Aristocrat Boys School


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At first, it was a dream without any omens.

The scenes in the dream corresponded one by one with reality, and it was then that Jian Chi realized that he was living in a danmei novel.

The protagonist in the book was naive and weak, surrounded by wolves in the noble boys’ school, and finally ended with a 1vN forced love ending.

And he was the vicious male supporting character in the story, who framed the protagonist everywhere and ended up miserably.

Jian Chi, who became self-aware in advance, decided not to mix with the protagonist’s feelings, and strived to be a transparent person who had no sense of existence in the aristocratic boys’ school.

But who knew that he didn’t have to take the initiative to provoke others, but troubles would come to him one by one.

When the plot continued to develop in the direction of collapse, Jian Chi finally found that the Lead Gongs’ eyes were a little different when they looked at him.

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Guizu Nan Xiao
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Acedias rated it
March 24, 2022
Status: c46
Well, a 2.5 actually, but the ratings are misleadingly high so I'm not gonna round it up to 3.

I've never seen a more contradictory MC. He says he's gonna avoid the main characters from the novel but happily and actively involves himself with said characters when he tries to set them up in such a way that the tr*sh orginal plot could come to existence. Forget the questionable morality involved in wanting to machinate a 1vsN forced love play into existence, but even after realising/confirming that the people/things involved are... more>> already different from the dream/novel version, so the outcomes are obviously gonna be altered, he still try to correct the focking org plotline for idk what reasons. He keeps treating everyone else as a novel character even though the existence of people who weren't mentioned in the novel makes it obvious that it is NOT just a novel world. Of course he wants to avoid his characters bad end even if the rest of the plot progresses as in the original.... Nah fam make up your mind. Either avoid/change everything and avoid your BE or you aim for a 100% plot completion by sticking to your role as cannonfodder villain who bully the orgShou and get ruined. You can't be a rational high IQ protagonist if you can't even realise the obvious fact that the moment you remove yourself from the role of jealous CF villain, the prob of the orginal plot events occurring nosedives to ~0 in the absence of that "forced plot correction will of world bs" thingy.

All in all, it was a pretty boring read. <<less
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Super Rinrin
Super Rinrin rated it
February 17, 2022
Status: c29
Hello, AHAHHA this is a newly made account so please go easy on me.

Ever since I saw the tag, 'Harem' I immediately read this novel. Sup to all the harem lovers out there. And when I first read the first chapter, I quickly mtl-ed the rest of the following chapters. That was how desperate I am to find a good read. And I like it.

The main character actually finds out that he's inside a novel a little later, and not in the beginning. The guy is also quite indifferent, not... more>> like most characters out there who are overly dramatic.


He discovered he's inside the story when he began to dream about strange reality-like things. But every time he wakes up he can't remember what he dreams about. So he consulted the school nurse to do something about his 'insomnia' The school nurse acted strangely then put his hand to the mc's forehead then baam! The guy fainted. And at that point, he dreamt bout the 'original him' in the novel.


So when he discovered it, he was terribly confused- which is normal when you learn that the world you live in is apparently almost fake. He (instinctively, I guess) avoids the characters in the novel which includes the original protagonist, the ml, and another ml. I was lil' pissed cuz I pitied the naïve original main character whom he has been avoiding, and the MC was being indifferent/escaping the other ML whom I was gunning for.

Okay, On to the romance.


The vice prez is super obvious. I could literally see honey dripping in those eyes. Another ml, a thug delinquent-like male with a wild and sexy charm. I have two words to describe him. Mad, and unbelievable. He actually acts like a spoiled baby tho. They are the two mls that are the closest to the MC right now at the latest chapter I've read. Well, excluding the 3rd guy who is close (?) yet not so close to the MC. Well regarding about my definition of 'closeness', it means their interactions.


There's only one site that hosts this particular novel. I can't seem to find other sites that gives free chapters of the raws. I know, I'm completely shameless. The reason that I've only read up till chap 29 is becoz of this. I want to register/log in at the site but I'm confused at the verification thingy. So please pm me if you see other sites that has this novel.

Wait, never mind, just found it. And it's completely free hehe the chapters aren't complete tho <<less
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citrus_sunsun rated it
February 20, 2022
Status: c34
So far, I like it! MC is such a cool-headed and indifferent person, but also has a temper if provoked too much.

MC is currently in a aristocrat school where students are divided by their background, which is shown by their respective brooches. (I'm so sorry, this may be inaccurate because I just mtled it 😭)

white brooch- special recruit (lowest)

yellow brooch- rich background

red brooch- political background

purple brooch- student council (?? Honestly idk)

black brooch- the highest, has previliges

There are more colors I think but that's all I remembered. Basically, it's like a hierarchy on school ground. MC has a white brooch because he got in with a scholarship and he is smart af.

After starting school for a few days, MC started having dreams that were too realistic. He went to the infirmary to consult about his dreams, and asked for sleeping pills for his so-called 'insomnia'. Doctor started acting weird and put a hand on MC's head. MC blacked out and dreamed again about the novel and OgMC, but this time he can see it clearer. MC started to slowly and rationally avoid the original novel's main leads, but MC being the MC, trouble keeps on following him.


It was then later revealed by the school doctor (who's not from this world) that the world MC is currently in is actually still considered reality. It's a world in which its source comes from the book, but all people in the world are not controlled by the plot. That means all the things that are happening are not caused by the book, but by the people's decisions.


MC is actually not supposed to be in this world, but in another world. OgMC's and MC's souls were swapped, so OgMC is living as MC and vice versa.

About the MLs. There are three potential MLs so far, one being very obvious with his passive-aggressiveness (the vice prez).


It is still ongoing, so I'm going to update once I'm finished reading. The sites I see are only up to ch34 😭😭. Pls pm me for other sites im desperate.
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A novel a day
A novel a day
September 24, 2022
Status: c30
To be honest, I've not even completed it, but from what I did read and the other reviews, I get the feeling like this novel is going in the same direction as the original plot, just MC's and Bai Xiyu's role is reversed (this may not be correct because I haven't read the whole story so I won't rate it). While Bai Xiyu was a naive whitelotus character who did things straightforwardly and without thinking, MC was "smart and rational?????" but still did the same things as Bail Xiyu, just... more>> "unintentionally"......I was still justifying MC's behaviour in my mind and finding excuses for him that he really wants to stay away from the PLOT CHARACTERS until that point when he "unconsciously" went to the piano room because of the NOSTALGIA of the PIANO he never heard, but ok, then that happened, the typical mary sue scene where the Bossy Childish ML teases the equally Childish Pufferfish FL (here the MC) by taking the FL's things and holding them in the air and CUTE FL's jumping with their TINY legs and RED from anger cheeks.....I then realized that bringing our MC back from the Mary Sue path is a foregone conclusion, his indecisiveness, his red mole, his poor but intelligent character etc. were all signs which I ignored.... If you remove MC's inner monologue and imagine reading this story from someone else's POV then it'll seem that MC is just another Bai Xiyu, because in the original novel Bai Xiyu must have done these things "unintentionally" as well. <<less
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imcalesimper rated it
September 4, 2022
Status: Completed
I love this, it's refreshing and new for someone like me who trying to find new elements of a good story. Honestly, the rating needs to be changed, why this so low huh?

... more>>

Our MC isn't wrong in a term of mind when he first discovered the truth, like bro if ya realize one day ya just an NPC or worst! VICIOUS CANNON FODDER! And destined to get a bad ending... kinda sh*tty right? Quite ironic cuz my man just wants a peaceful life without zero attention. At first he didnt know anything about his situation and novel thingy, acted like his usual self and caused quite alot butterfly effects without notice, when he understood the world as what description above said, he couldn't fix it anymore.

Such typical plot yet I enjoyed every detail of his thinking, sometime too logical in most cases but also too dense in love. Another typical setting, not surprisingly when I read mtl, it automatically translate his name Jian Chi into slow, author-nim must do that on purpose dont ya think xD


As you can see, the ending is quite clear if y'all read the description~


Yup!!! OMG a harem ending. And we have 4 gongs~ Gosh Jian Chi baby~

Update: so this is 1vN and I searched author's page, seems like we have 5 gongs guys. Lol this dude has his own time with our MC in the extras, lucky~

    1. Ji Huaisi (Ji Weisi in MTL) : Gentle and considered but still has some weird secrets (about MC only). Vice-president. The 1% of good family relationship. Purple Brooch.
    2. Shao Hang: rich young master. Arrogant and wild. No doubt will be ur most hated character lol but after that just imagine a scary wild wolf turned into an enduring big dog. Bad relationship with his family. Black Brooch.
    3. Wen Chuan: illegitimate child. Cold and indifferent. But very sweet afterwards. Bad relationship with his family. His background kinda sadge. Black Brooch.
    4. Shen Shuting: President and royal blood ayo? OCD. 99% of rich kids have bad relationships with their families and so does this guy. Kinky lol. Black Brooch.
    5. Bai Yinnian (mtl name, idk his ok-er name lol) eldest son of the Bai family, yep he's Bai Xinyu half bro. Not sure about this guy cuz I couldn't pay to read his own chapters ;-; but yea he got a few spots on the main plot dw. Oldge... he's 28 yo if I remembered right. Majestic with a touch of confusion cuz when he was on the sight, his doings were... idk straightforward yet restrain himself (?) Lol while Shen Shuting's feelings were somewhat explained briefly but right to the point, still not sure why this dude was attracted by MC at first... His extra chapters might explain it tho.

The gongs were undeniable bad at first, even Ji Huaisi who I assumed is the best candidate also not good as we thought.

I guarantee y'all, slowly but surely, they changed in a bright light, both trace of thoughts and action. And no one left behind!


What I wanna say is hey, give it a try, be patient and read the plot, some action might too dumb and opposite to what MC tried to achieve but it actually explainable..., I guess I read it while asked myself a 'what will you do?' question cuz in most cases I found too many reliable parts between Jian Chi's actions and mine :p


It seemed like people don't really know NP (harem ending) that much, the plot was happened to write in that way, for the sake of those gongs and MC to be together. So that why Jian Chi wasn't choose anyone or why nobody said anything, you might figure out by ur self lol


10/10! Would read this again! In fact I already read this 3 times xD. <<less
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yayi rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: --
3.5/5 actually. I have not finished reading it but so far it's just a dark theme school 'romance' with a bit of mystery. MC is ok (intelligent, cool headed as others said) but sometimes his actions are contradicting to be honest.

One moment, he's like 'Oh I don't want this to happen to me so I need to avoid the important characters" then another moment he agrees to stay with the Orig protag and other character.

Another example that slightly frustrates me is that he doesn't want to be just a character... more>> in a novel but always keep on mixing the reality and his 'dream', seeing others similar to those characters in his dream. Also, he already realized that things are different from the start but he still wants to correct the plot for some reason that I can't understand (Maybe I didn't understand since I MTL this part). <<less
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rhea4765 rated it
August 25, 2022
Status: Completed
Firstly, the rating is a scam. Damn, even if you want to count this story as not bad/so-so, it definitely doesn't deserve the 3.6 rating.

Alright, as for the story... definitely one of my favorite harem! The development, the characterization, the messiness feel appropriate. I like MC a lot. He feels believable, rational enough for someone in his predicament, and you can understand him. This kind of harem kinda remind me of Boys Over Flowers-type but without the cringey ignorant MC. He's your typical person who tries to keep his head... more>> down and stay away from trouble and he meant that.


His indecisiveness and weak presence are very on point, imo. He's the "shrimp among whales" because he's just an ordinary guy being chased by powerful MLs. And the reasoning for the harem is quite normal, too, that MC cares about them (he could see it as friendship with occasional s*x) but no strong feelings to decide definitely on one person. His indecisiveness also stem from the fact that he mostly saw the MLs as book characters with predetermined endings. I read that as a major change of perspective for MC. He slowly learns about the MLs lives--behind what the book showed--and his empathy and changing feelings are humane. He has a strong will, but he can also be swept away.


What I like the most about the harem was


These possessive MLs reached a silent agreement somehow (some hints here and there), and one ML said that, at the end of the day, they finally realized that MC's feelings matter.


Some (most) of the MLs are definitely a piece of work, but their growth endeared them. <<less
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SweetPeaFlower rated it
April 28, 2023
Status: c135
It's the only BL that actually has a long story, and has its love interests act yandere that doesn't jeopardize the entire plot. I've been looking for this my entire life 😭😭. If there are any more like this, please tell me 🥺🥺
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pin_xyzrst rated it
February 20, 2023
Status: c91
When I first started reading this, I really enjoyed it. The main character was emotionally unavailable and would try his best to ignore the MLs and the plot. He tried to stay out of trouble and when he did end up in trouble, he didn't react strongly, endeavoring to stay uninteresting so as to bore the MLs into forgetting him. He only showed special feelings for a certain ML and I was hoping that he would only choose this ML or any other one ML or no one at all.... more>> However, starting around ch80, the MC ended up being someone who didn't have the slightest clue about his own feelings or what he wanted, and ended up just going along with the actions of ALL the MLs because of this. He became a pushover whose character was as weak as a wisp of smoke and I became so increasingly frustrated that I couldn't even continue beyond the ch91. I was hoping for the MC to beat the plot of 'harem' that was being imposed on him. In other novels with a harem, the MCs have a clear idea of who they want and when they want them. If the MC wasn't such a passive pushover I would have enjoyed this, even the harem plot. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
apparentlyangel rated it
August 10, 2022
Status: c25
I liked how it started originally, but the main character changed. If you're just binging this, you wont notice, but when you stop and reflect on what you read, you realize he's much different than what he was in the first chapter. The first ten or so chapters were very good, it even made me think at one point that this novel should have a psychological tag. But after MC realizes he's in a book, he became more submissive towards the male leads. I assumed he was more calculative in... more>> the first couple chapters but that thought slowly broke down as I read along. Somehow, I feel his IQ decreased a bit. He's especially impartial to Shao Hang, which is weird if you think about their various encounters and how he treated MC in the original book. MC always talks about avoiding the male leads, but when he actually faces them, that thought is completely erased. I kind of wish he stayed the same.

When I was reading this, I was surprised it had such a low rating because I thought this story was very good. Unfortunately, I understand why now.

Real score is 3.5 <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
limonata rated it
April 8, 2022
Status: c58
I started out with excitement. It was promising. Their relations with ML characters are very superficial. Conversation links are too shallow. His relationship with dr more. Not passed from two dimensions to three dimensions. Everyone is programmed. MC's relationships with other people did not seem smooth and logical. Very cliché. I would love to see flower boys. Everything happened and it's over. There is no soul. World book. Only the hero has changed. I think the story needs to be reconsidered. The story potential is high, but it is very... more>> bad in this way. I think the rating is higher than that. I think they can even shoot a series of this if the story sits. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
idkbro1770 rated it
January 27, 2023
Status: c7
I started reading this like 1 or 2 hours ago. So far the story seems promising, although I dislike harems this might be good.

I originally thought the MC seemed smart in the first 3 chaps, but then I realized he was kinda dumb and naive. So many people were warning him not to provoke or interact with the so-called Black color pendant ppl (the powerful/rich) students. I know that when he saved the original protagonist it was inevitable to have to talk with the BC student, but when he kept... more>> getting into everyone else's business (like in chap 6 he was telling another BC student to "stop skipping it's against the rules" I was like ok MC is def an idiot. If u read the tags and saw "smart mc" don't be fooled. He is kind of an idiot.

I'm gonna keep reading but don't have great expectations for this novel, so far it's in the middle of alright and good (50% alright plot, 50% good plot.)


Now I'm on chapter 14 and I take back what I said. I have this theory that the MC was the original Bai Xiyu, and that's the reason why he keeps being naive and running into all the plot points. Maybe og jian chi made some wish that made both of them switch identities and the reason why MC is getting all the attention proves that the mls didn't care about his identity and actually liked his personality. Also, Bai xiyu has been acting really sus.


At first I thought MC would be smart but then (in my second edit), I realised that he was probably the original MC, which made the plot make more sense. But now that i've got up to chapter 27 I'm dropping it. As for why, it just didn't interest me and was a bit cliche. The good thing about this story though, was that although it was cliche it made sense to why it was that way. (MC was the original MC, and the novel he "transmigrated into" was a cliche novel. I think that the author has a really good way of not making plot holes but the overall characters were annoying, (and maybe I'm a bit biased bc I usually dislike harems). There's also a few more flaws that made me uninterested, but It was a nice read while it lasted. <<less
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yoonmoontrivia rated it
December 7, 2022
Status: c55
5 stars, really loved this

I think you should still give this story a chance and I understand why others are disappointed and gave this a low review. Personally, I think the summary doesn't describe the story well since it makes it seem like the MC is serious about avoiding the MLs which makes people think he's a pushover ones they read the story.

In reality the MC isn't that "strict" with avoiding the MLs because he's just some guy who was placed in the situation since he only learned he was... more>> a cannon fodder ones he's kind of "established" a connection with the MLs. Therefore, it makes it harder for him to distance himself with the other MLs. I'm going to try to explain with each MLs as I understand it.

With the Vice President:

Before learning he was a cannon fodder, he already had a friendship with the VP. He said so himself that if he didn't learn that he was a cannon fodder, he wouldn't think twice about being friends with the VP because he genuinely enjoys his company. That's why its hard for him to say no when the VP invites him for company.

With Wen Chuan (?) :

I think with this character, the MC saw what he was going through and eventually through different interactions, formed a good relationship with him. Because the MC saw the problems he was going through and Wen Chuan confided in him, it also makes it harder for him to push him away because he doesn't want him to end up like the book's ending. So unintentionally, he helps him when he doesn't need to.

With Shao Cheng:

Very much a red flag. I know that others complain that the MC is biased against Shao Cheng but like...... Shao Cheng has done so much things to the MC I too would be biased against him TnT. Especially since Bai Shuyuan openly threatens the MC if he doesn't leave Shao Cheng alone.

With the President:

Theres not really much interactions about him yet


I think to enjoy this story, you have to keep in mind that the MC acts like a regular person who gets thrown into his situation. Even if he wants to distance himself from the story, he can't help himself because he already cares about two (?) of the MLs and genuinely wants to be friends with them without thinking about he's a cannon fodder or he's in a story. But the thought of the story stops him from doing that which is why his actions is conflicting from his words. <<less
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Tutubitter rated it
May 21, 2023
Status: c62
I don’t even know if I read the same novel as other reviews calling this fluffy.

Honestly? Reading this didn’t feel like reading a multiple cp romance. Much less a campus romance. It felt more like I’m reading some mystery thriller and that there’s gonna be some mu*der happening any second and the impostor is among them.

I liked it at first, ngl the narrative is written well and the translation is also excellent. MC is very lowkey, knows to bend and stretch but not a pushover. And I like characters with... more>> moles around their eyes, especially with beautiful smiles. But with so much disrespect and so much gap with MC’s and MLs’ status and stature, MC is so much like a trapped mouse that has no choice but to compromise every time that it’s just pitiful.

Did I feel my heart flutter? Quite far from it. The heart fluttering I felt were more like flusters, pinching sweat for MC or maybe palpitating from high blood pressure. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ecirteab rated it
March 10, 2023
Status: c155
Solid 3 star novel

So this is a true harem novel which mean no set male lead and unfortunately it also falls into the trope of incredibly indecisive main character. Honestly, a lot of my rating drop comes from me feeling apathetic at best towards the MC, he's really not my type of MC.

Setting is basically boys over flowers X special a type school where MC gets entangled with each ML in turn and basically gets their attention as he tries to live his normal life whilst stringing them along.

MC is... more>> frustrating at best. In the beginning I felt more sympathy and liked him better but later on he get so much more jfdhdnkd. There are certainly situations where he has little control in but there are many situations where he actively avoids, delays, and strings the MLs along. He can't bear to say no so he just doesn't. I really want to shake him at times.


  1. Ji Weisi - student council vp. MC did him so dirty. He's possessive and manipulative but also genuinely gentle and really loves the MC. Like MC makes a big fuss about him never 'showing his true self' in front of MC during their dating stage but like MC was a sh*t boyfriend so ??? He reaches out so many times and like considering how many times MC cheated during their relationship, he didn't even do anything?? Yeah he can be duplicitous but I don't think it was that bad. I feel like MC was just looking for an excuse to breakup hhh
  2. Shao Hang - basically Jun Pyo from boys over flowers. Arrogant and volatile young master with traumatic family issues. Will sneer "woman you've successfully caught my attention" (or man in this case) unironically. Is a bastard who harasses MC but changes for the better and somewhat restrains his temper to be more dog-like than wolf-like. NGL many people will hate him but I ended up liking him.
  3. Wen Chuan - cold taciturn classmate who burns hot inside. I think emotionally MC liked him a lot but always treated him like a friend. His backstory is really sad. Always tried to restrain himself in front of MC.
  4. Shen Shuting - student council president. Cleanliness problem. Idk when he fell in love with MC tbh, for him it's more like hate flip to love? Or lust lol. Gets very brazen with MC and despite being Ji Weisi's friend is pretty horrible as a friend. Actively initiates contact with MC after he got together with Ji Weisi :/
  5. Bai Yinnian - Bai Xiyu's half older brother. I really don't know why or when he fell for MC. Is like in his late 20s. Cold CEO type? Doesn't appear too much since he doesn't like attend school lol.

Haven't read the extras which might explain or have more romantic moments. To me, MC is very romantically apathetic and sort of goes with the flow. He might feel moved but I don't know if he ever loved anyone romantically. He seems weak to physical advances though lol.

Honestly, I think Bai Xiyu was actually a way more interesting character in the end.

Anyways, if you're craving some boys over flowers type stuff this can sorta fill that craving <<less
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Emmagueule rated it
November 28, 2022
Status: c155
I just finished reading the main story (can't find the extras)

I put 5/5 because this novel was enjoyable, easy to read and had a satisfying ending.

The translation up to chapter 53 was good and for the rest google did it and it was surprisingly easy to read.

First of all, I was very attracted by the summary. I like this kind of story where to MC attracts all the love interests and take the role of the ex MC.

... more>>

I was very happy when at the end all the four of them (Ji Huaisi, Shao Hang, Shen Shuting and Wen Chuan) agreed to "share" him lol and our MC to finally understand that he likes them equally


The school life was soaked in the story until the end

aka graduation day and the search for college/university


The relationship between the main characters did evolve and we had the chance to see some character development for certain ppl

Yes, I'm talking about you Shao Hang


It was great to see different personalities in dating/love process


How Ji Huaisi was obsessed with Jian Chi, controlled his every moves by the means of the student council, how Shao Hang treated him like a plaything, a funny doll, how Wen Chuan never forced his feelings on Jian Chi and was the sweetest and cutest of them (love u bb) and how with Shen Shuting, it was a love-hate (+ disgust) relationship for a while;


What I liked too was how they changed for Jian Chi because they truly love him


Jian Chi and Ji Huaisi broke up because JH was always putting a facade, manipulated the flow of the events to create opportunities for him to speak to JC, he reflected on himself and became much better at the end.

Same goes for Shao Hang; he started slowly but surely to treat JC as a human being rather than a plaything, he still kept his nasty personality, but whats he showed to JC was only the funny part and it ended resulting cute and funny moments between them.

And for Shen Shuting well... he's a bit less domineering (maybe because he's not the student council's president now) but he's still very jaelous and cold.


There was some events that I could not predict like

JC kidnapping (2 times lol) or the car accident with JH


About Bai Xiyu :


I knew something was up way before he kidnapped MC for his step bro, he's clearly a white lotus : when JC was in the coma he saw the content of the original book with a POV extern and all the malice BX did (killing his own mother, being envious of JH orchestrating the car accident of JH, changing the love the love interests did have for him into something twisted because he was greedy for money and power). Till the end of the story he never regretted any of his actions, but his big brother will make him pay the price.


Who I liked and wished was a love interest was Bai Yinnian (BX older brother)


During JC first kidnapping, his interactions with him were very funny and the last time they saw each other at BX acknowledgement's party I had this feeling that he wanted to hold this semblance of relationship they shared.


Last point concerning JC love life


His first was surplisly SH : first kiss, first french kiss, first time. I was glad that the s*x scenes weren't explicit at all because I don't the details of some highschoolers s*x life even more our MC


Hope I can find more stories like this one. <<less
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everydaydanmei rated it
October 20, 2022
Status: c42
Hmm, I agree with that one review that said MC is just doing the same thing as OG protagonist. Well, not exactly. The difference is og protagonist is a white lotus (fake?) and MC is doing things "unintentionally". But he does experience all the things that supposedly happened to the protagonist. MC got the harem instead. I don't really know how to feel about it tbh.

MC is calm and cold but imo he's kind of timid, he indulged the male leads too much. He's lowkey a doormat MC, just letting... more>> things happened to him, and can be a pushover sometimes. I don't really enjoy this "helpless" MC. So I probably will drop this.

Also I don't like how MC

tried to get things back like the original plot. Even after knowing one of the male lead (that has been very kind to him) had a bad ending and basically died a miserable death. Even the og protagonist was locked up against his will by the other 3 male leads. Just for him to keep his position as a supporting character. Kinda messed up if you ask me.

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subak uyu
subak uyu rated it
July 19, 2022
Status: Completed
I've finished the main story after binge-reading for 5days, and currently waiting for the lots of extras that the author have promised.

8:51 PM.

Okay first of all. It's my first time reading a BL harem novel. It's a whole new experience for me.

About the MC, quite a lot of time when I read about him and the MLs ... more>>

I couldn't really understand him, like boy make up your mind, which person are you going to choose, why you keep them hanging, not refusing but also not accepting


The ending


The ending doesn't show who the MC end up with, maybe because it's a harem novel, so there's no official boyfriend. But still.. it's not a satisfying ending, in my opinion.

The five of them: Jian Chi (MC), Ji Huaisi, Shao Hang, Shen Shuting, and Wen Chuang, boarded a plane together to go on a journey. And it's the end of the main story.

I wish to see more of their story and will be waiting for the fluffy extra stories.


And aside of the MC and MLs, there's something that's bugging me, which is

what would happen to Bai Xiyu after being recognized into the Bai Family, it would bug me if he managed to live peacefully after the evil deeds he have done. I want to see some redemption.


Well... the conclusion is.

This novel is a nice read. I love it so much, and I also love all the MLs ❣😘 especially the noble and cold Student Council President, Mr. Shen 😘 he's my fav

although he's quite kinky

. I really reccomend this novel if you're looking for easy read and fluffy full of romance novel. <<less
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Bloodyuuki rated it
July 10, 2022
Status: Completed
I have read till end of main story. Still saiting for the extras.

This story is too damn awesome for me. I love ittt. MC somehow dense and kind, humble and smart. Tho im abit sad that there are less pe*verted situation than I hoped there would be *sigh*

I like how the MC manage to make them fall one by one, and that its not weird and still flows smoothly, and how the plot doesnt bore you🎉🥰

Once again love it😍😍
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asami_shiina rated it
December 1, 2023
Status: Completed
I thought it was a promising story, with a calm and smart MC, but then I realized the MC is just a pushover. It was a forced Harem-end, I don't think MC really love the MLs other than the VP (his legal BF).

All the harem things can be avoid if MC is really smart and decisive. If I were him, when asked to choose to call the person I hate 'brother' or spend time with him every week, I would choose to call him 'brother' than spend my time with... more>> my 'enemy'. Then, there won't be any misunderstanding that can be use as blackmail by another ML to do this and that.

What I hate most about MC is that he can forgive the other MLs wrong doings (forced, r*ped, blackmailed him), but he can't forgive his BF for monitoring him out of love and possesiveness. He was decisived when breaking up with his BF, but he couldn't bring himself to severe ties with the other guys. <<less
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