Can You Take Me Away?


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Qi Feng grew up in a music hall, learning music skills and the six arts1. He was exceedingly handsome with a warm and gentle temperament, and a small mole on the corner of his lips that was particularly alluring. Many wealthy and powerful people looked forward to his coming-of-age, hoping to buy him out and keep him in a warm chamber.

One day, he was forced by a powerful official to go with them, but a young general who happened to pass by saved him. Qi Feng asked, “How can this s*ave repay the general?”

The general’s face was cold and proud, but his ears were red. He said, “When I come back victorious, can you play a song of Feng Qiu Huang2 for me?”

Qi Feng smiled. Among his admirers, not all of them were hateful people.

But three months later, he received the news that the general died on the battlefield.

When he woke up again, he had been reborn a thousand years later as a small-time celebrity in the entertainment industry, being harassed and forced in a nightclub.

Qi Feng wanted to escape, and suddenly he saw a man sitting in the corner of a private room. The man was exactly the young general who had saved him and made him wait for several months.

Pei Yan was forced to go to the nightclub by his friends, sitting alone in the corner smoking and passing time. A little star walked up to him and whispered, “Excuse me, can you take me away?”

Pei Yan’s eyes turned cold and he was about to refuse. But when he looked up, he saw the boy’s handsome and gentle face, and the slight mole on his thin lips was particularly eye-catching.

He couldn’t help but take the boy’s hand and bring him home.

Everyone who knew Pei Yan knew that he had a white moonlight in his heart. The white moonlight had a mole on his lips. Pei Yan practiced self-discipline and abstinence for that man, never indulging in any romantic affairs.

One day, there was a young and handsome boy with a faint mole on his lips by his side.

Everyone said, “Ha, President Pei finally can’t stand loneliness and found a substitute.”

At the same time, the little moonlight also learned the news.

He rushed back to China and stood in front of Qi Feng, pointing to his lip, saying, “You should leave now.”

Qi Feng packed his bags and left the Pei house neatly.

Pei Yan learned that rumors about him had spread to Qi Feng and decided to go back home to explain to him.

In order to make Qi Feng believe him, he even bought a pair of rings and roses.

But when he arrived home, he saw that Qi Feng had disappeared without a trace.

“Talented and versatile noble son who is currently experiencing hardship” Shou x “Cruel yet loving husband who is taciturn” Gong

The small mole on his lips is Pei Yan’s obsession with Qi Feng from his past life.

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2 Reviews

Jul 25, 2023
Status: Completed
Unreliable review. I MTL'ed the whole thing.

The story had so much potential, unfortunately ML is the only well fleshed out character. MC is quite flat. I get that his character setting is restrained, but his resistance to ML up to the very end of the story makes me think that he doesn't really love ML the way ML loves him (understandable, given everything that happened, past and present). The backstory is not defined enough to justify ML's motivations, which leads me to believe that MC is just so damn beautiful... more>> that his love interests are willing to fight wars and betray comrades for him, because for sure none of his other attributes can cause that. His personality is not that stellar, nor is he particularly interesting. Just very, very beautiful. I feel like the only person MC truly loved was ML's dad, for his life saving grace, which I also do not understand since this person allowed MC to be sold as a musician in the past life. But this familial affection MC had for this uncle has been a big hindrance to ML and MC's relationship from start to finish, it's frustrating. I just felt bad for ML at some point.

Overall an okay read to kill time. Couldve been executed better, but maybe its the MTL that butchered it for me. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 06, 2023
Status: Completed
The story had so much potential, it started off strong and I love a good dose of angst, but the way it progressed really had me annoyed. The villains were shallow and predictable, and the face slapping doesn’t even show the ending of the villains, they just disappear from the plot after getting exposed. MC had so much potential but really started to get on my nerves the way he kept acting like a victim and the way he treated ML the entire time. At the beginning he was a... more>> strong character and his choices were made to stand up for himself but the way he kept leading the ML on towards the end was so aggravating. There is literally no communication between the two of them, it’s just MC being a stone wall and ignoring ML’s repeated boot licking. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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