Heyi Shengxiao Mo


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A young love leads to a lifetime of entanglements. Zhao Mo Sheng is a university student with a sunny disposition. The bright and cheerful Mo Sheng fell in love at first sight with He Yi Chen, one of the top students from the Law Faculty. However, his poor communication skill, makes her depart sadly for overseas. Seven years later, Zhao Mo Sheng returned home and spotted him immediately in a crowded supermarket, …….

This is a very short and sweet story about two college sweethearts, who separated on a bitter note but fate tosses them together again seven years later.

Associated Names
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He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo
My Sunshine
Silent Separation
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keima rated it
May 5, 2017
Status: --
Great love story I thought the angst would be strong in this but thankfully it's not so strong.

At the beginning I was getting frustrated on why they can't sort their feelings until my friend started lecturing me about love and all -_- anyway back to what I was saying, the beginning was written and translated very well the attitude of the characters made me want to slap them and made me question as to why can't two people who like each other be together? I was ready to drop it... more>> since sad love story is not in the list of my want to read xD Then when different layers of the story was peeled I found the answers and myself wanting for more and rooting for them. The mystery of what happened to the MC overseas is very intriguing and made me want to read more.

This is not a sad depressing story, yes there's sad parts but that made the story all the more better. <<less
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KKristen rated it
July 24, 2017
Status: Completed

This is a modern romance with a hint of tragedy and frustration; a story about two people who love each other but are unable to properly communicate with each other.

Basically, a couple dating in college separate after a huge misunderstanding. The girl MC runs to the United States without knowing that she's left the male MC broken... After 7 years, they meet again.

... more>> Review:

Don't expect this to be a sweet romance -- it's more of a bittersweet drama. Towards the end, this novel does get a little fluffy, but for most of the beginning and middle of the novel, the overwhelming feeling is frustration and despair.

It's the great question of "Why can't two people who love each other be together?" The timid female protagonist and hot-headed male protagonist are like fire and water. Even when their relationship suddenly changes in the middle of the story (and I mean SUDDENLY), they aren't able to convey their feelings and words.


Overall, this really wasn't bad. The translation is good and the bittersweet story quickly turns into a sweet one. The pacing is a little jumpy and fast, and the ending is a lot less exciting/satisfying than the dramatic beginning, but it's not a story that I hate. You might enjoy this if you like soap-opera-esque drama.

Personally, I enjoyed reading it, but on later reflection, I'm not a fan. I would find it super annoying if I was one of the character's friends. I guess I'm just not a fan of unnecessary drama caused by two characters with poor listening and communication skills. So many times, I wanted to scream "You! Stop interrupting and jumping to conclusions! You! Just talk and stop running away! Pay attention and stop being wishy-washy!" But that's just me. :P <<less
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Arnissan rated it
June 18, 2016
Status: epilogue 3.3
Contrary to my expectations it is more drama than romance. Still a good read though.
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dysry rated it
March 25, 2016
Status: --
This is probably the go-to series as far as bittersweet/reunited lovers genre is concerned, but not one of Gu Man's best works. ... more>>

The female lead is naive and bubbly, but never felt secure with their relationship as she chased after the male lead, while he is restrained and unable to express his emotions. Due to a misunderstanding she moves overseas, however both are unable to move on and stay trapped in the past.
7 years later, they reunite, and after more misunderstandings, the male lead pursues her with mixed feelings (anger at being abandoned so easily but also unable to let her go) while the female lead comes to terms with how much he actually loved her.


The story follows the standard formula for these settings, so there's nothing particularly innovative but what is necessary for the story is done well. There's a good mix of sweet and angsty moments, while the characters move from an awkward relationship to a more comfortable one. It does fall into some of the trappings of the genre - getting caught up in the past and not focusing as much on their present relationship, while their interactions are a little stilted (though if they could communicate, the misunderstanding wouldn't have occurred) and certain scenarios appear somewhat forced in order to test or further their relationship. At times the male lead also appears domineering and the relationship's pace appears rushed.

Overall it's a good story and well worth the read if you like the drama and romance genre, though Gu Man's Blazing Sunlight has a similar setting but is much better. <<less
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Reishiki rated it
December 15, 2015
Status: --
Very Good Short Novel!
This novel is heart warming and can melt your heart in an instant!!! The characters are very devoted to their love. Their waiting for one an other is so touching and the ending is just perfect!
Definitely a great read! :D
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Wonder Star
Wonder Star rated it
October 3, 2019
Status: c9.2
I love, love this story. It flows like a poem, a beautiful poem. Another great novel by Gu Man and as again translators did a great job. The content this translation blog chooses is almost always good stuff. Their love for the story, for the characters and their work reflect in their translations.

I especially like the last paragraph from Epilogue 1 -

"A person’s flower bloomed. A person’s flower withered. All these years from start to finish, nobody asked about it."

P.S I don't want to review this story for anyone, the... more>> ratings and previous reviews speak volumes about how good this story is. It's nothing but a bit of my love for this story.

I hope everyone who reads this would love it as much as I and we all do. <<less
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Purple Lotus
Purple Lotus rated it
September 30, 2019
Status: Completed

Mo Sheng's dad the indirect reason why Yi Chen's parents died. Although it doesn't have much impact (actually none) on the story since Yi Chen never tells Mo Sheng but I still think it's quite significant. Actually this would be the real reason for the break-up and I appreciate that for his feelings, he put aside past hatred which really can't be shifted to the blameless Mo Sheng, and decided he'd rather happiness. Because dead people can't be brought back, no matter if you take revenge.


This deserves ♾ ☆. Like seriously it's so good! Re-read so many times I can't count anymore.

Definitely don't miss this one, no matter how full your reading list is. It deserves prime spot!
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jiang ying yue
jiang ying yue rated it
July 2, 2019
Status: --
alright, first of all. I did not read the novel here online, I read the paperback version that was translated and was already in my heavenly book store where I could read for free :v.

anyways, it was a clean romance novel about mo sheng and yicheng, and for some strange reason I really wanted to see some scenes of mo sheng with her ex- contract husband. It was a sweet novel, no evil green tea bit*h hanging around to destroy their relationship (good lord gu man rarely puts characters like... more>> that) The characters were realistic, but I was a bit annoyed

when yi cheng forced mo sheng to marry him so he wouldn't loose her again, which eventually I would actually be relieved about :")


Its a good novel! 5 full stars <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
October 19, 2018
Status: Completed
It's not super heavy angst, but for some reason (maybe because parts of the story resonated strongly with me), it made me feel very strongly and deeply (I cried a lot). The romance revolves around the devotion between the two characters. The author was very good at expressing the kind of inexpressible frustration and pain both the main characters went through due to their past.

On the surface, it's a melodramatic romance about some past misunderstandings that forcibly separated the MCs, with points that were a bit overdone/exaggerated. But it felt... more>> very real to me; the MC's uncertainty and fear when faced with a chance to restart the relationship, her conflicted and fleeing behavior, her feelings of inadequacy. If you're not afraid of angst, this is a good story with cute side characters too. Happy ending! <<less
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The Lazy Slug
The Lazy Slug rated it
April 9, 2017
Status: epilogue 3.3
There were a lot of push and pulls, as our two leads try to come into terms with their feelings, their doubts, and insecurities... of each other.

I guess, in a way, it shows the ups and downs of being in a relationship, esp. one that is fundamentally labeled by society (or most) as incompatible. Here we see two people falling, trusting, being swayed by prejudice and pride, feeling betrayed, but still not giving up on each other until, eventually, they've cleared out all the misunderstandings brought by miscommunication between them.

The... more>> characters were realistic, their personalities well-defined, and the emotions they had well-written, be it expressed by their actions, the slight wrinkle of a brow, their monologues or their spoken words. I love the characters. You can sympathise with them. And I enjoyed it immensely. :>

As for the story, it started out really good -- a bit angsty, and poignant. However, near end, I feel like it was a bit rushed -- like how this issue just ended like that, and so on and so forth. Then again, considering the main conflict had been solved, I guess adding additional, perhaps unnecessary, drama in the mix would already be too taxing and might drag on the story.

In the end, I feel like it's already good enough. I have nothing majorly against it, so I rated it a 5. Overall, I enjoyed the drama very much. <<less
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Patrick07 rated it
July 23, 2019
Status: --
I loved this Novel, this is the first Chinese Novel that I read and it was wonderful, pretty heartwarming and highlighted, thank you to the team that worked hard on this.
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Kagebutts rated it
April 26, 2019
Status: Completed
Heyi Shengxiao Mo

May contain spoilers

It's a nice short story to read. I would say that it is a fast-paced story compared to many others and because it's short plus completely translated I binged through the entire story.

... more>> The story mainly consisted of the couple just getting together, reminiscent of the past, with a few meet-ups, feelings of yearning and love. The angst was alright, it kept me entertained and helped me push through the end, nothing too bad.

I found that the characters didn't seem to be realistic, the female lead seems to become very meek in certain circumstances but other times she's quite straightforward and proper. The male lead was reasonably strange, given that he had been waiting for a few years and resolved what he wanted but still did not get together with the female lead straight away but continued to push and pull. I think that the author just wanted to add in more drama overall and it was a great decision for her, it spiced up the plot.

The translator did a great job, very readable, there are not any remarkable mistakes. The book is aimed to entertain young female readers who just love romance stories (totally not me) and the author did a remarkable job keeping me satisfied, nothing too bad.

Would I recommend?

Not really, simple plot nothing too unexpected but still read it! It grabs at your heartstrings. <<less
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saira rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: Completed
Sweet short story..i realy like it, as it is Gu man novel how can it be bad. ? I like the flow of the story and how story unfolds truly worth reading.. Someone plz suggest me worth reading novels like this..!!
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January 18, 2019
Status: epilogue 3.3
Another case of the female lead not having the opportunity to explain what she did and why. Sigh. I should start keeping a tally.

Other than that, it's enjoyable and the part where

the male lead forces her to make a choice between marriage and never seeing each other again, while admittedly heavy-handed at least cut to the chase and got a lot of angst/will-they-won't-they/drama out of the way.

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ley.monade rated it
November 7, 2018
Status: epilogue 3.3
It was a great read but it would have been better if MC was more aggressive with the ML and not going with the flow and let ML do everything he wants. It kinda feels like A slight smile is very charming in this aspect: the MC just going with the flow with whatever the ML said.

... more>>

and also. I hate the fact that it seems like the novel or ML.. Whoever! Is blaming the MC for the majority of the break up. I know they showed the background story of ML the actually the one backing away first but the novel is just making it hard for the MC. That's why the MC should have been more aggressive!! Don't let people talk smack about you like that! Defend yourself!


i am a fan of Gu Man's works though.. They are interesting <<less
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Fourthaid rated it
July 10, 2018
Status: epilogue 3.3
The story was overall an enjoyable read. The misunderstandings didn't overstay their welcome, there was none of the typical drama between typically seen between jealous women in these types of stories which is a huge plus.

... more>>

However there were plenty of issues, especially with what felt like a very rushed ending. But also introductions of characters like the female lead's mother and ex-husband which were just pushed into the story and then promptly left without issue.

And while there is certainly a lot more xenophobic and even racist novels, especially in the Chinese market, it did feel very awkward whenever the female lead's past life in the US was mentioned. While there is a lot of racism still, it would not have come off as badly if there was at least one example of a friend or companion from the US that helped her out somehow rather than just being shown the bad side. Again, not quite racist, but definitely xenophobic and biased towards the Chinese as being righteous and just but oppressed within the American borders.


Overall, it's close to a 7/10, and I round up my scores so 4/5 it is. <<less
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DaydreamGe rated it
December 9, 2017
Status: epilogue
Finish reading it. Though the sequence for reading Gu Man's novel is kinda messed up.

Start with "A Slight Smile is very charming" and then its drama, later read Shan Shan, Blazing Sunlight and finally Silent Separation.

Some people say Blazing Sunlight have a similar story with Silent Separation. But I wish that in book 2 it won't become the same.

... more>> Cause different with Yi Chen and Mo Sheng's story which love each other very much, in Blazing Sunlight I don't really like the first male character that been introduced.

Not like Yi Chen that at least brave enough to express his love in the beginning. Zhuang Xu (from Blazing Sunlight) doesn't do anything for the female lead and later blame her cause she didn't wait for him. What a insane guy.

I hope Gu Man won't make Zhuang Xu as the male lead in Blazing Sunlight book 2. <<less
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