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At first, it was a dream without any omens.
The scenes in the dream corresponded one by one with reality, and it was then that Jian Chi realized that he was living in a danmei novel.

The protagonist in the book was naive and weak, surrounded by wolves in the noble boys’ school, and finally ended with a 1vN forced love ending.
And he was the vicious male supporting character in the story, who framed the protagonist everywhere and ended up miserably.

Jian Chi, who became self-aware in advance, decided not to mix with the protagonist’s feelings, and strived to be a transparent person who had no sense of existence in the aristocratic boys’ school.
But who knew that he didn’t have to take the initiative to provoke others, but troubles would come to him one by one.

When the plot continued to develop in the direction of collapse, Jian Chi finally found that the Lead Gongs’ eyes were a little different when they looked at him.

Indifferent in every way Shou x Gongs in the aristocratic boys’ school (1vN)

1. Vicious male supporting character has become a crowd favorite, Shura field* everywhere, MC is a straight male, unaware he is a Zha male**
2. The concentration of ancient dog blood is 100%
3. The setting of the school refers to Eton College (English Elite School) + huge volume of private settings

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Guizu Nan Xiao
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New apparentlyangel rated it
August 10, 2022
Status: c25
I liked how it started originally, but the main character changed. If you're just binging this, you wont notice, but when you stop and reflect on what you read, you realize he's much different than what he was in the first chapter. The first ten or so chapters were very good, it even made me think at one point that this novel should have a psychological tag. But after MC realizes he's in a book, he became more submissive towards the male leads. I assumed he was more calculative in... more>> the first couple chapters but that thought slowly broke down as I read along. Somehow, I feel his IQ decreased a bit. He's especially impartial to Shao Hang, which is weird if you think about their various encounters and how he treated MC in the original book. MC always talks about avoiding the male leads, but when he actually faces them, that thought is completely erased. I kind of wish he stayed the same.

When I was reading this, I was surprised it had such a low rating because I thought this story was very good. Unfortunately, I understand why now.

Real score is 3.5 <<less
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New Lalaistheshit rated it
July 25, 2022
Status: c25
MC makes you feel like a real person. I got into the story. I think it pretty fascinating. I'm only stuck on episode 25 and I don't know where to continue. My heart is brokenT.T Is there anyone who can help??
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Super Rinrin
Super Rinrin rated it
February 17, 2022
Status: c29
Hello, AHAHHA this is a newly made account so please go easy on me.

Ever since I saw the tag, 'Harem' I immediately read this novel. Sup to all the harem lovers out there. And when I first read the first chapter, I quickly mtl-ed the rest of the following chapters. That was how desperate I am to find a good read. And I like it.

The main character actually finds out that he's inside a novel a little later, and not in the beginning. The guy is also quite indifferent, not... more>> like most characters out there who are overly dramatic.


He discovered he's inside the story when he began to dream about strange reality-like things. But every time he wakes up he can't remember what he dreams about. So he consulted the school nurse to do something about his 'insomnia' The school nurse acted strangely then put his hand to the mc's forehead then baam! The guy fainted. And at that point, he dreamt bout the 'original him' in the novel.


So when he discovered it, he was terribly confused- which is normal when you learn that the world you live in is apparently almost fake. He (instinctively, I guess) avoids the characters in the novel which includes the original protagonist, the ml, and another ml. I was lil' pissed cuz I pitied the naïve original main character whom he has been avoiding, and the MC was being indifferent/escaping the other ML whom I was gunning for.

Okay, On to the romance.


The vice prez is super obvious. I could literally see honey dripping in those eyes. Another ml, a thug delinquent-like male with a wild and sexy charm. I have two words to describe him. Mad, and unbelievable. He actually acts like a spoiled baby tho. They are the two mls that are the closest to the MC right now at the latest chapter I've read. Well, excluding the 3rd guy who is close (?) yet not so close to the MC. Well regarding about my definition of 'closeness', it means their interactions.


There's only one site that hosts this particular novel. I can't seem to find other sites that gives free chapters of the raws. I know, I'm completely shameless. The reason that I've only read up till chap 29 is becoz of this. I want to register/log in at the site but I'm confused at the verification thingy. So please pm me if you see other sites that has this novel.

Wait, never mind, just found it. And it's completely free hehe the chapters aren't complete tho <<less
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citrus_sunsun rated it
February 20, 2022
Status: c34
So far, I like it! MC is such a cool-headed and indifferent person, but also has a temper if provoked too much.

MC is currently in a aristocrat school where students are divided by their background, which is shown by their respective brooches. (I'm so sorry, this may be inaccurate because I just mtled it 😭)

white brooch- special recruit (lowest)

yellow brooch- rich background

red brooch- political background

purple brooch- student council (?? Honestly idk)

black brooch- the highest, has previliges

There are more colors I think but that's all I remembered. Basically, it's like a hierarchy on school ground. MC has a white brooch because he got in with a scholarship and he is smart af.

After starting school for a few days, MC started having dreams that were too realistic. He went to the infirmary to consult about his dreams, and asked for sleeping pills for his so-called 'insomnia'. Doctor started acting weird and put a hand on MC's head. MC blacked out and dreamed again about the novel and OgMC, but this time he can see it clearer. MC started to slowly and rationally avoid the original novel's main leads, but MC being the MC, trouble keeps on following him.


It was then later revealed by the school doctor (who's not from this world) that the world MC is currently in is actually still considered reality. It's a world in which its source comes from the book, but all people in the world are not controlled by the plot. That means all the things that are happening are not caused by the book, but by the people's decisions.


MC is actually not supposed to be in this world, but in another world. OgMC's and MC's souls were swapped, so OgMC is living as MC and vice versa.

About the MLs. There are three potential MLs so far, one being very obvious with his passive-aggressiveness (the vice prez).


It is still ongoing, so I'm going to update once I'm finished reading. The sites I see are only up to ch34 😭😭. Pls pm me for other sites im desperate.
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Acedias rated it
March 24, 2022
Status: c46
Well, a 2.5 actually, but the ratings are misleadingly high so I'm not gonna round it up to 3.

I've never seen a more contradictory MC. He says he's gonna avoid the main characters from the novel but happily and actively involves himself with said characters when he tries to set them up in such a way that the tr*sh orginal plot could come to existence. Forget the questionable morality involved in wanting to machinate a 1vsN forced love play into existence, but even after realising/confirming that the people/things involved are... more>> already different from the dream/novel version, so the outcomes are obviously gonna be altered, he still try to correct the focking org plotline for idk what reasons. He keeps treating everyone else as a novel character even though the existence of people who weren't mentioned in the novel makes it obvious that it is NOT just a novel world. Of course he wants to avoid his characters bad end even if the rest of the plot progresses as in the original.... Nah fam make up your mind. Either avoid/change everything and avoid your BE or you aim for a 100% plot completion by sticking to your role as cannonfodder villain who bully the orgShou and get ruined. You can't be a rational high IQ protagonist if you can't even realise the obvious fact that the moment you remove yourself from the role of jealous CF villain, the prob of the orginal plot events occurring nosedives to ~0 in the absence of that "forced plot correction will of world bs" thingy.

All in all, it was a pretty boring read. <<less
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yayi rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: --
3.5/5 actually. I have not finished reading it but so far it's just a dark theme school 'romance' with a bit of mystery. MC is ok (intelligent, cool headed as others said) but sometimes his actions are contradicting to be honest.

One moment, he's like 'Oh I don't want this to happen to me so I need to avoid the important characters" then another moment he agrees to stay with the Orig protag and other character.

Another example that slightly frustrates me is that he doesn't want to be just a character... more>> in a novel but always keep on mixing the reality and his 'dream', seeing others similar to those characters in his dream. Also, he already realized that things are different from the start but he still wants to correct the plot for some reason that I can't understand (Maybe I didn't understand since I MTL this part). <<less
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limonata rated it
April 8, 2022
Status: c58
I started out with excitement. It was promising. Their relations with ML characters are very superficial. Conversation links are too shallow. His relationship with dr more. Not passed from two dimensions to three dimensions. Everyone is programmed. MC's relationships with other people did not seem smooth and logical. Very cliché. I would love to see flower boys. Everything happened and it's over. There is no soul. World book. Only the hero has changed. I think the story needs to be reconsidered. The story potential is high, but it is very... more>> bad in this way. I think the rating is higher than that. I think they can even shoot a series of this if the story sits. <<less
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subak uyu
subak uyu rated it
July 19, 2022
Status: Completed
I've finished the main story after binge-reading for 5days, and currently waiting for the lots of extras that the author have promised.

8:51 PM.

Okay first of all. It's my first time reading a BL harem novel. It's a whole new experience for me.

About the MC, quite a lot of time when I read about him and the MLs ... more>>

I couldn't really understand him, like boy make up your mind, which person are you going to choose, why you keep them hanging, not refusing but also not accepting


The ending


The ending doesn't show who the MC end up with, maybe because it's a harem novel, so there's no official boyfriend. But still.. it's not a satisfying ending, in my opinion.

The five of them: Jian Chi (MC), Ji Huaisi, Shao Hang, Shen Shuting, and Wen Chuang, boarded a plane together to go on a journey. And it's the end of the main story.

I wish to see more of their story and will be waiting for the fluffy extra stories.


And aside of the MC and MLs, there's something that's bugging me, which is

what would happen to Bai Xiyu after being recognized into the Bai Family, it would bug me if he managed to live peacefully after the evil deeds he have done. I want to see some redemption.


Well... the conclusion is.

This novel is a nice read. I love it so much, and I also love all the MLs ❣😘 especially the noble and cold Student Council President, Mr. Shen 😘 he's my fav

although he's quite kinky

. I really reccomend this novel if you're looking for easy read and fluffy full of romance novel. <<less
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Bloodyuuki rated it
July 10, 2022
Status: Completed
I have read till end of main story. Still saiting for the extras.

This story is too damn awesome for me. I love ittt. MC somehow dense and kind, humble and smart. Tho im abit sad that there are less perverted situation than I hoped there would be *sigh*

I like how the MC manage to make them fall one by one, and that its not weird and still flows smoothly, and how the plot doesnt bore you🎉🥰

Once again love it😍😍
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Seafall rated it
July 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Ending Spoiler:


It's a harem ending! OMGGGGGGGGGGG. 😍


Actually, I like MC's kind personality. He may not be perfect, but I think he already did his best to survive in a school with great social class hierarchy especially against the powerful MLs who have personality problems. I also like character developments in this story. Everyone had really changed for better. Even with MC's or in a reader's perspective, I gradually forgot the hate I had first for some characters and agree that they may had deserve a second chance to pursue MC.

Overall, the whole plot and romance development is a rollercoaster, and it's very quite refreshing to have read this harem story in a modern setting. Hehee.

I hope that encourages you to read their story.

A very big thanks to LG for introducing this wonderful story to us. (*≧▽≦)
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