Blade Online


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The world first’s VRMMO 《Blade Online》service begun, around 30 thousand players started to play. What awaits to those players is a death game which is impossible to logout from. Though hikikomori youth, Akatsuki, is one of the players who set out to conquer the death game, he was deserted by his companion because of using a failure weapon. Furthermore, being transferred to an area where high-level monsters dominate due to a bug and ――!?

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《Blade Online》 ーブレード オンラインー
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Hayate rated it
May 27, 2016
Status: c21
I would give this 3.5 if I can. So many things I can rant about this one.

The story is like how most people who read this will notice, is like a mix between SAO and Arifureta. Like seriously, fall into an unknown dungeon, fighting electric rabbit and red bear? Even if u like those series and plan to make a story of a mix between them, at least do not copy till the monsters.

Unlike those 2 novels however the MC doesn't really turn way too OP as his lvl only... more>> catches up with the top rankers, but as of now it is unknown yet as to how much stronger he is as he doesn't met any of the rankers yet.

and I’m pretty annoyed at the facts that the author never really mentions what is so bad with the Long Sword that caused nobody decided to pick up one of the most favorite weapons in an MMORPG.

Author: “hey, I like swords so lets make him use swords. But I want him to be unique so lets make other people hate using swords. But people like swords, so lets find reasons to hate sword. Damn, no reasons to hate swords? Well lets say I found one but decided its classified, so it seems like people have reasons to hate sword.”
bollocks I tell you. <<less
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RANTMAN rated it
April 22, 2016
Status: --
Read up to Chapter 20

This novel has a good concept, but fails to deliver due to poor characterisation. What little the author chooses to display for the MC does not fit with how a person would logically react in a death game.

For example
... more>>

The MC is abandoned by everyone including his little sister at the beginning, with the expectation he would die quickly without party support. There was however no anger on his part, no emotion at all other than being bewildered for a short period


The plot does not flow well, as there are jumps between locations that are not explained. As I am unable judge the translation I am assuming that this is a fault of the author.

There is very little that this story offers that you won't find in greater quality or quantity elsewhere. <<less
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ayul rated it
March 21, 2016
Status: --
by the time I wrote this, it on chapter 10.

the setting is same with SAO but the plot is different. I recommend this series for those who like RPG like novel like I do.
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silver rain
silver rain rated it
July 14, 2016
Status: --
It was intersting at the start but lots of contexts are missing and confusing. Too much random comments and horrible MC
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SunsetChaos rated it
December 26, 2016
Status: c24
It's actually decent, like a mix of LMS, SAO, Arifureta, The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero, etc.
Basically survival, betrayal, loner, thrown into dangerous place, becoming stronger, etc. MC is not OP though, and struggled with his own efforts. Cliche as it may be, but at least it's a somewhat enjoyable/entertaining cliche, which I agree with the admin.

As for why he's the only one using a tachi (katana?), it's explained in the story. Kind of bullsh*t reason but the admins intentionally made them useless in early game so people... more>> end up convinced that it's truly useless. There were actually other katana users, but they either gave up and changed weapons, or using it alone somewhere, or simply died alone because no one accepted them. Of course, our MC has plot armor..

Translation quality?
Crappy MTL like the name of the translator. There's literally mistakes and errors every paragraph. I don't mind MTL usually because there are MTL done right, but then there are those like this. If you're gonna MTL, the least you could do is edit it into proper English. It's like the translator didn't even read what he copied pasted. At least read what you've 'translated' with your machine translator. I'd lower this to 2 or 3 stars because of the translation quality. <<less
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aetonazniel rated it
April 4, 2020
Status: c50
Too much negative emotions for me. That only works when there are redeeming points like when a betrayed MC becomes op and eventually learns and improves. By chapter 40's MC still gets betrayed, s*upid enough not to make logical decisions.. If the whole story is about repeatedly getting hurt and betrayed and nothing else.. Then its pointless tr*sh.

Normally people learn from mistakes or tradegy but MC apparently doesnt. Makes friends but s*upid enough to trust clearly hostile characters and put his new friends at risk, then does not kill his... more>> enemies leaving more loose ends despite watching his friend murdered by them. Thats one hell of a dumbass <<less
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Twilight Fox
Twilight Fox
April 14, 2016
Status: --
Well you can certainly see the similarities to SAO but I like this one better because unlike Kirito who I also like (thats right i’m one of those people) the MC in this story doesnt have a choice in going into solitude and being a solo player, unlike Kirito who was shunned cause he was a Beater, this guy is shunned cause he had a different weapon and was dropped basically into the Hollow Area (Those of you who played Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment you know what I... more>> mean) with starter gear. I applaud him for not dying like an idiot and killing the boss solo, although kirito did the exact same thing on the floor 74 boss room (OK so he had duel blades and good armor and thats about it). All in all I give this a 7.8 for Translator quality, Plot and Originality, and setting <<less
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