Becoming the Immortal Devil through Doomsday


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Wu Ping transmigrated into the world of immortal cultivation and became a disciple of the outer disciple of the Blood Rain Sect. With his qualifications, he was confident that he could lead a peaceful life.

But, who would have thought Wu Ping’s sea of consciousness was connected to a zombie world?

What was more outrageous was that the zombies actually had living souls.

The zombie’s corpse can be used to refine and improve his cultivation.

Its blood can be used to refine the blood flame technique, and its soul can be used to enhance the soul-refining technique.

Its crystal cores can also strengthen the human body and awaken psychic abilities.

Soon, the zombie world became Wu Ping’s backyard for cultivation techniques.

[Eternal Demon Green Art: It uses half-souls to condense tree species. It must be provided with blood and corpses as nutrients. The more nutrients it absorbs, the more powerful the Eternal Demon green tree will be, and the stronger the spiritual Qi it will generate] Wu Ping directly planted the magic green tree in the zombie world, with corpses as nutrients.

In no time, all kinds of terrifying demon cultivation techniques shone under Wu Ping’s hand one by one.

The entire immortal cultivation world trembled for him, calling him the ‘Immortal Devil’.

But Wu Ping didn’t kill anyone. All he killed were zombies.

A group of righteous cultivators: “You, Immortal Devil, don’t come over ah!”

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After traversing to the apocalypse, I am extremely delighted as a Demon Cultivator
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Goblin Sleuth
New Goblin Sleuth rated it
July 12, 2024
Status: c53
Honestly I like the premise, but for the love of god please get an actual translator. Half of what you read makes zero sense, and is just nonsense words. It is blatantly obvious this is a machine translation, a very bad one at that.
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Meta0202 rated it
May 5, 2024
Status: --
a person has been reincarnated in the world of cultivation, but when he finds out that he has a golden finger and uses it, getting into the modern world where all buildings look like ruins. But the main character does not understand. Then he meets a zombie, but even so he doesn't understand. Only then, after he asked the man in the shelter, only then did he realize that he had fallen into a zombie apocalypse. Do you think with such an extremely s*upid main character, someone will read this... more>> seriously? I think not. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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