Aobara-hime no Yarinaoshi Kakumeiki


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The kingdom of Heileland had a long and proud history. However, during the night of the Star Festival celebrating the birth of the kingdom, Queen Alicia was stabbed through the chest as a rebel army stormed the castle.

Her beloved king had abandoned the people and fled with his favorite mistress. Alicia should have died in the depths of despair, reviled as the “Courtesan’s Poisonous Rose”, but for some reason, she was given a second chance at her life.

On her 10th birthday, she suddenly regained memories of the night of the uprising. In her redo-life, Princess Alicia began to ascertain what happened through the chaos. In a strange twist of fate, Alicia ran into the bishounen who had killed her in her previous life: Clovis.

The princess, to whom fate had granted a second chance, in order to avert the gruesome future awaiting the kingdom, must work together with the would-be leader of the revolutionaries, Aide-to-the-Princess, Clovis.

Associated Names
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Redemption of the Blue Rose Princess
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New Lumina25684 rated it
December 9, 2018
Status: c137
In terms of expectation, I'd give this a 3.5 star. I'm not really a fan of policies, and translating this was a bit confusing sometimes, so that might add the rating.

I was expecting something more from this and what it gave me was not my cup of tea. I mean, sure there is romance, and the truth this eventually revealed (great plot, and hidden plot, but translation may have ruined it), but it felt like a drag, especially the part where she is 10, which is about half the chapters,... more>> and mostly talks about politics in and between countries. Then the POV changes and talks about prince Friz (her husband) and other nobles too. All in all, the romance is really small and not up to my expectation at all. <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
October 22, 2017
Status: c1
It's only chapter one but I can't believe someone already gave it a one star. And moreover it's the first rating given to this series **laughs**

Alright. From the first chapter, we can (temporarily) conclude:

    • The Female Lead (FL) is a Queen of a vassal country, whose feeling isn't reciprocated by her husband, the King. Even until the end of chapter one, she still thinking about the safety of her loved one.
    • The King is a bastard, for having an affair.
I really can't give any review because it's only one chapter lmao
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aceclover95 rated it
October 30, 2017
Status: c54
I read this using google translate, but what I read is really good and worth it.

... more>>

So what you will see in chapter 1 and 2 is part of the prologue. Those are the memories that Alicia remembered on her 10th birthday. She only remembered that night when the rebellion happened, and who killed her in that rebellion: Clovis (the male lead, yes Fritz is NOT the male lead). The first thing she did as she remembered all of that was trying to be more involved in her kingdom's activities to gain information about what causing the rebellion. She met Clovis during an event and made him her aide. From then on, Alicia and Clovis worked hard to better the kingdom. And it's hard to be taken seriously when you are a 10 year old girl. Like when Alicia presented her project to the court of nobles.

Oh and the relationship between Alicia and Clovis isn't just smooth sailing. Alicia remembered Clovis as her would-be-murderer so she had nightmares about him and sometimes hallucinated that Clovis watched her with malicious intent. But after some event, she told him about her memories of the rebellion (but she didn't tell him that he was her murderer and the instigator of the rebellion) and Clovis promised to help her anything he could.


I haven't finished reading this, and the novel is far from being finished. I'll get back and edit this after I read this. <<less
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ColaArcie rated it
August 8, 2018
Status: Completed
Thumbs up 👍

This is the story of Princess Alice who died and became 10 years old again. She'll trying to find out, what are the things she did to meet that bad ending. And change the future to meet the better ending not just for herself but also for the kingdom.
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diyaanubha rated it
June 21, 2018
Status: c7
The story is alright till now I think but it could have done better. The first impression of the MC I got was that she was a scardey-cat, foolish on certain matters and brave on some, but the aide of the MC makes up for all of her faults as he helps her. The MC does not seem to have overpowered abilities and the novel is a bit on the realistic side. Also there is some major politics going on in the story.

Overall I think it's a good read for... more>> people who like realistic and political novels. <<less
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