Daily Life of Raising Cubs in the 1980s


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Foodie expert Yu Wei, broadcasting live, unexpectedly time-travels to the 1980s and wakes up to find herself with an additional son, with an unknown biological father.

She’s not keen on taking care of the child; it’s quite bothersome. But no one can escape the allure of delicious food.

Yu Wei declares: the well-behaved little dumpling is so fragrant, so adorable, so clever… she really wants to spoil him.

But the poor little cub is in a pitiful state now. Wearing old clothes, gnawing on cold steamed buns, sleeping on straw mats…

Yu Wei takes a deep breath: it’s okay, Mommy will earn money to buy things for you!

Rumor has it that a new dessert shop has opened in Lu City, with a beautiful proprietress as fair as a celestial maiden, but unfortunately, she already has a child! What’s more, the child doesn’t have a father?

Single divorced men in Lu City are all gearing up to make a move. Until one day—

People notice that in the early morning, there is always a man coming out of the proprietress’s room, still half-dressed?! Later, they discover that the man who frequently enters and exits the proprietress’s room… turns out to be the golden bachelor that the young maidens of Lu City are eagerly vying to marry!

But why did you set your eyes on a mother with a child?

Huo Mingwang: “Buy one, get one free, it’s a good deal.”

Yu Wei: “?”

#The father appears after getting rich#
#Do you still want to compete for the obedient treasure with her?#
#He said he doesn’t compete; they’ll raise the child together#


Enduring countless ridicule, Huo Mingwang emerges from a barren village, hoping like crazy that one day he’ll find that woman and then… kill her. Later, he indeed finds her, but when Yu Wei lies there letting herself be bullied, he softens.

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Leikr_ish bish
New Leikr_ish bish rated it
May 21, 2024
Status: --
Typical tropes: transmigratted FMC with a bun, atrocious family members, cold rich tall jadelike male lead (of course he has to be rich enough to buy everyone's soul) cute kid, FMC has to be beautiful that everyone wants to marry or f*** her (very typical FMCs in CN novel they could smell and act like sh*t but CN author would find a way to justify it) only difference from other novel is the "system" the very typical netizens comments will make up for lazy writing.

I only read it for the... more>> cute bun. The pacing of the story is good, it has an okay FMC. There are other CN novels out here with similar tropes that are worth reading and investing your time IMO. Only read it for fun, the little bun and don't take it seriously which was my mistake.

What I didn't like though is the author's way of depicting of "how hard working mother the FMC is but she still can be clumsy when raising a kid", she didn't do it enough justice that to me it seemed like child neglect. There was one scene where she got delayed due to reasons and the kid was left alone in the house locked in, and the kid thought his mother didn't want him so he started crying which prompted one neighbor to destroy the door, that could've easily been taken out of context specially in the 80's where basically single mothers are often castigated and looked down upon. At end of the chapter the author put a note that the FMC is just human she makes mistakes, which seemed non chalant to me. Sure everyone makes mistakes but dude, that could've been traumatic for the kid, that lone incident could easily result to the kid developing separation anxiety. My point is if the author want to bring "being human" to provide a context of reality into it, why didn't they also write in the fact that she could be castigated or drowned in spit as was the practice during those times, as a result of this?To me the author doesn't really now how to encorporate scenes in their novel that would solidify their characters design. This novel has a good plot even with the myriad of typical tropes I mentioned above this could've been easily a good novel had the author know how to write well enough to create scenes that would make this novel enjoyable to read. It lacks character development. Most of the scenes fell flat and unessential to the characters development.

the little bun deserve better parents in my opinion, it's just atrocious how the author wrote in a child and subject him into scenarios that would then be explained later on as his mother/fathers care or love for him here's an example it's an MTL: As soon as he finished speaking, there was a person crossing the road in front of the vehicle. In an emergency, Huo Mingwang stepped on the brakes. Yuhui was not prepared and flew directly from the seat to the chair behind Huo Mingwang, hitting him full in the chest. The tip of the little guy's nose felt sore from being hit by the hard object, and tears welled up in an instant. He whimpered softly and hummed like a puppy. - Like what!? The dad didn't even fasten the kids seatbelt! I already mentioned that his mother once left him in the house alone right? Now his father saw him with mother who collapsed in the road and took his mother away to get her to the hospital ignoring the crying child and just drove off with his mom. Then at the hospital the mom woke up and somehow convinced the father to come and bring the child back. This was the scene after that. Prior to that the focus our good author was pushing was not the urgency of a caring mother finding her son, or the crisis that a mother should feel having left her child alone in the middle of the street, but the persistence of a gossipy nurse having the MCs mistaken as a couple offering unwanted relationship advice, an a so called caring mother adamantly denying the relationship. Wow parents of the year! - Bit*h your son got left alone for nth time and your arguing for the wrong thing! She should've smack the ml's head and shout to move his dumbass and get the kid! Coz that's what mothers do!

I hate authors like this who doesn't know how to work in a romantic scene at an appropriate time. Timing is everything. Wrong timing can convey a different ideal and thought. It makes the reader hate or question the MCs characterization as a loving mother and ML as a reliable, capable father and husband. For context you wouldn't greet someone joyfully happy birthday when you see them devastated coz they just found right there and then that they got stage 4 brain cancer right? I mean you'd still greet them but you just gotta find the right timing.

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ntww12 rated it
April 27, 2024
Status: Completed
My rating would be 3.5-4. It's a very drama free slice of life story with some fantasy elements like a broadcasting channel appearing on her phone when she transmigrates to the past. The FL can actually livestream whatever she's doing with a phone that has 100% battery all the time. It's also a slice of life story with minimal rags to riches element, and childcaring as she has an adorable 4 year old baby boy. The story is quite angst free and not much family drama, honestly it gets resolved... more>> quite quickly. The only real conflict or drama is the mystery surrounding the FL and ML and their relationship.

We first find FL transmigrating to the past and realizing that her family is a bunch of bloodsuckers and biased to the younger brother. FL has a phone with magical livestreaming abilities from an app called Chumi Live (From the MTL) and she livestreams her daily activities, telling viewers that she has gone back to the past. She will be able to give evidences on this and when people give gifts online, she gets a partial amount of the money.

Using that money, FL then leaves the family, and then rents a home for herself and her son. She then opens up a dessert shop. The thing is, she can actually buy items from the apps in her phone and they magically appear lol. So she buys ovens and other materials to make desserts with. It's hilarious. This story just doesn't take itself seriously.

ML appears and he doesn't outright harasses her. He merely tries to give her small troubles. But when FL collapses one day from tiredness and he's the cause of it (he makes her bake a lot overnight for an unreasonable large order of biscuits) and ML then regrets it. He brings her to the hospital and helps her through it. He thinks the FL has amnesia, which is why she doesn't remember him. And after some inner turmoil, ML will be like, "Since she has amnesia, I'll chase her again! I'll forgive everything she has ever done to me!"

And this mysterious vibe of WHAT ON EARTH DID THE FL DO TO THE ML goes on till ~10 chapters to the end before we finally figure out what happened between them.


FL was an educated youth sent to the countryside when she was 17. At that time, the oriFL which was selfish and arrogant fell and died. FL then transmigrated back. Upon going back, she obviously had a change of personality and was a good, kind person. She then falls in love with ML who was a villager, and they actually got married. However, due to a SYSTEM ERROR from the Chumi Live app - they did not explain if her phone also went back in time - FL was sent back to the future where she came from but with loss of memories and also a missing soul. I don't understand this part, but basically her soul was split and one part of it went back to the future with no memories, and another one stayed in the past. But this soul fragment that was in the past was not complete and merged with oriFL's personality which was selfish, deep desire to go back to the city and arrogant. So this fragment of FL's soul broke it off with the ML harshly and went back to the city. She was pregnant at the time. The System couldn't send the FL back to merge the souls for some reason. I don't really understand the MTL at this point. Something about the unborn child and also how the System didn't expect FL to fall in love?? No clue. Anyway, that soul fragment could only last for four years which is why FL then transmigrated back to the 80s and meets the ML again. ML just thinks that FL has some illness and personality disorder which is why her personality changed so much and then changed back again to her sweet self. It's very confusing lol. So yeah, all that problem and trauma for so many people due to a damn SYSTEM ERROR lol. FL never recovers her memories from those years and merely reads about it from an infodump by the System. ML still loves her regardless.


Other than that 'mystery', the rest of the novel basically focuses on FL taking care of her baby boy who is adorable. Baby boy has some trauma from the terrible living conditions before FL transmigrates and he had social anxiety. FL's loving care has eased a lot of baby's fears and he gradually opens up to be a cheerful baby boy.

The story is okay for a casual read but don't take it too seriously. The fantastical elements are not really well-written imo. The drama between the two leads also wasn't really told in flashbacks. It was an infodump. I think it could've been better if FL gradually remembered what happened. But to the end, she merely gets an infodump and not really memories. Which is what I didn't like as I felt the ML bore a lot of the pain from whatever happened. I also feel like the ending is quite abrupt and we never really find out about the livestream app again. Like how it affects the future etc. Even the last line in the extra was so weird. Like, I expected more after that sentence. Oh well. Just read it for the cute baby. <<less
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