Back To My Husband’s Youth


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The only thing I regret before I die is that I met Li Qinyuan too late.

Once reborn, she returned to the age of 15.

Gu Wuyou was full of joy to find Li Qinyuan, she planned to meet him in the best years of his life, however, looking at the young boy jumping down from the branches with his hands behind his head, his phoenix eyes looked at her: “You’re looking for me?”

Gu Wuyou: ????

The husband that Gu Wuyou remembered was silent but gentle, powerful and feared by everyone, but it wasn’t until she was reborn that she discovered that her husband wasn’t only proficient in all things, but was also the city’s notorious second-rate ancestor, who was hated by everyone and was useless except for his face.

The two lives of the couple, the two lives of healing.

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katiethairu33 rated it
August 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Well, I also feel that it's a great slice of life romance novel. There's not much face slap and revenge. It's about how the MC pursues ML and it's a very sweet story set in an alternative ancient setting. Women here have more freedom and second marriage is also okay. I found it very unique. The background setting ensured for a more complex and free pursuit of ideals. Hence I didn't feel that their love was superficial at all. The ML was confused because he could see the MC wasn't... more>> pursuing him because of his looks or his background. He was at the most weakest point of his life. He was basically whiling away his time by being an unproductive bastard just to piss off his father and be rebellious. MC was the light in his dark world. She supported him despite the many troubles it may cause her and even ruin her reputation. The ML only started changing after MC almost offended every official child studying at school by defending ML. To have someone believe in you so unconditionally is not simply because she 'likes' him. He earned that trust in his last life. And she is simply returning what he paid for her in this life. It was beautiful and poignant. Sure, they were extremely naive and childish in their interactions with each other but they were 16 & 15 respectively. I thought it was tolerable for them to create such silly & sweet memories which they didn't have in their dreary life before.

The villain is complex but I don't find him endearing in any way. I would respect him if he could give up his wishful thinking that he still stood a chance with her after everything he did in his last life. But no, he was a bastard through and through.

And a traitorous one at that. He can disregard the lives of soldiers and even play with the emperor's life to get his goal. Sure it may seem romantic but he was just being selfish. Does MC want him? Does MC really need his half-hearted regrets and owes? It's ridiculous. He was just being full of himself.

In this life, in the academy, I was still expecting him to grow as a human. Maybe he will choose to take out his cruelty on his father who was the cause of everything? And then I don't know, actually be nice to the women who love him whole-heartedly? Sure, Wang Zhao is a bit*h but she did love him and all the hateful things she did were for him and he leads her on to use her background. He still looks down on her while using her. What an absolute prick. I mean, he would've been adorable if he could remember his mother and not be like his father and be nice to some other woman in this life. Welp, that didn't happen so I still hate his guts. I actually feel the 'villain' or ex husband in Baifumei in the 70s was more pitiful. He was actually human. Apart from being cold and neglecting because he couldn't understand his own feelings, he didn't do many dastardly things. But this villain is just plain disgusting. Sure he has a tragic past but nobody forced him to repeat history and emulate his disgusting father. He chose fame & fortune in previous life and in this life too he didn't care if MC wanted his distorted feelings. He just wanted her so tried to get her. He's just a selfish bastard. Even when he died, he didn't understand what he did wrong. He's just a self-absorbed, unrepentant prick. Ugh. He regrets but not for the right reasons. He wasn't sorry to just one woman. He thinks he's being a great man by trampling on the pride of one woman to 'show his love' for another one. He's just so distorted. It was a little draggy at times, but it's not because it was a bad story but it was because of their age and their interactions. Like, I wasn't expecting school and exams, meeting boys for breakfast dates, etc when I read the synopsis. So, that may be the reason it felt slow. But if you go in expecting a mellow romance story, it will feel sweet & cute. So, I still enjoyed it. Especially the extras. They were very nice. I wished there was one about Gu Rong though. Like, I want to know why he didn't marry. But it's not explained. Ehhhh. Anyway, the rest was pretty tied up. No loose ends. <<less
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Mizushi-hime rated it
November 4, 2021
Status: --
i personally don't like the MC personality that much? I mean she's reborn so I was expecting that she'll be calmer and think things through, but she can't control her emotions whenever she meets the ML ... more>>

she even told her sister (mtl said so) that she dream about the ML n that she was his wife n so on, um why? I would thought that the MC was crazy tbh


the romance itself is nice I guess, there's not too many conflicts n I think it lacks some development, I do love the MC family interaction, all in all it's a pretty good story <<less
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silent hobby
silent hobby rated it
October 30, 2021
Status: Completed
I have mixed feelings about this novel. It is good and also bad.

I think the ending is just abrupt and for my personal opinion, it’s need a few more paragraphs to make it end beautifully.

It’s a novel that is fill with romance about the both of main characters without many twists.

I likes and hates the personality of the MC. She has the courage to chase after the ML despite of ancient culture that girls and women heavily restricted because they have to prioritise family’s reputation. If the timeline in current... more>> time, I will approve her courage.

Well, I just didn’t think that the storyline fitted the timeline, that’s my personal opinion.
Overall, it’s not a bad novel. You could try this if you don’t have any good novel to read. <<less
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July 20, 2021
Status: Completed
So I finished reading this with MTL. The plot reminded me of Bai FuMei in the 70's because it has the same plot. It also exudes the same energy, except that this novel is set in a more ancient setting.

I could say that the romance between our main couple here is very smooth. There's a lot of fluff. It's just sometimes I feel that it's too superficial? Like once they decided that "Yeah, I like this person, " everything's gonna revolve around that person.

Compared to the main couple, I think... more>> I was more intrigued with the character of the second male lead/ villain in the story. You'll both hate and pity him at the same time. His POV felt more real than that of the main couple (I don't know that's just my opinion).

It's so heart-wrenching. This villain was evil in the past life, alright. He married the FL in the past life but he didn't cherish her. They divorced and the FL got together with the ML. When the FL went back to the present life, she broke off the engagement with this villain and she went to the capital to find our ML. When this villain realized that he really likes our FL, he pursued her sincerely (it's just that it's already too late because the FL has the memories of the past life and she's determined to spend her life with the ML). When he made his evil plans, he still makes sure to protect the FL. When he died, I felt happy and sad. His character is a lot more complex than that of the FL and the ML.


All in all, I think it's a good romance story. It's really a slice of life. It's kinda draggy at times, but I think it's worth the shot, especially the heart-warming scenes in the FL's family. FL's relationship with her father and brother is very noteworthy. <<less
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darkelf01 rated it
June 20, 2022
Status: c120
I wouldn't recommend you to read the first few chapters while you're at work, school or public place. I haven't had difficulty to stop my tears from falling before but those first few chapters were unbearable and so I have to stop reading before I break down in front of my coworkers 😭💀

Not only was it awesome on the romance side, but the family side was heartwarming too. I like that the MC strived not only to have a better relationship with her future husband, but also with the family... more>> she used to disregard because of her paranoid love for the second ML when she was young.

It could've been shorter, though... A slice-of-life genre that pushed past 120 chapters usually eats up my patience since there are many unimportant things written just to lengthen the chapter count. I understand that a CN author's income mainly comes from the VIP access and 'mines', but milking it for too long is hardly praiseworthy.

The author was very wordy and they took the long and slow way so it was a doze to finish. I'm already bored when I approached ch 100, moreso when

the ML travelled for a year and the MC did excessive and recklessly thoughtless things unsuitable for unmarried girl of their era... At first I thought that she was brave for chasing and acknowledging her love for ML so openly, but after ML left to make a fortune to wed her... She looked way too desperate and cheap

. I kinda wanted to drop this novel at this point. <<less
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ragingmisandrist rated it
June 12, 2023
Status: --
This is a beautiful story. I genuinely love everything about this novel & recommend to anyone who loves a well written story with realistic characters & beautiful relationships. It doesn't have constant petty drama or misogyny. It's simply about a woman waking up in her youth with eyes of maturity & years of experience, letting her see & fix her own shortcomings & misunderstandings of the past
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Shortk rated it
May 28, 2023
Status: c120
If I'm being honest, this novel lacks a soul. As in I think the only real concept the plot stays true to is that the MC LOVES the ML and wants to be next to him. Other than that, this book doesn't really make sense. It's if you were to write a modern day Chinese rich misunderstood boy meets loving all-in rich girl who believes in u, high school/college student life in an "ancient china" setting lite where parents don't know how to communicate, every family member likes you just... more>> cuz you did the smallest thing just like Korean novels, and suddenly there's a business aspect. It doesn't make sense. It lacks a soul. These are all fine, but the connections to there aren't deep and the execution could feel more meaningful. The potential for the writing is there, the author knows how to write poignant scenes for sure; however, the big picture logic is lacking. It really is for the romance only with some family. People who like sweet romances and can ignore things that don't make sense for it will like this..

Ngl tho, the MC is so dense like a mf. I don't wanna say dumb but she's isn't careful or observant that's for sure.


I hate ppl who sacrifice their entire happiness bc they think the person is better if they don't say anything. Gu tiao is making me bang my head on a wall. She literally is sick bc she's depressed and dying due to it but she won't tell the men who is making her depressed she loves him which would probably make her not depressed anymore even tho he's only given her green light signs. Obviously the original sin is dumb parents.

Btw in case u need to know to continue reading, yes the ml's dad is alive. Only lol the writing never mentions his name again after he comes back from the war smh

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czeihne rated it
June 26, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a rebirth story.

The onset of story started after LQ died during battle and she was so sad that she poisoned her self and woke up as a 15 or 16 yr old girl who fell into the lake.

... more>>

Having her memories in her past life, where she was obsessed with SC who treated her badly, took concubines who plotted against her where she. Had a miscarriage. Losing her child was her last straw. After that, she divorced SC, who at that time finally realized that he loved GW and was willing to abandon everything for her but it was too late

After divorcing, she went back to capital where she met the 25 yes old General LQ. With several encounters, LQ fell in love with her despite the fact that she can no longer give birth.

They got married, initially, GW did not love LQ that much due to fear from past relationship, until she did. LQ died. She also died.

Going back to 2nd life, this time she was proactive and her goal is to meet LQ early, went to same school as him, LQ was doesn't go to school, when he did, he only sleeps and has a bad reputation. She approached him frequently, until he got used to her presence, until they fell in love. At the same time, SC got his memories from past life nad want to win GW back. He resulted to provoking one of the prince to rebel and to frame LQ which all failed till SC was sentenced to death by hanging. GW and LQ married had a son.

She also told him about their past life

Read the extra chapters
More of the back story of GW and LQ in 1st life.

The ending is quite open ended, so you will get the closure you want with the extra stories <<less
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NadiaClover rated it
June 6, 2022
Status: Completed
Fyi, you have to read the extra stories too. Cause if just read the main, at the end of chapter it become open ending. But, in the extra all become clear. And there is stories romance of two ML bestfriends!! Although their stories are not much, and I hope their stories more clear. But that's okay, at least everyone have their happy ending.

The most mixed feelings I have when I read this is Zhao Chengyou. He is hateful but also pitiful. Well, he is unlucky to have no one to... more>> support him when he needed the most. No, he have FL to support him, but FL at that time is still a brat who still dont understand anything. What I have to say is he really meet FL in the wrong time. But still, what he did to FL in FL last life is unforgivable, although I think at that time he dont understand what to love someone means. I mean he have such a bad father and no one in his family is really sincere. So, it's understandnable that he become egoistical. I mean when anyone dont care about you, who will care beside yourself? Sure you have to care yourself first. And because of that, I think it's hard for him to make him love other unconditionally. If he met a mature girl who love him unconditionally when he still teens, I think he wont be like now. Unfortunately, he met FL. So yeah, I think, in life, they are just met to hurt each other. He just so unlucky. This is one section novel that really describe what he is.

When he first saw her being bullied, when he helped her drive away those people, when he saw her biting her lip and refused to cry, he also felt distressed.

It's just that things went way too fast afterwards.

The death of his mother, his father's preference, and even bringing him close to Gu Wuyou because of his status... He grew up in pain, but what about Gu Wuyou? She is like a child forever surrounded by candy, unaware of other people's pain.

He began to be disgusted, he began to be jealous, and he began to blame God for injustice.

But he...

really liked her.

For ML, I think he is lucky. At least he have 3 bestfriends. He met FL in the right time. Well, they are just destined to be.

Human relationship is really complicated. One wrong move, can decide whether to go up or down. <<less
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theliongirl rated it
December 30, 2023
Status: Completed
Just finished the MTL, and this was actually quite a good story. At the beginning I actually felt that the FL behaved too childishly, but as the story developed I came to feel that her behavior was natural for her character.

One thing about this story that really shone was the characterization, the author is really good at writing complicated characters and developing them. I came to love, and for those I didn't love I could still understand. Every character in this story is imperfect, and it makes them so human.

Some... more>> of the plot at the end felt sudden, but overall the story was good. During the extras about her past life, I had a good cry that went on for a couple of chapters. Actually, I've read things that were much more heartbreaking and tragic, but I really connected to the MC and her troubles. So often in stories the MC will have some crazy grievances that are hard to relate to, but even if I've never had a similar experience here I could still easily empathize.

This story is actually quite funny because although the setting is some vague Chinese historical dynasty, the first half really feels like a school romance. The last bit feels more like a typical historical China rebirth story. But don't expect it to be historically accurate at all, the characters are much more lax about how they act compared to other novels of historical setting.

The relationship is so nice, pure fluff at the beginning and sweet established relationship later on. I also really liked all the family relationships and the friendships that continued on.

I was thinking about giving this a 4 since it's not like this is a super complicated story or anything, but ended up giving it 5 stars since I really connected to it. <<less
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Eeria rated it
October 2, 2023
Status: Completed
It’s a 4.5

This novel is solely focused on romance and how love can bring redemption.I like the FL she is singleminded about the ML but somehow it makes her endearing in my eyes. When I would have found it annoying with any other female lead. I guess it’s because on this story the ML had treated her well since the beginning, from past life to this life, it’s understandable why she cant let go of him. And in other stories, the ML is usually a jerk mistreating the FL

The male... more>> lead is clueless and a bit immature but he is also devoted to her before he even realized he liked her. All in all adorable.

There isn’t much to the story but it was so well written I couldn’t give a lower rating. <<less
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_kil96 rated it
May 6, 2023
Status: c140
Still in the midst of reading... will update once finish.

My dislike for MC just grew in every chapter I read. Due to MC I just give a 3.

I personally don't like MC. The storyline is great, ML is great but MC just dissapoint me so much. She is a rebirth person but she not using her past life's knowledge in current life just tick me off. She could forget such one of important things in ML's life. Urgh.

Idk just the MC don't sit well for me.
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