Can Even a Mob Highschooler Like Me be a Normie if I Become an Adventurer?


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In the parallel world of Japan, a labyrinth has appeared and monsters have sprung up. The labyrinths, which at first were nothing more than a new disaster, have been transformed into a stage for getting rich quick thanks to the valuable resources they produce and the ‘cards’ that the monsters drop.

Monster cards that can summon monsters at will, adventurers who conquer the labyrinth with the power of the cards, dungeon TV that broadcasts their adventures, and a coliseum where monsters fight each other….. These activities have excited people’s enthusiasm, and adventurers have become a coveted profession.

Utamaro Kitagawa, a high school student who is a mob character, sees his friend, who was also a mob character, rise to the top of the class caste as soon as he becomes an adventurer, and decides to become an adventurer himself.

Utamaro pulls out a million-yen pack to get a rare card that he can show off to everyone, but the Zashiki-warashi he gets is completely unattractive…?

This work has also been published in “Shosetsu-kaerou” (Let’s become a novelist).

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Mob Kousei No Ore Demo Boukensha Ni Nareba Riajuu Ni Naremasuka?
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New GodTurtleOm rated it
July 17, 2024
Status: c178
This series feels very influenced by Shin Megami Tensei/Persona/Devil Survivor. Major Spoiler for later acts.

Especially when you include the apocalyptic aspects from SMT/DS.


I think there's probably a fair bit of additional research on mythology by the author, and a good deal of additional world building that sets it apart from most of the "dungeons in the real world" stories on here. The side characters also have a bit more personality and development than in typical WNs. Romance spoiler:


I do really wish MC and Renge (the zashiki warashi) would just get together already. After her rank up, I think she can alter her physical age at will, and MC is basically the same at this point. They could even have a child if they wanted.

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Tora21 rated it
July 23, 2023
Status: c6
I read the raw WN at Kakuyomu until the latest chapter. It was surprisingly good.

The world building is decent. The romance is there, but it isn't a main point. If I have a grievance with this story that would be the thick explainable plot armor.

... more>>

Zashiki Warashi, the MC's partner, can manipulate fate to some extent because she's a 'cursed card'. So even the MC's luck on his first gacha was explained by the card making it so that the most suitable person will stumble upon it. Good luck is always followed by bad luck though, as the MC was caught fighting againts a secret boss in his first dungeon.


What I love about the story is the irregular monsters:


They are unique monsters based on children stories. All of them are dark soul boss level and can appear randomly at any dungeon lowest floor (Though their spec got nerved depending on the dungeon level).

During the Angolmois (Dungeon Disaster) 20 years ago, these monsters wrecked absolute havoc upon the world.

Pied Piper kidnapped children all over Europe and give them the Fate Zero Gilles treatment.

Urashima Tarou rapidly aged a whole nation and left them to die.

Little March Girl trapped a huge part of India inside her illusion.

Frog Prince caused his victim to experience being dissected like a frog.


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thatmanthatthat rated it
October 10, 2023
Status: c31
I've read a ton of modern day dungeon crawling novels in the past year but this is by far the best. The MC is your typical japanese MC but rather than being a timid and passive this guys has a clear goal in mind. From the begging he really wanted to be a normie and get together with the girl he likes so what did he do? He work his ass to to earn 1 million yen to purchase his cards. When he did get his cards despite them having... more>> troublesome personality quirks he didn't give up and thoroughly train them and treat them as equals. I also like how he overcomes his weakness by using clever strategies using the unique personality and skill of his cards. But he's not a godlike being with zero weaknesses

in the raws he fell to a trap and got 3 of his main cards killed, in the later volumes he got several people killed when he tried to use a drop item he keep on using which is actually a set up by the villain

He is also thrown into situations where people push him around to do their bidding and take responsibility as he ranks up as an adventurer. Now that I think about it and Adventurer in this series are more akin to government sanctioned military personnel as they are often called upon during emergencies regarding dungeons.

One of my favorite things about this series are the cards and the enemies. Lets talk about the cards first, the cards are monsters that came from the dungeon that turns into a card after being defeated but not all defeated monsters turns into a card. These cards all have different personalities and gender and these affect their skills they also have race specific skills that are consistent to all of the cards of the same species and depending on which country you caught your Monster their strength and skill will also vary. Example of this are the Cú Sith if you caught it from his country of origin it will have unique skills are a lot stronger than let's say Cú Sith caught in Japan there is also regional variants and name difference in different countries example would be a in Japan Kisshouten would be a Lakshimi if you caught it in a dungeon in India. And depending on how you raise and treat your card these Unique skills will manifest but a skill could also manifest between to monsters in your team when they develop a bond and interact with one another. This gives everyone in this world the same fighting potential but depending on the cards personality and how you raise them is where you can differentiate skilled adventurers from amateurs. This reminds me of Pokémon anime so much Utamaro is basically Ash Ketchum in terms of fighting style and how they raise their mons but instead of team rocket as his enemies and becoming a Pokémon Master as his goal Utamaro has Taxes, Society, Cult and the Responsibility as a pro adventurer as his enemies while his goal is to get a girlfriend with humongous tits.

Now let's talk about the enemies, as of now there is no clear main bad guy of the story the main goal of the different countries is to destroy all of the dungeons to prevent the Angolmois a phenomenon in which the dungeons all over the world starts to overflow and monsters will flood the world. And during the Angolmois the attack would be lead by a Unique Monster. A Unique Monster are monsters based on legends and stories what's cool is that these monsters powers and skills is derived from their legends. A Unique Monster can also appear in the dungeon but depending on what the rank of the dungeon they appear in their power is adjusted but during the Angolmois these restrictions are lifted and they release their full power. When defeated Unique Monsters drop rare items that are really useful.

There are currently 6 volumes available on Kakuyomu and the 7th volume is about to be finished my only complain about this series is they didn't expand upon the competitive sport aspect of the adventurer fights like Pokémon do. Maybe because the MC is more of a PvE guy and values his cards too much. Also there are weird sh*t like

One of the main characters got gender bent and would probably be one of his love interest so yeah


Overall I like the series hope the TL keep it up it's hard reading japanese. <<less
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Nurahahaha rated it
June 15, 2024
Status: c34
So far so good. I read the manga first, so I can see how the monsters look like. And they're looking really slick! Even the ugly monster are looking good. So when I read the novel, I can just easily imagine how they will look even if I never saw the newer monsters.

Also, Renge/Renka really looks like that one vtuber whose name starts with K and ends with ronii. As her fan, I kinda just immediately love Renka too, lol 😭

Anyway, for the serious stuff, it got pretty solid world-building.... more>> The fights are like SMT-style fight, with summoned monster and all that. They have racial skills and acquired skills like that in SMT, too. But, they evolve like digimon, instead of fusion like SMT, when they're fed with another monster card.

For main character, MC is realistically childish, like a normal high-school boy. There are times when he's shown to have higher mental strength than normal person, though. I wonder if it was because of the Zashiki-Warashi (Renka), or if it was his innate talent. He has competitive spirit, friendliness towards his summons, and persistence to chase his goals. He's the classic-type of MC for this kinda stories. You know, like Ash Ketchum, Yugi Muto, Tai, Ban Yamano, etc. Not exactly the same as them, just similar type.

As for other characters, I can only comment on his monster harem members, which are really fun to read. Personality-wise, I personally love that the author decided to make Mea/Mare a gyaru Imp/Empusa, and Renka a tsundere Zashiki-Warashi. I can easily imagine how the dandere Yuuki (Cu Sith) would act, and also loving that Eliza basically has no sentience at all at first, but grew into a kuudere. Very cliché, but I guess it's called cliché because it just works. (I only mentioned the manga monster girls harem here)

There's not much else to comment on. If there's a negative about it, then, it's just that it has so much cliché in it. So, cliché haters are probably going to rate the novel with 1 star.

Solid 4/5. Actually 4.2/5, but there's no one-fifth star. <<less
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