After I Died, the Scum Gong’s Grief was Too Much for Him to Live


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Xu Zhun was terminally ill, and his doctor said that he only had 3 months left to live.

He wanted to spend his little time left to love He Chengyang but He Chengyang used his little time left to brutally hurt him.

Xu Zhun: If I die one day, will you be sad?

He Chengyang: Shouldn’t I be happy?

Xu Zhun was really dead, but He Chengyang, who was supposed to be happy, knelt in front of his grave and cried.

He said: Xiao Zhun, come back! I am willing to lose my life for you to come back!

After Xu Zhun was reborn, He Chengyang humbled and l**ked: “Xiao Zhun, give me a chance this time for me to love you!”

Xu Zhun kicked him off: “But I don’t love you anymore!”

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Not Today
Not Today rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: c65
I can't even begin to describe how much I DO NOT RECOMMEND this book.

... more>>

The ML has beaten, manipulated, r*ped, and even imprisoned the MC in their first life. (Which by the way takes a whole 55 chapters to be completed & then both the MC & ML are reborn several years into the past.) What's worse is that the ML is even DIRECTLY responsible for the MC's death in their first lives. He never trusted the MC regardless of his "feelings", and in the end thanks to the scheming of others, he puts the terminally ill MC in prison where he's beaten & r*ped to death.


After reading all of that angst & tragedy in their first lives I actually skipped ahead to make sure that I wasn't getting in over my head with this story only to find out that the scum male, that genuinely DESTROYED the MC's life almost singlehandedly is the ML! That's just a no from me, I don't care how much he regrets it & repents for his former actions, he does not deserve the MC!

Besides in their second life, one thing that I really don't like is that it's now the MC taking on the role of the ab*ser. I'm not being a victim blamer, but after being reborn he's hit/beat the ML multiple times. For instance, in one of the first few chapters after being reborn the MC slaps the ML, and the ML gets upset which scares the MC who's expecting his horrible temper, but instead the ML grabs his palm that's now red & worries over him. Was that supposed to be touching? That's NOT CUTE, ab*se is just plain wrong.


I haven't been able to find the completed raws, so I mean there is technically still hope that the ML isn't the scum gong, but that seems highly unlikely.

There have been some dub-con kisses between the two, and even a drunken confession where the MC says that he both hates the ML & Loves him. In the second life, the ML acts like gum stuck to the bottom of the MC's shoes. Follows him everywhere, confesses his love from Day One, apologizes, etc. But I genuinely hope that they're not endgame!!

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emiliers rated it
April 28, 2021
Status: --
Ahahaha, oh man, I almost forgot this story existed until it showed up on my feed again. I'll start by just saying straight-up: this is the absolute worst "scum ab*se" (if it can even be called that) and/or rebirth/revenge story I've ever read. Just... so awful it's actually super memorable, and even though it's been months since I've even touched it, I still remember most of the events with crystal clarity because it was just so terrible.

So, first off, if you are reading this for some good, ol' scum ab*se... more>> or even a basic revenge plot, you better stop while you're still ahead, because this series does not have any of that -- or at least, not any of that competently.

I think its first failure is in how much time it spends detailing, in absolutely excruciating detail, how much the ML ab*ses the MC. Like, usually with these kinds of stories, the author spends a few chapters on the ab*se before the rebirth comes, right? Well, here, the author spends, what? Literally a third of the story (like... fifty chapters, I wish I was kidding) on the original life before actually getting into the rebirth bits. And this original life is just ab*se on ab*se on ab*se, with no end in sight.


For a taste of how terrible it is: at one point, MC realizes he has... cancer? Some incurable disease that's almost certainly going to lead to death or something. He tells the ML, and the ML actually seems to start having some glimmers of regret about how he treated the MC, but then, within like a chapter, the ML's white moonlight have somehow successfully convinced the ML that... what? the disease is somehow faked? Then the ML's white moonlight ends up straight-up stabbing his adoptive mother when his mother begins suspecting that the MC is her actual son and not the white moonlight. And then he somehow manages to convince both the police and the ML that the MC was the attempted mu*derer, which leads to ML sending MC to prison... And then MC dies in prison from his illness.

And ML only thinks to check on MC to prove his brother (the second male lead who is vastly superior to ML in every way) wrong because the ML's brother is furious at ML for throwing a terminally ill person in prison while the ML is still convinced that the MC is faking.

And then, once the ML realizes the MC is dead, MC's mother wakes up and reveals the truth, that MC is her son all along -- the original person that ML liked when he was young -- and that the white moonlight is a mu*derer! L O L I CAN'T EVEN. And then, and then, the ML takes MC's corpse and sets both of them on fire... L M A O.

Like, holy shit, who would ever want to have a guy this mentally unstable as your boyfriend? And that's just the tail end of those FIFTY CHAPTERS. I'm not even listing out all the terrible things that the ML did to the MC before that.


So, when the author has spent so long writing, in vivid, lurid detail, how terrible the ML is, there comes a point where the ML passes the point of redemption. Like, after all of that, there was no way that the ML was ever getting redeemed, no matter how much he repents. Yet the author still insists on it!

And thereon, I come to the second way that this story failed -- the revenge is not satisfying at all. It's so unsatisfying that I'm left wondering why the author even bothered to make it the original driving force for the MC in his second life, because it's such an absolute nonentity in the next parts of the novel. In fact, the next part of the novel is just a huge will they-won't they between the MC and the ML, not the promised revenge.


So the primary antagonist is the ML's white moonlight, who is actually the MC's cousin. I did some rapid skimming of their backstory because I was so tired of the ab*se at that point, but essentially: MC's true identity is actually that of the son of a rich family, proven by a... pendant he has? White moonlight steals this pendant when they're young and reunites with said family under the pretense of being their son. He then pays off the doctor to fake blood tests, etc. And his primary motivation for framing MC was fear that his ruse will come to light (even though, uh, his mother still survives at the end of that lifetime, so he would've been SOL anyway, so REALLY BAD PLAN, MY DUDE, but no one is known for their IQ in this story).

Anyway, in the second life, both the MC and the ML get reborn back to their late teens, when they were still just classmates in high school instead of in a relationship. While the MC gets his memories back immediately, the ML gets like... a chapter or two to get his memory back, and then after that the revenge becomes a non-starter.

Because, after all that ab*se, after all the buildup from the terrible schemes of the white moonlight, the moment ML wakes up with his memories, he immediately comes out with the fact that MC is actually the true son and white moonlight is a schemer! And when this moves the mother to try and get a redone blood test, she then conveniently overhears the white moonlight and doctor discussing how to fix the blood test results! And that's it! Revenge over! White moonlight and doctor arrested, and MC accepted back into the family!

And this takes, oh, like five chapters to resolve!! Just... Right after the rebirth!! Without ANY of the MC's input!! Like WTF!!!


So after having to endure all those chapters upon chapters of ab*se, scheming, and setup for revenge, the actual revenge lasts... like, five chapters before it is resolved, and with very little of MC actually doing anything. That is NOT a satisfying way to end a revenge setup narrative (which this story absolutely was!)

Honestly, this was the point where I threw in the towel, because what was left of this story was basically just the ML groveling incessantly for the MC to take him back, despite literally causing his death in the previous life. And they're probably still going to end up together, despite the ML being an absolute sh*t without an ounce of self-reflection lmao.

Like, if this had an actual satisfying revenge component, I might have read to the end out of a morbid curiosity to see how that unfolds, but it doesn't even have that, so what does it have? Really, really bad soap opera-esque love drama that isn't even in the least cathartic because it's just the same tired old wank over and over again. Honestly, even if you like scum ab*se stories, I would not recommend this. It doesn't even have the audacity to be tr*shily entertaining, just tr*shy. <<less
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Heilong rated it
December 30, 2020
Status: --
I read up to half of the second arc after being reborn. First arc I'm like, okok, poor dude. I shed a few tears at the end of the arc and was totally ready for the scum gong ab*se in the second arc. I didn't get what I wanted.

... more>>

Xu Zhun died really tragically after getting tossed around by He Chengyang. It includes drama with Xu Yi, his disease, and finally dying in prison.


Angst in arc is really up my alley as I looked forward to arc 2 where Xu Zhun pays it all back.


But arc 2 gets really petty. 'Revenge' consists of nonfigurtively slapping He Chengyang many times, getting angry, and the overused plot device of being drugged. He Chengyang despite 'regretting' their last life is still a piece of sh*t. He didn't learn anything. He still forces kisses and other unwanted touching despite Xu Zhun making it clear he hates He Chenyang. What pisses me off most is that Xu Zhun's mother encourages it despite knowing Xu Zhun hates He Chengyang and gets them engaged even though there was an excuse. There's also the cliche "oooh I'm in a hospital ouch because I saved you and now you must be nice to me." Just admit it, the relationship is beyond redemption and the only way to make it seem ok is if tragic events suddenly appear to unnaturally force the two together.



I stopped reading as soon as the "I don't know why but I'm attracted even thought I hate him" appeared from Xu Zhen's mind. This is the first novel with a scum gong that I actively hope for the main character to end up with the other person in the love triangle. Aren't company presidents supposed to be wise in some aspects? He Chengyang is repeatedly s*upid, gets tricked, and is s*upidly stubborn the first arc. No tricking yet, but is repeatedly s*upid and is s*upidly stubborn in the second arc. I said before but He Chenyang learned absolutely nothing. No improvement at all other than regretting not having Xu Zhun around to fck.


This is the first novel I was so infuriated that I took so much time to write a review. I read it at 3 am because arc 1 and was good and really wanted He Chengyang is truly regret his character and his s*upidity in the second arc. No signs of that so far.

Another review gave a good review because he/she liked what was translated so far and I agree. But everything after rebirth... can't say the same. 我有点希望贺成扬永远不会好死。作者说‘哇,这故事好甜啊!’ 不甜。作者脑子有点不对。

I'll keep reading because I refuse to drop any novels at all. I wasted 2 hours reading arc 2 what's another 2 hours finishing it. The two stars are purely for arc 1. I'll update this review when I finish although I don't see much hope. <<less
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frozenlimabeans rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: c56
If you like gongs who are nice, considerate, trust their lover and treat them like human beings, this is


for you!

... more>>The gong is played around by the villain shou like silly and is just a straight up fool. Nonsense man! The MC is stuck in a toxic relationship ship, to the point where the ML killed the MC, only to regret it later. Which is s*upid. The author tries too much to justify ML's actions. "He was manipulated, " "he was tricked, " "he has a fiery temper." Thats all bull.

The second male lead, WHO TREATS THE MC LIKE A HUMAN BEING, is unfortunately sidelined for human garbage.
    1. Also justified r*pe from ML. Like wtf.
I understand the gong eventually "repents" and I do feel a smudge of pity. But, I wished he suffered more, from what I can see from the title, he gets the MC's heart.

Writing is good, translation is good.

Plot-wise? Dog blood drama, so many misunderstandings that could've been solved in ML had 0.00001 braincell <<less
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JustOldLaundry rated it
November 18, 2021
Status: --
This is horrible. I've read multiple books of many genres and have been reading the Chinese books for about a year a year now and have NEVER read anything that got on my nerves so much I had to write a review.

first of all,

... more>>

the first 50 or so chapters is just the MC being ab*sed, r*ped and verbally assaulted. No need to get THAT into detail, just 10 chapters would've been fine. The ML in manipulative and controlling I can't even. +the amount of times he caged MC to yell at him for doing something he didn't like and physically assaulted him is insane and disturbing.

Eventually, MC gets framed for a crime and thrown in jail. While there, he was bled out and died from his leukemia. ML proceeds to become a psycho and ends up committing su*cide. Also, this happened in the span of less than 10 chapters. Like what??


after that,


MC is reborn as his 18 year old self to 'enact revenge'... notice how I used '...' he basically tells the identity of the fake Lin Shuo and ML continues being a psycho and pursues MC



It's safe to say I skimmed through and skipped many chapters but I just couldn't continue reading when the ML DOESN'T UNDERSTAND that MC HATES him. That toxic and mentally abusive 'relationship' f*cked MC up into LIKING the ML even though his personality DID NOT change.


overall, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK unless you enjoy toxic relationships that stay that way, manipulating ML, physical, mental and s*xual ab*se, too much detail on the horrible relationship while everything else is just basically NONEXISTENT compared to it.

i just can't with this shit. if you liked f*cked up MLs, dumb MCs and second MLs that treat MC like a DECENT f*ckING PERSON then this is right for you. :/

I wish I could give this 0 stars because it is absolutely SHIT. I would like to EMPHASIZE that it is SHIT. <<less
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Raisins rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: --
I dont usually leave review but the other 2 seem to be missing point of as story like this.

This is one of those dog blooded drama with a scum gong and pitiful shou who gives up/does everything for the sake of love. Its embrassing but that stuff hits the good stuff. I got a soft spot for these soap opera-esque story. There's something enjoyable about watching your scum gong who is unsuprisngly a big shot ceo treat the shou like sh*t and not even realize he's got feelings about the... more>> guy.

ex. Of said behavior when our MC works overtime in order to have enough money to buy decent food when the gong express he wants to have dinner only for him to insult the meal not knowing our shou barely got anything to eat for himself.

Or when shou return home after doctor tells him his sick body cant handle physical intensity only for gong to push down all the while insulting him cause he just his booty call. Then stopping only cause his "white moonlight" calls. *Need eyeroll emoji*


Why because you know that same dude is gonna be kneeling when he wants to reform into a doting lover.

we already see traces of that even begore MC dies and gets reborn when gong bigger big shot older brother arrives on the scene. Oh love triangles, such a guilty pleasure.


So if you like that then your in the write place. *I'm mtling cause theres only 2 chps with dead links available. But the mtl is pretty understandable and easy to read. * <<less
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themeanmeat rated it
April 22, 2021
Status: c45
The title and the plot description is very deceiving. I'm already at ch45 and MC haven't died yet. I hate ML. I hate the plot twist more!!

MC is actually a lost son of rich and ML's white moonlight was pretending to be him. So ML treats the fake white moonligh with care and hurts MC not knowing that MC is his real love. Tsch!!

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 9, 2021
Status: -
Oh dear lord.... sigh... so this story 🙄😑 was recommended to me when I had tried (so hard trust me) to read 'The Black Lotus' and I was like 👍 anything better than Black Lotus will do my guy. I regret that thought so much...... Here's how this absolutely failed. (Fr tho I feel like the author is like a teen or smt cuz the way its written feels like what a 13-14 year old would write)

First reason why this failed was the fact that the author wrote (painstakingly...... more>> which was not needed) 55 chaps (or so maybe. I skipped most of them like I skipped 46 chaps of ab*se) full of the tiniest details on how the MC was ab*sed.... yea I didn't need that. I would have been ok with 5-10 chaps of ab*se and then pack and wrap it up and start with the revege.

Second The author has written such graphic detail about the ab*se that at this point I feel like there is no way the ML should get, or let me rephrase that, there is no way the ML even deserves a redemption arc but then again this is a that kind of book where the ML has to get a redemption arc because well he is the ML of the story so..... yea. Personally he doesn't deserve it. Plus like now the ML is totally crawling on the ground for the MC which is crazy and gross.

Third point I would like to point out is the fact that the revenge was like 5 chaps...... like WTH this is the first time I have seen this kind of problem. Usually books give way to many excruciating details on the revenge to the point I feel bored but this one focuses more on the ab*se? Ok we totally don't have balance here (or like in any book lol) but like author if the ML does everything for the MC then what is the point of the MC. At least Wen Niannan (MC form Black Lotus) was strong enough to face his own problems. Over here everyone is doing all the work for the MC.

Fourth thing is what pisses me the most.... why is the mother trying so f hard to put the two together (even tho she totally knows that her son hates the ML's guts the most) because I'll be honest that this toxic ass relationship is beyond saving and redemption and the only way for them to end up together is if some weird and totally hecked up sh*t happend and force-fully put them together. Plus like the ML learned no sh*t form his previous life he is still the same and probably only regrets the fact that he can't bang the MC.

Well at this point I got bored so I just left the story cuz in the end the ML and the MC will end up together (unless the MC has any self respect and braincells to spare then maybe he won't.... then again the characters in this story are know for having negative IQ so.... sigh)

Sigh..... If this story had at least a proper revenge I would read it because of (unhealthy) curiosity. Just saying that this it a that kind of story which is so bad that it is mildly entertaining i.e. this story is so bad 👎 that I found it amusing lol.

Anyways I have nothing else to say. Have a great day reader. <<less
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For Reading
For Reading rated it
May 18, 2021
Status: --
I'm giving this 1 star, as I used google translation, there's no need to reward the translator. Believe me, if I could I rate it in negative, I would.

Not going to spoil this one for anyone, it's not worth it actually. Those of you have read and liked the BG novel, Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identity, this story is a gem for you. BL version of the s**t story, same wine produced following the same formula, but in different factories under different companies. So it's inevitable that there... more>> are some differences. But overall, same.

Nuff said. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 8, 2021
Status: c88
I Tried (Really tried) Reading This Because I wanted He Chengyang and Lin Shuo to suffer

And yes They did but of course every damn cliche plot, The moment They regret everything

The moment He Chengyang (ML) knew the truth was after MC died, MC died in prison

Every chapter was like a sharp knife and thousand's of needles forming directly through my heart

I really could not bare the Angst in the story and cried my Soul Out

... more>>

After MC Died in Mtl (in around Chapter 60-63) ML Went Crazy for his Life

He took MC Body and laid it in the bed making noodles, Kissing MC, Talking to MC (like a casual everyday normal people routine has) he went carzy literally, he even wanted to marry the corspe... (I think MC corpse been like for 3-5 days?) after that (More angst) chengyang comitted su*cide entagled with MC body

The chapter where MC died and ML suffering starts from chapter 64-70 after that chapter 75? or chapter 73 MC got reborn with ML

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cookiecrumb rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: --
Honestly, I don't even know why I read this novel. I found it on Wattpad and thought that the title sounded interesting. I didn't even bother checking the ratings, which proved to be a huge mistake.

This novel was full of dog blood and drama. The ML literally ab*ses, insults, r*pes, and imprisons the MC in his first life. Mind you, the MC had leukemia at the time. The MC was suffering so much at the time, but all the ML really cared about was s*x. That's pretty much it. He... more>> didn't even bother thinking from the MC's perspective and just came to idiotic conclusions all by himself. The ML basically killed the MC by imprisoning him, then he got all sad and regretful when the MC died. Aww, boohoo. Didn't even feel bad for the ML at all. All he did was cause the MC pain this lifetime. Was hoping he would rot in hell.

But, of course, they both had to be reborn and the ML had to try to "repent" for his mistakes. Like, just leave him alone dumbass. That's the least you could do. Your pathetic existence is already hurting him. Ugh, just die already. However, like any other novel, eventually, the MC and ML got together even though the ML is pretty much MC's mu*derer. Wow. The s*upidity of this plot astounded me. Shellshocked. Boombazzled. The MC actually had a perfectly kind, reliable second male lead waiting for him, and he still chose this second-rate ML. Truly blind. The MC is basically a doormat. At least stand up for yourself.

Highly do not recommend this novel. 0/10. All this novel did was cause me chest pain and make me want to puke blood. Utterly disgusted. What "sugar cake is very sweet". The author should just change their name. This novel obviously contained zero sweetness. At this point, it's not even angst, it basically ab*se. <<less
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Xinxxi rated it
June 3, 2021
Status: --
Honestly, after reading this, all I learned was that He Chang Yang is a piece of sh*t. This is kind of like those dog blood novels with angst but the way HCY had acted was so irritating and reading this novel just makes me lose my braincells. The way HCY had treated XZ, I don't think XZ should forgive him because HCY was literally abusing XZ.

HCY is idiotic and always venting his anger at XZ and it just so sad whenever XZ would just silently deal with all that mental... more>> ab*se.

I read the raws, and I learned about the other couple, Jian Chuan and Qin Youran, I'm speechless. QYR and XZ both had suffered from HCY and JC.

In my opinion, this novel is best to be avoided, it's not my cup of tea, but maybe it's yours. <<less
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Nao Otosaka
Nao Otosaka rated it
April 21, 2021
Status: Completed
It was a bit too fast-paced for me. I was hoping for the plot to be more inclined towards details (like Brother or Everyone loves Pei JiYu) but unexpectedly... the author just skimmed over it. It was like the author was trying to express a lot of things and they all did come together, but as a mess. Honestly, there wasn't any distinction with the timelines and despite the tragedy tagline it wasn't able to strike the right nerves to me. Just like the author did with the entire story,... more>> I too ended up 'skimming' through the entire novel and till the end it wasn't able to grasp my interest. Apart from the translator's quality translation, I wasn't able to point out any significant factor that really caught my attention, thus the two stars.

P.S: Also, the plot was kind of a predictable for me, like, how the events just unfolded, you can predict the sequence of future events, so there's no element of surprise to it. It kind of a ruins the interest and zeal to continue with the story.

  1. Just wanted to add another point, the brain-holes of the characters are too big in this story. Well, despite the fact that it is meant to be a work of fiction, there must be at least some reality in there for it to be equally readable and enjoyable. But, it completely lacked that.
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King of No Killing
King of No Killing rated it
October 9, 2023
Status: Ch 110
Please... Can we just rate the story based on the plot? I mean, I know words can't describe how horrible the ML is but please don't just give a very low rating and disregard the other characters and how the author captured its reader's attention by writing something so life-like that you want to personally kill the ML, save the MC, cry for the mom, and hug Tianming. Anyway, can't blame people if that's how they judge a story. But because of the reviews and low ratings, I put this... more>> novel on hold for 2 years! Ugh. You don't know how happy I was when I finally read this. If someone gonna ask me for a recommendation for dogblood, groveling, wife-chasing crematorium (for real), and angst then I will highly recommend this! But please read the tags first coz it's not everyone's cup of tea. This hear is a dark and traumatizing story. At the beginning, that is.

So on to the novel, I just finished ch 55 and damn I can only say that this is a reader-ab*se novel. That's it. This actually reminded me of Sissy and here I thought "Oh someone can finally replace the President of 188 Group" but fck I was wrong. Chengyang can even be the 188 group himself. Alone. I don't think even after surmounting all the scummiest deeds that the 188 boys did can surpass what the ML here did to the MC. I think I was coughing blood every chapter. Ha. I'm not sure if the future chapters will be as good as the 1st 55 chapters coz groveling for 300 chapters more might seem too dragging. But well, I'm all for the revenge. I'll update this from time to time.

Updated @ Ch 110: Ok so as expected the story progresses (I don't even know if it can be called progress) to the endless circle of chasing, begging, mol*sting, beating and cursing. So it's the cliche events. I just keep sighing and hoping when this cycle will end. Honestly, I prefer the parts before their reborn. It stimulates you to kill the ML. <<less
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Hanaa19 rated it
November 6, 2022
Status: Completed
tr*sh. No comment... I am speechless. Usually I won't give a harsh review, even with a dogblood or tr*sh ML. BUT THIS ONE IS REALLY2 SOMETHING, MAKE ME DOUBT ABOUT LIFE.

Should you go back to a two timing man, a jerk, violent, and your own mu*derer? OFC NO!!! but MC did! Even he was saying that he disappointed and won't go back with him. But what? A little coaxing~ and he melt then forget about everything he did. The mother of MC also a tr*sh, I am so sick of... more>> her. Why is she keep matching MC with ML when her son itself reject it and showing a disgusted face towards ML. She should ask her son bout' what happened and not just repeating " give him a chance/ he is a good boy" every single chapter!! If she know ML humiliated her son, push him to his death, she will dig her own grave for pushing her son to a rubbish person. <<less
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anormalmangareader rated it
July 24, 2021
Status: v1c27
I had high hopes because of the title and I went as far as to reading it even though it was infuriating me. I only got as far as to chapter 27 and I can’t believe that MC isn’t f*cking dead yet. I wish he would have died somewhere at chapter 10-15.

I didn’t read the reviews until now and I think it was worth the drop since it doesn’t seem like I might enjoy later on.

I almost broke my natural nails because of how hard I was banging the mattress.

Don’t... more>> read this.

You’ll get very mad at how long it takes for MC to dies and how he doesn’t cut ties with the ML.

ML is absolute tr*sh and I wish he gets tortured before getting killed.

The fact that I though MC was gonna act fully cold and leave ML on the early chapters. HAHA... I’m such a clown. Then he continues getting r*ped and obeys ML on using his body so ML can sign the contract 🤦🏻‍♀️.

I wish MC could have just committed su*cide since he doesn’t even have enough time to live and him waiting for his dicease to kill him is basically su*cide since he refused getting treated.

He’s poor and all but what’s the point of living when you have a “friends with benifits” who literally ab*ses you for his own good and won’t let you go? Like ML is so rich and can destroy MC’s life in just a second.

And MC having low income and him not moving to another place is such a problem 😬. <<less
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I really love this....I want the seme to be ab*sed n suffered as much as the uke did... tysm for translating this. Muah ♡muah♡ muah♡ love ur translation n tysmmmmm for updates...T T truely grateful... love u trasnlator
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tsukitsuru rated it
February 20, 2023
Status: c56
Idk why I read this. Was it a momentary lapse of judgment? Most probably.

To begin with, I held out for so long and reached right after Xu Zhun's rebirth before I decided to just drop it and leave a review. Author, just whY?

... more>>

I find it ridiculous how when Xu Zhun's leukemia was finally known by He scum and that scheming mf tricked him into believing he was playing some sort of deception, he just believed it? Like, isn't he supposed to be some smart guy, seeing as though he literally runs a corporation? A simple investigation would expose all that damned fake Lin smth guy's plans.

Also, after the rebirth occurred, I just have to echo another reviewer on this one because it just isn't right to stoop so low and switch places as the ab*ser instead Xu Zhun (;⌣̀_⌣́). After every revelation it was just a stagnant tug-of-war with an expected ending.


Actually, everything about the novel was ridiculous. I read through all the chapter's titles before I decided NO, I won't read anymore. I was testing out my patience but it seems better tested on another novel.

(before I sought out MTL, thanks translator for the early chaps translations!) <<less
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Give.Me.A.Piece.Of.Cake rated it
January 21, 2023
Status: c134
I am thinking of dropping this novel mainly because the author lack the skills to write a good story. There is absolutely no emotional development in this story at all. For example, in the rebirth lifetime the MC somehow turned into this emotional brainless MC where he is only moved and acted on his anger toward the scum ML. I thought he should have a lot of experience after rebirth but he acted like a little boy that he is (18 y.o.). Don't even bother with the revenge plot as... more>> it finished pretty quick.

Another bad emotional development was the fact that MC found his long lost mother and suddenly love her more so than his grandma whom he saw before his death in the first lifetime. He neglected his grandma and suddenly accepted his RICH new biological mother as if the mother raise him when she did not. I feel like the author lack the emotion to develop this kind of plot to make it made sense like will you love a random mom who pop up when you are already old? Not only that but the mom is even forcing you to marry the person who hurt and cause your death in the last life and knowing you even hate him now? I thought the grandma mean more to him as he only saw the grandma before he died but suddenly the grandma is no longer important to him once he become rich. He was almost portray as how the old Lin Shuo (Xu Yi) was when he suddenly become the rich-lost-son.

All in all, author really lack the skills to write a proper emotional story even though it seems to be geared toward that way. <<less
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Ruksar1234 rated it
August 20, 2022
Status: --
I almost forgot about this tr*sh novel exist until it showed up again. This is the absolute worst scum abush I've ever read it's so awful that you won't forgot in your lifetime and even though it's been so many days I've ever touch it. I still remember most of the chapter very clearly because it's just so terrible just total shit.

... more>>

So first if you want to read this for same good revenge or scum ab*se you better stop while you're still ahead because this novel does not have any of that not completely because it's have some tr*shy ab*se not same a lot of that shitty ab*se.

This novel most tr*shy thing is ML ab*se MC usually author write only few chapter but this shitty novel have at fifty chapters I wish I was kidding but I know I wasn't MC was ab*se in his original life it was just ab*se and just ab*se you would be frustrated with so much f*cking ab*se chapter.

I don't know just why ML kind of guys are ML's they are like villains but even so author has spent do long writing just how terrible f*cking shitt the ML is where ML passed the point of redemption. After all that ab*se, there were no way that dong ML was even getting redeems no matter how much he repents. Yet the author still insists on it. So after enduring all these abusing shitty chapters, scheming and setup for revenge the actual revenge last only five or s*x chapters before it is resolve and MC doing very little in it like are you kidding me?? Means chapters of ab*se is 50 or so or revenge is 5 or so what actually shitt are you even writing I really want to open your head and see just want nonsense thing are in it. This is not satisfying way to end a revenge setup narrative which this story absolutely was!

Honestly this was the moment I almost want to go and beat the author to death because that scumy shitty ML still want to go to MC so that they can get back being together despite literally causing his death in his previous life. And the still going to end up together despite the ML being and absolute shitt without an ounce of self reflection.

If this shitty novel at least have a good satisfied revenge I might have read to the end and but I just stuff with so much shitt I don't have any place to stuff a word of sh*t I was tired when remember that shitty story and don't even know how are read that much chapter I was going crazy and angry when I think of that f*cker ML and that tr*shy most idiot in the world MC honestly even if you like scum ab*se novels go find something else I really won't recommend this story even if I die it doesn't even have the authority to be tr*shily entertainment it's just a f*cking absolutely waste tr*shy novels I ever read in my life just tr*sh don't no what to say.....

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