A Beautiful Model In My Class Comes To The Coffee Shop Where I Work Part-time Only When I’m On Shift


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In a café, a high school student named ‘Juntaro Mikage’ works part-time. In his class, there is currently a model exploding in popularity named ‘Shizuku Kamisaka.’ Unlike Juntaro, who is reserved and rarely interacts with others, she is immensely popular at school and on social media. Despite living in different worlds, it seemed like they would never cross paths.

“Welcome… Oh. Kamisaka?’


One day, she, with tears in her eyes, rushes into the café where Juntaro works. After hearing the details of her story, she starts coming to Juntaro’s place regularly after work.

This is a secret romantic comedy between a coffee-loving introverted student and a currently trendy cool beauty model.

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1 Review

Feb 02, 2024
Status: c14
5 stars a bit exaggerated and for encouragement.

It promises to be good - calm, with development and deeper relationships, pleasant characters and no drama. Nothing groundbreaking, but very nicely presented and so far I'm enjoying reading it - it's on my reading list and I'll be looking forward to more.

There are some red flags as to what's going to happen next. First of all, 14 chapters have been published and typical dense protagonist clichés have already appeared. It's not in the tags and I wouldn't want to have to add... more>> this tag. I hope that the author is not going in this direction where by chapter 100 ML has hearing problems and wonders whether the heroine has a cold [because she is blushing].

//ch28 update - however, I had to add the dense protagonist tag. WTF with this trend. -1 star. Cringe but still quite nice. <<less
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