You Should Restrain Yourself


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Duan Zhi never believed in love at first sight until he met Ji Shuyan.

Ji Shuyan is fair-skinned and beautiful. With outstanding talent and cool demeanour, he can be said to be perfect.

There is only one harmless little problem – he is Duan Zhi’s good brother’s uncle.

Duan Zhi thought that it was not a big problem.

Age is not an issue and generation does not count as a gap.

He asked Ji Yuan with ulterior motives: “A talented man like your uncle should find an aunt, right?”

Ji Yuan nodded vigorously: “I think so too! If your Duan family has any gentle and lovely sisters and aunts, you must introduce them to my uncle. Don’t let the fertile water flow to an outsider’s field!”

Duan Zhi was satisfied and stroked his future nephew’s dog head, “Leave it to me.”

Ji Yuan after a long time: “Tui! Big liar! Bastard!”

Flamboyant green tea gong with a scumbag face, but an unexpectedly innocent heart x Cold beauty who looks like a Gaoling flower but is actually soft-hearted.

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Iris capuleto
Iris capuleto rated it
June 24, 2023
Status: Completed
I saw that no one reviewed this cuteness so here I am~, I don't speak English so please be patient :))

First to warn that it is not really seme protagonist, I do not know why they put that label on it but it is only like that for a few chapters, the rest is from the shou or omniscient

But hey, THIS NOVEL IS REALLY BEAUTIFUL! I love her so much, she's sweet for the most part but the dose of anguish is really good, it makes your... more>> heart and eyes itch but at the same time you understand their reasons~

The dose of home feeling is also very cute, especially for the nephew who, although he is the same age as the gong, is still a bit childish in mind♡


I don't think it's really a spoiler but gong loves shou TOO MUCH, his first love, but he tries to contain himself because shou might get scared and defensive.

Thanks to that at the beginning the shou believes that gong is in love with his nephew lol

This is funny until gong finds out and gets frustrated making him confess out of impulsiveness.

Love the dose of anguish at the time when the shou was thinking of rejecting it~

Do not misunderstand, if he likes it, it's just that he is very disciplined in being rational, and hanging out with your nephew's friend 13 years younger is not very wise to say

But this is short-lived and even he suffers when he couldn't understand that he had actually fallen head over heels in love


I also liked the fact that the shou is sure with his decisions, and when he decides something he does it from the heart and takes full responsibility


he raised his nephew by himself since he was 20 so he had a lot of responsibilities that forced him to be the pillar of security in his family at a very young age



the shou has the heart of an old man, my heart was touched when he told him "it's normal that you love until death and break up tomorrow, no one will blame you. But my heart can't bear so much pain" (T⌓ T)


You should give it a try if you want to read some "unrequited love" angst (although in the end it is reciprocated) and IT'S SO CUTE

MTL is super understandable, I'm really not used to it but I was surprised that I could read it easily♡

Psdt: if someone knows where to read the 3 extras, he says so please (ಥ﹏ಥ) <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ryzll rated it
August 1, 2023
Status: Completed
I really cried a lot for this one. The road towards the relationship was relatively bumpy, but it was worth the ride. I'll recommend this for the stingy gentle start, the anguish middle and the heartwarming ending.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
NovelenthusiastIDK rated it
July 7, 2023
Status: --
Just want to thank the other reviewer for clarifying that it's not seme protagonist. I have a weird obsessive hate towards seme perspective, it annoys me to no end. Now I'll give it a try
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Bbsnugs rated it
April 4, 2024
Status: Completed
This is really a sweet story between a mature man and a younger man. A very pure love. The MC is really a sweetheart. Too bad the novel is not fully translated and had to MTL the rest but it was still understandable.
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