Kneel Before The Villain


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A high-ranking Duke’s daughter, Roxana, and her fiancé, the crown prince.

Everything came crashing down when a Baron’s daughter Claire came between the two.

Honor, reputation, even her fiancé, the Crown Prince…..

In the depths of despair, the infamous Grand Duke Elvin reached out to Roxana.

“I can help you.”

It was a dubious proposition, but Roxana accepted it in the end……

The fragile and lovely Claire and the wicked Princess Roxana.

But who was the real villain?

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악녀 앞에 무릎 꿇고
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kawaii12345 rated it
July 28, 2021
Status: c1
A different take on the usual isekai, well written and a clean and understandable translation earn this novel a provisional five stars.

The highpoint of this novel is how our MC reacts to transmigrating. She had a life, goals she was working towards, and a sense of direction for her life. She isn't just abandoning them. She also doesn't immediately roll over and accept anything.

In short, I'm really looking forward to see where this goes
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Bellcits rated it
October 1, 2021
Status: c33
it has a very slow pacing, really... 25 chapter of you reading about rumours and how it can affect her reputation and how she can fix it or how she can act or whatever.

There's no mystery about who the male lead is, maybe I will read when it finish to know if there's a plot twist and she really end up with the prince even though he has no chance... I woulf prefer if she end up with a random girl and being happy.

Btw Korean josei novels has the same... more>> problem as Chinese cultivation novels, they are the same plot only changing the name, Korean josei novels always has Male leads with Black hair, rarely white or golden, Red eyes, sometimes blue or golden or even black, or other exotic color but the hair color never changes.

because of the slow pacing you will probably drop or skip some lines (really, nobody wants to read about rumours)

oh yeah, about characters, all of them are forgettable, you only know their names cuz your mind is mostly focused on rumours and how it can affect the characters but it never reach anything. <<less
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August 26, 2021
Status: c36
Amazingly written and very satisfying.

It's like the MC, upon realizing she is stuck in this world and can't return, has looked upon Roxana, (the OG FL she is inhabiting,) weighed and measured everything that happened to this arrogant and tantrum-y, (but ultimately neglected, innocent, and earnest) girl, and decided to be her avenging demon. She has nothing better to do, and is royally pissed off about how the world has treated this girl, anyways.

And she is devilishly good at it. She never goes too far. Everything is carefully... more>> calculated to cause the most pain for the least effort.

If you've ever been done wrong by someone you just can't seem to get an edge on, and wished someone clever and devastating would step in to help, this is the one for you. You will feel clever glee yourself, as if you were the one orchestrating it all.

I enjoy that none of the 'bad guys' are s*upid. Being quite skilled themselves, it's more satisfying when there's a take down. The author is able to walk that fine line of nuance between making the antagonists full, complete, and realistic people you can understand, and still keeping it clear that we hate them and they suck.

The true, unique highlight of this story and the writing are the touches of realism. For example:


The transmigrated character spends a great deal of time disoriented and depressed, needing to adjust to her new reality and let go of the old one.

The Crown Prince actually acts with a brain. He knows he can have affairs, it's expected, but doesn't do s*upid, dramatic things that will jeopardize his position or piss off people in power. He knows the status quo, and while he'll bend a bit and flirt over the line, he ultimately has a royal family's sense of PR, consequence, and callousness to anyone who isn't a benefit.

The political needs that caused the original engagement to the hated, but well connected, lady do not magically disappear in a puff of smoke because a prince finds love with a poor girl.

The OG FL has all the trademarks of someone abused with emotional neglect.

All of them make the occasional slip up based on emotional reasons clouding their logical judgement.

Dramatic, soap opera-y revenge is replaced with more subtle (and realistic) tactics of manipulating public opinion and witholding or bestowing financial or political backing.

Sometimes, they have to swallow their pride and endure being treated like crap.



The characters proceed slowly and cautiously with their revenges and schemes, and don't know everything. It is NOT face-slappy camp and soap opera cheese, set at an ADHD pace.

It is lightly shaded in grown up tones, giving it a bit of chiaroscuro, and takes its time to brew. <<less
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November 6, 2021
Status: --
It is the first time in this type of novels, that the whole reputation thing bothers me, the author did a splendid job of making me sick of it and, as the other review says, this novel is very slow, and there is nothing really interesting happening. It's just the s*upid rumors surrounding her, the characters are boring, especially the MC, I find her reaction to everything very robotic, she's just serious but not in a good way. The crown prince is your typical cheating bastard and claire is just... more>> a white lotus, honestly I thought it was going to be a different take of that trope but I was wrong

this story is mediocre, I am disappointed because it was good at first <<less
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Qiqi29 rated it
August 15, 2021
Status: c12
Thank you translator for the fast updates! I'm on chapter 12 right now and can't wait to read more. Let's see how will the crown prince remain in his position when Roxana annul the engagement & withdraw her family's support and also that manipulative Claire girl I hope her evil plans backfire on her. Cheering for our MC Roxana 🎉
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lilsisOwO rated it
September 17, 2021
Status: c30
I can understand the reason for the translators dropping this. It is a bit tedious with all of that flashback and the gossip. I promise you the first few chapters were literally just flashbacks that could have been just easily summarized in a paragraph.
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August 20, 2021
Status: c14
there's not a lot of chapters yet but I'm already looking forward to how this will progress. This is already amazing. And the pace of the story is just right. Not too fast yet not too slow either. Im looking forward to when the she will meet the ML and how her foolish fiancee would react to her change. Also, her reaction to being sent to another world is very realistic considering she didnt want to leave her family and she had goals of her own. Im really looking forward... more>> for more ❤️❤️ <<less
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Brasdf rated it
August 31, 2021
Status: c24
We have a transmigrated clever and calculating person that is transported into the body of Roxana, a standard villainess in this genre. Prideful, lonely and with communication issues. Zero EQ all around her. The father, Roxana, the butler and so on.

So Roxana is in a bit of a spot and is being sort of bullied and taken advantage of by everyone, but nothing too drastic at this point. Things are likely to escalate later on though. Our clever MC decides to get even for the sad and lonely girl whose... more>> body she now inhibits both due to sympathy and the fact she has become stuck in that situation anyway.

This series is a shade more serious than the normal fare. For example we get a somewhat realisitc death scene at the start. Our MC is depressed for a while because she died and lost everyone she loved and so on.

If you like an indepnednt FL then this looks like a good bet, the ML didn't even truly make an apperance yet, 24 chapters in.

The writing is nice, a bit cumbersome. The author will really explain everything very slowly, it is quite frustrating from time to time and not as brilliant as it is supposed to be. The translation is mostly good, but there are occaisionl dips, like a rare paragarph that doesn't make sense. <<less
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zarchi rated it
January 8, 2022
Status: c54
I'm done, I'm dropping this novel. I'm really thankful to the translators, who did a wonderful job. This and the development of the relationship between the ML and FL kept me going to read this novel even if the behaviour of the mc's was getting more and more disturbingly cold and alienating, focusing on some nasty revenge plots...

But seriously: ... more>>

forced abduction? I shouldn't have read through the spoilers or probably better, that I did. I'm not judging abduction itsself, but to kill an unborn kid, which is wanted by mother and probably somehow by it's father... the author could use some other means, like an inevitable accident, if they really didn't want that kid to happen for the sake of the story flow, but like this...


I'm out, this is purely disgusting.

Can't imagine how the author could try to retrieve this... I'm pretty sure they won't. They probably don't even see the need for it.

Again: 1 Star for the story, 5 stars for the translation. Can't rate it separately, unfortunately. <<less
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BlueRedThemAll rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: c66
I really love both the FL and the ML. She is smart, strong and independent. And he is OP from all the points of view :X
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