Model Couple in the Seventies


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Su Yue, equipped with a supermarket space, traverses from the end of the world to the famine-ridden 1970s, becoming the daughter of the wealthiest man in Lucheng.

After transmigrating, her family members died or left, leaving only her behind. With a vast fortune, Su Yue shouldered her burden and moved to a place where nobody knew her.

However, the new neighbor, Sister Yang, is overly enthusiastic and on the first day of moving, she secretly selects a potential match for her. Su Yue promptly declines.

“He’s skilled and earns a lot every month!”
Su Yue isn’t short of money: Rejected.

“He’s just a year older than you, a handsome young man! Very good-looking!”
Can he be as good-looking as her: Rejected.

“He’s good at cooking, can make anything delicious!”

“Well, maybe I can consider it.”

However, when Su Yue sees the real person, she realizes that what Sister Yang said were all true!!

The man’s appearance breaks her stereotype of the 1970s. Su Yue’s long-dormant heart begins to stir.


“But he’s only eighteen, and I’m only seventeen!”
“Sigh! What’s the big deal? You can get married after being together for two years! With your looks, hurry up and have a beautiful baby to make others envy!”

“Is this something a minor should be hearing?!”

Qiao Jingming has outstanding looks, extraordinarily handsome, and is recognized by the neighbors as the face of the neighborhood. He’s a bit cold and doesn’t talk much.

However, one day, the aloof Yan Wang surprisingly becomes Su Yue’s exclusive cook!? While others gossip, the two parties involved ignore the rumors and enjoy themselves.

Later, after being a “male nanny” for a long time, there are more and more idle gossip.

Su Yue thinks: “Rabbits don’t eat grass near their burrows because the grass near their burrows isn’t ‘fresh’ enough. And this grass near my burrow, can handle the living room, the kitchen, repair appliances, change light bulbs, has excellent earning ability, and is practically a household necessity! Why hesitate to marry him? I’ve been annoyed by those envious looks for a long time!”

Qiao Jingming thinks: “After being a cook and nanny for so long, I should get some ‘salary’ to justify my hard work. When can I bring her home openly and pamper her?”

So, the two quickly agreed, got their marriage certificate, and became a model loving couple of the 1970s!

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