Younger Martial Sister of the Sword Sect Holds a Magic Wand


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One-sentence summary: Don’t make me be a melee mage!

Theme: Your fate is determined by you, not by the heavens

Wen Yun blew herself up while creating a forbidden spell, and woke up in the Cultivation World from the Magic World.

Watching her fellow disciples all being able to fly with their swords, she pondered while holding a burning stick, “Can I also fly in the sky with a magic wand?”

The members of Qingliu Sword Sect all love swords, and the disciples are all busy mining and forging, hoping to craft their own immortal sword.

Junior Sister Wen from the outer sect is considerate of her senior brothers, actively helping with the fire. Everyone praised, “Junior Sister Wen may not have innate talent for cultivation, but she is truly kind-hearted and beautiful.”

Wen Yun trembled as she touched the countless top-quality materials of magic wands in the firewood pile.

“Phoenix tree!”

“Snake Bloodwood!”

Holding the stick tightly, she asked, “Senior brother, can you spare me a few more burning sticks?”

The senior brothers felt even more affectionate, seeing how poor their younger martial sister was, treasuring even a few scraps of wood, “Here, all for you, is this enough? If not, there’s more in the woodshed!”

Before long, the senior martial brothers looked up and felt a bit puzzled as they saw Martial Sister Wen flying towards them from afar.

“Why doesn’t the younger martial sister use a sword, but instead uses a burning stick for magic?”

There’s a legend in the cultivation world about a female cultivator who wields a sword made of wood without a blade, and her power is terrifying.

People say that she has mastered releasing sword energy externally, and wherever her sword points, thunder strikes the earth!

Wen Yun, “No, this is a lightning spell.”

The sword pointed again, and fire burned for miles!

Wen Yun, “No, this is just a basic fireball spell.”

The sword pointed once more, and water flooded the world!

Wen Yun: If I say this is my own invented cleaning spell, would anyone believe it?

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