Between Friendship And Milk


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Woohyuk and Yoosu who are childhood friends have always been together since they were born. Elementary school, middle school, and high school. They even planned to go to the same university.

However, during the winter vacation of his third year in high school, Woohyuk’s body deteriorated rapidly. Worried, Yoosu tries to take him to the hospital, but Woohyuk gets angry, saying that it is useless.

Yoosu starts college life alone like that, but feels empty without Woohyuk, who was always with him. Feeling Woohyuk’s absence, Yoosu tries to find out about his issue somehow…

“… Do you really want me to not get sick?”
“Why do you say something obvious? Heuheu.”
“Can I tell you what I really need?”
“Uh? Mhmm!”
“… Lend me your chest.”
“If you want me to not get sick… Give that as a birthday present.”

The drunken brain translated Woohyuk’s words as ‘I want to cry, so lend me your chest.’ So Yoosu smiled broadly and agreed.
But when he woke up, Woohyuk was sucking on his chest.

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우정과 우유 사이
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Vrio rated it
May 8, 2023
Status: c22
I thought the breastfeeding was like a kink but it play out a more crucial role for the couple. The author (and translator) are good in convey the feelings of both character about the weirdness of the act, ML is totally aware how weird is to ask someone this and MC just plain think it must be a dream till consecuences hit him.

The reason for the breastfeeding is justified in a very paranormal way, so better don't give them to much thought as the novel is just about the cp... more>> and is a short one.

I will say this is a Smut with (romance) Plot. No big drama and a little bit of dub-consent at the beginning (esp for the 'friend wants to help a bestie and just thought getting him drunk will help in to it'), but nothing to loasome.

Still reading and probably will finish it and is clear they will have a HE. <<less
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secretwriterperson rated it
October 11, 2023
Status: Completed
Hahaha, this entire story was a fluff filled with smut 😂

Honestly, if you don't wanna think a lot, just want to enjoy some supernatural, cute smutty story: please try this out.

The translation is amazing, very thanks to the Translator for that!!

Coming to the story, there really is not much to say man.

I also thought maybe the breastfeeding is a kink or some lie just for the progress of the relationship between these two childhood friends but it turned out, he is a werewolf who for some reason, needs to "milk", haha


Do give it a go- a short story with a cliche ending but cute, nonetheless.
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