Because I Reincarnated as a Succubus, I’ll Squeeze Out Milk


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To drown men into dazzling pleasure and show them their loved ones in their dreams, that is a succubus.

Due to an accident, a young 17 years old boy named Riichi Hourai is reincarnated into a succubus due to a misunderstanding by the Reincarnation Support Department. For a succubus to live, she squeezes out man’s life essence and must consume it but Riichi as a former man firmly refuses it and would rather die than do such behavior.

Does a substitute for a life essence kind of food exist?

There is! And surprisingly it’s milk!!
However, There’s no race called a cow in another world let alone drink milk from other races.

Although the Rehabilitation Support Department gave him a dairy cow under special circumstances, he risks his own life raising the cattle who will become his life line in a parallel world and survive there while resisting his succubus nature.

Moreover, It seems the cow wasn’t just any ordinary creature…

Contrary to his desire for a peaceful life, Riichi was dragged into conflicts that influenced the fate of the world without him noticing it.

Though him and his best friend have both died in an accident and his best friend reincarnated a bit late, both of them haven’t noticed the existence of one another.

Can Riichi meet his best friend ever again?!

Will their friendship be the same like their past life?!

A romantic comedy with their new cheat forms start here.

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Sakyubasu ni tensei shitanode miruku o shiborimasu
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8 Reviews

Apr 05, 2018
Status: c171
I'm doing MTl so I can barely grasp what is going on. It's quite rare to find gender bender story like this that doesn't have any yuri or yaoi in it (yuri, yaoi, and the likes are an absolute turn off for me). MC reincarnated after an accident as usual together with his friend, but they got separated from the start. MC is reincarnated into succubus because of some misunderstanding by the reincanation departement. Succubus only able to live by sucking men's life energy by performing le*d act, MC refused... more>> to do so and asking for a substitute food, that happened to be milk. So MC got an OP cow with him/her and safely reincarnated, so we follow her (I just use "she" and "her" from now on) everday life as she slowly adjusted to her new life, find a job, gained friends, etc. This is quite a lighthearted story, the pacing is relatively slow, and got quite a bit of action (probably 30% each volume, each volume contain +/- 60 ch, so about 20 ch are action).

IMO, it's a very good gender bender story. MC's mental breakdown and dissatisfication after reincarnated to a woman (a succubus on the top of that) is described clearly and quite funny to read. There are some cringy things but it's alright, I guess.

The story mostly relied on dirty jokes for comedy material, as MC reincarnated into a succubus that is practically le*d demon, so her skill, condition to gain level, etc are mostly le*d related. Even the most action related scenes in this novel are le*d related


even her friend suffered because of rencarnation departement screwed up and gained a very embarassing power, at least his gender doesn't change and his appereances doesn't become uglier


Even though there're actions, MC isn't strong in a combat sense. Reincarnated guys are stronger than usual, so MC is strong indeed... in a succubus sense. Like, she got cute voice, beautiful face, G-cup b**bs, and even special skill that could dominate men. She's a perfect succubus.

MC is a dense idiot, but she's a cute idiot so it's fine, I guess? I know the early chapters are somewhat irritating but it gets better later. Although she's still not very smart, but she got resolve, bravery and decisive when it matters. She often mentions how much a coward she is in her previous life and she indeed changed after reincarnated, so she ain't that irritating like in the earlier chapter.

Even all of that, she's still dense. But I think most of the jokes won't work if the MC isn't dense. Like, she's pure, dense, has no consciousness as a woman and a beautiful busty girl on the top of that. She's a VERY easy target.


she work as a waitress in a bar where most of the attendant are rough adventurers. You can guess the rest


The translation is good but this novel is listed a side project, so expect a slow update

Overall I think this novel is good for everyone that liked gender bender, so don't hesitate to read it <<less
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Dec 12, 2017
Status: v1c14
There something wrong with the MC. She (was he) are too easily trust stranger that he never learn from her previous mistake. Her companion keep remind her of the current situation yet she just dont care and wait to be save. Sometimes I just wish someone just r*pe her so she will learn the lesson.

The story try too hard to be funny that it's pain me to keep read it. Sometimes, I dont even realise it suppose to be a joke
character development for MC as for chapter 14 are none.
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Dec 12, 2017
Status: v1c14
Silly mc! Ridiculous circumstances and overall pretty unique gender bender. Want more!!! Lol, in all seriousness, I adore this series so far. I normally figure out series yay or nay within the first 5-7 chapters but this just had me laughing, cringing, and sympathizing. Sometimes at different times and others a weird mesh of all three. I recommend this if you are looking for an interesting and unique genderbend! ***Translators are great by the way so thank you guys for the hard work, especially during this rough period!
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Sep 18, 2017
Status: v1c3
very early mini review

Finding it ver hard to keep reading at the moment, first 3 chapters are all comedy.... kinda, it tries so damn hard to be funny the whole first 3 chapters and it fails so damn badly at it, ill keep at it since I like succubus stories but sadly all succubus stories ive found interesting have always been dropped, just once id like to see one finish
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Oct 03, 2018
Status: c20
This is surprisingly good. The author catches all the "manga developments", just that it is from the girls perspective. The story is full of funny misunderstandings and weird developments.
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Apr 05, 2018
Status: v1c14
For Japanese Tsukkomi-type comedy, this light novel is absolutely hilarious thus far. The receptionist in the first few chapters is absolutely brutal, and the jokes are pe*verted without being overly vulgar.

The characters have a ton of personality. Like most comedies of this style, their character traits are taken to extremes for comedic effect. In the main character, this manifests in the fact that she was a naive male shut-in who trusts too easily stuck in a succubi's body.

It's still pretty early, but it's moving along at a good pace and... more>> I've enjoyed each chapter. It's also apparently popular enough to get a manga adaptation so I'm looking forward to where it goes.

Also the reviews on this saying the story is trying too hard to be funny are some of the dumbest things I've ever read. That's like complaining that a Shounen manga talks about friendship too much, or that a horror story has too much gore.

It's a comedy.

Trying to make you laugh is, just maybe, the point. Humor is always subjective and maybe this isn't your cup of tea, but in that case, go read something else. To knock it down for trying is just silly. <<less
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Mar 17, 2018
Status: c36
Its comedy, ecchi and gender bender naivety.

The protagonist was meek male shut-in in his previous life, died in a accident and because of misunderstandings and bad timing, got assigned a succubus body for his reincarnation.

Sadly there are few chapters translated, but they have good quality, enough that I managed to advance with a rough idea of the general flow to continue reading using machine translation.

I liked it a lot! Give it a shot! :P
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Dec 17, 2017
Status: c30
It's alright. The jokes isn't that good but it isn't bad either and the characters is enjoyable so far although the pacing of the story is really slow and the MC a little bit too s*upid for his/her own good but that might change as the story goes.

The overarching plot described in the synopsis hasn't come into play yet but I'm looking forward to it.

I give it 4/5 overall although that's subject to change.

(Note: if you have any questions regarding the translations please contact me in our discord group... more>> or comment in one of the chapter, thank you.) <<less
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