When I Summoned a Succubus S*ave, My Sister Is the One That Appeared


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Among grandfather’s memento, I found an old notebook. It says『How to summon a succubus s*ave』…Of course, I tried it, for some reason my little sister, Yurika appeared.

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02/05/16 Machine Sliced Bread c1-4
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September 14, 2020
Status: Completed
If for the smut then it's okay. Same of the summary the brother was surprised that it's his lil sis who appeared when he chanted the spell

Why is the sis a succubus?

... more>>

It was their grandmother who had blood of succubus&will be passed down on generation (ramdomly/once in a while there will be someone of the fam who'll be succubus)


At first the brother kinda hesitating he's already thirty dont wanna be a magician forever but well lil imouto said its okay if it's her niichan

┐ ( ̄ヮ ̄) ┌ that's that 4chap of meeting then smut The End <<less
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April 1, 2022
Status: c1-4
Short and sweet. The POV changes randomly throughout the chapters from 3rd Person to 1st Person for literally no reason, and gets a little annoying, but the story is only 4 chapter long, and the chapters are relatively short, so it doesn't get on your nerves too much.

Theres is an age gap between the characters (MC is 30, imouto is 15), but its only brought up in chapter one, and is never actually utilized, and just completely pointless.

Overall, a short read. Nothing groundbreaking, but nothing terrible either. A good way... more>> to kill maybe 30 minutes. <<less
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