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  • Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils ×
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    17 Series 6 Comments 5982 Views 8 Follows Aug 6, 2019 runsing
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    a lot of the novels i've finished reading have good start, good execution, but abrupt or outright tasteless ending. Luckily, some still have decent, (or at least semi decent ) endings.... more>>
    Wu Jizun
    31 Series 2 Comments 9283 Views 19 Follows Aug 6, 2019 Wu Jizun
    No Tags
    Legit wuxia (the only wuxia series translated) with some semblance of martial arts, not cultivation and alchemy. These are not level up, face-slapping or MC... more>>
    100 Series 1 Comments 43720 Views 22 Follows Sep 27, 2019 kurohamukami
    First Part... more>>
    39 Series 0 Comments 3424 Views 16 Follows Oct 17, 2020 magstralala
    The original list was closing in on a hundred title so I decided to cut it in three parts, one for each country.... more>>
    79 Series 2 Comments 14011 Views 12 Follows Oct 24, 2020 NightmareSeller
    Wuxia: Martial arts, but nothing else, People practice martial arts. They are mortals and their goal is not to be immortal.
    Xianxia: Wuxia + C-nese magic-based mainly on Daoism
    Xuanhuan: eastern fantasy, Might have cultivation, but it's more fantasy than anything... more>>
    Lady Xian
    17 Series 0 Comments 966 Views 0 Follows Oct 15, 2021 Lady Xian
    No Tags
    No description.
    14 Series 0 Comments 573 Views 2 Follows Aug 14, 2023 WuxiaSociety
    No Tags
    These are the translations on WuxiaSociety.
    14 Series 0 Comments 368 Views 0 Follows Dec 30, 2023 merinnan
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