Devouring The Heavens


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Xuanyuan was reborn into a strange new world where training to be a Xian was a cornerstone. There was however something ancient dwelling inside his body. He could now devour all of creation…

This is the journey of an ordinary boy and his transformation into the supreme being that reigns over all existence! Everywhere he went, he could not help but tie his fate with numerous women. It did not matter whether they were a goddess or a devil…

Devouring The Heavens average rating 4/5 - 332 user ratings
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Thôn Phệ Thương Khung
Tunshi Cangqiong
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nixxara rated it
April 1, 2016
Status: --
Ch. 9 review for now…:

Slow start, or is it too fast?

I don’t really like the simple writing style… and the mc hasn’t really developed a personality as of yet. The characters he characters he met aren’t really well-developed either… (foil for mc?)

ch 20 review: DNF I can't continue anymore.
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Parth37955 rated it
April 6, 2016
Status: --
MC levels up really fast in this one though that's bound to slow down eventually. MC can be kind of a jerk when it comes to money, due to past experiences. Kind of arrogant. Plot is very fast. Side characters...could use better characterization.
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justien01 rated it
March 24, 2016
Status: --
one of the best xianxia novel i read so far. I just love how cunning and shameless the mc is and super lucky.. i wonder how long his luck will last

kudos to translator "Pan" for translating this series i hope you continue too translate this series with...

ps: i would suits to my liking if you translate more chapters hehehe
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MondoX rated it
February 27, 2016
Status: --
Some folks say the MC is lucky, with all the items and skills he acquires easily. However, it seems they forget the MC was an orphan in is previous life, surviving by himself and becoming a beggar at a young age. He died young, then took over the body of another orphan that was living by himself in the jungle with two wolves as his companions. With two messed up lives, can the MC not have a bunch of good luck after suffering for two lifetimes?

I have... more>> two problems with the story. The first one, it seems that the author’s writing or the translation is simplistic like Stephenie Meyer’s works. The second problem is the story progresses rapidly for the most part, without taking a breather. The enmity between the MC and some characters is caused by some minor problems and hate the MC in an instant. However, the novel is a good read and I will continue reading, and can not wait until the MC meets his master again. <<less
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BlackHat88 rated it
February 10, 2016
Status: --
DTH is definitely not a master piece, really far from it but it’s still quite entertaining and has no real repulsive flaws so while waiting for other novel, it’s a good catch.

On the flaws list first an foremost, this story has a super fast rythm and you have no pause, going from one thing to another without much inner dialog, world building or xianxia concept explanations.

You probably won’t see any story spreading through several chapters and you jump from one thing to another at each chapter.

Plus, MC... more>> takes less than 10 chapters each time before jumping to the next cultivation realm, he’s got a body twice as strong as normal people, he’s super talented and master every skills in a couple of days..when he’s lazy.

It’s so fast, it barely scratches the surface of the story and it seems as if the author would die if MC attain OP God level above chapter 60.

Plus he got the biggest plot luck ever, treasures, secret skills, money, everything jump right on his lap.

And without being overbearing, he’s shameless and a pervert.

The example of plot luck, he finds a young martial artist girl in his bed and gets hit while waking her.

Ofc he asks her to train him for a month as a compensation and she accepts god knows why and gives him rare medicines, precious treasures and teach him her peerless clan super secret skills.

“I know we met yesterday but here’s my secret skill but shh don’t tell anyone or my clan will try to kill you, the other clan will torture the skills out of you (hm, is it a good idea? Well whatever!) ” – worse secret keeper ever lol. <<less
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Molenir rated it
May 3, 2016
Status: --
Really Dumb. The MC levels up super fast. It feels like everything good is being thrown at him. The various sects are moronic. I read it up to about chapter 35, couldn't continue past that. Just too dumb.
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CorpseDead rated it
October 23, 2016
Status: c132
Hello dear potential reader.

So! Some people say that this is too fast and all.. but I don't think so. If you compare it with many other novels then you will realize that this isn't fast. To begin with it seems like that there are much more 'ranks' then what we learn of at this point. (132).

I don't want to spoiler so I won't say anything about that, but this will be a long journey which I'm sure to join! :D

I like how the MC improves his mind, his thinking,... more>> and of course his power! If you like constant struggle, fighting, and the shameless stealing which is in my opinion hilarious then I strongly recommend this novel to you. Naturally the MC is OP in his own category but he has to start from zero like everyone else so yeah.. he will always fight people that are stronger than him.

Well about romance and 'harem'. As of chapter 132 he still didn't have sex or something like that, which I don't mind. There was a little bit of this and that but nothing serious. It seems like he will hold on till he can meet again with his 'master'. I don't know if he will pick the other girls who like him later on or not? But that's for the future.

All in all I like this novel very much, the translator is good at what he does (A big clap for Pan) and I can only recommend this novel to everyone who likes this kind of novel! :D


You have successfully found the worst joke ever! Well maybe not the worst. XD Sorry but there is no spoiler here.. :(

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heishiken rated it
March 3, 2016
Status: --
One of my personal Favourites in the Xianxia Genre, the MC is likable and the progression is quite fast too. While the Mc may be a bit arrogant and could be a bit smarter its still a fun read.

Can only Recommend it
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Hydropoop rated it
February 11, 2016
Status: --
It's interesting to read, but not a top tier novel.

It's very fast paced compared to most xianxia.

Not much suspense, does not provoke much emotions when reading as the problems are solved pretty easily.

Still good for reading when you're bored.
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AicilaXI rated it
December 16, 2015
Status: --
Time of Review: c17. It’s early but it’s good to give people an idea. I’ll update this later on.

Devouring the Heavens has some pretty typical xianxia elements. Child who needs to cultivate more than others to ’level up’ but is strong for his level, a spirit teacher of sorts, and an artifact that is very powerful. His artifact is a blade which has the ability to penetrate defences and suck cultivation out of other people/animals. It seems to only be useful in specific situations which seems disappointing because it looks... more>> like it will be used as a fallback method to help him escape from dangerous situations.

Devouring the Heavens seems to progress quite quickly. I don’t know if it will iron out, but while the developments are quick, they don’t feel too rushed and pacing isn’t an issue. It’s a little early to make any judgements on the worldbuilding, but the fact that the MC is an orphan with no clan/family ties is refreshing, although as a result some of his motives seem a little forced. He's picked on for no reason other than to create enmity between him and other people which is used as motive.

The MC is quite smart, and while in the beginning he seemed a little naive he is quickly fixing this issue and is becoming quite ruthless. He is looking to shape up as someone who is quite friendly with people that are nice to him, but has a ruthless streak to others. There hasn’t been very many characters so far, but they mostly seem quite black or white (rude/domineering or good/polite) with little in between. I am also predicting some decent harem elements, he already looks more on the upfront side than some of the more reserved MCs when it comes to women.

The early signs for Devouring the Heavens are reasonably promising. I’ll update this a little later when more chapters come out. <<less
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toetoe rated it
February 16, 2016
Status: --
So far I have liked it, it is very fast paced and doesn’t seem to have much suspense, but as far as the characters go, they are entertaining. As for the advancement it was a bit too fast to my liking at first but you get used to it.
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Mri_kel rated it
February 12, 2016
Status: --
This novel shows potential, I've been reading for awhile now and I have enjoyed it greatly, the pace and action to exposition ratio is pretty well balanced. The translation is very smooth and easy to read so I recommend this one as one to follow.
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Xtradi rated it
February 11, 2016
Status: --
Great story. It story seems to be fast paced and i feel like watching 24 in novel form because the MC power up happen in hour or minutes!
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Ravime rated it
February 10, 2016
Status: --
Love the story so far i'm not gonna lie i don't think i've ever seen a MC with more luck in my life but at the same time it feels regulated in a way hope he keeps the big sister, also pan is an amazing translator the story was translated with quality
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February 8, 2016
Status: --
It's a very unusual story. The side chars die very brutaly and quick (don't know why but I remind myself of akame ga kill) so it's something new for me while reading novels but still I like it very much because of those heartbreaking moments
... more>>

just like in chapter 45 when they found this girls future husbands head before the Collage stone and sie dies because of the shock

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fathom rated it
December 6, 2015
Status: --
A bit different from the usual reincarnation plot device. In this story, an orphan boy reincarnates into another orphan boy who died in a mass grave after being bullied. It's unusual because unlike most other stories, he doesn't have any prior divine like experiences. He died as a young beggar boy with no life adventuring experiences. I've read up to ch 8, and the story seens interest ing so far. A bit on the fast pace side because within 8 chapters be reincarnates, gets a master, trains in martial arts,... more>> and starts his path of revenge for his current body's death. That's all in 8 chapters. But 6 days in the story's timeline. <<less
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Yuzu rated it
February 16, 2017
Status: c122
I dunno, a bit too fast paced? It feels like I'm on a roller coaster.

I got totally lost with understanding how the MC breaks through so fast while everyone is always behind him.

... more>>

The only hint of ever needing to breakthrough is for a 'Xian' to become a deity. Everyone else is literally just increasing 'physical' strength and how many animals your strength equals to. The author even makes the cultivation in this world seem very disappointing as once you learn one set of techniques, its impossible to learn another? Yeah and only the MC can devour everything and learn everything without restrictions.

Everyone seems to underestimate him and ends up dying too fast to use their own sure-kill weapons.

Also the whole 'Elixir' thing gets a bit confusing, but for those who read MTL, 'inner alchemy' should make more sense. So best not to confuse it with those 'bottle elixirs' we tend to always think about.

Character development is very bland, whenever it's a girl the author gives him some shy blush-blush moment but aside from that, it's people who get along with him too fast or ends up wanting to kill him as soon as possible. Even major plot characters come into play way too fast...


Like his master's brother gets informed a bit too quickly don't you think? And from a dynasty so far away, he already sends assassins by the next three chapters...


It honestly feels like i'm skimming through a filtered story that removes all the fatty juices and bones leaving secret sauce on mystery meat. Barely anything gets explained, what are xians, who are grandmasters, what is the difference between domains aside from calculating how many beasts your strength equals to and why does refining 5 organs mean?

Even PMG explains when need to...


It's like the author expects you to either know enough cliches to follow or able to take a hint and just go blindly as you continue reading. Yes, there's always that little bit of armor that mysteriously gives the MC the opportunity to get stronger whenever he needs it.


P.S. the MC is greedy, selfish, perverted and stupidly full of himself. And none of this is funny unless you find humiliating women is funny before you kill them...

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