Red Pearl and Lotus Leaves

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Group Name Red Pearl and Lotus Leaves
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
06/25/24 Leisurely Life in the Seventies c1
06/25/24 The Young Bride in the Courtyard c1
06/15/24 Reborn in the Seventies: Don’t Be A Cannon Fodder c1
06/15/24 The Love-Brained Heroine’s Aunt Lies Down [1980s] c1
06/09/24 If You Can Do It, Don’t Talk Nonsense [70s] c1
05/29/24 The Sea Rises One Meter Every Day c1
05/29/24 Husband Across a Thousand Miles in the Seventies [Transmigration] c1
05/29/24 Transmigrated into a Spoiled Girl from the 1970s c1
05/21/24 Transmigrated to When the Male God Was Young c1
05/21/24 Cannon Fodder’s Original Wife Strikes Back and Gets Rich... c1
05/14/24 Gourmet’s Survival in the Apocalypse c1
05/07/24 Encountering the Ice Age c1
05/07/24 Back to Three Years Ago Before Catastrophe c1
05/07/24 Daily Life of Dual-Career Parents in the Seventies c1
04/30/24 Caretaker of a Fierce Merman c1
04/27/24 Cannon Fodder Wife in the Seventies c1
04/23/24 Apocalypse: Farm or Be Devoured! c1
04/23/24 Model Couple in the Seventies c1
04/16/24 Daily Life of Raising Cubs in the 1980s c1
04/09/24 A Delicate Wife Arrived at the Frontier c1
04/09/24 Born to be King of Cards c1
04/09/24 70s’ Island Couple c1
04/09/24 The World’s Number One Food Supplier c1
04/06/24 Transmigration of The Bai Fumei Educated Youth c1
04/06/24 70s Art Troupe’s Little Chef c1
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