Who On Earth Bit Me?


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An Lan has been a Beta for more than ten years, and suddenly one day he started to differentiate towards Alpha! He began to grow taller, became handsome, and his charm skyrocketed in the eyes of his Omega classmates. Even the high-quality Alphas in the class extended an olive branch to An Lan.

While celebrating with friends, An Lan, in his ecstasy, touched something he shouldn’t have. Due to his own weak alpha pheromones, it seemed like trouble was imminent.

A high-quality Alpha came to An Lan’s rescue, bit his nape, and sent him back home. However…An Lan gradually began to exhibit Omega symptoms.

Upon consulting a doctor, it turned out that the high-quality Alpha’s pheromones, while temporarily helping An Lan, were too dominant. They even harbored unspeakable thoughts about An Lan, affecting his differentiation process.

An Lan must find this high-quality Alpha and tell him—stop obsessively infatuating over me! But who is this high-quality Alpha?

Option 1: The refined and eloquent Chinese class representative.

Option 2: The overboard school bully and math class representative.

Option 3: The legendary school grass so indifferent that it’s rumored he lacks any s*xual desire.


Initially, the Shou will have the tendencies of many liking him due to early investments, but later, he is devoted to one person and values monogamy.

From the beginning of the story, the Gong has already developed an interest in the Shou, not necessarily an unreasoning deep love. As the story progresses, the reasons why the Gong is attracted to the Shou will be revealed.

It is said to be a melodramatic, nostalgic style, written for simple enjoyment without much intellectual engagement. If you’re looking for sophisticated writing, please turn right and leave; don’t disturb the mood of other readers.

The author is unaware of specific reader preferences, and if there are issues, they will be addressed as needed.

The ABO system is just a form of gender or s*xual attraction. What truly determines a person’s strength is their inner resilience. Whether I am an Alpha soaring through the skies or an Omega excelling in various aspects, it doesn’t hinder me from laughing and enjoying life.

— An Lan.

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Drakion rated it
January 6, 2024
Status: Completed
Okay, soooooo it's obvious who bit him by ch 20ish, it's even more apparent that it's not really a quadrangle where the three alphas like him. Nah man, you can see the hints being spoon fed to you. Normally, when someone displays jealousy it's very apparent by their actions. However, two of the three alphas don't really show it that much. Only one of the alphas goes above and beyond for the MC. Furthermore, the two alphas... um... hehe. It's so damn obvious that my eyes have to have high ass myopia to not see it. Anyways, it seems like a typical rom-com omegaverse. No broken hearts here I suppose.

Edit (ch 69) I was so wrong. Dang. And a bit disappointed. But the story is still great! I hoped it... more>> to have a side A x A couple, that would so interesting. But I was completedly wrong. Sigh.

I think the most interesting aspect I've noticed reading, was the author really does focus on world building as well as give their character's depth.

But, it's kinda weird with the side stuff. If you have read the first chapter, it seems the MC participated in shooting as a sport. However, it's kinda all over the place, because a lot of conflict is added to the story. These guys are still 18 year old high school students, but for some reason,

they are doing some dangerous activities. Like putting themselves in harms way to save An Lan.


Edit: (Completed) So... what the f*ck? I came in for some school life drama between three alphas competing for An Lan. I get something completely different. It's great but wtf. Like how does it escalate that much. But I did like how the author did things differently than most BLs.

The parents for once, actually stepped in and cleaned up the mess. Like actual parents for once. It's funny how the three suppose high quality alphas get overshadowed by their parents hehe. Except Xiao's useless greedy ass father.


Overall the story went from school life to overblown thriller/crime fighting. I ordered fruit wine but I downed a bottle of vodka. Honestly why are high school students participating in crime fighting? Geezus. This story is not a simple school campus love story at all. <<less
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apricat rated it
December 22, 2023
Status: Completed
So far I really like this. An Lan, our MC, is nice towards others, empathetic, level-headed and smart. His differentiation from Beta to Alpha has come late in his life and it comes with some trouble, but it's very sweet to read how his friends, family and romantic interests are present for him and supportive.

... more>>

One thing that is intriguing through the novel is "Will An Lan differentiate into an A or an O". I appreciated how all three suitors were looking out for An Lan's health and safety (becoming a strong A) before their own selfish s*xual interest (wanting him to turn O). The ML actually repeatedly helps/educates MC with Alpha gender-related things, which is was a very sweet thing because you know that regardless of whether An Lan goes A or O you know he will love him the same.


It is from the start pretty obvious who will be the one that will end up in a relationship with An Lan, but did enjoy how the boys fought for his attention. They are all very respectful towards An Lan and have his best interest in mind so it's all quite cute.

-- Completed update


So I quite like how the story goes from cute High School romance to crime fighting story, but I wish there had been more romance and sweetness in the later half. ML always struggles between jealousy and possessiveness and it is commendable how he struggles to keep himself in check, but even when we got to the extras there were no moments where I went "awww". This is perhaps due to personal preferences and Yandere male lead fans out there might find our ML very sweet? Personally, I wish An Lan didn't have to always be terrified of upsetting his over-jealous partner... Overall though I really loved this story and had a great time reading it so I still recommend it..

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 2, 2024
Status: c21
The three potential MLs drove me absolutely crazy in the first few chapters because I actually loved them all and could almost not choose. Literally all of them made my heart flutter with their antics, it was just constant screaming in my head. I'm writing this review early on though mostly to help anyone who might suck at reading stories with multiple potential love interests.

Xiao Chen the "school bully" with his teasing and slightly rough persona definitely had me swooning, and it was hilarious to me that the rest of... more>> the school agreed that he was the Alpha they most wanted to be marked by. Gu Liyu the silent stoic one didn't have much of a presence at first, and he's pretty much the standard perfect but cold ML. Xu Xingren is the most seemingly nice one, but written in a way that makes you question the intentions behind everything he does lol

As early as Chapter 19, it was pretty clear who would be ML and trust me when I say I was conflicted if I wanted to keep reading because my heart was set on someone else. This is why I can't read stories with multiple MLs, as it's really hard for me to keep reading if I get hung up on the wrong ones. If you want spoilers to not waste your time, as I honestly kind of wish I knew who ML was before I got attached to the wrong one:

Gu Liyu is endgame ML. How I wish it was Xiao Chen instead but alas.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
emi_the_shipper rated it
January 24, 2024
Status: Completed
I went in expecting to read a sweet and silly story but it wasn’t what I expected in the end. It actually gets quite dramatic and serious with a lot of plot twists. I also liked how their parents' backstory was touched upon and how it relates to the story.

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I liked it :) I usually like this author’s stories so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw.

Go pick it up if it sounds interesting to you!

(MTL is very readable)
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Meds rated it
June 16, 2024
Status: c80
So far so good.

I love the fact that there is really no hate between the rivals competing for MC and it really not as instense as I thought it would be. In fact they are actually quite supportive and helpful to each other. Which I quite like.

I love that MC is really oblivious and dense of them having feelings for him. And I love that even after knowing they like him, he straight up rejected them and didnt drag it further, and hr stayed loyal to ml. He is not... more>> fickle with his feelings.

I really love his omega best friend. I hope he also gets his own story. He seems interesting. <<less
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