A Villainous S*ave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic


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The main character was reincarnated as the cannon fodder villainous s*ave trader of a game!

At this rate, there will be nothing but destruction flags, where the s*aves will revolt and tear me to pieces!

That’s it! If I practice recovery magic from now on as a child and master it, won’t I be able to heal myself when I get hurt?

Moreover, I can sell flattery to s*aves, so it’s killing two birds with one stone!

I’m just healing my s*aves in order to save myself, but why are they grateful! ?

If I buy a disabled s*ave cheaply and sell them at a high price, I shouldn’t receive gratitude? I wonder what this means! ?

Eh! ? The protagonist is the hero of light! ? Ah, I already healed them with my healing magic! ? Iyah, I’m sorry.

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azuron rated it
April 17, 2023
Status: C25
Hi, Translator here. I picked up this novel because I like the fluffy interactions and also how the morality of the main character and consequently that of the world around him is a bit different from what we normally expect.

He is neither good nor evil, but as a result of his selfish actions, he managers to improve the lives of people he touches, and even beyond that.

As for the rest, I'll let you guys try it and hopefully you enjoy it!
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Tanhalevi rated it
June 6, 2023
Status: c21
It's a "Meh ++" kind of novel.

It's not "actively bad" if you know what I mean.

It's a nice pastime, but I wouldn't actively search something from the same author.

... more>> I gave it 4 stars, however, because it's good enough for me to read it chapter by chapter.

An issue of the novel is that, even until chapter 21, the plot is still extremely episodic and slice-of-life.

The first 10 chapters are, however the weakest part, as they are mostly repetitive scenes in which he heals a s*ave and the s*ave istantly loves him.

As we go further and there are less new characters, the flow gets better.

Post Scriptum:

The translation is not bad.

There are also not too many jokes from people working on the chapter, so it's a relatively pleasant and not overwhelming read, even if you rush through the available chapters. <<less
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Aquod rated it
September 9, 2023
Status: epilogue
I read it all with MTL.

I was skeptic and expecter the usual s*ave harem stuff but it's not.


The MC is in love and loyal to Arday (the elf s*ave)

He didn't know about those feelings until he start to ask himself what he want for the future after he survive his death flag.

And he doesn't hesitate after that and basically ask her to mary him on the spot.


pleasantly surprised.
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LittleFox21 rated it
April 29, 2023
Status: c11
Early review, I initially thought that this'll be like other isekai reincarnation stuff with all the training and avoiding flags explained thoroughly, but this one has short chapters with small details skipped. This makes it very easy read if you're looking for a novel to relax.

Though my biggest irk is about how the author inserts side stories from other PoVs (mainly from s*aves MC has interacted with) almost every time in immediate chapters. It'd be better if he holds back a bit for that, though I understand that the chapter... more>> length accommodates this kind of frequent side stories <<less
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KeyonDrenson rated it
April 28, 2023
Status: c9
Very early to write a review but I see a lot of promise in this

so far I like it because it's got that "bad-ish guy doing selfish things that end up helping people" thing going on

I will say that the s*avery/ morality is off putting at first, I still recommend at least reading the first nine chapters to see if you can get past it
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Styrmir008 rated it
March 10, 2024
Status: --
This was genuinely a new story for me, and it is kinda unique since

... more>>

the whole idea is buying defective people and reselling them-


I really like how each s*ave has a different story despite the small amount of writing.. But I have a complaint, the story isn't so well developed as it's just repetitive


until the academy showed up.

I wish there were some actual progress and more plot, not to mention of how dull and repetitive characteristics are when encountering a character. Even the main character of this story is just the same old character from many novels.


I also don't want to even mention the academy part of the novel, it's so Terrible that the creator of this novel added the princess suddenly falling in love because the MC saved her and the sister falling in love because he saved her sister and healed her after their duel??? They just met??? When creating a novel, the character shows their characteristics in the novel yet all I see from the princess's sister personally is a demanding person (yet she did kinda regret it... while she falling in love??) and the princess being so idiotic and definitely not to be trusted with- To think that telling to defeat the demon king regardless of his decision because the MC is strong??? Have you not seen his business that could possibly ruined your reputation and not being the crown princess anymore because of that???


I honestly felt like the characters doesn't have enough brain cells to actually have a genuine sense and reaction of a persons action or what's happening in front of them.

And not to forget about the world building, it's just nothing more than a placeholder for this story like come on!? This is painful for me, whom I liked to delve deeper into that lore.

In short of my review, this truly has a unique idea; it's just that it isn't well executed with the same characteristics of almost every character in this novel, same overpowered, with misunderstanding MC you have seen from other novels that aren't good. <<less
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dani_iturry rated it
August 5, 2023
Status: --
I really like this novel. I feel like is good if just want to read something "light".

So the MC knows he is in a game world and he will die, so he learns healing magic, thanks to this the MC begins to buy "Disabled s*aves" (MC is a s*ave trader because of his family tradition) and using his healing magic he heals them, making them super loyal to him.

it is entertaining to see how the s*aves are so devoted to the MC.
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NitsugaNi rated it
July 18, 2023
Status: c26
It is quite alright. This novel is a slice of life that delves on s*avery and the s*avemarket so I was expecting some heavy themes (there are! but the heavy when put on a scale is only almost a kilogram) and merchantry but so far it is lacking. The pacing was quite fast too for my liking. Author could have used it for the world building and explore MC’s connections and relationships more (seriously, where is Melda? Like what happened to her?) so that the work can further cement MC’s... more>> reputation. Also s*aves, while thankful, can still have a bit of apprehension even when healed fully so the trust stat being maxxed out just like that is... ehhh.

Anyway, this novel is a nice read although it can easily fall to the typical or cliché types of works. If youre looking for a light hearted read with a bit of heavy theme usage then you can spend your time here.

This work has yet to be completed so there is a chance that I will change my rating so Im looking forward to the Author working on this (^ω^) <<less
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