Another World’s Highest Guild Leader ~I’m the Weakest in the Guild, but I Can’t Quit the Guild Because of the Heavy Love of All the Guild Members~


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Crow, who was bullied just for having an unattractive face, gets hit by a car and wakes up in another world. Adventurers in this world are required to join a guild somewhere.

“No way, following someone else’s orders is bothersome. I’ll just create my own guild!”

Several years later, the guild he whimsically created became the strongest guild with top-class members. And, all of the guild members except Crow are either handsome, beautiful, or cute.

Furthermore, Crow is the weakest in the guild.

“I can’t be invincible in another world like this. I’ll just switch to a slow life in the countryside.”

But, when Crow wants to quit the guild, which has members that admire him with almost fanatical devotion, what will happen?

Thus begins the dark fantasy story of a lethargic protagonist and his guild members who worship him.

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