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“You were my enemy who always defeated me, but you were also a pretty good companion.”

“Shut up! What do you think will possibly change if you say that now after all this time?”

He, who was more like her than any other. That was why they were so fixated on only each other, why they were so madly obsessed about only each other.

The only difference between them was that one wholeheartedly wanted to have the other, while the other wholeheartedly wanted to defeat him.

This was the very reason why this catastrophe had happened despite that they were the other’s sole companion.

“This life is over. But in the next, I won’t be your enemy, but your knight.”

If there is a next life, I will offer up my sword to you.

A brightly burning flame was pathetically extinguished.

And so, Ianna Roberstein, a duchess of the Kingdom of Roanne and the strongest swordswoman on the continent, died at the hands of the Conqueror Arhad Roygen, the emperor of the Bahamut Empire.

‘But why am I alive?’

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Adonis: Eternal Bliss
Adonis: Reminiscence
Reminiscence Adonis
아도니스: Eternal Bliss
아도니스: Reminiscence
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New SprayBottle rated it
February 22, 2024
Status: Completed
Note, I finished the novel a couple of months ago, but I'm only writing this review now, so my memory on some of the details might be a bit fuzzy.

Out of all the Korean, Japanese, and Chinese novels I've read, this is the best. Out of all the books I've read in general, this is still one of, if not the best. A lot of times I just read something to pass the time, settling on something just "good enough", I don't think about it too much and I enjoy... more>> it a lot (I'm not trying to say I don't like most of the other novels I've read, but I'll admit my standards aren't too high. As long as I can enjoy it, I'm willing to suspend my disbelief in most cases). So it goes, I sort through a mountain of novels, 90% of which are just slop that I drop within a few chapters, with most of the remaining being something I like and can enjoy, usually enough to binge read through them for multiple hours over multiple days. But at times, I'll find a story that just blows everything else out of the water. Something where I can search for the flaws in the story and still come up empty-handed (for the most part). I can count those stories on two hands, out of all the hundreds or even thousands of stories I've seen. Adonis is one of those, and I'd rank it at the top. In general, the story is just well written, juxtaposed against the vast majority of other stories I've seen. The interactions between characters feel genuinely thought out, they have nuance (both the characters themselves and the interactions between them), and I enjoy the characters. Even if I hate what the characters are doing or their personality, I enjoy them because they all achieve exactly what the author wants them to. What I mean is if I see the villain, at times I actually feel terrified of what they're about to do, or if there's some kind of enigmatic character like a dragon that's lived since nearly the beginning of the world, it feels foreign and alien compared to all the human characters. The plot has a firm direction that doesn't wander around, it is planned out, and it works in tandem with the world-building to create mystery and intrigue so that you're constantly trying to figure out what's going to happen or how exactly the world works. You have a general idea of where the plot is headed, but it's not predictable and at times you're even blindsided by the developments (in the "Oh, why didn't I think of that?" kind of way rather than the "How the hell does that make sense?" kind). Lastly, what I find most impressive in the story, the world-building and lore. It's slowly revealed throughout the story, never so little that you can't make out what's going on, but not enough that you can figure out how exactly everything goes together. That experience of reading through the first time and guessing at how all of the little pieces of information connect was some of the most fun I've had reading since I was a little kid. Also, while this doesn't really affect the story, the translation definitely affected the reading experience. It was incredible, some of the best translation I've read outside of officially licensed and translated books. Incredible and consistent quality, all for free? A huge thanks to Sephi for giving this novel the translation it deserves, and for free at that.

(Spoilers for the third chapter)

When Lebony is dying and telling Ianna all about her life and when Ianna reads about the Golden Demon and Phaemdra, the author drops so much foreshadowing for the lore it really made me ecstatic when I finally figured it all out and everything was revealed.


It's not flawless though. The author sadly couldn't escape the Korean webnovel curse of the ending being worse than the rest of the novel. The ending did lose some of the quality that the rest of the novel had, but it wasn't even close to the point that I would say it ruins the story. Relative to the rest of the story, the end is quite short (which in this case is a good thing), partially because it feels pretty rushed. It still maintains a level of quality no lower than anything else I would take the time to read though, going from extremely good for the first 98% to still good but not close to the rest of the story for the last 2%. I feel like it stands out particularly in this novel with how good the rest of the story is though. To go into a bit more detail, it feels more the novel ended at chapter 34, with the resolution of one of the major points of interest from the beginning of the novel. The ending feels more like a summary in an epilogue that's there to grant some closure and give us a bit more time with the characters, and if anything I'll give it that, it fulfilled that purpose. It tied up all the loose ends and gave us closure, even though the quality did drop off. Overall, it had a minimal effect on my enjoyment of the series, being only a minor gripe that I wrote a whole wall of text about because of how much I love this novel and how exceptional the rest of the novel is compared to it.

One last thing, this novel is long. I'd say I read pretty fast, and I can read all day long if I have the time (I remember multiple days where I've woken up, started reading, then stopped reading and went to bed 16 hours later). Given, I was reading at a time when I had both school and work, but it still took me about two and a half weeks of binge reading (I mean ALL of my free time, even cutting into sleep, not a good habit of mine) to finish the novel. So just a warning for anyone who doesn't like long novels or people who have no self-control when it comes to reading, like me.

Final verdict and TLDR

Stop reading this, go read Adonis. You will not regret it. <<less
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New ManBearPug rated it
February 20, 2024
Status: Completed
The. Best. Korean. Novel.

I've read more Korean, Japanese, Chinese novels than I'd care to admit. But this one was so good I finally bit the bullet and made an account here (after years of avoiding it) just to write this review.

The world building and character growth were incredible. I'm so used to reading stories with horribly one-dimensional, shallow characters and worlds built off of countless unoriginal ideas, that I was blown away by this one. The writer clearly put a LOT of love into this. All the characters (and... more>> especially the MC and ML) grow and mature throughout the story, they learn from their mistakes, and adjust their core beliefs when new viewpoints and values are introduced to them. Just as we ALL should as we get older. (This, coming from a 32 year old guy who has been through some sh*t and learned a few too many hard lessons. And hopefully matured a bit.)

The world was very expansive and well fleshed out. Some novels I've read from this site make me feel like I have blinders on and am trying to navigate a dense forest. Countries and landmarks not being accurately mapped out, or given minimal if ANY background stories. The author of Adonis didn't flesh out most countries, but most countries were hardly visited or important to the story. The countries that were visited and important to the story were described more than well enough for understanding but not so much you wanted to skip paragraphs to get it over with. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this author in the future, as their writing style is my cup of tea.

And the translations!! Freaking, WOW. So good. They were so damn good, I feel spoiled now and am hesitant to start a novel NOT translated by Rainy. Kudos, Sephi! <<less
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moonrune rated it
November 16, 2019
Status: --
Disclaimer: I read (and was violently repelled from) this series a WHILE back in the original, so I'm relying on memory here but:

This series was started in the early 2000's, which explains the misogyny and general insensitivity underlying the writing. I'm not even talking about the inherent misogyny built into high fantasy settings, but how much disdain the MC personally has for ~s*upid shallow girls who only think about CLOTHES and BOYS~ instead of... dedicating your entire life to the sword, I guess? Which, good for you, but that's (a)... more>> just a fancy way of saying you're obsessed with learning to kill things faster and more efficiently than anyone else, and (b) an avenue not even available to the vast majority of girls who, in the absence of game-breaking talent, basically either gotta be pretty enough to catch a man or starve, but anything to be Not Like Other Girls lmao

(Also girl, I don't remember you ever picking up a book, so, y'know, right back at you Chad)

There's so much that rubs me the wrong way about this story I can't even really explain it all, but for example: there's a side character who's the MC's roommate even though she's an upperclassman, who assaults her on the first meeting by tackling and feeling up her body and then demanding that the MC serve to model the clothes she designs. When she's refused, she cries, and it's predatory and manipulative and gross all around but played for laughs. The MC has to share a room with this creep who's hounding her day and night about her "perfect figure, " but we're supposed to think it's funny. Also there's the combination one-two "fashion show" and "auction" scenes, where first the MC ~reluctantly~ models the dress the creepy roommate made and stuns everyone so we know she Isn't Like Other Girls but is Still Hotter Than Any Other Girl and then dudes bid on the MC for a date so we can see how popular she is and how rich the ML is. Noooo, it's not like brothel choice culture or s*ave auctions at aaaaall, you're just imaaaagining things.

And then there are the ridiculous action scenes--there's one bit where the MC kicks a rat in an alley, it flies into the air, and then she keeps walking and then fights some dude who gets the jump on her, and by the time the rat hits the ground she's won...? Assuming the walking+encounter took 3 minutes, discounting air resistance because I don't actually care that much, she kicked that rat almost a kilometer into the air. Is this cool? All the rat did was exist. Leave it alone, you're the one stomping through its territory. Does a rat break into YOUR backyard and kick YOU a thousand f*cking meters into the atmosphere? No, because that would be a total as*hole move, and rats are really just out here tryna live their lives!

[PSA] Leaving a rat alone: it's easier than you think!

Also the MC is just super boring and the ML is either Not Even There or hanging around being ~Cool Mysterious Senpai~ and I was just so done with it all. <<less
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Saorihirai rated it
April 18, 2020
Status: v9c30
This is probably the BEST Korean romance novel I have ever read period. Everything about the characters, the detailed world building, the plot, the action, the romance, is simply impeccable. The writing and translation are probably LEAGUES above the writing I have seen in most Korean novels. Every single interaction between the MC and ML gives you shivers because of how anticipated and well written it is. The novel throws out using tropes in an overused and bland manner. If it does use it, it is very well executed and... more>> it makes sense logically. Ianna, the MC, is a character I can probably go on for hours about. Her personality is resolute, straight forward, and full of honesty in her views and morals. She isn't wishy washy, nor is she someone who pointlessly kills people. For me, she seems to be a perfect balance in between. As for Arhad, the male lead, well, the sheer passion in his love that he has for Ianna is enough to make your heart skip a beat. He's an interesting character, and the emotions he feels towards Ianna cannot even be described purely as "love" as even that seems to simply their complex relationship. There's more to say about him, but anything more than that would possibly spoil the story, so I'll refrain. In any case, this is a MUST read.

edit: back after like a whole year, it's even better as you read on. It has some really intensive world history and lore. There is a character whose like... I suppose a white lotus and a princess. I think you know where I'm going, but she fell in love with the ml. Now when I was first reading, I thought I would hate her but she turned out to be a really genuine and loving character. There's so much character development. The 1 star review above me, with the 90 something likes, IGNORE IT. The FL has a friend/roommate, who is someone whose very much "girly" because she loves fashion and whatnot. BUT she's one of the best supporting characters. Ianna always supports her, treasures when, and treats her like a equal. The girl also has her own love story and plot significance. Ianna or the author dont look down" on girls that don't fight or are feminine. That's not true at all. There is literally no misogyny at all. Just because the author says "not many female swordsmen exist" or "Ianna didn't care about dresses like the noble ladies" isn't misogyny but just stating facts. Noble ladies do care about dresses and Ianna never has. That's just her character. It's not saying she's BETTER it's just saying a fact. <<less
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4L3Y rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: v3c12
Amazing novel. Great work TL.

I do this review because I feel some people didn't read enough chapters, to understand the novel or misunderstood what the author was trying to convey.

Maybe I am the one that misunderstood, but this is the way I think after reading through the tled chapters.

... more>> But before that let me get some facts straight:

- First, MC's roomate may come as cringy but that's because she liked MC's body proportions not the MC herself. The roomate is a tailor (she studies tailoring at the academy) and she wanted MC to the model for her creations. There's wasn't a fashion show, she just wanted MC (just MC, it has not been held like and actual event) to wear her creation to get exposure.

-Second, Ianna attended a commoner's academy and the dream of most the people attending there is to be employed by noble households so the majority proposed that the participants be auctioned to entertain the buyers for one day. This way they can raise money for the children and have a shot at being employed if someone took notice of them. Ianna herself didn't want to participate until someone gave her the idea to ask her merchant friend if he could be a proxy and bid on her so she didn't have to entertain said nobles.

So let's get started.

Spoilers ahead. Enjoy


Let's start with the MC, she is the type of MC I like in a reincarnation novel. She acts her age and her bg. A duchess of war that have seen blood in thousands and is not easily phazed. Some may say she is overly calm but please note that she has been at war for more than 10years back to back, and had killed thousands if not tens of thousands with her own rapier. Some ppl may not like her personnality; she's not the lovely, affectionate type or the easily offended or overly reactive type when ppl badmouthed her. why? because the hatred the ppl vented on her in her first life. And the situation turned for the worst when her mother tricked her into killing mrs. Roberstein. (PS: MC didn't know she was poisoning her). And she was only 8yo, before that ppl simply ignored her/made rudes comments about her and did a little bullying here and there. Then it transformed into abuse (her father) and even the maids (who where almost considered s*aves) oppenly bullied her. And she knew from experience that nic picking at anything they say about you would only slow you down and sometimes push you down further when you're trying to climb up.

Her mother hated her, like truly hated her, and only had eyes for Mr. Roberstein. And she was a spycho, a really twisted being. Imagine suffering like that at a young age until she was 24. and the only person who showed her love (the maid) was killed and her knight was not the type to show affection, the only one left was her teacher. So in the end she killed her abusing father and her step-brother, why kill even the step-brother you may ask? Even someone with half a brain would know not to spare someone whose parents you killed and whose noble title and territory you've 'usurped'. She may have not even been the duchess had he been alive because he was the older brother and the legitimate heir. And of course you would say why do that when she was so strong, but she was not born strong, she had trained. They abused when she was weak (and they had their reasons) and she got back at them when she was strong enough. Besides, being strong physically doesn't mean you can't get hurt emotionally or mentally.

In her second life she simply ignored the bullying and stopped reaching for something she could not have because she knew she was in the crossfire from the house and her mother. She herself didn't do anything that could warrant such hatred beside being born from her mother in this life. That in itself is a great feat because the MC of her previous life wouldn't have done that. Throughout the story you see the MC not changing altogether but going over her choices when someone pointed fault at them or when she herself thought them over. but I must enphasize, she didn't abandon her family, she simply didn't reach for them for she knew she would fail. And she was right, (save of her brother because there hasn't been any meaningful interaction between them as of yet) her father had only been guilty about the way she was treated, and that steams from the pity he felt from when her own mother tried to kill her (he disliked her because MC made him think of her mother) but he has no actual affection or love for the MC. The one being sincere was the Lady Roberstein because she simply is a good person and she saw the MC as the growing girl as she was in the eyes of the world. But why must the MC associate herself with someone she knew almost nothing about (the lady died when she was 8yo in her past life) when she was planning to break ties with the the house and go serve the enemy country?

... whew...

So now let's talk about the ML and his relationship with the MC.

The MC herself is the reincarnation of the Crimson Goddess (Mrs. Ro/Roberstein) but she didn't have her memories of that life. As for the ML, it has been heavily hinted that he was the Demon born from the negative feelings of the Gods and has to feed on divine power to continue living. So I don't get why ppl complain saying that he is portrayed as some powerful and mysterious guy. God Lao, a low ranking god created the life forms living on earth and you think that it's unfair to say that the entity that killed higher ranked Gods is not awesome? The man stole decades time of the entire world to bring back the MC when even the Gods claimed that time was almost impossible to reverse. Even if his fragments split, he still has the hightest authority over mana and govern it. And ppl want to compare him with the human mages and swordmen (DISCLAIMER: Humans that colored the mana with the color of their ego are comparable to him, but they are like the strongest of their country). But maybe they just didn't read far enough in the novel to understand the situation.

ML is the defintion of insane because he chased after Mrs. Ro time after time expecting a different outcome. Ianna herself doesn't know but her soul craves him as much as it craves the sword. We don't know if Mrs. Ro liked him but she did kill him at one point and was afraid of him because he was the only outside element that could kill Gods. I personnaly thinks that they may be fated lovers, it was said that the ML needed her by his side to be whole and Ianna herself likes him because there may a connection between theirs souls that we don't know yet. The Last Goddess and the Demon. But why did the MC like the ML? Well maybe they have been tied together since the Age of gods? I don't know. But I know that even though the MC tried to beat him in her previous life, she hadn't actually married anyone, and she too felt a sense of kinship with him and she even said she liked him. The MC is a human but has the soul of a Goddess. Atlas, all the Gods are gone except Lao, then she meets the ML and developes a strange feeling toward him (not love or the like) like two pieces of the same set coming together again or two travelers crossing each other paths in the burning desert, she only ever felt that way toward her sword. And that feeling came from her entire being.

I can't wait for more chapters, I want to know how MC will react when she finds about ML and Mrs. Ro and of course I want to know if the ML love the MC or if he is projecting Mrs. Ro onto her. Like MC's mother had done with MC's father.

32 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ludovicusse rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: v3c11 part1
This novel sets itself apart from other light novels around. It reads more like a saga if anything. The world-building is superb. The central focus on the mythical elements of mana and divine power are what drives my intrigue as a reader.

The translator has done an amazing job. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the amount of work that has gone into this.

The dramatic irony as you progress through Ianna's journey and her interactions with Arhad are fantastic, and I found myself going, "kyaaa!!!" and rolling around the bed... more>> in glee. <<less
27 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
HeyItsMe1 rated it
June 20, 2020
Status: --
This is an absolutely amazing novel with great writing and translation, an angsty romance, an ACTUAL strong MC and a non-douchebag but realistic and fleshed out ML, and very detailed world-building. At first, you may be confused as to why some information is being presented to you, and you may think "Why should I care about this?" but it DEF matters. The MC's reincarnation isn't something that is just "accepted" but explained logically as to why it happened to her, not directly but throughout the novel but piecing together information,... more>> at least SO FAR. The romance between the two is impeccable but even more than the romance, you see their relationship develop over time and the interaction between the two is just..... heart throbbing. I really really really recommend this to anyone, and I'm honestly appalled that this is ONLY 4.5, it's the best Korean romance novel out there. <<less
19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TheMoonlightRose rated it
July 6, 2020
Status: v4c15
As someone who regularly reads romance novels, this one stands out as one of the best I've ever read. The characters are well thought out and tangible, the setting feels realistically fantastical, and the plot flows so smoothly that it is honestly impressive. If you're looking for something new to read - something that will possess you, captivate you, and leave you begging for more - I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

As someone who has experienced childhood trauma akin to what the FL has experienced, I find that I... more>> can relate to her on a very deep and meaningful level. Some might try to call her a Mary Sue or just a typical overpowered female MC, but she's always felt to me like someone who has tried her hardest to rise above her circumstances. Every step of her hard work is recorded; her power is earned because she worked hard to earn it. Being able to read her inner thoughts gives her actions context, because externally she appears cold and unaffected by the world.

I could rant about this book for ages, but it might be better if you just read it for yourselves. ^_^ Enjoy! <<less
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LazyDays rated it
May 19, 2020
Status: v3c11 part3
Plot, writing, descriptions and character are amazing.

The translator is super amazing.

This world is rich and breathing and you can live it vicariously through Ianna and her complex and well thought out mind.

8/5 stars.
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
blazikens rated it
March 7, 2020
Status: v1c4 part7

Edit: Okay, I have to reply to miclice's review - I do agree the extensive background given about the MC is a bit tiring to slog through before we get to the real story. But I don't agree the MC is playing the victim - she did not have tons of people who cared about her. In her first life, other than her wet nurse and her knight (who she was rather awkward around as a child and only became a true friend when she was an adult), practically everyone in the Count's estate and her own mother hated her or ignored her.

It's true the main wife was kind to her, but she couldn't interact much w/ her before she died due to MC's mother butting in. MC's mother ignored and neglected her in favor for chasing after the father, and the father beat the MC up when the young MC attempted to get close with him :) Understandably the brother hated her, but even the servants bullied her as a child, and her instructors looked down on her despite how hard she tried to please them. And the wet nurse died when she was young after trying to stand up with her - so the only person who showed her true affection and love died early in her life.

Then when she gets introduced to noble society, it's a whole other round of bullying and exclusion. Tbh, it's not a surprise the MC turned to an outlet for her emotions (aka the sword) and became cold-hearted. I don't agree w/ her actions of killing the brother (I could care less for the father) but that's not my point here.

No offense, but in no way was she ever surrounded by people who cared and loved her. She tried to please all the adults in her life, and they either abused or shunned her. I don't find it surprising that in her second life she isn't willing to accept them, and just wants to leave them all behind. Like, I don't exactly love this MC but she has clear reasons for why she's so cold and callous - after suffering like that, it's understandable, even - and saying she's playing the victim is a gross distortion of her past.


So far it's much better written than the typical rebirth novels. The MC has a developed backstory, there is a reason hinted at behind her reincarnation, the world-building isn't bad and even quite interesting, and the side characters aren't fully good or bad - not all of them are just divided into 2 camps, on the MC's side or against it.

That said, I do find that some of the writing is repetitive or gives a lot of info dumps - and sometimes, the scene goes back into time, which can be confusing tbh, especially in the beginning. And the chapters are very long, I admire the translator for trudging on tbh. It's also smart to release the chapters in parts, and actually much easier to read that way - I found I almost wanted to quit lmao.

And w/ regards to moonrune's review, I agree w/ a lot of it. I find the annoying sexism to get tiring, especially because Ianna (MC) is being set up to be a vessel for the frankly insulting Not Like The Other Girls trope. It's not surprising that the other male characters so far find her personality and behavior strange for a girl, especially a noble girl. But it's annoying that she's being held up as the essentially bada$$, strong, emotionless female character, who is only so cool and strong because she has nothing (or barely anything) feminine to her. Add to the fact that so far she only has male friends, and any female friends she does end up having will probably be of the gentle and innocent type - only so her "tough and manly" personality can shine even more in comparison -___-

Ianna as a character is not totally bad, she's more fleshed out than other protagonists I've read about in webnovels, and I don't necessarily find her boring like moonrune. But I do agree that her constant calmness and composure is not only annoying, but can even become unrealistic and frustrating as well. Idk.... it's true that it might just be due to her past, but even then, I sometimes want to shake her and ask her if she feels anything!

All in all, however, this is one of the stronger reincarnation / rebirth stories out there. But personally, I'm not sure if I'll continue reading to the end because I do find the constant sexism and frustrating tropes tiring to read about. And if there's more scenes like the very distasteful one moonrune mentioned in her review.... this story might not be for me.


It's been years since I tried this, but just going to amend a big part of my review: it's true that the portrayal of the MC isn't really sexist, she just doesn't like feminine things and that's more than okay. Nonetheless, still find her boring af and the writing rather cumbersome to go through lol.
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nightwing rated it
March 8, 2021
Status: v8c26
As another reviewer said, this is a solid novel that wouldn't be out of place in a book store. Everything is well put together with a rich history that keeps you wanting more.

I saw one review (moonrune) that has one of the s*upidest takes on a novel I've ever seen. I don't know if they read something else but nothing in that review reflects the current translation. The MC has never shown contempt for women, in fact she was the one facing discrimination for trying to join a male dominated... more>> profession. <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
suza751 rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: v6
Great series, Translation are high quality.

Some people are calling this series misogynistic... It's not at all.... That would be a very unfair label for someone who hasn't read into the story enough. For reference, the MC is in her 2nd life. Her 1st life consisted of bullying, neglect, abuse, and finally finding a way out of her hell by dedicating herself to the sword. She had unrivaled talent, and after killing her emotions she becomes the 2nd strongest in existence.

For those missing the point thus far, the protagonist already was... more>> a girly noble girl in the past. She was a girl who was always crying out for attention and never got any affection at all. In the story your seeing her personality after she has killed thousands with her bare hands. She even remarks about how she personally mu*dered her father and brother in cold blood upon seeing them again. She isn't some 16 y/o girl, she's pretty much lived 50 years and has long since abandoned everything except her swordsmanship. Yes she views pure beauty with no power to protect oneself as pathetic.. but what would u expect? <<less
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Elena Claudis
Elena Claudis rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: v3c10
I really liked this novel and I have read the manga too. So far the characters development was good same for the plot too. I really liked arhad as the ML and I hope he can have a happy ending with Ianna ?. The translator really do a hard work, as I can see how long was per chapter. Wish this novel can be transleted until finish.. Fighting for the translator ❤️?
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sithkazar rated it
November 9, 2019
Status: Completed
Amazing novel from start to finish! Definitely one of my must reads! If you are looking for an OP female MC then I highly suggest reading this.

Original Review:

It is still early in the story, so it is hard to say more then it has a strong start and very interesting premise. It is very well written and translated. I would give it a chance just based on the quality alone.

I added Rakuin no Monshou as a recommendation above. The plots are not really similar, but the MC's in both give... more>> a very similar feeling to me.

Edit: I don't support rat cruelty, but I'm legit looking forward to reading the ridiculous fight described in moonrune's review. :P <<less
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Blergh rated it
October 10, 2021
Status: v10c31 part5
What a disappointment.

I loved that story at first. It was a love story of a tsundere who had completely shut off her own emotions as a defense mechanism, and the yandere guy who slowly but surely breaks her shell and teaches her to enjoy life again while seducing her. Pretty generic I guess, and there were quite a few cringey moments, but overall I thought it was splendidly done. Plus the plot was intricate and full of twists, with them being properly foreshadowed so that it was possible —and very... more>> rewarding— to predict them if you paid enough attention. A neat 9~10 / 10, basically.

But then the main couple officially got together, and everything went down the drain.

Gone is the character development of the protagonist through her romance, now every single interraction with her husbando can be summarized to the ML showing her some gift he made for her, her being impressed with how perfect he is, some description of them kissing longer than this entire review, and then some angst about why they're too shy to go further. That's it. They barely even talk anymore.

As for the rest of the characters, it's even worse. The cast has become so bloated no one character has room to properly develop anymore. The author tries to cram as many of them as possible in every single scene, just so he can give them one or two lines of dialogue at most and pretend that they still exist. Even the protag's family, which was the very core of her tragic backstory, has been thoroughly neglected. I can barely remember their parting scene anymore, when the MC finally separated from them for good, because it was off-handedly told in a flashback shorter than a kiss scene.

And the plot, well, it's just turned into an inclusivity fest. Muh racism is bad here, some female warrior is fighting against oppression there. Heck, the male lead is building a country just to please the protag' and he's straigth-up creating mandatory tolerance classes to force the correct opinion upon his citizens, and the author frames it as a good thing and a proof of how great and free their country is. The hell?

Less and less, I feel like I'm reading a Korean romance story, and more and more I feel like I'm reading the Twitter blog of some Californian feminist, virtue-signaling at every possible turn and wildly fantasizing about the difference of temperature between her saliva and her dream husbando's saliva.

I'm so done with this. <<less
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November 9, 2020
Status: V6c23
First of all, this is my favourite webnovel, the translation is by far the best I've ever read.

Part of the big reason I'm writing this review is to talk about all the misconceptions reviewers have about the MC. She never dismisses girly things, she learns to care about the people around her and she grows a ton.

I guess this is the issue with serialised content where everyone expects the MC to be perfect from the start and slow growth is not appreciated. This novel is massive and takes a lot... more>> of time, but it is absolutely worth it in my book. The world building feels endless and there are a lot of characters you learn to care about. Being by the MC as she slowly learns to love herself, others and the world around her is a wonderful experience to me. The latest volume has had a lot of payoff in regards to the MCs relationships. I also enjoy seeing rapists castrated so take that other reviewer. That was cool. <<less
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AkiraFurukawa rated it
April 17, 2020
Status: v3c8
The writing is on point. Translation-san is a great writer! Kudos to author-san and translator-san for making this story so rich! Lots of description, imagery, emotive language, and a smooth narrative. The main characters are likeable and their interactions are comical and interesting. Personally, I just love the theme and the characters. I recommend to follow the story and checkout the webcomic on tapas. Moreover, the author as well builds on the creation of their world on the sidestories, and is interesting discussing some theories~~ I strongly recommend this story... more>> of you like world building/fantasy. Plus character development. I do admit sometimes the narrative drags certain topics, but that is the MC's pov thinking her way through! <<less
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Temp950 rated it
July 10, 2022
Status: v10
It always surprises me when I come across a story I've ignored for a long time and then read it to find out its something incredible. This one is a perfect example of that. Just by reading the description, I didn't think it was anything special and only decided to read it after running out of things to read. But from the minute I started, I've been binge reading this. The worldbuilding in this is so different from the traditional fantasy stories I have seen that it reminds me more... more>> of The Lord of the Rings than other Japanese or Korean fantasy I have read. The translation is also flawless. I hope this book eventually gets an english translation that is sold, its good enough that I would be happy to buy it. <<less
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Lyhn rated it
December 22, 2021
Status: v1 prologue
i know that each person has a own taste and we should respect them. BUT this is review and you should read the novel carefully and review it objectively so people wont misunderstand the story. The story was very unique and outstanding, the MC is built well-rounded with a clear personality. However, I read a review saying that she just wants to be "not like other girls". Well, she is INDEED not like the other girls. She is special from the origin, with a burning passion with the sword (which... more>> till nowadays we can still hardly find one, is it not enough to make her special at that medieval time?). And at that time, noble girls can actually be regarded as shallow, because all they care about are luxurious clothes and rich nobleman. This detail can be seen in many other historical novels or even in history books (even though history books may only say the noble at that time spend all their time being in luxurious parties and playing, but that tells a lot).
And I also find this novel to be beautifully feminist, because the MC doesnt want to rely on anyone, any men to live happily. That's very different from other romantic novels, where MC often suffers before a charming prince comes and rescues her. And I think the author's message is y clear: she wants to encourage girls to live with their passion, to remove gender prejudices, and if you are strong enough then you can independently live without men.
So before writing anything down, think holistically and read the novel carefully, not just "relying on memory" because you can ruin the message of a novel :) <<less
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GrimVeilRule rated it
August 11, 2020
Status: v5c17 part6
This is one of my favorite series right now. I read as soon as I see an update. Well write/interesting characters, compelling story.

one of my favorite thing in this story is the protagonist she is strong and has flaws that make me root for her.
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February 28, 2021
Status: v8c26 part5
Don't mind me - I'm just madly obsessed with this novel... the complex main characters, the word building, the slow romance, the plot, the side characters, the... well, everything. Just dying until the next part is released in a little less than a week. My favorite we novel and webtoon EVER. I can't get enough of it. I don't normally like obsessive characters but this plot handles it perfectly. And I love a strong female protagonist who can protect herself!!! I can barely survive until the next update... I need... more>> to find some other manwhas to distract myself with so I'm not dying slowly waiting for more of Ianna and Arhad!!! I wonder if I should learn how to read korean just so I can read the novel without a translation... 🤔 <<less
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Eomin rated it
September 17, 2020
Status: v1c4
Alright Ladies and Gentlemen!

Didn't read a lot of it yet, however I can't bring myself to hate our little delicate Mary Sue.

Others may think that all her feats are earned all by herself, but no!!! Every character that pops into existence carrying a powerful bloodline with inherent talent, is a Mary Sue, or Gary Stu in my book.

... more>> Problem with Mary Sue's/Gary Stu's is, that they are just THERE, they EXIST solely for the purpose of putting arrogant characters in place. Huffing and puffing in victory over muscular giants.

But that's beside the point. Since this isn't an action adventure, where the MC just jerks himself off on his or her superior ability. NO! She has simple dreams in life, like


gaining independence just to serve as the decoration of the bastard that killed her in her previous life



I find that concept actually hilarious. Furthermore I can't believe how easily she ropes in all the guys around her. It's to the point, where she can incite them to build an Empire if she wanted to.


It isn't like she is the second coming of a beautiful sword goddess at all. *Wink*


Ooops. Forgot to say why I like the Novel. Comedy. It's for the comedy. I'm the type of guy who watches Harem anime just to laugh about the sh*tt*ness of it. You can't compare those things though.

This novel is a far cry from sh*t. The frame of the whole story is too heavy to not find it hilarious. Sentimentality and passive seduction makes you either cry, or laugh really hard. Or both. That's it. <<less
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