I Refuse to Try to Max Out Any Stat So I’ll Just Start Finding My Own Way Around! A Healer That Doesn’t Specialize in Anything, Separates From His Friends, and Goes on His Own Journey


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Many people suddenly find themselves in a white, empty space, where a God-like figure tells them that they are to be reincarnated and sent to an isekai known as Tesla. They are given a limited number of points to spend in various attributes, such as their race and abilities, which will determine their reincarnation into Tesla. The story follows a young boy sent there along with his clanmates from an MMORPG, and they plan to stick together and specialize into different skills, just like they did in-game. Although his clanmates and everyone else sent there are strangely accepting of the situation, he finds it too suspicious and decides to go his own separate way, balancing his points out to be an all-rounder instead of a healer. He leisurely goes about life in Tesla as an adventurer, but it slowly starts to seem like there was a reason behind them being sent there…

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Gokufuri Kyohi Shite Tesaguri Start! Tokka Shinai Healer, Nakama to Wakarete Tabi ni Deru
極振り拒否して手探りスタート! 特化しないヒーラー、仲間と別れて旅に出る
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twdavis78 rated it
March 22, 2021
Status: c180
While interesting enough at the beginning to have me machine translate all the way up to 180, this web novel falls apart and evolves into something boring. Basically, the story is about a character Rook whom develops no lasting relationships as he grinds experience moving from place to place. He has no companions. His closest relationship is with a fairy where his interactions are restricted to a few minutes in world time due to the length of his summoning period. All other relationships are superficial NPC characters at best that... more>> are severed as he leaves town. <<less
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