Buy a Daddy to Baby My Mommy


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Have you ever seen someone buy a daddy for himself?

One day, a little boy named Fu Xing comes across a stranger, Han Siqi, and insists on buying the man to be his daddy. Besides, he is ready to give his mommy to the man for free! How ridiculous!

Fu Zhengzheng, Fu Xing’s mother, is a policewoman who is going to work undercover at Weihan Group. Her real aim is to investigate a drug trafficking case in this well-known company in B city.

The first day Fu Zhengzheng goes to Weihan Group, she is surprised to find that her new boss is Han Siqi, the man Fu Xing has bought to be his daddy! More surprisingly, Han Siqi looks the same as Nian Xi, Fu Xing’s blood father! She loves Nian Xi deeply but has lost track of him for many years.

Is Han Siqi really the man she has always been looking for? How will Han Siqi respond to the son and wife that suddenly appear in his life? Will he accept them? Is Han Siqi involved in the drug trafficking case?

To search for the answers, please keep reading the novel, which will definitely tell you a wonderful and surprising story.

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Anixancy rated it
July 16, 2019
Status: c45
First, I will say that I actually like the story enough to keep on reading. But I have SUCH a big issue with the ML, Han Siqi.

I truly am uncomfortable and detest how HS treats the MC, Fu Zhengzheng. It is not like he hits her or anything, but instead he shows through his actions how violent he can get at FZ. For example, he would grab hard at her arms, yell at her, blackmail her by holding the paychecks of a person dear to her hostage (an employee friend... more>> who I won't name for spoilers), and he pushes her down and kisses her without permission.

These are genuine red flags, and I Understand (tm) that this is fiction and those are "tropes" (gross if you ask me.) But what breaks my heart the most is that she genuinely already loves another man and has to explain to her shitty--uh bratty son that she does not not want HS to be called FX's Daddy. I know there are """sweet""" moments between MC and ML, but regardless, I am bothered by this.


Now I do understand she does have a lot of arguments with HS, and even starts quite a few, but I am not going to sit here a blame the victim for going through awful things like being literally pushed down or blackmailed against by a man whom she has no choice to depend on/stay with for FX.

I am still going to follow the story, because I love how silly FZ is and I want to know more about

her being a policewoman, Nian Xi, the drug case

and I sincerely want her to find happiness with a man who will treat her right (though, I know she will probably end up with that bastard HS.)

I hope everyone reading this review will at least give this novel a go, and then decide if it's worth staying or not. Personally, at chapter 45, I will continue to follow the story and will update this when necessary. <<less
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Cherry_sakiera rated it
July 13, 2019
Status: c14
Although I just read it only at the beginning, I like this novel....

The male lead is so cheeky when he's with the female lead or her son!

And the son, Fu Xing is soooooooooo cute! Smart for a child and he is the reason why I like this novel
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