, the character personality traits while being multidimensional are almost stock characters. The formula for this story is equivalent a Cinderella story about what happens after marriage.

So we have the typical love story with the stoic and aggressive (okay... usually they are charming or gentle) male lead with low social experience, and skill that is lured into finding a partner... more>> for marriage who happens to be poor foolish not naive female character.

It's well written story about bitter and somewhat sweet aspects of love. The story wasn't boring at all... but got boring after while with overused character personality traits without anything quirks or something to make them special. Which is sad sad because there was some excellent character development and interactions going on between the two. So I guess it gets only 2 on personal level and 4 for if I hadn't read ever other love story feeling just like this one. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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