Escape Galge


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As I was going to confess to the senpai I admired, at that moment――『Ah, this guy is the protagonist of a gal game』what a close save…… I was about to be captured! Even though I reincarnated as a capturable target, I won’t be captured by you. Of course, I can’t put up with tying twin tails anymore so I’ll graduate from them! That’s why, stop following me around already!

Note: chapter 1-7 (v1) is the original Pre-author-revised version

Associated Names
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As a Capturable Character I Want to Escape from Galge Protagonist!
Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de!
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VSoullis rated it
October 22, 2016
Status: c6
Girl is a shallow brick who figures out MC is a scummy Harem seeker. She then reacts like a normal person and turns scummy MC down, but Scummy MC stalks her. Instead of calling for the police she turns back into a shallow brick and lingers between liking and not liking Scummy MC because he 'looks cute'.

If you want to read a story about a scummy MC and a brick protagonist be my guest. I think I'd rather do something more productive and bang my head against a wall, or... more>> play Dark souls (shield only run).

-Sigh... Just want to clarify that this is not as bad as the other Scummy harem seeking novels and that I was a bit disappointed that the story goes from revenge against MC and loving him. I find it wishy washy but others might like it and that's your opinion. I feel like I was going to eat KFC but got a discount dollar burger instead. <<less
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Cryarc rated it
May 18, 2017
Status: c7.7
To make a girl love you, be a persistent scum!

The male lead is a scum 90% of the series and the MC hates him, but by 10% of the story the author forced the guy to change into a good guy and then the girl magically just accept him.

What made me confused were that this story was written by a girl, I mean does her imagination of prince charming is a stalker, cheater and insencere guy? So if the guy hurt her all the time once the guy act apologetic she will immediate fall in love with him again? And she's not even saying gratitute to the guy who actually helped her (she even realized that she's making use of this guy's kindness) ?

Both the MC and the male lead are scum, so maybe that's actually a fitting pairing.
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Red.Gamer rated it
August 28, 2016
Status: c4
The story is about a young girl who 'was in love' but before she confessed, she realized that the world is a galge game and that she is one of the targets and the boy she likes is the protagonist of the game. I put an emphasis on the 'was in love' because the story really showed that she once loved the protagonist but realized the truth that all the sweet words said to her were only 『lines and choices』, and that the protagonist doesn't really love her and was... more>> set to the harem route. Thus, the MC lose her love to him and only the feeling of disgust was left. What I really liked about this is that it showed how realistic the feelings and reactions of the MC were - how she was hurt when she discovered the scum side of the protagonist, how she was a little hopeful for the protagonist to atleast see her not as a capture target but as a girl and how she felt guilt when she forcefully rejected the gift the protagonist forcibly trying to give to her. The emotions and feelings felt by the MC was so real that I almost forgot that it was a fiction. It was cleverly written.

In any case, there are only 4 chapters out but the story was good enough to let me give it a 5 star early on. Each chapter is long and the story has a lot of potential but I could see that this will end in around 50 chapters. I just hope that it will have more chapters than what I predicted and that the story will continue with same amount of quality. <<less
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sachiika rated it
April 6, 2018
Status: c17
This is utterly ridiculous. Why?

  1. The Protagonist, Kagurazaka Aoi, is a scum who tries to capture girls like it's some sort of game. He doesn't even see the girls as a person, he looks at them like they are some data which was fine but....

    He suddenly had a 180 degree change of attitude when Kii's favorable rate kept decreasing. He finally woke up when she said "I realized your words doesnt include your heart. Have you ever looked at me? What do I do in other days aside from Friday?

    Sure, let's say we accept that but here's another reason why this story is ridiculous.
  2. The MC (Kii-chan/ Kii-tan) started out liking the guy, but during her confession, FOR SOME REASON that was NOT EXPLAINED she suddenly remembered that this was from a game in her past life and she's one of the characters that can be captured and moreover the protagonist is creating a harem. She started changing her hairstyles, tries to ignore the guy, runs away from him. She even used her classmate and called him "A-kun" clearly thinking of him as a side character A.
    How hypocrite can she get? she hates the guy for creating a harem, treating girls like they are some game characters but she herself thinks one of her classmate who helped her several times secretly thinks of him as a SIDE CHARACTER! Aren't you supposed to be against this whole idea of not being truthful, not seeing you as a person and yet you do it to someone else? You're just as bad as that guy. I clearly cannot love this kind of character
  3. Midori, another character that can be captured who thinks the MC is a schemer. Well, I dont blame you for thinking that way coz hey, since Kii always ignores the protagonist, he kept on following her. Still, she knows that the guy is a cheating scum yet she's okay with it!? Yeah, she's a character made this way by the author, but I cant help but hate her because im a girl and I find this kind of situation stupid. She's pitiful, honestly speaking. I'm just glad I wasnt born into this world with an attitude like her.
  4. MC supposed to hate/tries to hate the protagonist yet she clearly cant get over him. My god! atleast stick to one thing MC! choose: move on or accept him. Dont keep on going between the two. You're acting so sly. At chapter 15, she suddenly realized that maybe she isnt looking at "senpai" (the protagonist) properly either.
I wanted to give this a 0 star but starting chapter 16 it's like there was a SUDDEN CHANGE OF WIND and the MC and the protagonist started seeing each other as an actual PERSON! But at the rate where this is going, it feels like Midori is right this whole time, If im one of the other target characters, I'd think Kii is actually a schemer queen. She practically kicked out the rivals

Honestly, this a waste of time. But seeing as I have so much free time, I read it till the latest chapter (17) but im not going to read the next updates since I find this series stupid.
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ladyartemis rated it
June 27, 2016
Status: c1
Haha, I love the first chapter. What a nice way of putting things in order that leaves the readers wanting for more. I hope this will be fully translated as it shows some great potential. Until then :)
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Kreuz rated it
April 3, 2017
Status: c7.7
Pretty horrible so far. MC is realizing that her world is a galge and she is a capture target. The guy she used to like is going for the harem route. Now, since she is from a different "world" of course she rejects him. However, it quickly becomes annoying how going for the harem route is somehow something scummy. Remember, thats how that world functions. If her personality wasnt "replaced", she would have been fine with it. I just dont like the hypocrisy. Of course the senpai is written in... more>> a way so that he comes off as a pushy jerk, but MC is fine with it because he is cute. <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
June 4, 2018
Status: c17
The set-up for this series was interesting, and I liked the shift in the MC's behavior from the annoying twin tails persona to her real personality. However, this tough act doesn't last for long, and she doesn't take revenge or avoidance seriously. With the event mentioned below, the MC lost all of my respect. The writing is weak and not enough to keep my attention or pull me in.

... more>>

At this point in the story, she is even falling for that ML trash.


I've continued this far in the series because the chapters are so short and quick to read, but I'm dropping it now. Even as a light read, I cannot recommend this series. <<less
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Pandevil rated it
August 11, 2017
Status: c10
It's an enjoyable spin on harem reincarnation. Here the MC (a "capture target") remembers a certain dating sim smartphone game just before confessing to the "protagonist". She becomes furious and takes revenge by destroying his favor ratings with other girls. It's super satisfying to see this guy get rekt (im sick of harem novels).

Im not sure this is a spoiler since every other reviewers talks about it...

... more>>

The guy's character develops as he recognises how his world isn't a game and realises his real love for Kii (the mc).

I understand why people the hate the guy but taking the perspective of that he is a player rather than a (game) player makes him worst than he actually is. He seems more delutional than scum. He's originally a low self-esteem otaku and in his 2nd life he still felt this way despite being handsome and fawned over. He only gains confidents when he recieves the smartphone game and that sudden shock. Then he simply tries to live out the dream of being in a videogame (I mean who in the world wouldn't? I'd definitely chase that 7 if sent to Mystic Messengers)

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SunsetChaos rated it
October 23, 2016
Status: Completed

Well, this went downhill fast. MC got together with trash again. She jumped right back in like a tsundere with open arms. I don't ship them.

Best ship, Mob A, tossed aside just like that. This had potential to be a great story.

Escape my ass. Fuk this kind of romance.

old review:... more>>

Interesting. MC came to her senses in time, no longer one of those capturable girls blinded by love and simply exist to be captured. She keeps rejecting the shitty stalker game protagonist reincarnator, who is secretly trying to establish a harem.

... but then ch 6 happened. This better not be going where I think it's going...

Best route is no romance and just being all cold, calm, cool, not being pushed around by emotions or anything. Basically revenge route or just completely ignoring/blocking him out of her life. Even if she needs to fall in love, at the very least don't fall for the same guy again...

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Cmdt_Aeon rated it
July 29, 2018
Status: c17
Let's be clear: this novel has a lot of potential, and decided for some reasons to throw that by the window.

It could have been pretty awesome, yet it is as disapointing as a french beer when you are used to belgian.

I hope that the author will wake up and use the insane potential of her novel, but hey, won't read it because I don't have time for lost causes.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Miss Ruby
Miss Ruby rated it
May 25, 2017
Status: c8
A cute story. I read to pass the time and I enjoyed it very much
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Inanari rated it
December 24, 2016
Status: c7.3
It's definitely an interesting idea, and I do like the mc's initial rejection.
... more>>

Boy who's actively chasing other girls depending on the day of week? Yea, scum.

What I don't understand is how easily MC forget this part of Aoi. Is it her lingering attachment from the time before she receives her memories? Denial that her kind and cool senpai isn't really scum inside? At the very least, shouldn't the part of her that's not "Kii-tan" reign herself back? I like how she helps her fellow capture targets see the scum in Aoi, but coupled with her own interactions with him, it just seems more like she's derailing the harem route to the "Kii-tan" route.

I also don't understand why the MC is sympathizing with Aoi. Sure he's been hiding his "true" self behind a mask and she hasn't made an effort to discover that "true" self. BUT that true self is also the one who decided, for whatever reason, that it's a good idea to lead a bunch of girls by the nose into his harem. He doesn't even try to get to know them and instead gets all his answer from his phone.
But maybe he has a "good" reason. Maybe he, like the MC, receives a bunch of memories one day, gets an existential crisis and decides that this is his only path. Who knows. This, of course, doesn't excuse the fact that HE was the one who set the ball rolling down the harem route. The Aoi who chose to play around with hearts is definitely trash. Because of this, it rubs me wrong that MC is on the route of forgiving him, but doesn't seem to be looking for an apology. :/ Getting charmed by his words, looks, actions, but please don't fall in love so easily.


Personally, the ideal route is all capture targets enlightened, no romance. (Though this seems unlikely)

If Ei-kun gets more scenes and interactions, Ei-kunxMC romance route

If Aoi gets a logical backstory, AoixMC friendship route

No Aoi romance please. Bzzzt <<less
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Maverynthia rated it
April 18, 2019
Status: extra
It had such promise that finally, YES a female character actually goes with the 'right guy', but in the end what you though would happen happens. She doesn't escape at all and instead becomes another conquest for the stalker scum.

It would have been a much better if she went with Eita, but no. Girls in Japanese novels are not allowed to be happy it seem and will always go for the scummy character.

Or how about a complete plot twist where it is Kii who gets the entire harem of girls... more>> and leaves the game, ditching Aoi in the end. <<less
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June 27, 2017
Status: c8
MC tries to escape the guy that is trying to capture all the targets using his cellphone. 'Tries' being the operative word here. She is slowly opening up to him and trying to make the protagonist of the setting like her for who she is and not just rely on data to capture her feelings.

I admit, I actually wanted her to leave the protagonist behind and not be captured by him. ^-^;;; The novel is easy to read and the chapters are long, you may get irritated at the MC for... more>> interacting with the protagonist though >.< <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
KuroInfinity rated it
September 13, 2019
Status: extra
Luckily I found this now, when it was completed and not when it was slowly being updated, because I would've hated it if it I were stuck waiting at chapter 6 or so like many of the other reviewers.

This story is short, sweet, and deep. It explores and fleshes out true character development, all while exploring what it really means 'see' someone.

... more>>

The ML is trash. He quintiple-timed girls to make his own harem because he was reincarnated as the protagonist as in an gal-game, after the MC realizes this after regaining her memories, she changes herself and forces the ML to realize that there was more to them than whatever statistics were written for them in the game. She breaks the harem, forces the girls to realize they don't need the ML so they can move on with their lives, while at the same time forcing the ML to become a better person. He's the one who breaks it off with the other girls for her, and I absolutely loved it.


Would 100% recommend this novel to anyone who wants something short and sweet. I don't think this novel deserves the low score it has. <<less
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The1Rin rated it
February 20, 2019
Status: Completed
I love the way it began, instantly hooked me in but after time it slowed down and wasn't as interesting as the MC was avoiding the guy so it got annoying and repetitive. It's a sweet story, rough around certain areas and a little rushed but if it had more chapters I think it would be too much so it ended at a good place.

The interactions between characters were really interesting (not all the time) so I had fun reading their conversations. it would have been nice to see a... more>> bit more of the future after the ending... <<less
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