Your Regrets Are Late


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She wanted to be loved when she was young, and to be recognized when she grew up.

The ground that buried her mother’s body hadn’t dried up enough, but her father already brought in his illegitimate child as her sister.

“…You did a good job, Charelize.”

When she heard that she did a good job for the first time, she thought from then on she was going to live a happy life.

However, that was her mistake. Charelize thought about what had happened for a while.

That illegitimate child drinks poisoned tea on her own to bring her down.

“All the time I’ve spent with you is terrible.”

Being betrayed by her fiancé, whom she loved with all her heart.

“Since you bring down our family dignity, our relationship is no longer a relationship between father-daughter.”

Her father didn’t recognize her as his daughter nor successor until the very end.

She gave up the child in her belly in the cold prison and chose to die.

It was only then that she was able to let go of the relationship that had been severe since a long time.

She ridiculed herself who had been struggling in her lonely life.

* * *

When she opened her eyes, the spring when she was 17 years old came to her again.

Her fiancé, who remembered everything about the past, weeps and begs for her forgiveness. 

Her father came to her because she made a different action than what she had been doing before.

“Don’t be happy, and don’t laugh too. Just live your life in hell.”

“If you couldn’t be a father, then you shouldn’t have given birth to me.”

At the sad regrets that coming late, this time she let go of their hand first. 

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It's Too Late For Your Regrets
당신들의 후회는 때가 늦었다
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lettersandmoreletters rated it
September 17, 2022
Status: c10
I could hardly read this book because of all the barking. At first I thought it was the neighbor's mutt but no, this book is absolutely overflowing with dog's blood to the point of inducing auditory hallucinations. I do like how unforgiving MC is though but that's about all.
26 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lexie99 rated it
March 16, 2023
Status: --
I tried to hold it in, even though the first chapter was good but when it got involved with his ex-fiancé the plot got ridiculous. The author really wants to make FL the center of everyone's solar system so it looks like a joke. I understand she was mad at her father, but as a child who wasn't even loved, she had already bared her teeth and wouldn't even pretend to be polite with him. He's a disgusting father but he's still the head of the family, how can the... more>> author make MC talk harshly and think it's normal? Let alone her father, she had even blatantly offended the Emperor. Her title was merely the successor to the duke, but she was always making trouble with people of higher rank even though these people were terrible. I want the MC to at least pretend to be polite while stabbing his father as well as the emperor in the back. Not openly angry. And seeing how she gets away with it every time, actually the author just wants the MC to look like a badass but she's not. She looks so ridiculous. She even thought why her father gave pocket money to her half-sister without asking permission from her. I mean, why should he ask your permission? Are you the Duke and your father the successor here? Why are you so self-assured that all high-ranking people need your permission? <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ryannaaa rated it
September 4, 2022
Status: ongoing
This is a heartbreaking novel I literally cried at night just because of this, I love the FL cause she dont want to repeat the same mistake she did on the past she is also strong and smart after she got regress back in time. Please dont read this novel if u have a weak heart well if u do read this prepare a tissue already.

... more>>

well about the ML he remember everything in the past and he regret all of it.. he is kinda tr*shy back then in the past while the FL got framed by her sister (her sister poisoned herself and frame the fl) the ML is which is the fl's fiance that time didn't believe her he take that b*tch side at the very end he didn't believe the FL the FL really said she is not the one who poisoned that b*tch but no one believe her even her own fiance and father the FL is rlly depressed: (the worst thing is charelize that time is pregnant and ya know what?the ML is the one that lead her to death cause he reveal 'charelize poisoning the b*tch sister'and later on charelize got sentence to death inshort before she got k!lled she commit su*cide with the baby on her stomach cause she dont want the baby to suffer...

10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kajoli Akter
Kajoli Akter rated it
August 31, 2022
Status: c5
Ohhhh! I love this novel!

The MC in this novel is someone I've been searching for a long time! The other KR novels don't have a FL who is as logical and hard hearted as the FL of this novel. And I love her because of this.

Translation of this novel is also amazing and understandable. I hope the tl can continue translating this diamond and present us with more amazing chapters!
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 13, 2022
Status: c4
wow the author tried desperately to get you to like the MC, but everyone around her is literally nonexistent. They do some interesting world building in c1 but then everything else is just there to serve MC. Like c3 is the best example, logically from ... more>>

previous ML perspective he would go to apologize and explain himself, but he hurts himself. Ok. But then when he does meet MC, he has nothing to say. Does that make any sense? To start a conversation but don’t talk?

idk, it’s, “bad is bad, ” “good is good” simple mindset, which I find has the least interesting premise. In terms of plot, nothing will really ever develop properly. The goal is revenge, yet she’s stomping on stuffed dolls. When what? They live happily ever after? <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
raiha88 rated it
November 1, 2023
Status: --
I cannot stomach the slowpaced story which doesn't progress the plot, the repetitive complaints and anguish of the MC to her father. Almost every scene with the duke, the MC has to do a litany of the duke's crimes, which are true but sounds like a gaslighting script due to the delivery, but if I were the duke I will need to have my ears blocked. The ML is an OP wimp like someone from a Japanese webnovel. There is no character development at all. Romance is so superficial and... more>> there is no chemistry between the FL and ML. I consider all of the characters as having unicellular brain.

also, user Ryannaaa who commented above mistakes the ex-fiance as the ML, a side character.

The ML is the one on the cover with purple eyes, he was forgotten by the MC as a side effect of regressing her.

0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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