A High School Boy Who Has Lost Everything Due to a False Accusation is Saved by a Beautiful Childhood Friend〜his Innocent Crime Was Discovered, and His Classmates Turned a Blind Eye, but It’s Too Late Now〜


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Despite the fact that she invited him to have physical relations with her, Shinonome Tohru is betrayed and accused of r*pe.

No one believes him when he claims that it was not r*pe but consensual s*xual interc**rse.

His classmates and family treat him as a s*x offender and repeatedly slander him.

The only one who believes Tohru is innocent is his childhood friend, Nanase Risa.

With Risa’s support, Tohru manages to avoid becoming a shut-in.

Then one day, Tohru’s innocence is confirmed.

Once it was revealed that Tohru was falsely accused of a crime, his classmates and family turned a blind eye.

However, Tohru no longer trusts them.

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Scipo0419 rated it
December 10, 2023
Status: c30
Wanted to see how it would play out after having one of the most vague accusations in this genre so I mtl'd what was available. The story is very good. Satisfying retribution against those who slandered MC with lots of pov chapters that I love. Theres no rebuild of romance as of what the author released.

But what I love most is how the author portrays the victim mentality people have. Only one person swallowed their pride enough to apologize to the MC for what happened to him and the person... more>> wasnt even directly involved, everyone else just expexted MC to forgive them since they "were victims too". Even when MC explains "not one of you has apologized" only his sister goes "im sorry, do you forgive me now?" And he just stares at her dumbfoundedly and asks if she seruously thinks thats an apology. <<less
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Wolfrage76 rated it
January 1, 2024
Status: c20
I like how The MC shows no mercy to Those who bullied and slandered him for a crime He didn't commit out of blind ignorance, petty envy, or ill will; even His own family is no different from Those who accuse Him of commiting the crime. Can't wait to see the consecuences and the karmatic judgement waiting for those who falsely accused The MC.
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