Can Even a Mob Highschooler Like Me be a Normie if I Become an Adventurer?


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In the parallel world of Japan, a labyrinth has appeared and monsters have sprung up. The labyrinths, which at first were nothing more than a new disaster, have been transformed into a stage for getting rich quick thanks to the valuable resources they produce and the ‘cards’ that the monsters drop.

Monster cards that can summon monsters at will, adventurers who conquer the labyrinth with the power of the cards, dungeon TV that broadcasts their adventures, and a coliseum where monsters fight each other….. These activities have excited people’s enthusiasm, and adventurers have become a coveted profession.

Utamaro Kitagawa, a high school student who is a mob character, sees his friend, who was also a mob character, rise to the top of the class caste as soon as he becomes an adventurer, and decides to become an adventurer himself.

Utamaro pulls out a million-yen pack to get a rare card that he can show off to everyone, but the Zashiki-warashi he gets is completely unattractive…?

This work has also been published in “Shosetsu-kaerou” (Let’s become a novelist).

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Mob Kousei No Ore Demo Boukensha Ni Nareba Riajuu Ni Naremasuka?
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