Regina Rena – To the Unforgiven


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“I will give you a chance. A chance to be forgiven by me. ”

The father sold his daughter. And the daughter returned from hell.

In an empire of the living and the dead, Little Rena Ruber was destined to die as a sacrifice for her father.

But six years later, the girl who everyone thought had died returned.

Takes off the lamb’s mask and becomes a lion.

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레지나레나 - 용서받지 못한 그대에게
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wookraeth rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: c92
Hello, I'm Wook of the Wook's Teahouse (now of Travis Translations as per March 25th), the new translator of this series as per March 20th, 2021. If you're reading this, I assume you're somewhat interested in reading this series. Thank you very much for your time.

Now let me be frank, if what I've read on a third party site (because NU declared the past translation as dead link) is the same as the one posted on NU before, the translation before was pretty bad. I suspect the past translator was... more>> using too much MTL with minimum edits, because the wordings are very similar to the raw when translated using google translate.

So, if you've been here before and stopped reading because of bad translation, please give it one more try. It may not be perfect, but I'm doing my best to provide you with the best.

The story itself is interesting and unexpectedly deep.
Don't think that this is some easy slice of life slash romance fantasy story, it is not.

Our main character, Rena Ruber (Lena Rubel in the past translation, for reasons of change of names please visit my site), is not your simple fragile, pitiful looking girl like she's being portrayed at Chapter 01.

The empire is not as simple as your normal empire with a normal power thirsty emperor and normal corrupt officials.

Each character, even the villain, has their own backstory. I cannot say all characters as some haven't been revealed yet or may not be revealed at all.

I personally think the way author exposes the secrets is... attractive, and I'm extremely curious about how this story will end. You will understand once you get to where I last read.

I cannot explain more without revealing some spoilers, but one advice from me. Read more, before you judge. It's a Korean fantasy romance, so yes, you will get what you expect.

All in all, since everyone has their own taste, I can only say, give this a try, and see you in my teahouse!

"Let us be kind to each other as the heart is already fragile, life is already hard, and this translator still wants to live a few more years."
Wook, signing out. <<less
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sggallmeier rated it
August 23, 2020
Status: c32
This story is so great! Love the FL. She's so different from the normal FL. Also the world this novel is set in is amazing. Definitely worth the read.

Anyone know who is translating this now? Naver webnovel has chapters up to ch 62 but only 32 chapters are "free" and available. If anyone can get the raws after ch 33, i'd be happy to translate myself :) (I'm korean)
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ketchupblood rated it
August 13, 2020
Status: c28
Regina Lina is easily my favorite ongoing translation. The author manages to do something incredibly difficult, which is to simultaneously present very likable protagonists while keeping their motivations and next actions a complete mystery to the reader. There's a sense that you can keep digging deeper and deeper with these characters and that there is something substantial to discover. The author does a great job of showing us a trickle in each chapter, so a picture of what is actually going on slowly emerges but the mystery also builds.

Lena is... more>> an enigma and walking contradiction.

She is almost naively sweet--but she's also been through (literal) hell and back; all she wants is to be accepted by the family that betrayed her--but she's also here for revenge on them--but she's doesn't take it right away and you wonder if she can really bear to acknowledge that they're never going to love her; she's clever and strategic--but she's also a bit hot headed; she's possibly OP when fighting against the dead--but she's also severely lacking in political/social power with the living. Lynn is righteous and kind and out of control and ambitious and humble. Marquis Rubel is ruthless and unapologetic and cruel, but he also couches his interactions with Lena with words of kindness and love.


The world building is also excellent, but frankly it's the characters that really shine here. This is absolutely worth read. <<less
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SormiNN rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: c80
This story is a completely different take on revenge, forgiveness and overall morality than anything I've ever seen.
The female main character's mindset, her views and the way she acts are very peculiar, and the way she grew to be that way is also slowly shown through the story. The ML is also a great supportive partner for the FL, although the romance between them isn't shown that much, it still unfolds greatly.

The story depicts both the living and the dead realms, with action and developments happening in both of... more>> them, intertwining. There's many villains, with most of them being on the extreme side of the scale, even psychopathic, doing things which psychopaths do.

The psychological aspect of this novel is great actually, not like in some of the novels where there's a villain and the author justifies the villain's actions by some things in his part or some other cliche reason and that's it of the psychological stuff.
No, in this novel you can count on getting the character's twisted point of view explained more explicitly or subtly, with the FL's change through the years being greatly explored (probably one of the things I enjoyed most in this novel). The whole journey is like a roller coaster, constant ups and downs.

The novel's great, the translation is also great, it's just a shame we're getting only 1 translated chapter a week, but hey, it's great quality. All that remains it to wait for chapters to read through or binge them in a couple of weeks. Don't sleep on this novel! <<less
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blahblah123 rated it
December 10, 2021
Status: c18
Really good, extremely unique. I've never seen an MC like this one, this is a breath of fresh air. It's been a month since the last translation so I can only hope it hasn't been dropped.
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sibyl97 rated it
January 29, 2022
Status: c39
This is good, actually any of wook’s work is good, excellent taste as always

it’s not like bang! 💥 In the face kind of good, it’s like being stewed in warm water while it slowly boils.

I really like the FL, she’s so enigmatic. Really strong from the outside and inside, tho I’m still not too sure whether she was so broken that she’s not or she was broken but came back stronger? She’s just too complex and I like her.
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ylial rated it
May 14, 2021
Status: c107
This is honestly good! Especially the first 50 chapters. Every chapter brings me surprises! However, around c70+ the monologs and convos are too long that it can be summarized into a paragraph without losing their essence - make the story kinda draggy.

I love their love development and Btw, The chapters are also free in naver! ❤️

MC: she's really cool! Not like the 1st chapter. She has detachment in life due to grievance and numbness yet she tries to be kind due to her upbringing (poems) and guidance from... more>> Regina. Also, since her father is unredeemable, she really doesn't really forgive him. She's just playing with him. Every time she gives him a chance, her father always stabs her back many times. ML: I like him for Rena. He's kind, not the typical OP overbearing jealous ML.

PS. I really like the Southern Duke. Skipped some around 99 <<less
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Ecirteab rated it
August 17, 2020
Status: c29
An intriguing novel with the Lena as the star. Lena is very well done as a character, balancing vulnerability and cunning. Unlike other characters obsessed with revenge, Lena is very kind at heart. She gives very clear chances at redemption but once the line is crossed, she launches her own attack. As one Korean comment said - she gives the rope of salvation and they hang themselves with it. She's definitely the star of the novel and you just want to see her reveal more and be happy.

Other characters are... more>> also well done. They have their own motivations and view of Lena that creates interesting intersctions. The ML is so lovely and kind and the romance is slow but sweet.

Plot wise the mystery just keeps growing and the world building is pretty nice. I look forward to further chaps.. <<less
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Himari.vs rated it
August 14, 2020
Status: c28
I’m in love? This is the best novel I’ve read for now, and the list is not so short...

The author is doing one of the most difficult jobs, keeping the reading attached to the screen hungrier of secrets, characters thoughts, or even just events.

Lena is one of the strongest and most clever MC I’ve ever read about, not talking about how well written the ML is.
... more>>

Lena is not the classic “always good” MC that doesn’t feel angry neither wants to kill her father, she gives him chances to be forgiven, but he just keeps going his way. She searches for the good in everyone, but is ready to stop when she sees its pointless. Still, it’s not perfect, she is sometimes hotheaded but in the right way? Lynn is also a very very good written character, showing consideration, force. Also, the villain here aren’t the “they’re villains because they are” but actually did horrible things, are sociopaths, and aren’t afraid to admit it.


Im sorry for not giving this novel a good review, as I’m myself not good enough to write a detailed one, just read this and see it yourself <<less
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ry_fay rated it
December 30, 2021
Status: --
I came from after reading up to chapter 8 of the manwha. So far it’s an intriguing story. I can’t help but get more into this story so I was so excited to see this on NU and on top of that, Travis Translations, is doing the translating. They pick up a lot of great stories and do great work so I know I’ve come to the right place!
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laexdream rated it
August 17, 2020
Status: --
As much as I’d like to enjoy the story... the translation is kind of... bad.
It definitely needs an editor, as some word choices make the sentences seem awkward, and dialogue really weird and choppy. Not sure if that’s the author or the translator.
The translator is probably not a native English speaker, and I applaud their hard work and effort to translate this, but it’d be nice to have someone refine it so it’s not so painful to read. So thank you for the translation, but I can’t actually... more>> bring myself to read any further. <<less
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