After Becoming The Tyrant


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[His iron cavalry kicked up wild gales, and his fleet of ships wove an unbreakable net.

His power shook the four seas, he was the ruler of the world]

Zhu Chi, who didn’t want to die, made a deal with the devil in exchange for the chance to survive in another world. The new body was young, full of vitality, and full of life.

Zhu Chi finally escaped from the smell of the hospital ward’s antiseptic wipes, and he smiled with joy.

Soon, after accepting the new identity, the smile on Zhu Chi’s face gradually disappeared.

He, wearing a royal robe and a crown, ruled over thirty-six states and was the only Emperor in the Western Continent.

He, aggressively levied exorbitant taxes, arbitrarily conquering neighboring lands, using gold to build a carriage, scorning the divine power and humiliating the church.

——He was a tyrant.  

The devil was indeed the devil, treacherous, cunning, and sinister.

Now, Zhu Chi, who had recovered his health, had to face all of the hatred and animosity:

1, the nobility deprived of their titles

2, the cardinals who were deliberately suppressed

3, the leaders of the chamber of commerce whose wealth and property were seized

4, the……

As well as: face an assassination seven days later.

If still according to the script, he would be exiled in four months, and then hanged in front of the Mohn Tower.

Zhu Chi: Splendid.

He rolled up his sleeves leisurely and smiled: What about the tyrant? If I want to, this tyrant can also rule the earth.

[I want the Rose King’s flag to fly across the mainland, I want the glory that will be like a sun that will never set, I want wherever the golden carriage passes to receive allegiances from all the people.

Because I am——

Born to be King]

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New minieya rated it
April 16, 2024
Status: c100+
I really wanted to finish this because I enjoyed the first 50 or so chapters, but by around chapter 80 or so I kept finding my attention drifting. The plot just doesn't move fast enough for me and a lot of scenes are just... irrelevant. Unnecessary exposition. (like another reviewer mentioned: filler). There are a few chapters where it is interesting and exciting but then they're followed by chapters that are unbearably boring and the cycle repeats.

... more>>

I know the author is trying to build up to the ultimate showdown between the Monarchy and Theocracy, but it is being dragged out so much that I don't really want to waste my time waiting for the conclusion anymore. The actual Angel vs Devil fight was also anti-climatic and disappointing.


The ML is so underused even though he's The Devil which means he's a smooth talking swindler; he's what I imagined Hua Cheng from TGCF would be like if he's more unscrupulous. They even have the same butterfly motif.

There is also NO development whatsoever between MC and ML even after 100+ chapters, let alone any romance between them after this long. I wouldn't have minded waiting if the main plot itself can keep me engaged but at this point it feels like a chore for me to keep going. <<less
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YoriMei rated it
March 23, 2021
Status: Completed
So full disclaimer: I laid eyes on the MC on the cover, stared at him in all his glory and then promptly sighed and threw away my entire reading list for him because I'm a sucker for a pretty face (and a pretty MC). So, what's this entire story about? It's a Heaven vs Hell story with politics everywhere.

Frankly, I have never read a story that was more well researched than this one, the author truly put care into their story and it shows. There are even many chapters that... more>> include links to research papers/educational articles to back up their reasoning and the actions of our protagonist, the author practically writes research papers in the authors notes section. As for the story itself, it's a splendid politics story that took my breath away. It is a great mix of both history and fantasy combined into one. One of the strengths of this story is that the enemies of the MC are actually just as competent and aren't there for a one-sided beat down like most stories. The stakes are real as both sides lose important people/pieces in this war. MC is extremely competent (and pretty!!) from the start and does what's best for his kingdom but there are moments where you see how being king means going against your emotions for rationality or what is best for the country. I've bought a lot of raws on jjwxc but this one is well worth the money.

As for the weaknesses of the story: first off, if you're not in the mood for 4D political chess at the moment, this story isn't one you should reach for then. 97% of the story is politics and schemes, the 3% is literally everything else. With the BL aspect, you really won't find much because they don't do more than kiss a few times (they won't even kiss until ch 140!) and even then it's very much mentioned in passing so if you're looking for romance this one isn't it. Secondly, character growth is non-existent. It's very much a case of "what you see is what you get". Practically everyone is the same from beginning to end and while I had no problem with it, it should still be mentioned because if you don't like someone now you won't like them later. As for the pacing, the story is very interesting and well thought out but it can get tiring because it's constant plot heavy action with very little downtime in between. Not only that, everything is focused on the war at hand, so character interaction, bonding or backstory can be seen as a bit lacking because right after one dramatic event happens the characters go directly into another one.

Overall, it's an absolutely stellar western historical fantasy novel, rife with elegant political maneuver and an enemy that actually makes you feel like there are things at stake. Although the story focuses 100% on the war plot and the character development takes a bit of a hit, the MC truly shows you what it means to be king, whether it be good or bad. <<less
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Wolvelyn rated it
April 6, 2021
Status: --
Uhm..... How do I say this.....

I was so excited before reading this because of the high ratings and good reviews. The result is


... more>> I mean, I can see the efforts that the author put into this, BUT

The story feels empty.

It's trying so hard to be epic but it's just not working. The paragraphs full of flowery phrases that overcomplicate the description of the situation, like

"The terrifying winter had yet to arrive, and those small wetlands had not been completely frozen.

The King memorized the distribution of all the swamps here, but the heavy cavalry of Gulundi only knew of the largest wetland.

The King and his knights were able to pass through the frozen upper wetland unharmed, but the Gulundi heavy cavalry, due to being heavily armored, could only sink into the mud.

The sound of horseshoes clicking.

The King and his vow knights had turned their horses back.

The King pulled on the reins and looked down at the enemy who was lured into the mire by him.

The leader of the Gulundi cavalry was at the forefront of the charge and was the closest to the King at this time. He saw the King holding the long sword diagonally, the cold light flowing like the light from the moon.

The leader realized something.

The King drove his horse forward.

In the dark, the sword swept down, the curve of the sword light like that of a crescent moon.

Blood spattered from the throat of the heavy cavalry leader, and he fell back into the mud.

The mud quickly swallowed him.

The hot blood splashed onto the corner of the King's eyes. It flowed down along his pale and cold face, leaving in its place a vicious and sinister scarlet trail. The King watched coldly as his enemies were swallowed by the silent swamp.

The King pulled his horse by the reins. The heavy rain continued to fall on him.

The scarlet cloak appeared an even deeper red in the rain, so deep that it seemed to emanate a thick, bloody smell."

Uh yeah, that's just overdramatic.

So basically what happened was: the king led the enemy to silent swamp. That's all. Not less, not more. But, the way it's described is so exaggerated as if some epic battle-till-death situation happened, which is kinda hilarious.

I swear every chapters are written like YA novel prologue. One prologue is enough, imagine reading those for hundred of chapters. Yeah nope. It's trying too hard to be more than it is.

The narration feels monotone and detached, made me yawn a couple times. I also don't care that much about the characters, they feel as bland as uncooked potatoes. The MC just abruptly transformed from someone who's beridden in bed to someone who's "born a king", capable and cunning outta nowhere. Uh, character development hello?

The readers are always kept in the dark, we don't know what the MC will do next. One time he's surrounded by rebels with no army the next time he suddenly has this Ingres army loyal to him. It's like a cheat. I know the author wants to portray the MC as this smart strategist or whatever, but it's more like plot armor than anything. Whenever crisis arise, the MC suddenly, oh I have blablabla with my blablabla I can do blablabla, I have this under my control. Uh yeah sure.

Also, the Devil. He just suddenly appears, and he's obsessed with MC for no solid reason. And by the time they explain why, I already lost interest in this story. MC has no clear motivation. He "doesn't want to die" yet what he did was the opposite of that. The whole story is like walking in a town shrouded in a fog. You thought you see something but turns out it's nothing. The kingdom is like a game and the characters are the NPC. Maybe I'm too harsh, or maybe it's just my disappointment talking.

But anyway, don't let my opinion hinder you. The story is not that bad. But it's just not as great as I thought it would be.

Ciao. <<less
29 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
patch rated it
January 31, 2021
Status: Completed
A gem. If not perfect, then it's nearly perfect. I want to give this novel more than 5 stars.

Author did their homework really well. Everything is written beautifully, both the plots and characters.

It's deep, dark, heavy, and meaningful. Make you feel depressed and yet, fulfilling. It's keep drawing you in more and more.

I love this story so much and hate it so much at the same time. But that's because author did such a great job.

The story's mainly revolves around wars (and faith). So don't expect much of romantic.

... more>>

I won't spoil much but be prepared for many death.


And it's




You have to give this a try. <<less
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QinQing_Chen rated it
July 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Done reading it. It is a gem. Also, while the summaries look light, it is a heavy story full of politics schemes and other. It is also quite a depressing story about MC as king. A lonely king. This story shows a lot about how it means to be king. That being a kings / leaders have nothing to do with good and bad. That no matter what a king must choose the best choice for his people even if his people condemn them and hate them. That to be... more>> a king, a leaders, means that you must accept the burdens of making decisions even if the decisions left is only bad and worse.

Also, in this story you can feel the effort of people that support you or your believe in their own way... Like passing the torch from generations to generations. It maybe written that he is antihero, but please remember, this is not story of good people and bad people. Everything is grey in this story. You will see everything from ugliness of humanity to their beauty. You will see hope and despair and so many other things in between.

Also, the policy done by MC is only successful due to the situations at that time which is monarchy. Also like the story, he truly is a tyrant. <<less
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Sleepy_sheepy rated it
January 17, 2022
Status: c33
Read up to chapter: 33/184

Personal rating: 5/5


  • This is a hidden gem with an incredible world-building and a heavy plot. Story does not shy away from bloodshed and unsavoury, manipulative politics.
  • The MC is unique (morally grey) and his political scheming is what drives the story - MC is a badass and a savage tactician, who gets his hands dirty. Definitely not self-sacrificing naive messiah who plans to save everyone (a common archetype in these kind of isekai stories). No, MC will eviscerate anyone who threatens his kingdom and reign.
  • The story is quite a grand journey. MC reincarnates into a novel and assumes the identity's of a despised emperor about to be deposed and killed. MC is definitely up for the challenge to survive... and become a supreme ruler. MC proceeds to forge political connections, feign madness, connive and slaughter enemies, in a quest to lead his kingdom to glory.
  • Overarching mystery: Who is ML? What is MC's cursed bloodline reference?ML appears to be a supernatural being that has some kind of mysterious destiny with MC ?

  • Only apparent downside is that the story is incredibly plot focused, at this stage I see barely any romance. With the heavy plot, the writing can get a bit dry at times.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
timefigment rated it
June 2, 2021
Status: c82
An unexpected gem!

The premise, the title, the opening made it seem like a typical transmigration novel. However, it is anything but that. The hidden truth about the MC that even he didn't know, the devil's real intention, a conspiracy that has been hidden buried deep, the thousand-year war between light and darkness, and... many more, but that's the main points. Really, even the MC's transmigration is sus (it's related to the hidden truth)

The MC has this authoritative kingly presence, he is also very smart (able to see things from... more>> the limited info, view things from unexpected ways), very athletic (good at swords, able to contend even with knights), and an always calm and cold appearance. Compassionate or kind? in a way as well. He's a complex character.

But it gave birth to some: what the heck? How even? Is this the power of an MC? Or plot armour?

He was supposedly a sickly person on his deathbed with relatives who can't wait for him to die. So, where did this authoritative kingly presence of him come from? I don't even have to mention the athletic part, right? It's said because of the memory of the og body which had been given lessons, but even if you have the memory, can you adjust that fast?

As for the smart part, it's still understandable, but there's definitely some plot armour there. As most of the time, the MC would be: having things be told -> has a sudden revelation which others do not understand -> gave an order -> the readers are shown later why the MC gave such an order and what he found. It's basically just MC seeing things from an unexpected pov. But like WHAT?

Honestly though, it would make sense later on, and there has been subtle foreshadowing here and there. I've had my suspicions and theory regarding the MC as well (later proven to be quite right, yay), but whilst reading early on, it really felt odd and sudden how amazing the MC is as it didn't fit his supposedly sick body. Kind of 'where did that even come from' feeling.

One thing that I truly dislike is the overdramatic descriptions in some parts. Such as: the author overpraising the MC's appearance and presence, the descriptions of the battles. It was fitting in some places, yet makes me feel ugh in some part. It feels like the author wants to paint a certain atmosphere but failed.

Now for the good parts:

  1. Complex characters : MC's 'tyrannical' ways, a traitorous barron's idealistic pov, the devil's obedience and trickery, the duke's hard-headedness
  2. Clear world buildings : the geographical terrain, the other countries and forces, the supernatural setting; everything is being explained slowly and clearly
  3. Smooth flow and storytelling : the author can overdo it when explaining the MC's beauty and some parts, but the story flows nicely in general. Clear scene change, minimum filler ch, engaging chapters, cliffhangers
Romance is slow af. In fact, I still rarely find the ML appearing. Their relationship is also complicated.

I have a feeling (I'm like 99, 8% sure) they have a history together which the MC doesn't know (or remember) himself. As for the nature of their relationship in this history, who knows? But there's a reason for the ML's suspicious actions.

Still so good though. It's more on the mysteries, actions, conspiracy. The MC is very independent as well.

+1 for the author's effort in researching and explanations in the footnotes
As the setting is based on England in Middle Ages with plagues (mixed with supernatural elements), there's bound to be some parts based on historical events. The author always gave footnotes for: source of quotes, parts based on historical events and the explanation, parts inspired from reality. (I cannot say for the accuracy as I read in MTL which gives me a headache at times, but at least there's an effort given.)

I don't remember if the translator translated these footnotes or not. Understandable if they don't as some are really long (like probably half the story chapter's length).

Talking about translation, Nyx's translation is quite good. It still flows nicely, the translation for the many foreign sounding names aren't odd (except for maybe Sheehan. was he supposed to be Sean or smth? who knows)

I did find some odd translations that I'm not quite sure about though. Such as: hoofs (should be hooves), the term "mr" at the end of sentences and odd places (maybe it should be "sir?"), and the term "monk." (maybe priest is better?) I did read MTL, and it translated as monk, but given that it's basically the church with pope, bishops, templar knights, it's a bit odd to have monk in their ranks. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ylial rated it
March 6, 2021
Status: c190
Completed the main story and it's really good! Recommended for those who like plot-focused novel and won't recommend to those who are after a romance BL. The story is more of a shounen/seinen. Only in the extra is shown that this story is really a shounen ai.

The story focuses on war between the king and pope. And the past of mc/other chara is/are slowly unfold. There are also heart wrenching moments since the story has a dark tone.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mehmeh713 rated it
June 12, 2023
Status: c28
A novel with a dramatic dark gloomy debauched atmosphere without any actual dramatic dark gloomy debauched content.

... more>>

An MC that's supposedly a tyrant but who has so far killed one noble and numerous soldiers (in self defense) despite facing numerous disobedient/ treacherous nobles/ knights who either supported his usurper, tried to kill him or who circumvented his orders. His punishments for a range of actions from failing his orders to wanting to assassinate him to colluding in treason include... staring at them coldly (100% of the time), making threatening statements (20% of the time) and asking for money (once).

The reactions to his punishments are normally terror (oh nooooo the stare is so scary 😱) and horror (He's punishing us by feeding us and asking us for money after participating in something treasonous. Our limbs are intact, our lives are safe and our ranks are untouched but ohhhh this punishment is vile. What a tyrant! Booooooo 👎🏻).


So basically the style of writing is great but the content doesn't live up to it. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
HiddenHermit rated it
March 23, 2024
Status: Completed
The novel was unique for sure. It was interesting how the author borrowed some real life events in history to "mirror" some plot events and made reading into an engaging semi-history lesson. However, the author is exceedingly verbose... to the extent that I stopped reading and switched to "Listen to page" mode. As a person who reads each written word seriously, the endless metaphors made it difficult to concentrate on the real plot. I would've dropped this novel if I couldn't use my ears to sift through the excess.

A note... more>> of warning: The introduction doesn't show any hint of this (so this is a theme spoiler), the "religions" tags is 100% accurate. At first, the plot doesn't touch on this but it is a main plot point. The author uses Catholicism as the template to the extent that their common identifiers such as Pope, archbishop, Father, Son of God, virg*n Mary, crucifixion, angels, and etc. become more prevalent as the novel progresses. My thoughts went from wondering if it's Catholicism at first to being completely sure.. and the plot might creep you out if you are a Catholic or was one in the past. The overarching plot spoiler concerning this.


MC and the Devil are on the same side. They are fighting against the Holy Church which is trying to bring about the Kingdom of God. The Holy Church lied to the people by distorting history to make them worship a certain god (which had been one of many gods). The lies caused the people to believe in sins, divine punishment for sins, and the forgiveness of sins so the Church could achieve their real goals of power and wealth. MC and the Devil were fighting to free the country from the rule of the Holy Church and be able to live without fear and oppression.


Also, there is a "romance" tag but it'd be even hard to say that the romance added up to 1% in the entire novel. So I felt ripped off in regards to the tag.

Now for the plot spoiler, I'm not completely confident of the minutiae since there was a lot of sidebars in the telling of the story that muddied the waters. Please send me a message if I made a mistake. Thank you.


MC did not take over another body but was really the king. It all started over a thousand years ago when MC was king in the age of gods. The gods wanted humans to worship them but still mistreated human beings like ants.

At that time, MC made a contract with the Devil and MC became the king of Hell as well as a king on earth. Together they schemed against the gods and succeeded in killing them. However, MC was betrayed and killed. The Devil stayed in Hell protecting MC's throne until MC was revived. His revival was possible through the faith of human beings in his earthly kingdom, so this took over a thousand years as his kingdom grew stronger.

MC was a tyrant in his early years because he wasn't lucid for extended periods. This was the result of protecting MC from the Holy Church when he was being baptized. During baptism, the Holy Church would invisibly lay down a means to control MC. Once MC "woke up", he became a true ruler and fought against the leash the Holy Church had on the world. With the help of the Devil and many others, they fought a plague and many battles.

The villain in this story is the Pope. He wanted to create the Kingdom of God on earth and become a god. He killed the god worshipped by the Holy Church and took the god's power. In the end, MC killed the Pope and created a kingdom of free people. He later died on earth but went to Hell to reign as king.


The novel would have been much better without the excessive wordiness. Probably, 25-30% of the content was filler material. 😕 <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kaori8 rated it
July 15, 2021
Status: c195
After reading only the synopsis, one might think that this is a novel centered around an ambitious character. But as you read on and reach the end you will know, this is a novel about someone with the heaviest responsibility on his shoulders and sacrifice to lead his people to glory. It can be called "The Road Of A True Monarch/Kinship" in the most literal way possible.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Xu Zhiqing
Xu Zhiqing rated it
January 29, 2024
Status: Completed
You don't know how many times I cried because of this novel and I'm still crying at the endddddd. You wanna know why? It's because from the start to the end of this novel chapter (184) is all about war and war and war!!! This was a bittersweet novel. This masterpiece will always be one of my most favorite novel of all time. You know? I love world building the most and I read many novels that also had a chance to become a masterpiece like this one but they... more>> fallen because of harem.... Like the MC suddenly became an idiot and his plans was always interrupted by one of his girls troubles and that made me mad so much that I stop trying to read world building novels that have a romance and harem. Then I discovered BL and I set on the path of no return. This masterpiece will always hold a special place in my heart because it's the manifestation of my dream—to be able to read a world building focused on the plot and not romance! Like, if you are not keen enough, you can probably read this as pure novel about war, monarchy and faith.

My first medieval times novel was the "Lord of Mysteries" and since then, novels like this with the theme of medieval period holds a special place in my heart. I don't know why, but I was really attracted at medieval period novels. Maybe it's because of the Lord of Mysteries is my first novel—another masterpiece, about medieval period and this is the third/second novel that I discovered and it's also a masterpiece. My second midieval period was not a novel but a manwha titled "Aisha" and that is also another masterpiece. And maybe because I read those two (LOM & This novel) that I had a higher standard on the novels I'm reading about world/kingdom building theme novels.

If there's a chance that this novel have a physical book and I already had an extra money to my wants to buy list, this novel will became the 4th on list. The first was ORV, the second was LOM and the third will be TCF and my fifth will be Aisha.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Soleus rated it
March 7, 2021
Status: Completed
It is really a well written novel. I still remember being anxious for the MC when I read the first 30 chapters because of the consequences he will/did face due to his decisions which is very in line of him being a tyrant.

Although it is based on the medievel era there is also magic elements here like witches, dragons and etc, etc. The author did a great job on assimilating them together.

I can't help but to compare this novel with The Lord is Addicted in infrastructure. Both have the same... more>> medieval era background and with the MC's family name of Rose. While the TLIAII has no magic elements but the core concept is still the same. It is more focused on how the MC trying to expand and indutriallize his territory (more of an intellectual fighting) It's a laidback type of story aaaannd... PS : got furry little cuties as well. Meanwhile this novel is really serious one and more focused on war and some of them will bring you to tears. Well, I did.

I wished the author could elaborate on MC's background and emotional aspect more. There's only pitiful of them.

In short it's a good read. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 2, 2024
Status: Completed
Very well written story and beautifully translated. The language used is a lot more flowery than most translated novels, but it really brought me into the era- the best way I can describe it is that it reminds me a lot of how a lot of Arthurian legends are retold.

This is NOT a light read at all- the plot is very focused on certain history, politics, and dynamics, and it's quite interesting to dive into the world and to the MC as a king. He can seem rather one dimensional... more>> if you just skim, but the author really uses him (and the world) to explore the idea of a "true monarch". The concepts are really fun, though there are times it's a little hard to separate the events from actual history (Black Plague, Holy Roman Empire, etc) and overlay some of the views from the novel to rethink history. Loved this, though I would say if you don't have the patience to slowly enjoy or if you are looking for a fluffy BL, this wouldn't be for you. There's fluff in the extras.... kind of? XD <<less
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Sonu rated it
November 24, 2023
Status: Completed
First, I like the world building... I felt satisfied with how it unfolded as the story went on. Second, I like MC... He is cruel, yes, he is a tyrant, yes, he is mad as in crazy, yes, he is smart, yes, he is a brilliant king...👑 Absolutely Yes!!! He is a genius... I’m his fan now 🤩 Next, for the plot, I like how there were twist and turns that were not so bad as it had fantasy elements added... I especially liked the setting of the Rose imperial... more>> family... human’s struggles in the war of gods and many more... not to say there were no short comings or flaws at all but... I am totally willing to ignore those as the novel itself is satisfying ❤️😍 I also liked the extra where mc’s documentary was shown to public in modern times... up to my liking... <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jessy_m rated it
September 12, 2023
Status: Completed
A masterpiece, so underrated, it had everything I like in a story: rebellion against fate, rejecting doctrine, pursuing freedom, epicness, glory, the death of important characters, forbidden love (the romance is a bit subtle though; it was expressed through actions, not conversation, but we do get a bit more in the extra pages, and I loved every moment of it).

The author clearly put a lot of effort into writing this story; it's one of the best-written novels on this site. You can feel the glory of the country as the... more>> story is built on history with a magical and fantasy twist, incorporating things from our history and mixing them. It could make you reexamine what it means to be human. What way to see religion and obedience

I loved this quote so much: 'This is the country that slew a dragon, '" and this: "A dragon slayer will not become a dragon."

i wish we got a tv adaption of this novel instead of game of thrones, felt more compelling to me <<less
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Adriana28 rated it
March 8, 2023
Status: Completed
A very marvelous story, only a word could describe it----"Masterpiece".

It's really a very a fabulous story, once you started reading it you would become so addicted, and would get traped in it's quagmire not be able go out till you almost completed it.

As You all will read the reviews saying, it has an almost negligible romance which could be easily ignored but trust me dear mates, this story really don't need any kind of romance, it's a very phenomenal story.

At first I was quite skeptical about it, a... more>> bl without romance but ah I was so wrong reading it I never felt the need of any love Or romance, it's a novel about a king, a king who has so much to bear on his shoulder, a heavy responsibility, a future of the country, his people all that he doesn't need a lover.

A king who was betrayed, a king who for his people has to bear being called a tyrant, a king who has to see his close one die, his family his friends die, his people die but could not shed a single tear for them, a king who is not allowed to grieve, a king who has to bear the future infamy of him being cruel. But never protesting, a king who has to finally die for his people.

It was really a rollercoaster ride, an amazingly written story, a very thought provoking at top of that it would completely change your views on religion on God itself. A very controversial novel. At how people were burned for being just referred as witches and heretics.

But I really really liked this story very much, I loved every single part, every single character left me deeply touched by it, I cried a lot when someone died. A character most touched me was Duke of Buckingham, his Majesty's uncle, I really hoped he would live, but he was a general who lived and die for his king. I hoped there would be an extra chapter about MC finding his soul.

And the ml, he was a devil who just fought for his king alone. A very mysterious character till end.

It's a story about gods killing gods, gods killing human, gods killing demons, humans killing humans, humans hating and killing demons, demons killing demons, demons killing gods and killing humans, and finally whether the God or demons becoming the pawns at the hand of humans.

A very true and well written by author-"As human beings, we have the right to think and reason for ourselves.

 As human beings, we have the right to pursue freedom and happiness.

 As human beings, we have the right to defend dignity and honor.

 As human beings, we have the right to explore truth and science.

 As human beings, we have the right to realize value and existence"

This story explained us a lot about war, how people dies, how some people in a war has to be sacrificed, how a great country was made after a long cruel war.

War is not a child's play, war is the cruelest thing in this world, none of them.

 War always has the coldest core. In war, everyone is in control. Kings, generals, soldiers, civilians... the lives and souls of all people are being torn apart in the huge machine of war, and no one can break free

I have to say in the a very big hand of applause for the author, he really had a very profound knowledge or the amount of effort he put into this is really amazing, the most significant being the Black Death. He really worked really hard on this amazing story and finally his hard work payed off, as this is a phenomenal one.

I would highly recommend it to everyone of you, I hope you all will read this one and it becomes one of the top reading one.

At first I thought I would not be able to read it through google translations, but there was not much difference you could read it through google translations, I would suggest u to read it on czbooks.

Anyway once again a very very big thank you author for this amazingly written story. <<less
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The Sliveren
The Sliveren rated it
March 3, 2022
Status: Completed
I finally finished it and seriously I didn't focus the romance part. It's a gem, honestly and applause to the author for giving effort on making this novel.

While reading this makes me really questioned about the religion. I agree on the King's pov, and I don't want to state here since maybe it will put hatred.

Anyways, 5/5!
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This book is a gem

Its not your atypical fight between good and evil

It's a fight between two kings, the gods are just their chess pieces

... more>> It's great, thrilling, the plot is just everything

The realities are put out their perfectly, cruelty of a monarch hides his good deeds

Honestly this is one of the best books on NU

But warning

Even though this is labeled as shounen ai

There were never any explicit confirmation of them having a relationship

There were two chaste kiss scenes in the main story.

I think the extras might have confirmed it

But the devil is definitely obsessed with the King and the king is definitely tied to the devil

So if you come looking for romance this ain't it

Either way go check out this book, The translators are awesome over by NYXVs translations

But if your impatient

It's a good mtl <<less
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Kookies rated it
March 22, 2021
Status: Completed
First from all, if u hate BL just don't read the chapter bonus, the main plot really don't have BL at all!! Even in the bonus, it's really light and just 2 or 3 episodes ;-; (I need more).. The story itself really gooood, actually I just want to take a peek for 5 or 10 episode because I was bored, and because the synopsis I thought its just your usual transmigration story, but NO!! IT'S A MASTERPIECE!! I CAN'T STOP READING (┛✧Д✧)) ┛

I even forgot the transmigration and BL tag.


I cried when the king's uncle dead, I really like him, he is the best support.. Just why him😭😭

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March 13, 2021
Status: c22
I'm not far in the story, but it's really interesting. I can tell the author tries their best to make the novel realistic, since they often add in references from books and historic examples.
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