A Beautiful Knight Wants You from Morning till Night! The Dirty Married Life of the Queen


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Queen Lucienne has chosen Eric, the graceful and burly knight, to be her groom. She is finally able to share a kiss with the one she has always loved just like in her dreams. “You are mine, my adorable queen.”

A hot wedge pierces her lower abdomen, and intense pleasure crawls through her entire body.

“I will never leave you.”

In his tight embrace, she was happy…

Every day after that, as if he had let go of all restraints, she is devoured by absolute possessiveness.

This is the worryingly lewd newlywed life of a knight and a queen!

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Asa kara Ban made Uruwashi no Kishi ga Motometekimasu! Joou-sama no Midara na Kekkon Seikatsu
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Date Group Release
06/14/20 Lavender-Skye c1 part1
06/14/20 Lavender-Skye prologue
1 Review

Jun 28, 2020
Status: c1 part1
So far the story has promise although it is a bit iffy that ML met MC when she was 8 y.o and watched her grew up and eventually has s*xual relationship with her. But I really want to see what happen next. Can't really put rating because it is only 1 chapter

Comment on translation, a bit hard to separate when it was a time jump or like when MC was thinking about the past in the middle of present time (but it can be written like that in the original).... more>> A bit confusing on the pronouns and the POV but it is readable. Looking forward for more <<less
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