Who’s Calling Me a Tyrant?


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I, Empress Irane Philotimeo Mai Veloaas, turned Epiphanes into an empire.

I’ve accomplished everything, welcoming a peaceful end.

No. That’s what I thought…!

“I will reward you generously for saving my life.”

“Why do you keep talking to Dad like that, my princess?”

Upon opening my eyes, I found myself in the body of a descendant of mine, 100 years later.

But something is strange.

Although I was certain that I established a mighty empire, the palace is on the brink of collapse, and the so-called king is dragged around by the nobles.

More importantly…

It pains my heart to reveal the empire’s shameful history. However, to prevent history from repeating itself, I leave this writing for future generations.

May tyrants like Irane Philotimeo Mai Veloaas never appear again.

Despite being someone deserving of respect, I, the Empress of Justice, am called a tr*sh Tyrant! As I tried to correct my stigma, a madman appeared.

“Why are you fussing over me like this? Have you deluded yourself into thinking you’re my fiancé?”

“Really? Do you want to get engaged? Shall we? I’m all for it. I thought we’d hold off because we’re young, but I didn’t expect you to feel the same way, Princess.”

Can I safely attain spiritual enlightenment in this reincarnation?

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누가 나보고 폭군이래?
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