Heroic Exploration Tale Starting from Mob


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April 2028, I’m still in the dungeon today.

Kaito Takagi dives into the dungeon every day instead of doing a part-time job.

Mob character Kaito is an explorer who hunts slime every day and could only earn a meager amount of pocket money.

The others calls me a slime slayer (LV3).

In the past, I tried to hunt goblin and I escaped for my dear life.

A golden slime that I had never seen since I became a Slime Slayer (LV3) appeared, and when I kill it, a rare item called a servant card was left behind.

It is a dungeon exploration tale of a poor mob character … maybe.

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Mob kara Hajimaru Tansaku Eiyuutan
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DeamonReaver rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: c40
Writing : good

World building: typical

MC : s*upid, but he's 17 so he is written realistically

Pretty typical to the genre. I kind of enjoy the fact that the MC is given the equivalent of a gun at the beginning, and proceeds to use it as a club.

Wish someone pick this back up.
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xEternalSoul rated it
December 24, 2023
Status: c182
People talking crap about the MC failed to realize he is meant to be a mob character to begin with, meaning he has low self-esteem. They expect him to step up and make smart or heroic decisions when that is not what his character is about. His financial decisions also seem really limited since there is some unknown factor affecting his drop luck. It's a decent novel especially since his party members aren't all falling for him like a typical rom-com harem.

Translation quality is good but honestly kind of infuriating... more>> to read because the translator can't keep their opinions to themselves or at least at the end of the translation. Not trying to be ungrateful but it is really annoying and kills the vibe when the translator insults the MC almost every chapter and right in the middle of the chapter. Imagine reading a story and suddenly the translator cuts in with their own note saying MC is dumb as hell and this happens nearly every chapter. Again, this is a decent novel but not something super fantastic to read. With the flow of the story being interrupted repeatedly from the translator notes, it indirectly brings down the quality of reading.

Conclusion: If you are expecting a 'cool' MC then this story isn't for you. It's more of a casual dungeon story. And if you are the kind that values story immersion then the current translation isn't for you either. <<less
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Pisteuo rated it
November 6, 2020
Status: c2
Good novel to read to pass the time, translator is doing a great job. Grammar and releases are pretty consistent. Just writing this review to hopefully help this series get a kick off. The MC is kinda odd but I like the flow of this novel so far, heading towards a good direction :)
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partik rated it
December 3, 2023
Status: ---
It is that kind of a novel, that you read when you are free and have nothing better to read, I know many of are gonna say that it has the same plot as every other modern fantasy, but it's just feels a little different, because it has this comedic Vibes, I have also read manga the action is good.

I won't say it's the best novel in out there but it's like your daily food nothing special but we can eat when we have nothing else to do and just... more>> want to pass the time. <<less
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ziethe rated it
October 18, 2023
Status: c888
Pretty much up to date with the novel, pretty exciting moments but sometimes stagnant parts, pretty nice developments and charachter growth, MC has too much in his hands and seems quite hard to balance his life but ganbare MC!!!
(I wish his party members weren't that s*upid sometimes and himself too xD)
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Naotaka Kohinata
Naotaka Kohinata rated it
November 13, 2021
Status: c630
Currently on chapter 630 over the available 778 chapters in the raw version.

My thoughts in the tags

... more>>

First of all this is not really that kind of harem and there is only one girl the MC is interested in. Even tho his party are all girls (+1 shota), they already know that the MC only wants the FMC and they themselves do not look at the MC as a love interest of a sort, but kinda like a comrade and leader kind figure


My thoughts in the story


The story is kinda slow paced and the chapters are extremely short that on chapter 630 MC highest floor is the 17th floor boss area. Someone already said that the MC is kinda st*pid and naive but that is only because the author tried to make it like how would a highshool student acts when the fighting the danger of the dungeon that is fine and the MC continues to trial and error every set back slowly so I don't have any qualms on it. Mediocre story and MC has somewhat extremely good luck (yep the classic WN route) but that only happens in the early chapters around c400 he stopped gaining any s*upid powerup and just tries to continue on what he currently has. Kinda boring if just that but occasionally there are a diabetic moments he have with the FMC that makes me continue reading this. So in conclusion it is not the best WN but a good break reader if you are tired with the novel you are currently reading.

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oFallo rated it
December 5, 2023
Status: c142
I begin to read novel after couple of manga chapters but I'm disappointed. The novel pretty good at the 50 60 chapters. After that the progress is stall and the goal of the author is to fill enough words. There's romance tag but the story have nothing of that, this is not a dense MC but the author just don't want the relationship to progress. It's not really worth to kill time with this.
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bigstew rated it
November 6, 2023
Status: --
agreed with naotaka, good overall wn for a change of pace with MC and harem party and fMC, for a modern dungeon genre its entertaining enough and not an overused utube become popular setup to thats a plus,

... more>>

the worst part of this novel is the long drawn out writing of a girl from the party gets sick, MC talks about diving with other party members to look for drop, 300+chpts later with party more powered up finally gets drop, helps girl, drags on longer till return of said girl to party...u get why reading along its frustrating how the author dragged things along when said party was setup to explore/pwer up together..

, if u ok with usuall slow time line build up world wise, its a decent modern dungeon genre read <<less
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October 24, 2023
Status: --
This is a slice of life dungeon crawling story for the most part. Where the MC is pretty weak but for some reason keeps finding super rare cards that let's him summon harem members, I mean female servants to fight for him. Each chapter is very short and for the most part it mostly focuses on the dungeon dive or home the MC is seemingly living his ordinary life as a high school student, though for the most part he appears to be super dense/dumb and a total pushover. He... more>> also while being weak has weird standards like his first summon is a super powerful valkyrie but because she looks like a loli he hesitates to let her fight on the front line since she looks so cute and it would be uncool to let her fight on the front line. So instead he does it.

However the setting is a bit weird in that there isn't any stats ouside of hp + mp but there is a battle point rank or BP which basically is an average of a person power in battle which automatically increases with lvls, though it's hinted at that it's also based on a persons original strength. But basically if the MC as an average human normally would have 5 BP because he is lvl 3 his BP is now 10 so while inside the dungeon his strength is raised from his natural BP of 5 to 10 thus becoming stronger in the dungeon. His first servant on the other hand has a 170 BP at lvl 1 but again because he's a man + it would be uncool the MC fights on the frontline with less then 1/20th of his servants BP. Still since it's mostly a slice of life type of story and he's the MC nothing ever really happens outside of me for instance wondering how many times he'd have died in reality just cause of his principles. Not saying he shouldn't fight or be on he frontline but telling his servant to step back or stay out of fights and nearly dying just cause of dumb reasons like it's uncool for her to fight or such, though it doesn't happen much in the WN. <<less
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DrMonotone rated it
October 6, 2023
Status: c72
Overall its definitely not bad, there is a ton of character growth for the MC. He is definitely on the naive / dense side but its not enough to make you want to stop reading, its more of a continual gag every now and then kind of thing. There is quite a bit of combat in the later chapters, but the way its written makes it feel like a slice of life dungeon adventure with the MC growing his confidence and fighting skills while also picking up card babes along... more>> the way. <<less
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Enferlain rated it
January 12, 2023
Status: c111
Poopoo MC and tr*shy side characters. Good premise but nothing really happens.

There is school life and a split adventurer life with cute servants and annoying group members. I guess all 3 will cross eventually but I'm not interested after seeing how f*cking annoying the group members are.

Sometimes less is more, and a lot of writers could learn what that means.
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l2aYz rated it
September 18, 2021
Status: --
I'm on around chapter 300 at the moment.

The novel is pretty much mediocre. Cookie cutter MC. Rather cheat skill in Isekai but cheat luck drop instead (You will saw this pattern lot in a VR-MMORPG novel)

-Wow suddenly MC got an extremely rare servant that you could sell for a billion from a f*cking slime.

... more>> -Wow MC got another rare servant.

-Wow MC got another rare item.

This novel is posted daily in raw and because of that pacing is extremely slow (each ch also short.) The author has to post it daily to keep a reader attention but again You got a boring plot instead. Even You read only the chapter title you still grasp the overall story.

Summary of each chapter is MC kill this > MC kill that > Ohhh MC got some new trick > okay I have more skill to use > loop

Worldbuilding is copy-paste from other fantasy, games, novels. So far. Zero unique. MC has no personality as well He is just a boring person.

But what was worst about this novel is romance development. At first, MC is crushing on his classmate So, he plans to confess to her once he can dive into the 3rd floor but now 10th floor MC still has not confessed. The crush is pretty much loved MC as well but MC is dense as a brick. They go shopping together, date on Matsuki together and MC be liked "We ArE JusT A cLASsmate". Even Jesus can't save this guy.

I don't know about the Light novel version but for WN This novel needs a hella edit. <<less
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