After Time Traveling, I was Forced to Marry a Wealthy Family


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Mu Ci, the seventh prince of the Yi Dynasty, was framed by a scoundrel and forced to commit su*cide by jumping into a well. He thought his young and beautiful life was over. However, when he opened his eyes, he found himself in the backyard of a wealthy CEO’s mansion.

Master Gu explained with a tangled expression on his face, “Time travel, do you understand? It means you’ve traveled from your dynasty to the 21st century.”

Mu Ci was confused and asked, “…like the story of Peach Blossom Spring?”

Gu Huai covered his face and said, “Almost… Anyway, don’t worry, I will take care of you. From now on, you can eat ice cream and watch TV as much as you like.”

Mu Ci was relieved, thinking he was holding onto a powerful and amazing thighs, and the rest of his life would be carefree. However, he didn’t expect that this CEO would develop an interest in him and attempt to force him into a marriage contract by using his compromising sleeping photos!

Mu Ci was shocked, “Wait, can two men get married?”

Gu Huai was greedy: “Actually, I still want to have a child with you.”

Mu Ci was shocked, “I am so ignorant that I don’t even know that humans have evolved to the point where men can have children in the 21st century.”

Gu Huai corrected himself, “I meant adopt, adopt! A family of three is the most stable. Once we have a child, you won’t run away again!”

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2 Reviews

Nov 05, 2023
Status: --
Have ever given a novel five stars, not because you like it but because the author could make you feel much hatred towards a character?

Then this novel is it.

I'm not giving it a five star due to love, but because of how much the author could make you hate the ML. I've never read about a character who is as scummy as him... sorry I have, but believe me, this is the worst.

... more>>

If you have read 2ha then you would understand. Believe me when I say this, but I regret reading 2ha because I thought the ML would change but in the end, he didn't. This one I just got bored since I already knew the ending. In the beginning, it was interesting to see how the protagonist wanted to escape and be free but had no way to do so. I loved his fighting spirit and how he never gave up. I knew they were going to end up together, but how the author wrote the crematorium was pretty sloppy. (Seriously using... oh sorry, I meant making a sad past for the MC to make him vulnerable, so that the ML could appear as his savior. Author, really?) I wanted to see the ML changed and apologize for what he did but nope, instead we get to see him bringing a psychologist to solve the problem in a day without any follow-up sessions. I suffer from some mild depression and I know that it doesn't go away in a day. So, to see the author use a psychologist to make the MC talk about his past against his will and also tell the ML everything just felt fake and disappointing. Psychology doesn't work that way. Imagine if you have a trauma and the person who caused your trauma hires someone to treat it and they tell the person who caused your trauma everything, would you want to get treated?


I don't know about the protagonist and I wouldn't compare his experience to me or anyone because I have never and pray that I never get to experience what he did. But I don't feel a hint of sympathy for him, especially after he starts getting soft. I don't hate but I think the protagonist hates himself.

I don't know what the author was trying to do by saying that the ML's scummy ways were better than some characters. Because to me being a scum is being a scum. One scum isn't better than the other just because they have different scummy ways.

The author hated the MC. Like please if the MC suffered all the things the author wrote and he ended up being happy with the scum, then what do you call that?
Ps I am going to change my five stars to 2 after this review.

The worst character in this novel isn't the ML but the people who saw the MC suffer, sympathize with him but never thought of doing anything.


Bai Ling, to have told the ML about the protagonist's whereabouts when he finally escaped made you the one I hated the most.

I decided not to read further as there is nothing to look forward to. <<less
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Oct 14, 2023
Status: Completed
Make sure you read the tags!!!

The ML is 100% possessive a-hole, and his best-friend (side couple ml) is even more scum. With those qualities, you'd expect this novel to be a heart-wrenching drama or a redeeming wife-chasing crematorium, but nope. The only thing that was redeeming about this novel was the MC and his past. But that's really it. MC forgives ML too easily, and only because ML finally "becomes" a normal decent human being.

read if you want something quick.

A more spoiler complaint

... more>>

I wish so badly that the MC could have given the pendant to the side couple shou, the side ML was not worth forgiving and my boy deserved to escape from him

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