Blazing Sunlight


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A certain classmate is holding a party after getting a high paying job. But why does he purposely hold the party when I am (supposedly) still at my home town?

Zhuang Xu … had no intention of inviting me, did he?

A normal person with dignity would certainly throw his chopsticks down in disgust and stalk off but … was I a person with such dignity?! With renowned vigor, I started eating double portion.

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骄阳似我 上
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dysry rated it
March 15, 2016
Status: --
Blazing Sunlight follows a similar plot to Silent Separation but is told in a slightly different way. While SS picks up from when the main couple reunite, BS follows the female lead slightly after she separates from the first male lead, and becoming a strong person in her own right.
... more>>

Similar to SS, the lead couple separate based on a misunderstanding, as well as the male lead’s inferior background and social position compared to the MC. Thinking that she’s disliked, but also due to frictions with her friends, she distances herself, moving to a new city and undertaking training to take over her family’s business. The MC soon encounters the second male lead, who she clashes with at first but is a more compatible match with her.


The leading characters are the female lead – Xi Guang, her past love Zhuang Xu and current admirer Lin Yu Sen. XG is actually the best character in the story. She’s slow and naive, causing people to underestimate her but displays a strong will and integrity when it matters. Facing a broken heart and insincere friends, her loneliness, vulnerability and dignity make her appear very real and human. While her willingness to compensate for her shortcomings makes her a character with a huge growth potential. ZX so far has mostly been described through the MC’s eyes, and while he appears cold his actions show a different story.

He’s probably similar to the male lead in the SS, struggling with the contradictions between his pride and inferiority, unable to express himself until he proves his worth. However I feel like the MC’s affections are wasted on a troublesome person.


LYS is similar to the MC – good appearance, wealthy background, slightly petty and naive but open in his feelings, acting as a foil for ZX. Predictions:

The second half will probably be filled with more angst, but also more interactions between the characters and insight into ZX’s thoughts and feelings.

In recent chapters, I do get the feeling she might end up with LYS, since the MC her self is such a resilient character. LYS also has more screen time and makes her happier. While due to her relationship with her father, she wouldn’t go for the reserved, overly ambitious types who go out of their way to create misunderstandings.

Overall I liked the MC’s personality and I hope she ends up with Lin Yu Sen. Although the story and romance are still developing, it’s already Gu Man's best work yet. <<less
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April 10, 2017
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed reading the translation and still waiting over a year for BS II to come out. XG was a believable character with flawes and emotions. She was rich but very grounded in her believes and morals. I can connect with her and her feelings. And now to the male leads:. First ZX, who was introduced first.

I think they are not connected, there are only misunderstandings between them. As a male lead he already disappointed her in not believing in her when there where problems. I always have the feeling, he puts everyone before her. Infront of him XG is always never an equal, she feels small and thinks she is at her worst. There is just no communication between them. And he never tried to pull her to him, XG always feels beeing pushed away. Also the misunderstandings are still standing and never cleared up. He doesn't "look at her". XG liked him, because she saw the good things what he was infront of her cousin, friends and all. But he always believes her to be worst and still calls him liking her. If I love a person, I would believe him, ask him what his side of the story was. How can I love someone, who I know is bad/worst? I think he is to ambitious and forgets the important thing, XG feelings. Their meetings are like accidents, never indented by him. No messages, no visits. The important thing is wanting to see the other person, beeing at her side. ZX is not sweet to her, she only had him at his worst. She only gets his glaring look and hurting words. For ZX she cried a river. LYS is the only one who makes her happy.


The male lead who was introduced as second:


LYS is for me the best choice for XG. He makes her happy. Their banters are natural and cute. They match with each other. Not because of simliar backgrounds but because of their character. The difference between LYS and ZX is that LYS would always put XG first. He sees her, protects her and spoils her. If XG is his Blazing sunlight, then LYS is the gentle and calm wind which surrounds her. With ZX she will never get this kind of attention or smiles. I like the sunny LYS more, because he lightens her up. ZX is like the moon a long yearning, but can not warm her up. ZX is more like her father, who puts another woman and child before his marriage and his relationship with her. I think she doesn't need the feeling to be second, she needs to feel beeing always first. LYS makes her part of his world and also let her in in his past.


What I think will happen


LYS will break up with XG for her to find out what her feelings for ZX are. I think at that time LYS will have most of her heart. I think there will be a big problem in her family, mostly her dad. Maybe he will get ill and she will have problems with the OW and goddaughter over money issues. LYS will still be at her side to support her. LYS is the one who can be her support and her partner. ZX can not let go of his past. ZX relationship with his childhood friend/ maybe lovet stands in his way. But XG will have a talk with ZX to end their misunderstandings or to just clear her name from his bad image of her. She will have her closure to her youth.


Now I read the Book Part 2 in 2023. We got the full novel. I would like to spoiler who she ends up with


She ends up with LYS and I'm happy. I only wished there happened more things. We really didn't get enough of ZX to understand him but we don't need that I think since he becomes a passerby and we don't need to understand him completely.

"If you have received love that is as fierce and magnanimous as the sun, who will care about the flickering fireworks."

I hoped to get something about the father's first live and revenge or a slap for her daughter but nothing! They never come in!

I'm waiting for the Extra chapters now.

It was all a calm reading

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max2payne0 rated it
February 18, 2018
Status: v1c17
I honestly don't know how to rate this novel. When it started, I liked it. Xi Guang's personality is nice to read, and we see the whole thing through her perspective. her complicated relationship with Zhuang Xu pulled me in... but only to an extent. I'm going to say honestly, at the beginning, some of how he acted, I didn't like him for it. At this point, I can't say I like him still. But, even though Xi Guang is the one seeing and experiencing and the audience is just... more>> reading about it, I'm sure a lot of people caught some of the misunderstandings on both their parts. I was really happy when her misunderstandings affected him, because after how he acted towards her, he deserved it.

While I've only read to ch 17, I probably won't be going forward until I can see the ending. I like a surprise, but I've had too many disappointments, so when a story seems too good to be true, or I have doubts about it, I look for spoilers, i'd like to at least know who gets together with who in the end (if it's romance. if it's not, then I want to know if the protagonists at least win something). Once I'm comfortable in the ending, I have fun reading the journey. it's better than going more than half way through a book, then hitting a point you dislike, especially since I find it hard to just drop a book (or drama). I'll keep thinking about it, and that will bother me.

in the begining, I thought i'd be disappointed if XG and ZX ended up together. or at the very least, the guy would have a lot of making up to do first, but he had promise. And then, the other guy came.

When Lin Yu Sen showed up, I had a thought. I read up a bit more, and while he gave her a hard time, I could clearly see how he was treating her differently from everyone else. So, when I skipped to the last chapter and found out they were dating, I wasn't surprised. But, at the same time, I lost the will to go on with the story. Why did I not like this guy for her, when it seems he might be a better fit? Maybe because I was expecting ZG's redemption and it threw me off. I don't even know if he shows up again in book 1, I haven't checked, but i've seen in other reviews how others say they hate him, but I think he has redeeming qualities, and as long as they exist for me, I can't stand him not having a chance to show them to us, and the female lead. (creating a love triangle just complicates matters, and at the end of it, someone is going to not be happy

Maybe I've just read too much that my expectations when I read books these days are too high? I have yet to start and finish a book by this author, (though I've seen some of the TV adaptations and actually loved them, which is how I found the author in the first place.)

I may increase my rating in future, depending on how things go, but i'll wait for spoilers, or at least for book 2 to be out first (and assurance that it'll be the last book, or my wait will be longer) before I read more than a chapter every now and then of this book. (when I'm really, really bored and I don't have anything else to read.) <<less
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DOHere rated it
May 21, 2017
Status: c40
It's an amazing novel. I cannot wait for the 2nd book. But I can't help but be afraid that MC will break up with LYS, which is an absolute sweetheart!


... more>>

LYS only loved her in his 28 (?) all years. He fell in love with her at first sight years before the story started. And even though he thought she caused the accident which ruined his future as a genius surgeon, he still loved her and pursued her. There cannot be anyone more perfect for her. Please, author, dont break them up.



I hate him...

Honestly, from the start I was sure he was the male lead....I could have accepted him and forgiven him in the end, but why did the author introduce such a perfect 2nd lead (LYS) ?????!?!?!?!!? He definitely deserves her more than ZX and he's already suffered enough and treated her so preciously!

While ZX!... This s*upid female lead pursued him for so long despite his rude behavior, despite him humiliating her over and over, looking down on her, accusing her!!! Yet he has the audacity to be angry when she falls for someone who treats her well!!! And he's still on his high horse!!! SHE HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG! She never looked down on others, never judged others, never treated others differently based on if they had money or not! THAT WAS ALL HIM! I cannot believe how self-righteously he acts when he's the one with the prejudice and arrogance!


Her family and friends


Her father is very hateful as well. That woman didn't want him when he had no money, married another rich guy. But guess what, mc's father became rich and that other guy poor! So now she changed targets. And her father chose to take care of her, even making her daughter his god-daughter. Even when his wife divorced him because of this, he still chose that daughter-and-mother pair, even if he lost his wife and daughter!

That Yi Rong who likes ZX is exactly like that woman. YR wasn't interested in him when he was poor, but now that he's rich she plots and schemes against MC to have him. And he's at fault! I won't forget how he believed YR and went to a restaurant later with her (to console her?), where MC spotted them. Even after he found out MC was innocent and YR kept talking bad about her, he still remained friends with YR.

As all her friends. They all betrayed her. She never treated anyone bad, so they had no reason to suspect her, but they did. And when she was found innocent they didn't even apologise to her, but just expected to gloss over the matter as if it never happened. (the only one I don't blame was Xiao Feng, who was away at that time and even apologised to her, even if she didn't do anything to betray mc). Still, even after her friends found out the truth, they still remained friends with YR. Why? It was pretty obvious how fake she was around MC, how she always insinuated stuff about her, how she didn't apologise to her, nor even send a single message, how she always made inappropriate comments about MC and the last time she even lied MC went abroad to study and the lie was discovered! Why are they all still friends with her???

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potatosince1992 rated it
August 26, 2021
Status: Completed
I don't want a book two if they are

going to break up


Normalize dating the one who is "comfortable, steady and mature", instead of toxic red flag pretending to be a person, and this book was definitely it.

I don't care about redemption, ZX was and is a scumbug, and if she chose him, she will end up like her Mother. Left for the first love, because her Father and ZX are the same type of idiot.

No amount of ship can sail an ocean full of misunderstanding.

LYS all the way
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Lanzhaaaan rated it
November 21, 2021
Status: --
  • Spoiler

    I initially liked this cold guy Zhang Xu, and was waiting for the reveal that he liked her too. But boi, this stubborn brat holding up things against her.... it's just her being herself and she was atleast honest about her feelings. And then the misunderstanding, bish she was waving you a goodbye
    not a "I'll wait for you". You suffer the pain of waiting, we don't care about you.

    Then comes out bae Lin yu sen, absolutely lovable unlike someone we know. It's not like I immediately jumped over to this ship. But this guy stayed and won. He was patient and warm and mature. I like their healthy relationship more than anything. Really wish the story ended there. But nope, the author had more plans.... And the author had to mention that it was going to be Zhang Xu at the end. Now it's been so many years, god knows if we will ever see the day when book 2 comes.


    This could never be called a review, it's just me talking abt my feelings of this novel. I actually really loved it and hence stuck here waiting for the book 2
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fltstrt rated it
March 2, 2019
Status: Completed
Words cannot describe how utterly perfect Blazing Sunlight is from start to finish and I've inevitably became a fan of Gu Man.

I've consumed countless stories (more than I'll like to admit) and honestly, I feel that this story is now my new golden standard of this genre. It's that good! Moving forward, it will be the benchmark to which I will compare all subsequent josei, slice-of-life romance I read. I absolutely can't wait for the second installment to be complete. Gu man is finally working on it (c14 currently) !

Every... more>> single character feels real and was truly a joy to discover. They each have their own merits and brought so many differing emotions to the story.

Our FL- Xi Guang is quite unique. You get to see her subtle character growth as story progresses. - Absolutely no one in the book is hateful. This is such a rarity in the contemporary sea of Chinese literature where authors are quick to set up multiple easy-to-hate antagonists for plot progression. <<less
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Aurinne rated it
January 29, 2019
Status: c40
The is another really nice romcom with a bit of the depth you expect from Gu Man. (I do appreciate how she can show side characters who are not necessarily bad-intentioned, but are still unreliable compared to those who are really true and trustworthy.) Some quite touching moments and lots of sweet ones. The MC appears dense at times but it is more that she is consciously willing to expect good from others and would rather let things go than hurt people, which is admirable, if not always in her... more>> own best interests.

I'm mainly writing a review to note about the spoilers mentioned on the translation site for the intended (but as yet unpublished? Perhaps never-to-be-published?) book 2. The book 2 events suggested honestly put me off finishing this book at first. On my second try, I instead pretended there will never be a sequel and read it as if book 1 is the end, which was very satisfying. I would recommend new readers ignore book 2 mentions because this story was lovely on its own and felt complete enough in itself. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
November 15, 2018
Status: c40
This one has some similarities to My Sunshine/Silent Separation, but the relationships between all the characters are more complex.

The MC's friendship circle is also very deep/harder to fathom and she doesn't have any stand-out allies (esp with her school friends), so the reader is left to infer a lot about the history hinted to between the lines.

I really enjoy this way of storytelling (showing us the characters and not over-explaining; having us draw our own conclusions), so this is definitely a very engaging read. I'm eagerly awaiting the next book...

... more>>

No matter what happens, there were too many unresolved issues in this one. While the ending was sweet, and I understood some symbolic actions such as getting a new phone indicating moving on etc. I didn't get the feeling that the MC had truly put the past behind her to walk a sunlit future with the ML. So I hope the next book will give us/the readers the true satisfaction of the MC letting go or freeing herself and no longer suffering in silence/misunderstandings.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
yzrahc rated it
August 26, 2016
Status: c40
This is the first time I read a book of Gu Man so I really can't compare it with other romance novel of the author but this book gives me a simple and delightful feeling. I actually like the indifference personality of the female lead.

Give it a go ^_^...
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
StillLearning520 rated it
July 7, 2022
Status: Completed
Another good romance novel that I'll certainly reminisce every now and then.

To be honest, I don't want any Book 2 of this so I treated this one as a completed one. Although it has some loose ends, I feel perfectly fine with it. Every book has its flaws and we can't always expect closures and such. But if ever there will be, then I'll read it.

I'm actually happy for NXG that she ended up with LYS. I mean, if I were in her place, I'd prefer someone who's similar to... more>> me. A relationship that is stable. But I think NXG should still have a proper closure with ZX. I know the importance of first love but I love that this book portrays that you will not always end up with your first love.

I'm scared actually if ever there will be a Book 2 because you know... it might end up as another tale of a successful first love story. But in reality, first loves don't end up usually.

There is still no news of Book 2, I think. So I might pass by here, every now and then to hear some news.

Kudos to the author, translator, and blog! <<less
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Misunderst0_od rated it
August 26, 2021
Status: Completed
I enjoyed it. It's okay. Maybe because there was originally supposed to be a part 2 or sequel to this novel, things felt a little incomplete. I'm happy where things ended with this novel when it came to the romance. I guess I needed more growth from MC.
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great aunt1
great aunt1 rated it
March 15, 2021
Status: --
OMG this book both mother and daughter have same fate okay mostly similar. Father is A1 succumbag his reasoning makes me puke and hero he has self pity and extreme prejudice over rich person. If heroine helps hero he should be grateful that too about health emergency but no and her roommates OMG during that phone call scene I really wish to give all the people 2 r 3 slaps each including hero too shameless people. I think book 1 ending is pretty good without scumbags and b*tches
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orientalfairy rated it
October 20, 2020
Status: c40
short and sweet <3 the characters are very well-written and plot twist was really good. Also love the use of the title being used in the novel.
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Purple Lotus
Purple Lotus rated it
September 30, 2019
Status: Completed

Mo Sheng's dad the indirect reason why Yi Chen's parents died. Although it doesn't have much impact (actually none) on the story since Yi Chen never tells Mo Sheng but I still think it's quite significant. Actually this would be the real reason for the break-up and I appreciate that for his feelings, he put aside past hatred which really can't be shifted to the blameless Mo Sheng, and decided he'd rather happiness. Because dead people can't be brought back, no matter if you take revenge.


This deserves ♾ ☆. Like seriously it's so good! Re-read so many times I can't count anymore.

Definitely don't miss this one, no matter how full your reading list is. It deserves prime spot!
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ike_00000 rated it
August 27, 2019
Status: c40
GAAAAH I really don't want to rate this novel so highly but it's seriously a good read and I feel I wouldn't do it justice if I didn't give it full marks. But seriously, I don't know how to feel!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I don't know if I'll continue reading the next chapters because I don't want to see my ship break but I also don't want to see her reject ZX. AHHH second male lead syndrome is inevitable ahhhhhh.

Characters: 5/5 (but I'm mad!!!)

I LOVE the MC so much, seriously. I... more>> like her about as much as I like the MC in Rock Sugar and Pear Stew, which is a LOT. She's funny and cute, on the dense / ditzy side but also very straightforward and passionate. Although her status may be great, to her it's rather meaningless; she takes it in stride. As in she doesn't flaunt it nor does she make a big deal about being her own person, but lives her best in her circumstances. It's like, we know if she were dirt poor she would be just as happy as if she were filthy rich.

Now, my problem is with the MLs. WHO IS IT???? (Nothing important really spoiled below, more like a meaningless rant because I'm irritated that both guys seem so great and I also get second male lead syndrome)


It'd be one thing if ZX were easy to hate, but I don't think that's the case at all. Yes it seems he didn't treat her too well in the past, but we never really saw what really happened (and what we did see was from her biased perspective eg. "he loathes me" even though he actually likes her) and from his POV he had a thing with YR at that time. And then after that, he really has every reason to think they made up and she betrayed him. That said, maybe it shows that she's better off with someone more similar to her who doesn't play subtle games??? IDK BUT I LIKE THEM BOTH because I seriously loooove LYS. I don't really get why he fell in love with her at first tbh but oh well.


We don't see that much of recurring side characters since they change after the transition period, but I do like the ones we do see. Like Dr. Fang and her cousin, they're both interesting.

Plot: 5/5

It's a slice of life story that shows the transition from university to the workplace. Actually, I appreciate that the author spent quite a few chapters, in the beginning, paving the way to the "main" storyline; often we see it at the "start" and allude to what happened before. However, this also means I got attached to ZX before I realized it might be too late!!! I really can't take another flip back to him though because LYS oh LYS.

I wonder if the author's writer's block is because she wrote the story intending the ML to be ZX but then realized at the end of Book 1 that DANG LYS is way too good.I hope author doesn't blacken either one purposely to make us readers feel better.... but then again maybe I'd appreciate it because it really would make me feel better lmao.

Writing / Translation: Honestly grammar isn't that great for a lot of it. I was still able to get through though. <<less
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DaydreamGe rated it
December 6, 2017
Status: c40
Hmm... I really love reading Gu Man's novel. So far this is the third I finished reading. Waiting for book 2.

If you haven't read Gu Man's another novel, makes sure to spare times to read the others.

I really hope Xi Gua won't break up with Lin Yu Sen in book 2 and reach the happy ending state in chapter 28.

// He glanced at me, “I am very happy that you’ll be able to attend my wedding, but I reckon you’ll not have time to disturb the privacy of the bridal... more>> chamber at that time.” //

I would like for this happy ending to be fulfilled.

Basically I don't care with this so called Zhuang Xu which didn't even shown a bit shred of bravery to protect the girl when she is blamed by other. What a really "nice" "guy?", I even suspect his gender at that chapter. <<less
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Reishiki rated it
December 15, 2015
Status: --
So far its a great read!

It combo of Come and Eat, Shan Shan with a little bit of Silent Separation.

As expected of Gu Man’s novel this one is also very light hearted and fun to read. The characters interactions and relationship with one another are very interesting.

Fun novel so give it a try!
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sprihau rated it
December 17, 2021
Status: Completed
First off, ignore that there could be a second book. This one is perfectly fine as a stand alone story. There are some incomplete parts in book 1 since the author might have been planning to reveal them in second book but these parts do not affect the story.

I am happy to read the end of the book because the book does justice to the charterers shown. The sweet way that female lead and LYS slowly grow together in understanding each other was heart warming to read. The female lead... more>> is neither innocent nor foolish but she is sensitive and considerate. I hated how her college friends treated her specially when you see her caring for her office colleagues. You can imagine that she showed the same care to her college friends but they never trusted her.

Reason I don't want a second book - XG never gave her benefit of doubt nor did he trust her in any way. It's one thing to be irritated by someone but it's quite different to despise someone. XG seems to despise her every decision (despite saying he loves her). He is pushing his inferiority to her and imagining her superiority but to female lead her family's wealth is a painful fact. She knows that the wealth came at the cost of her loving family so she does not flaunt her wealth nor does she take undue advantage that come with the wealth. For this reason and the way he trusts second female lead over her, I don't want a redemption arc for XG. I feel like he / his family / their old friends always seem to trust second female lead over the female lead and this is only because the female lead is rich. I feel like if XG and female lead would ever be together, he will still stay in touch with second female lead causing unnecessary fights. After all that time, shouldn't XG understand what the second female lead is like? It shows the female leads growth when she lets go of all expectations from her college friends and that okay because it happens in real life. <<less
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YoonA3000 rated it
November 12, 2020
Status: Completed
i recommend!! I want more after reading this. I just want to say that I felt 5 different emotions while reading this completely for 5 hours. First is appreciation for the FL, sadness for the FL, angered because of FL and ML, giddiness because of LYS, and just feeling complete after reading this

i really appreciate FL because she proved that not because she's rich she doesn't need to do anything

and I just want to say that ML is such a selfish and self centered person that blames FL because he's... more>> poor.

but thankfully a sweetheart LYS came, and omg I swear I swear I love him so much!!! I wish there would be no changes in the book 2!!

if the author decided to break LYS and FL, omg pls no. I can't see FL going back and liking ML <<less
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